Hilary Duff On Giving Birth: "It Was Very Easy"

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Set to celebrate her first Mother’s Day this Sunday with 7-week-old son Luca, Hilary Duff made an appearance on Friday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show and opened up about the joys of motherhood and her “easy” delivery four days past her due date.

It was very easy,” she shares. “I went into labor at about one in the morning and I very calmly had my bags packed and woke my husband up after about three hours of walking up and down my hallway. Then I’m like, ‘Okay, it’s time to go, let’s go now.’ We got in the car and drove to the hospital and that was it.”

And it sounds like she’s lucked out in the sleep department as well!

I feel weird, because it seems like I’m bragging, but he sleeps from like 11 to six. It is possible, ladies,” Duff, 24, said to an audience filled with expectant mothers. “It didn’t happen right away, but the past three weeks, he’s an 11 to 6er.”

Calling motherhood an “amazing ride,” Duff reveals that her mom Susan and her sister Haylie arrived at the hospital in anticipation of the birth.

My family gets there and we wait all day and everyone is hungry. We’re Southern and from Texas and my mom and my sister actually went down to the food court area,” Duff explained. While they were gone the doctor came in said it was time to star pushing. “Things start rolling,” she continued. “All of the sudden the doors bust open and my sister and my mom come flying in. They’re like, ‘We got barbecue chips and root beer, guys.’ I [said], ‘What? I’m pushing!’ They were just arriving for a show with their chips and their root beer.”

The Lizze McGuire alum said the greatest joy is watching the evolution of Luca’s facial expressions.

“Every single day, it seems like there’s a new face that they’re making,” she said. “He started to smile about a week ago, and that’s the coolest experience. It’s all good.”

She went on to tell the pregnant audience of the “amazing journey” awaiting.

What is to come is such an amazing journey, and a lot of work,” Duff said to the moms-to-be. “It’s just like the best thing that’s ever happened to you.”

Photos: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

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