Jasmine Tridevil’s Mugshot Is More Ridiculous Than Her Fake Third Boob

Jasmine Tridevil Arrested DUI

The Florida woman with three boobs everyone was confused about last fall is back in the spotlight. Twenty-one-year-old Alisha Jasmine Hessler (aka Jasmine Tridevil) was pulled over in Tampa on Monday, and not because her breasts disrupted her driving.

According to local police, Hessler was driving “erratically” at 4 AM, going 46 mph in a 30 mph zone, and ran a red light. She was noticeably slurring her words and failed a sobriety test at the scene. Hessler later blew .180 and .178 — more than twice the legal limit — and was charged with one count DUI, officially joining the Lindsay Lohan club. Drinking and driving is bad, kids.

Her mugshot, however, is the most interesting part of this story.


Looking away from this photo is almost as hard as it was to look away from that fake boob. Black tear marks run down her cheek — just like Lauren Conrad’s during an epic fight with Audrina on The Hills — and yet her lip liner remains perfectly intact.

We’re guessing she’s more upset at the fact that she didn’t choose to make headlines this go around than at the actual DUI. It’s safe to say Hessler has seen better days.

Take a look at Hessler and some of the biggest troublemakers of 2014.


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[Photo Credit: Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office/@JasmineTridevil]

Source: Jasmine Tridevil’s Mugshot Is More Ridiculous Than Her Fake Third Boob

Nicki Minaj’s Jeweler on Designing for the Stars and How to Spot Fake Bling on the Red Carpet


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Elliot Avianne, jewelry designer for New York’s Avianne & Co., has racked up an extensive list of celebrity clients since joining the store as a sales clerk when he was 18. “I didn’t know anything at the time,” Avianne told us. “I didn’t even think that I would be doing this.” Six years later, he’s worked with everyone from Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj to Chris Brown. We spoke to the in demand jeweler about creating unique pieces for some of the biggest celebrity teams around (Young Money, Cash Money, Freebandz, Rich Gang), dealing with difficult requests, and being prepared to fly away at a moment’s notice.

So Nicki Minaj was your first big celebrity client?
Elliot Avianne: Yeah, definitely. She came to the store and everything. She bought a bunch of stuff — her first big diamond watch is from us. I made her a Roman piece for her new album at that time, then she introduced me to Birdman. He didn’t deal with me right away, though. I started dealing with Lil Wayne first — almost everything [Wayne] is wearing is from me — and then Birdman started dealing with me, too.

What are the steps to creating a custom piece for a celeb?
We look at the situation they’re in, and we try to work off that. They basically give me the idea and I help them create a vision. I work with my model makers on designing it on the computer. After that, I cast it in whatever metal they want. Once it’s casted, I give it to Izzy and he prepares the diamonds for it. Then I give it to my diamond setters and they set the diamonds in the piece. I tell them where to put the diamonds and that’s about it. The last step is to polish.

Who has been your most difficult to work with?
Nicki is like that. I had about six days to do [the Roman necklace]. She wanted it to be the same size as her Barbie piece that I didn’t make, so I kind of went off a picture but I made it slightly smaller. She made me redo it so it was the same size. She understood, but she was kind of frustrated because she had a lot of pressure with her album coming out. I just agreed with her and didn’t take it personally. The piece looked good, so it was nothing to be embarrassed about.

Was she bitching you out about it?
[Pause.] Kind of. I know she didn’t mean it like other people [would]. I know how she is so I didn’t take her personally.

Who is your most demanding client?
Birdman. He’s the most consistent with buying jewelry every month. He doesn’t just buy jewelry for himself, he buys for his whole team. And he never buys one piece.

How do you handle difficult celebs?
I just try to please them. If they give me a deadline I try to finish it before a deadline.

You created Bow Wow’s engagement ring for Erica Mena, right?
Me and Bow have a close relationship, so he called me to get it right. He told me he wants the center stone to be the main focus, which helped me come up with the design. It’s a three-carat round cut DVS one diamond stone, 18-karat yellow gold double shank, halo micro pave setting.

What do you think are some misconceptions people have with celebrity jewelers?
People think I have the easiest life and the best life. They follow me on Instagram and say, “Oh you travel, you’re with these people and those people.”

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Budweiser’s New Super Bowl Ad Proves Dogs Rule and Cats Drool

Budweiser has made it a tradition to create emotional Super Bowl ads. But this year, the brand’s “Lost Puppy” commercial is enough to make a grown man cry. And you thought you were a cat lover. Ha ha ha.

This adorable puppy has officially dethroned famous cats, including those belonging to Taylor Swift, from ruling the Internet. The hot owner doesn’t hurt this dog’s cause, but the cuddly cutie is a star in his own right (and already has a Twitter account to prove it). If you suddenly feel the urge to stop by Petco and make a beer run, you have been officially been hit by effective advertising. Welcome to the club:

Sorry cats, but you can’t win ‘em all.

Check out this year’s ad made even more incredible when set to Ginuwine‘s “Pony.” (Everything’s better when tied back to Channing Tatum, right?) You’re welcome.

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Julianne Moore On God, Guns & Motherhood


Still Alice actress Julianne Moore covers the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter and opens up about God, guns and raising her kids – son Cal, 17, and daughter Liv, 12 – with husband Bart Freundlich.

On juggling her career and motherhood: “When my kids were babies, they traveled all over the world with me and came to work with me every day, and it was never frowned upon. I am very fortunate in that I can afford to have child care, and I always hired someone who was young and very flexible — so that was always my ‘entourage’: my kids and my babysitter. [My husband and I are] both available as parents, and we’re a pretty great unit. And that’s not to say it’s all been a breeze, because it never is. There’s always stuff.”

On not believing in God: “I learned when my mother died five years ago that there is no ‘there’ there. Structure, it’s all imposed. We impose order and narrative on everything in order to understand it. Otherwise, there’s nothing but chaos.”

On gun control: “I get more reactions on Twitter about gun safety than anything else. I don’t understand how we’re threatening the Second Amendment because we’re talking about gun safety rules. That, to me, is really shocking.”

On changing her name to Julianne Moore: “When I went to join SAG as Julie Smith, they were like, ‘There’s a Julie Smith, there’s a Julie Anne Smith. You have to choose another name.’ My dad’s name was Peter Moore Smith, and my mother’s name was Anne Smith, and I used both their names so I wouldn’t hurt anybody’s feelings…I mean, everyone calls me Julie — everyone.”

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