James Franco, Bryan Cranston Help Us Bid Adieu To Stephen Colbert and ‘The Colbert Report’

James Franco, Bryan Cranston Help Us Bid Adieu To Stephen Colbert and ‘The Colbert Report’

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“Folks, if this is your first time tuning into The Colbert Report, I have some terrible news for you.” With a mighty leap over the word “grippest,” Stephen Colbert began his final episode of The Colbert Report.

For the first half, it was actually a very normal episode, with talk of Syria, a shout-out to the Prescott Group, and a special “The Word” devoted to Colbert’s impact on television. Oh, and he also killed Death. Shooting Grimmy the Grim Reaper, he was rendered immortal. Your standard stuff. I’m pretty sure that’s how Jack Parr went off the air.

But it wasn’t all the fantastically self-important bombast we’ve loved since 2005. For starters, the auction Colbert held for his desk and fireplace earned over $313,000 for the Yellow Ribbon Fund. And, he thanked his audience, his “Nation,” for everything he’s done over the past nine years.

Then, the music began.

Singing “We’ll Meet Again,” Colbert was joined by guests and friends to the show like Jon Stewart, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Big Bird, Jeff Daniels, Bryan Cranston, Willie Nelson, Cyndi Lauper, Ric Ocasek, Katie Couric, James Franco, Cookie Monster, Michael Stipe, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Toby Keith, Ken Burns, Barry Manilow, Patrick Stewart, Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy, Ariana Huffington, Alan Alda, George Lucas, Elijah Wood, Tim Meadows, Bob Costas, Bill Clinton, astronauts in space, JJ Abrams, Elliot Spitzer, and so, so, so many more. Literally everyone you’ve ever even imagined was there.

Then, with a heartfelt thank you to his crew, the network and guests, and, of course, Colbert Nation, Santa, Abe Lincoln (revealed to be a unicorn), and Alex Trebek, Colbert was whisked away to television history.

All in all, it was a spectacular send-off to a spectacular, important show. We’ll miss it. See you on the other side, Stephen Tyrone Colbert. Thanks for everything.

And remember: We will see him again soon. Here are all the reasons why Colbert will kill it as host of The Late Show in 2015.


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Source: James Franco, Bryan Cranston Help Us Bid Adieu To Stephen Colbert and ‘The Colbert Report’

People Magazine Awards’ Worst Dressed + Biggest Fails


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The first-ever People Magazine Awards aired tonight on NBC, and it was certainly star-studded (and weird). From Karlie Kloss to Jennifer Lopez, the A-listers showed their beautiful faces in support of People and Entertainment Weekly. However, not everyone was dressed to kill. Did we mention the show was weird?

Browse our gallery of style letdowns, but first, we must discuss the sheer hilarity of it all. Everything about this night felt strange. The show was cheesy, sparkly, and included random photos of celebrity dogs and videos of children singing. The “WTF?!” factor was high, so let’s break down the biggest fails.

1. Nick Cannon couldn’t get a laugh. 

Cannon’s humor wasn’t on point. We love him, but one-two punch jokes were replaced with bizarre banter about what a great host he was and how AWESOME THE PEOPLE MAGAZINE AWARDS are. We really needed him to calm down and stop acting so wild (n’ out).

2. Presenters had some trouble reading. 

Seriously, was there even a teleprompter? Everyone from Kloss (who was just plain awkward during her multiple speaking parts) to Eric Dane and Pharrell had trouble getting through their 30-second intros. It was painful and made us wonder if Hollywood needs to borrow our Hooked on Phonics set.

3. The categories were random AF. 

This was the awards show where Sexiest Woman Alive and Charity Trend of the Year were muttered in the same breath. That’s right: People magazine editors literally ranked charities and decided which one was the “trendiest.” *Face palm.*

4. What was with the weird montages?

Everything from celebrity weddings to viral videos and celeb/dog selfies were honored in montage form, and set to an ear-crushing EDM beat. It was…peppy. Yeah, let’s go with peppy.

5. 5 Seconds of Summer sang a cover. 

Instead of performing one of their hits, they opted to revive The Romantic‘s “What I Like About You.” And it came off like a high school talent show more than a Hollywood party. Gwen Stefani and Pharrell also gave a cringe-worthy performance of their song “Spark the Fire” that was all kinds of no.

What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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Readers’ Choice Awards: Favorite Celebrity Family of 2014

Readers’ Choice Awards: Favorite Celebrity Family of 2014

It’s been another year of amazing photos, headlines and stories on Celebrity Baby Scoop!

‘Tis the season to choose the best – and worst! – of 2014 in our 7th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards. Watch our ‘Daily Poll’ and cast your vote. Today’s category: Favorite celebrity family of 2014.

Vote here for the favorite celebrity family of 2014. And continue reading to vote on the other categories in our 7th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards….

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Spread the word and invite your friends to vote in Celebrity Baby Scoop’s 7th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards on Facebook & Twitter with the trending topic #CBSAwards2014.

All polls will run until Dec. 31, 2014. Cast your vote today!

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Readers’ Choice Awards: Favorite Celebrity Family of 2014
Source: Readers’ Choice Awards: Favorite Celebrity Family of 2014

Johnny Knoxville Out with Son Rocco and Daughter Arlo

Johnny Knoxville Out with Son Rocco and Daughter Arlo

Jackass star, Johnny Knoxville, is the proud father of three children.  Knoxville’s eldest daughter is a girl named Madison, who is 18 years old, but he also has two younger children with his second wife, Naomi Nelson.

Knoxville’s two other children are Rocko, who is going to be five years old on December 20th, and his daughter, Arlo, who is three years old.  In the above picture, Johnny Knoxville is carrying both of his children, and they are dressed for the season. Look at the cute little jean jacket Rocko is wearing, and what about the cute dress Arlo is wearing?

Seeing these two little kids, with their father, Johnny Knoxville, really shows just how much they really do look like their father.  Knoxville was taking his two kids to the El Rey Theatre for a holiday concert. Talk about a holiday treat for the two kids!

Want to read more about Johnny Knoxville? Here is an article about him on Celebrity Baby Scoop!

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Johnny Knoxville Out with Son Rocco and Daughter Arlo
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