Anne Hathaway Threw Son Rainbow-Themed Birthday Party


During a Thursday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Colossal costars Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis opened up about their family lives.

“We tried to keep it pretty low-key. We kept the theme just rainbows, which is a fun theme because it’s hard to go wrong with it,” the actress, 34, said of her son Jonathan‘s first birthday party.

The Academy Award-winning actress and husband Adam Shulman welcomed their son on March 24, 2016.

“But I made the mistake,” added the actress. “I went on Pinterest and looked at other people’s 1-year-old parties. It’s not fair what some people do. You know, some party planners have children, which is definitely not fair. Think about it. They blow it out!”

Sudeikis, 41, added: “It’s like, ‘Look what I can do for your kid!’”

Hathaway filmed Colossal, an action comedy, with Sudeikis while she was pregnant.

“I was really lucky. I said yes to the movie before I was pregnant so I memorized my lines early,” she noted of the “baby brain” while filming. “But there were some days it was hard.”

Sudeikis – who raises son Otis, 2, and daughter Daisy, 5 months, with fiancée Olivia Wilde – said he didn’t give Hathaway any parenting advice on set.

“It’s super easy for women just to push a baby out of their body,” he joked. “It seems like it! As long as the guys keep those ice chips coming! That’s what it makes it feel OK.”

Source: Anne Hathaway Threw Son Rainbow-Themed Birthday Party

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