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Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian: Night Out With Her Parents

Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna and fiancé Rob Kardashian posed with her parents in an Instagram photo recently. The mom-to-be wrote: “My mommy and dad”.

The other day she shared a snapshot of herself showing pregnancy weight gain.


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It looks like the Kardashians are accepting her into their reality show. The 28-year-old has been filming with them according to a source.

Us magazine reports an insider revealed the she and Rob, 29, taped during Khloé Kardashian’s birthday party in LA on June 27.




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Ronnie Wood & Wife Welcome Twins: Gracie Jane & Alice Rose


Congratulations are in order for Ronnie Wood and Sally Wood.

The Rolling Stones guitarist, 68, and his theatre producer wife, 38, welcomed twin daughters – Gracie Jane and Alice Rose – on Monday (May 30), BBC News reports.

“Ronnie & Sally Wood are delighted to announce the birth of their twins Gracie Jane (6 lbs.) & Alice Rose (5.7 lbs.),” Wood’s publicist said in a statement. “The girls arrived on 30 May at 22:30 and all are doing brilliantly. The babies are perfect.”

New mom Sally took to Twitter Tuesday in thanks of all the well wishes.

“Thank you all so much for the [hearts] ~ can’t believe our babies are a day old already. They are wonderful xx,” she wrote.

And before their arrival, Wood tweeted, “Waiting #38weeks+,” just a couple weeks after expressing his excitement. “I’m getting excited about the arrival of my twin girls sometime in the next few weeks,” he wrote.

The twins are the first children for the couple, who announced their pregnancy news in December.

The legendary rocker, who has 10 grandchildren, is already already dad to four adult children — Leah, 37, Tyrone, 32, and Jamie, 41, from his second marriage to Jo Wood, and Jesse, 39, with his first wife Krissy Wood.

Source: Ronnie Wood & Wife Welcome Twins: Gracie Jane & Alice Rose

Pink: “I Love Being A Mama”


During a Wednesday appearance on Good Morning America, Grammy Award-winning singer Pink opened up about her happy family life with husband Carey Hart and their nearly 5-year-old daughter Willow.

“I love being a mama,” the Just Like Fire hitmaker, 36, gushed. “I made a choice a long time ago that I was going to have a successful family and that is my absolute number one goal in life.”

Saying she’s “absolutely” open to adoption, the Try singer admits she’d like to have another child.

“I feel like I have two kids right now,” she joked. “I would like a third. No, I want to say that Carey Hart’s an awesome husband and a really good dad, but he’s also like a second child.”

While Willow likes mama’s new song Just Like Fire, she also joked, “She finds my singing distracting. When she was 2, she was [like], ‘Shh, Mama, terrible voice.’ First of all, who taught you the word ‘terrible’?”

And for those who participate in body-shaming, the mom-of-one encourages people to reprioritize.

“There so many different kind of bodies,” she said. “How can you shame one over the other? My thing is, if you have all four limbs and all five senses, you’re doing A-OK and anybody that has an issue with that needs to find some gratitude.”

Source: Pink: “I Love Being A Mama”

Chrissy Teigen Dishes On Mommy-Shaming


During a Tuesday appearance on Good Morning America, new mom Chrissy Teigen opened up about experiencing mommy-shaming after she dined out with hubby John Legend just days after delivering their daughter Luna.

“I knew mommy-shaming was a thing, but I didn’t think it would come from going to dinner,” she shared. “It was about 9 to 10 days after. We needed a break. We needed to go enjoy each other’s company and be out.”

She added: “We were gone for an hour, we had a good meal together. Happy mommy, happy daddy, happy baby.”

In the wake of criticism, Legend, 37, stood up for his wife via Twitter.

“Funny there’s no dad-shaming. When both of us go out to dinner, shame both of us so Chrissy doesn’t have to take it all. We’ll split it,” the All of Me hitmaker tweeted.

“That was really sweet of him,” the Lip Sync Battle star, 30, said. “He had my back. I don’t even want to say because everyone already thinks John’s so perfect so I love to twist it and make sure people know not everyone’s perfect, but he’s been great.”

As for new motherhood, it hasn’t come without its challenges.

“There’s just no planning for anything anymore which has been hard for me,” she said. “But it’s really fun.”

And it sounds like Legend’s baby-songwriting skills could use some work.

“We tried to think of a bath-time song … but that’s winning no awards. It’s horrible,” she laughed. “He’s used to something a little deeper. We need to get him into children’s books a little more.”

Teigen also opened up to Entertainment Tonight about her newest nickname — “milk monster.”

“The feeding schedule surprised me a lot,” she admitted. “If you kind of do the math, you’re kind of breastfeeding for 10 hours a day total. It’s very loving and sweet, but it’s not easy. It’s hard to work your entire day around getting her the nourishment she needs because they are just little animals.”

That said, it sounds like she’s adjusting well to new motherhood.

“We’re so happy,” gushed the new mom. “It’s been really exciting and fun, and every day is so different, and seeing all her little changes is so cute.”

She added: “Her eyes have uncrossed a little bit, and, like, now, rather than looking right through you, she looks at you, which is really nice. But it’s the little smiles that get you. … There is no feeling like that first little smile, your first Mother’s Day, which was so beautiful and sweet to me. The entire day my eyes were on the verge of tears because I was so happy.”

Does she still have some baby weight to lose?

“Oh gosh, I do,” she laughed. “I’m only four weeks out from birth, so I still have a couple more weeks before I can work out — which is fine with me. I love the feeling of working out, but I’ve never been a gym rat, ever, so now, it’s all about taking in what I can if it’s good for the baby, because it all translates to her in a way.”

And it sounds like she hasn’t changed her diet much.

“You just don’t think about food as much,” Teigen shared. “So it’s not that you’re not hungry, or that you want to diet — food just doesn’t cross your mind. It’s like whereas before it was number one on my list, now Luna’s up there, and John and keeping the dogs happy, because they get jealous. And then you’re like, ‘Oh, I haven’t eaten in seven hours, this is horrible.’”

Later that day, Teigen sat down with PEOPLE and gushed about her baby girl.

“It’s so crazy already,” she said of motherhood. “I feel really good. I have a ton of energy and it’s so different every day. Every little time you look at her, something’s crazy different.”

What has she learned so far?

“I think I’m becoming numb to the sound of crying now. The first time she cried, I was like, ‘Oh, what do we do? Everyone can hear us!’ And now I’m just like, ‘Hm, hm, hm’… I live right through it,” she shared.

Teigen went on to talk about her husband’s “questionable” lullabies.

“I gotta say though, if you could listen in, some of them are pretty questionable,” she joked. “He doesn’t really know how to sing to babies … [The] bath time song wasn’t so good, I will say, last night. It was like, ‘You’re taking a bath time.’ Like, there was just no thought into it.”

She added: “John does so much because actually, he feels so helpless in other ways. Obviously, he can’t nurse or do anything in that realm. He dances with her and he’s a good, calming source. He loves the diaper change though because we had never changed diapers before so now it’s new and fun for us.”

Not to mention getting all those perfect baby pictures.

“It’s always scary wanting to get those photos, and [thinking] your phone is going to drop right next to the baby,” she said. “Sometimes I’m nursing her while I’m in hair and make-up and things can fall and you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh. My little baby!’ ”

Source: Chrissy Teigen Dishes On Mommy-Shaming