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Jody Thompson
Last updated at 4:39 PM on 12th February 2011

He’s the multi-millionaire footballer who has so much money, he hired an entire beach for his New Year holiday – but Cristiano Ronaldo and girlfriend Irina Shayk proved they’re just like us when it comes to embarrassing holiday snaps.

There was more than a whiff of Cheddar about their poses outside their villa at an exclusive resort in the Maldives in these pictures which have just emerged.

Irina, 25, was showing off her enviable bikini body in a brightly-coloured neon pink and blue and white polka two-piece – and her boyfriend, also 25, was no slouch when it came to flashing his famous abs either.

article 1356057 0D223C56000005DC 325 468x582 Cristiano Ronaldo and girlfriend Irina Shayks embarrassing holiday snaps   Daily Mail

Picture not so perfect: Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk were nevertheless all smiles as they pose for pictures while on vacation in the Maldives last month

But whether the sun had gone to their heads or whether there had been a little too much light refreshment on the sunloungers, the stagey shots weren’t a patch on their usual glossy poses.

And as the pictures have only just been released, perhaps the photos got lost as the local high street photo developers just like with normal people too…

Cristiano of course is more used to posing oiled up in Armani pants, and Russian supermodel Irina has graced the pages of Sports Illustrated for their prestigious swimwear issue.

article 1356057 0D223CF3000005DC 973 468x370 Cristiano Ronaldo and girlfriend Irina Shayks embarrassing holiday snaps   Daily Mail

Watch the birdie: The happy couple swap their normal model poses for something more pedestrian for resort workers outside their exclusive villa

It’s rumoured that the Portuguese football star hired the entire beachfront to avoid prying eyes and enjoy utter privacy, but he was more than happy to pose with his model girlfriend for resort staff.

He was taking a break from playing for Real Madrid and according to a blog by one of the resort workers, was staying on the island of Rania on the Faafu atoll.

There was no sign however of Cristiano’s little boy, who was allegedly born to a 20-year British student last year after a fling with the star after meeting in a London club.

Normal service: Irina in her usual model mode with boyfriend Cristiano posing in his pants for Armani

The Portuguese star shocked the world when he announced out of the blue last July that he had become a father.

The winger said from the start that the child, called Cristiano Ronaldo Junior, would be under his ‘exclusive guardianship’.

But he is having lots of childcare help from his family, including his mother Dolores and his sisters and brother, who he’s exceptionally close to.

It’s claimed the birth mother accepted 10 million from Ronaldo to give up her rights as a parent.

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I used to see him in a bar in Cheshire when he was just a young kid at Utd. He was a very spotty lad and we used to think he had a face rather like a spoon … He wasn’t very tall either. He wouldn’t have got a second look had he been up a ladder cleaning windows and wouldn’t have got within a mile of a lass like that !
- Helen Marianne, Eastbourne, East Sussex ., 11/2/2011 18:19
Yeah he had spots.. but that’s common for Although I don’t find his overly preened appearance particularly attractive, I can see he is obviously a good looking guy. I don’t think he’d have any problems if he wasn’t famous – the likes of Carlos Tevez, however, is a different story…
I think they make quite a good match (though also possibly very superficial/physical) as she is very attractive albeit in a bizarre way, but that’s probably the best way to be beautiful. I just hope he doesn’t return to his previous behaviour (cheating!)

- Georgia, Manchester, 12/2/2011 20:21

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Lord, what a different a bit of makeup makes!

- Ben, Cardiff, 12/2/2011 19:46

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call himself a dad.when we go on holiday we actually take our children with us,not leave them at home with relatives.

- lindsey, blighty, 12/2/2011 18:55

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Beautiful faces, both of them…but have to say, her chest profile in the first picture is quite scary….would expect a bosom like that on a 60+ year old. Sorry just being honest as with all that loveliness, glaring faults like that are all the more obvious.

- Bert , London, 12/2/2011 18:03

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Embarrassing holiday snaps???
They both look incredible. The envy displayed here is so sad.

- Paul, Vienna, 12/2/2011 17:09

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I love her dress in the last pic. I think she is very good- looking with an amazing figure!!

- PersianPrincess, Cheshire, 12/2/2011 14:07

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