Elsa Pataky & Kids Take A Stroll

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New mom-of-three Elsa Pataky shared a shot with her children – daughter India, 23 months, and 5-week-old sons Tristan and Sasha – via Instagram Wednesday.

While her daughter walked ahead, the Fast Five actress, 37, was all smiles as she pushed the twins in their double stroller. 

The actress – who is married to the kids’ father, actor Chris Hemsworth – went on to share a link to her latest blog post.

The mom-of-three has been writing for Glamour España, where she talks about motherhood, exercise tips and her must-have items.

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Jennifer Aniston Going Bald?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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JENNIFER Aniston is freaking out!

The actress is said to be worried that her luscious locks are thinning, so is taking action!

“She’s been getting scalp stimulant treatments a few times a week and started taking prenatal vitamins in the hopes they’ll restore her hair growth,” a source said.

“Several friends have joked that Jennifer better watch out or she’ll end up resembling her now deceased godfather Telly Savalas who bald most of his adult life!”

Meanwhile, Aniston and her pal Courteney Cox are feuding over Botox!

Aniston has come out publicly as NOT being a fan of the injectable, while Courteney, who turns 50 on June 15, has been looking like she can’t get enough of it.

Jen is an outspoken supporter of aging naturally and, in what some saw as a swipe at Courteney, said she thinks Botox “looks terrible.”

“Courteney is furious at Jen for taking a backhanded slap at her appearance,” said an insider close to both actresses.

“When Courteney called Jen on her nasty dig, Jen fired back that Courteney should act her age and stop trying so hard to impress her young boyfriend.

“Jen told Courteney that women who don’t allow themselves to age naturally and gracefully are pathetic.

“They’re both sore right now. But knowing Jen and Courteney’s tempestuous history, they’ll kiss and make up eventually.”


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Jarvis In The Elevator + Sam Underwood


You guys, The Following is messed up!!! Just as I was catching up with all the twists and turns of this current season, who else do I run into today but the one and only Sam Underwood!


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Whew!!! I know it’s only acting, but when it comes to convoluted and devious he’s very convincing! During my normal celebrity stalking today, I almost cried a little when I realized who he was!

Thank God, he was as sweet as pie, super friendly and ready for just about anything that could happen on our elevator ride to the top! Thanks for making my day Sam, can’t wait to see what happens on the season finale!!!!

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Giuliana Rancic Too Skinny? Her Friends Are Worried

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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GIULIANA Rancic‘s friends are worried about her skinny frame.

Sources say the TV presenter has frail arms, protruding shoulder blades and is frightening underweight.

“Whenever someone says something to Giuliana about how skinny she looks, she just says ‘Thank You’,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“She doesn’t think it’s possible to be too skinny, but she is. She looks gaunt and weird — like a bobblehead. But she refuses to acknowledge that she has a problem.

“She eats maybe four of five vegetables in rotation and weighs every single meal.

“She is constantly researching the new fad fruit or cleans and compalins about how she needs to lose 10lbs.”


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