Kelly Clarkson Announces New Children’s Book


Grammy Award-winning singer Kelly Clarkson took to Twitter Tuesday to announce her exciting “new project.”

“I’m officially a children’s book author! River Rose and the Magical Lullaby comes out this October! #NewProject,” she wrote.

The day before, the American Idol alum, 33, shared a sweet shot with her baby girl.

“#RiverRose and I will announce our #NewProject tomorrow! It involves balloons, magic and a lullaby! #Clue4,” she wrote.

On Super Bowl Sunday, the Heartbeat Song hitmaker posted a cute clip of River Rose, 19 months, revealing “Clue 3.”

We can’t wait to read River Rose and the Magical Lullaby, which will hit shelves in October.

For now, check out Kelly and River’s adorable video below.

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Olivia Wilde’s “Good Dudes”


Vinyl star Olivia Wilde posted a family photo via Instagram Tuesday.

“Good dudes. #fambam,” she captioned the image of fiancé Jason Sudeikis and their 21-month-old son Otis exploring by the beach.

Earlier this month, she shared a shot of their long-haired boy.

The Meadowland actress recently gushed about her toddler.

“He’s a little musician,” she said. “He’s wonderful. He’s great…I’m very lucky.”

The actress – who plays the wife of Bobby Cannavale‘s character – also talked about her role in the Vinyl.

“I said to HBO and everyone involved, if you’re looking for the long suffering wife who isn’t going to develop beyond that, if that’s the story you want to tell about a woman who has had her wings clipped, that’s not what I’m interested in playing,” she said. “I respect that, and I’ll watch the show every week, but that’s not for me.”

Vinyl premieres Feb. 14 on HBO.

Good dudes. #fambam

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Millenial Relationship Series #DearGeorgette Is Back in Time for Valentine’s Day

Catch the Season 2 premiere of #DearGeorgette here.
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Coco Austin: ‘Chanel Is My Little Doll’


In a new blog post for E! News, model mom Coco Austin defends her decision to regularly post photos of her mini-fashionista, 2-month-old daughter Chanel, and the “flack” she’s received for calling her baby a “doll.”

“During my pregnancy, I wanted to start a Twitter and Instagram for Chanel even before she was born and I suggested it to Ice and he said, ‘Don’t get ahead of yourself.’ Fast-forward to the day she was born and Ice was so excited and taking all these pictures,” she writes.

The model-TV host went on to say she and her husband, actor-rapper Ice-T, are every bit the proud new parents.

“He was like I’m going to start a Twitter and I joked ‘Don’t get ahead of yourself.’ He just thought it was a really good thing at that time,” she says. “Both Ice and I have our own fan bases and not everybody is going to want to see Chanel every day, some people, but not everybody.”

She adds: “We started this page of her’s for people who want to see her grow up and see her outfits and headbands of the week. It’s more for people who want to keep an eye on her while not overloading our pages with photos of her.”

The proud mama went on to gush about her baby’s wardrobe.

“This little girl is already so stylish. You should see her closet—all about the shoes and she has an amazing shoe collection,” she writes. “She’s now becoming this headband Princess. She doesn’t have long hair yet, but she rocks them bows. A lot of her fans send her gifts so she has an overload of headbands and outfits. She’s like my little doll. This is my very first doll ever because I never owned a doll in my life and this is my real-life doll. Now I get so much flack for saying that and it bothers me.”

The new mom also defended her parenting style.

“Of course I know she’s a real human being,” she says. “Don’t you know I know that? In these pictures, you can see how much love I have for her. Should I just dress her up in a normal T-shirt? Is that better? Why can’t I just have my moment of dressing my daughter up? Why is that such a negative thing? Does she look like she’s really mad in these pictures? She actually looks very happy dressed up.”

She adds: “I’m damned if I do, damned if I don’t. No matter what I post on Chanel, people are going to find something negative about it. It amazes me. If you’re really not liking the way I do things, get off my page. I just avoid them.”

The model and the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star Ice-T, 57, welcomed their baby girl on Nov. 28.

Source: Coco Austin: ‘Chanel Is My Little Doll’

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