‘Scandal’ Will Get Better Once Olivia and Fitz Break Up for Good

Scandal Olivia Fitz Over

-Jasmine Grant

The latest episode of Scandal ended with an intense encounter between Olivia and Fitz. As we inch closer to the season 4 finale, its painfully clear that “Olitz” needs to call it quits. For good.

If Olivia and Fitz never again shared another closed door moment gazing helplessly into each other’s eyes/daydreaming about jam, it would be too soon. The exhaustive on-again, off-again romance between Olivia and the President came to a screeching halt on episode 13 (“No More Blood”), where Olivia was reunited with Fitz for the first time since being returned from captivity. Instead of falling back into the welcoming arms of the man who moved Heaven and Earth to set her free, Liv let Fitz have it for using piss poor judgment and sacrificing thousands of lives to get her back. “You didn’s save me. I’m on my own!” Liv quips before showing Fitz the door. In that moment, Liv came realize what we’ve known all along — there is no Vermont in her future. There will be no jam making. Olivia and Fitz will never enjoy a Utopian existence together, free of consequences, responsibilities. and mass media attention. Throughout the show, Olivia and Fitz have continuously allowed common sense to fall by the wayside, holding on to the fantasy that they could live happily ever after post-White House. Liv has not only accepted that this isn’t realistic, but now sees Fitz for who he really is — weak, ungrateful and far too willing to throw it all away.

If spending days held hostage, not knowing whether she’d live or die, doesn’t make Olivia want to lock Fitz down for good, it’s safe to say nothing will. The sad but glaring truth is that Liv was and is the anchor that held his presidency together. The only way for her to drink this in was to witness the kind of call Fitz would make when forced to lead on his own without her influence. Now that Fitz’s total incompetence has been revealed, Liv’s seen what a future with Fitz holds — and for the first time — doesn’t want any parts of it. Declaring war to save Liv was a foolish decision — one that put all of her many hard sacrifices on the line. Though it put Gladiators in a temporary state of panic, Liv’s abduction did some good in clearing the smoke on Fitz’s character and bringing to light an unforgivable flaw in the man she loves. For now, “Olitz” is off; and the show would benefit greatly if it stayed that way. Maybe now Liv can permanently set aside her dreams of making Smuckers with bae and get back to being the fixer we loved in Season 1.

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Can Cookie and Lucious Save ‘Empire’ from Boo Boo Kitty and Evil Judd Nelson?

Empire Cookie Lucious Go to War
-Michael Arceneaux

On last night’s Empire, Boo Boo Kitty found herself and her recent whereabouts put on full blast – resulting in her being tossed by the wayside romantically, and professionally, helping launch a war between record labels. This show does the hokey pokey in terms of storytelling, but hey, we’re in this together. So let’s talk about this show as a family.

1. Why does Lucious want to make doves cry at his wedding?
Before Cookie rudely albeit rightly interrupted Lucious and Anika’s meeting with the wedding planner, the two discussed releasing a bunch of doves at some castle-styled venue. Yeah, that’s cute, but this man is named Lucious Lyon, had a relaxer for most of his life, and named his sons Andre, Jamal, and Hakeem. His ex-wife’s name is Cookie and he runs a largely hip hop based label. And again, this man’s name is Lucious. Yet, he’s trying to release a bunch of doves at his wedding at Snow White’s vacation home? I’m not saying Lucious and Anika couldn’t have had nice things at their wedding, but why so bougie, beloved? They probably would’ve thought they were too good to serve chicken at the reception. I’m glad Cookie ruined their wedding for that reason alone.

2. Did Boo Boo Kitty really think she could trust Porsha?
Empire Cookie and PorshaTurns out, Porsha was paid by Anika to spy on Cookie only to take her money and tell Cookie everything she knew about Anika’s dealings – including meeting with Berretti. Uh, Anika, Stevie Wonder could’ve looked at his watch and told you what time it was on that front. Porsha is Cookie’s homegirl, so any fool could’ve told you that all she would do is take your money, pay down her Honda Civic, cover her mama’s rent for two months and get her cell phone turned back on before turning on you. Duh.

3. So we’re giving former baes death threats?
When Lucious threatened Anika, all I could think was, “If you Google Terrence Howard on TMZ, you’d be feeling a little weirded out by this scene. No shade.

4. Did you laugh at Jamal’s new video?
As much as I appreciate the sight of a shirtless Jamal, the song and video that accompanied the scene had me tickled. Keep on singing with your pecs out, though, pimpin’. We approve.

5. So “neutralize this enemy,” Malcolm?
I know Malcolm is in charge of security, but when he used the phrase “neutralize the enemy” to speak on Anika and Creedmore Records, why did I feel like I was watching a bootleg copy of American Sniper at the barbershop? Settle down, sir.

6. Does the majority of Empire Entertainment’s roster have one album record deals?
Empire team meeting
I was scratching my head, no dandruff, wondering how every single Empire Entertainment artist was suddenly up for grabs now that Anika jumped shipped to Creedmore. Sure, she could’ve taken a few acts with her, but if Drake and Nicki Minaj have multi-album record deals, surely these artists would, too?

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Conan O’Brien Travels to Cuba and Proves Lanky White Guys Can Do the Salsa

Conan In Cuba

Conan O’Brien‘s historic trip to Cuba (he’s now the first late night host to visit the country in 50 years) was captured for a hilarious, heartwarming, and humbling 75-minute special called Conan In Cuba, which aired on TBS on Wednesday night. O’Brien and his crew documented his four days spent in Havana last month, which took place after President Barack Obama lifted travel restrictions between the United States in Cuba.

As the two nations are the in early stages of mending their past for a better future, O’Brien saw it as an “amazing opportunity for [him] to come to Cuba…get to know them.”

The entire special was worth watching, and packed with just as many laughs as there were memorable experiences (this just may be his best remote segment ever). Here are our six favorite moments from Conan In Cuba.

Conan Gives Viewers a History, Social, and Political Lesson
O’Brien made sure not to simply be a tourist, but to immerse himself in the rich culture and history of the land he was visiting. From learning the art of making cigars to explaining how they get vintage cars to run to dining on authentic cuisine and admiring the gorgeous architecture and murals, O’Brien soaked in everything that makes Cuba what it is. O’Brien even touched on the complicated relationship between Cuba and America, and how that will change now. O’Brien showed nothing but the utmost respect when it came to his time in Cuba, and shared everything he learned with his viewers. As far as TV travelogues go, this is certainly one of the richer ones.

Conan Joins a Salsa Band

The funny man improvised with his own Spanish lyrics, which included gems like “I am Nutella…Men have libraries…Happy Birthday…The cat and the dog…Go away, chair.” We can’t say we blame the group’s bongo player for not wanting the American star to join their operation.

Conan Learns to Dance…Sort Of

After learning the Clahvay from his bandmates, O’Brien later took another dance class, which was just as glorious. Turns out, the only thing funnier than watching the world’s lankiest man (who specializes in puppet string dancing) learning some of the sexiest moves on the planet, is watching him getting caught staring at his gorgeous dance partner, who promptly pointed his head in the upright position.

Conan Gets Drunk…A Few Times
Hey, when you’re in a place that makes some of the best rum in the world, you’re going to get a little buzzed. O’Brien enjoyed himself quite a bit during his tour of the Havana Club, where he promptly annoyed his guide Gretel and “serenaded” her with his own version of Guantanamera.”

Visiting the Sea Wall in El Malecon and Making Some New Friends
O’Brien gave a sweet shout-out on Twitter to the young friends he made at the famous waterfront promenade in Havana, which included his new pal Rudy, who provided the late night host with cigarettes and boxed rum.

A Humbled O’Brien Leaves Us With Some Great Parting Words
Sure, it was incredibly funny to hear O’Brien take Spanish lessons so that he could say things like “I am America’s biggest star” and “I’m not gay, I’m just on vacation,” but the funny man got serious when he talked about how important his time was there, and his hopes for the future of Cuba and the United States. As he put it, “Despite the differences in our governments, at a human level, there’s so much we share: laughter, music, the love of good food, and the sheer genius of rum in a box.” O’Brien called it “one of the greatest experiences of my life” and had nothing but praise for the people of Havana, adding, “I can’t wait to come back.” Hopefully he takes us all with him again. (Just maybe not in that cab whose doors had a mind of their own.)

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Chris Brown’s Mom Will Help Him Raise His Child

chris brown with joyce hawkins

Well, at least Chris Brown is going to have some help when it comes to raising his alleged daughter.

Yesterday, TMZ reported that Chris Brown has an alleged child. Now, a source has opened up to HollywoodLife saying that Joyce Hawkins, Chris Brown’s mother, will help him raise the child, as if it were her own.

Chris Brown, 25, has went through some fairly dark times in his life, and his mother has stuck by his side through all of those times — and she’ll continue to do exactly that! A source told HollywoodLife:

“Joyce loves her son and she will never think that anything Chris does is wrong. They’re just learning experiences. She accepts Chris’ baby girl and will have a hand in raising her grandchild. It’s that simple. Family is family. Blood and blood. That’s that.”

To find out what else the source had to say, you can continue reading at HollywoodLife.

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