Ellen Pompeo’s On-Set Visitor

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In a rare family photo, Ellen Pompeo posted a picture of her 5-year-old daughter Stella via Instagram.

“So busy working it almost slipped my mind…..,” the Grey’s Anatomy star, 45, captioned the photo of her sweet on-set visitor.

In a series of family pics, the actress shared some images from a recent winter getaway.

“Bringing the heat in his @bionicyarn @burton @green_goblin_ @pharrell #doitfortheoceans #bionicyarn #thisgearisamazing #snowboard,” she captioned the shot of her husband Chis Ivery.

The Grey’s star and her music producer husband, 47, recently welcomed their second child, daughter Sienna, via gestational carrier.

The actress shocked fans in early October 2014 when she announced her daughter’s arrival.

“Sienna was born via surrogate & I would like to thank my whole @ShondalandTV family for helping us enjoy these first few weeks privately,” she Tweeted.

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Sam Smith Is the Newest Member of the Kardashian Family


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While you were sleeping, the Kardashian sisters posted an explosion of photos from last night’s Sam Smith concert, including many with the man himself. And you thought you were a big fan.

We all saw Kim introduce her friend Sam at the MTV Video Music Awards last summer, but now she’s making sure all of Instagram knows just how tight she is with the Grammy nominee. Sam loves a diva, so of course he’s on board, calling Kim K. a “beautiful human.” Basically, Sam Smith is the newest member of the Kardashian family. Kris Jenner will soon amend her cookbook with recipes from the English countryside and Sam will be singing hooks for Kanye in less than a year. Or maybe he’s on loan while Rob continues to go through his rough time? All will be revealed once we find out how many Grammys the YOK alum brings home next month.

For now, enjoy the Instagram love that’s flowing between these two camps. And Kim? Please invite us to your next family gathering. We’ll bring dip.

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Courtney Love: I Used Heroin During Pregnancy


After years of denying the truth, Courtney Love makes a shocking admission in the new documentary, Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, a film about the late Nirvana rocker Kurt Cobain.

Love and Cobain’s only child, now 22-year-old Frances Bean, was rumored to be born with a heroin addiction following an infamous article in Vanity Fair. But in the new documentary, which screened for the first time at the Sunday Film Festival on Jan. 24, Love comes clean.

“I used it once then stopped,” Love admits in the documentary of her heroin usage during pregnancy. “I knew she would be fine.”

Now an artist, Frances Bean stood by her mother’s side at the film’s premiere, despite their at-times volatile relationship.

Contrary to this new admission, the Hole frontwoman, 50, told The Fix that she was still using heroin in the early stages of her pregnancy, but only because she was not yet aware that she was expecting a child.

“I used heroin in the first three weeks of my pregnancy — but so f–king what!?” she told the publication in 2011. “I didn’t even know I was pregnant at the time! I also took a few puffs on a cigarette when my belly was out to here, but most of those nine months, I walked around with nicotine patches all over my body. When you have a baby inside you, you’re not going to do drugs or something stupid.”

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Olivia Pope’s Bra Was the MVP of Last Night’s ‘Scandal’

Olivia Pope Scandal Bra

When it comes to the latest season of Scandal, three things are certain: One: Shonda Rhimes is putting Olivia Pope‘s quivering lip to bed. Two: We need more shirtless Fitz and Jake in our lives, and three: Everyone on Twitter loves a good bra.

In the most thrilling and suspenseful episode of the series, Kerry Washington took us by surprise by busting out legit acting chops. (We can no longer criticize Olivia for only having one facial expression.) Yes, we were sad about the lack of naked Fitz and Jake this episode, but fully distracted by Olivia’s undergarments and their unexpected power. Leave it to the head Gladiator to attempt escaping from deep shit with nothing but the underwire from her bra. If you didn’t know Shonda Rhimes was a hardcore feminist, you do now.

Joe Morton (Papa Pope) broke the tension with this amazing tweet.

And Twitter went haywire.