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Inside Sherri Shepherd’s Surrogate Baby Drama

Inside Sherri Shepherd's Surrogate Baby Drama

Sherri Shepherd and (inset) Lamar Sally

Laura Cavanaugh/Getty. Inset:Robin Marchant/Wireimage

09/17/2014 AT 10:00 AM EDT

The View has moved on without her, but Sherri Shepherd remains embroiled in a very complex hot topic of her own.

The former daytime host, 47, split from second husband Lamar Sally in May, but now the pair are fighting a legal battle over newborn Lamar Sally Jr., who was born via surrogate on Aug. 5.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Sally says that he and Shepherd agreed to have a child via surrogate – using Sally’s sperm and a donor egg after doctors found that Shepherd’s eggs were not viable – within a year of their 2011 wedding.

“[Sherri] said, ‘I will love the baby like it’s mine,'” says Sally.

(Shepherd and her rep declined to comment to PEOPLE.)

Then six months into the pregnancy, he says the star – who recently weathered a tough custody battle over her 9-year-old son, Jeffrey, with ex-husband Jeff Tarpley – blindsided him with the news that she wanted a divorce.

Still, “she never said she didn’t want the baby,” says Sally.

Now the exes are tangling over financial responsibility for baby “L.J.,” whom Shepherd has never met, according to Sally. The Los Angeles-based scriptwriter is also asking for Shepherd, who is currently appearing on Broadway in Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella, to be named as the mother on the baby’s birth certificate.

“I think it’s the worst thing in the world for L.J. to look at his birth certificate at 16 and see it says, ‘Mother unknown,’ ” says Sally.

A pretrial hearing is set for Oct. 2 in Pennsylvania.

For much more on this story, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE magazine, on newsstands Friday

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Inside Story: Behind the Scenes of Sherri Shepherd’s Nasty Split

05/18/2014 at 07:00 PM EDT

Inside Story: Behind the Scenes of Sherri Shepherd's Nasty Split

Lamar Sally and Sherri Shepherd

Kevin Mazur/WireImage

When The View cohost Sherri Shepherd hit the air on May 12, there was one hot topic she declined to discuss: her surprise split from husband Lamar Sally and the custody fight over their unborn child, due via surrogate in July.

A source close to Shepherd, 47, says the couple, who wed in 2011, were ill-matched from the start.

“I don’t think any of us thought this was the right guy for her. He’s a very nice man, but he can’t keep up with her. She is a force of nature. The girl works morning to night,” the source says of Shepherd, who has juggled The View with long-term side gigs on How I Met Your Mother and 30 Rock.

“She needs somebody that’s her equal emotionally, intellectually and financially – and that’s hard to find.”

The fight is getting ugly fast: Court documents show Sally, 43, wants full custody of the unborn child, who the papers say will be named Lamar Sally Jr., and he’s also seeking spousal support and the invalidation of their prenup. (According to a report, Shepherd countered with her own filing, asking to enforce the prenup but not addressing custody.)

“I really can’t say anything,” Sally told PEOPLE, adding that he has lost 50 lbs. “on the divorce diet.”

For much more on this story, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE magazine

Source: Inside Story: Behind the Scenes of Sherri Shepherd’s Nasty Split

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The Cute Animals That Want to kill You

The “murder” is a bit of a stretch. But don’t be fooled; the animals in the following list can and will, if given the chance, severely ruin your day. You’ve been warned…

Poison Arrow (Dart) Frog

Like Smurfs, customarily reduction terrifying.

Like Smurfs, only reduction terrifying.

Ask 10 pointless people off the travel to name the cutest animal they can think of and chances are flattering good that this DayGlo amphibian’s name will never come up.Their name gives divided the story, but there’s something endearing about these EDC rejects that makes you wish to squeeze them and give them a good snuggle. Don’t, though! Their skin is rarely unwholesome to the hold with some class possessing adequate toxins to kill adult to 20 grown men. You might wish to rethink those Poison Arrow Frog accessories you were going to sell at the subsequent rave.


Exotic Pets


Despite the fact that they’re lonesome from conduct to toe by thousands of tiny knives, hedgehogs are positively adorable. Just demeanour at that little man adult there. He’s most vagrant to be tickled. What he’s not revelation you, however, is that there’s a flattering good possibility he just finished holding a lick-bath in his own unwholesome spit. You see, hedgehogs like to rivet in a outrageous little protocol called anointing, whereby they go to city nipping and beating any new scents they come across (many of which occur to enclose unwholesome substances from trees and plants) until their mouths start to foam. They then cloak their spines with the poison paste, lay back, and wait for predators to stay the ruin divided from that unwholesome turn of separate needles (Dibs on Poisonous Ball of Spit Needles as a rope name).


It looks sweet, though they're indeed plotting to overpower a tellurian race.

It looks sweet, but they’re indeed plotting to overpower the tellurian race.

Swans are the stately noblemen of the animal kingdom. Often compared with kingship and tranquility, swans have prolonged been black of love an beauty via most of tellurian civilization. Hell, the whole indicate of “The Ugly Duckling” is that the little uggo eventually matures into a beautiful swan and then, if there’s any probity left in the world, deduction to unleash ruin on that organisation of burro ducks that use to ridicule him (that final part may have been cut from the final breeze of the angel tale). But, as anyone who’s ever had the haughtiness to accidentally wander alongside a swan-occupied lake during nesting deteriorate will tell you, swans are sum badasses. Almost but warning they’ll open onward from the H2O like the long-necked demons they are and follow you within an in. of your dignity, all the while derisive you with am continuous spiteful honking that sounds some-more like a unhappy jester than the inhuman swift beast. You’ve been warned.



Oh, c’mon! What can be dangerous about that? It looks like an elephant and a rodent had a few too many and made an adorable–if physiologically confounding–little baby! Ridiculous looks aside, these little guys can ruin your day faster than you can say, “Hey, guys, come demeanour at this stupid-looking mou–AGHHH!” Several termagant class have rarely unwholesome separate that they use to hypnotize their prey. The unwholesome termagant separate is manly adequate to kill animals several times the distance of the termagant itself. That may not sound that impressive, but it’s roughly the homogeneous of you murdering a cow by roaming on its ear.


Sir, we ran out of beaver parts. Just squeeze what we can from a steep bin and let's call it a day.

“Sir, we ran out of beaver parts.”
“Just squeeze what you can from the steep bin and let’s call it a day.”

Ahh, the platypus: Nature’s mistake. Proof that God has a clarity of humor…and apparently also shops in the discount bin. The platypus, the wallaby’s “ugly friend,” has prolonged been a source of open mindfulness due especially to its singular anatomy: the check of a duck, the tail and physique of a beaver, and the feet of a Lovecraftian monster. But, just like that weird child in propagandize who, sleepy of being constantly bullied, schooled karate and never got picked on again, the platypus has its own self-defense resource that keeps the area bullies off its beavery back: vicious spurs that protrusion out from its back feet. When threatened, the masculine platypus thrusts its back legs into its assailant mixed times, injecting snippet amounts of venom absolute adequate to kill a dog or totally impair a human. Just another reason to stay out of Australia, folks.


Got your nose!

“Got your nose!”

Chimpanzees are the closest evolutionary relations to humans. We share so most with them: clever patrimonial bonds, formidable amicable hierarchies, and apparently a love of killing humans. Chimpanzees can be really assertive and have been concerned in large dismemberments (they have a bent to punch of fingers) and maulings, and even a few deaths. Males are the most aggressive, and they customarily conflict the face, hands, and feet, but they’re also know to concentration their rage next the belt, so to speak. In the chimps’ defense, almost all famous attacks on humans have been perpetrated by animals kept in captivity. So, if we just leave them in the wild, chances are we’ll be ok. Although, if Planet of the Apes is to be believed (and it substantially should), it’s substantially already too late.

Slow Loris



If it looks like a gorilla and walks like a monkey, it’s substantially a rarely unwholesome Southeast Asian cousin to the lemur. Seriously, every receptive thought in your conduct is perplexing to tell you this thing is some form of big-eyed monkey. But in law it’s indeed closely associated to lemurs, which, for all intents and purposes, are flattering most just imagination monkeys. But we digress. The slow loris has a invulnerability resource singular among primates: a unwholesome bite. The animal has a special gland on the inside of its bend that, when licked, reacts with its separate to create a unwholesome and really unpleasant bite. As a bonus, in an try to soothe the aforementioned hedgehog of its pretension of the Grossest Application of Toxic Spit in the animal kingdom, the slow loris is famous to widespread its unwholesome elbow-pit separate all over its babies as a (very effective) means to keep them from apropos some bigger animal’s dinner.


I can haz terrifying parasite?

“I can haz terrifying parasite?”

You knew this was coming. Any essay that contains both the difference “cute” and “murder” in the pretension was firm to enclose kittens. These soulless little rogues have been wheedling their approach into our hearts for years now. But they’re not the only ones. That’s right, cats are the primary hosts of an spreading parasitic illness famous as toxoplasmosis. And the primary means of transmission? Poop! The disease, which typically presents in humans with symptoms identical to the common cold (but can be most some-more serious for immunocompromised individuals), is ordinarily transmitted by hit with the feces of an putrescent cat (and most cats are infected!). Unlike dogs, who courteously take their series 2s outside, cats insist on withdrawal their dookers inside our houses. Not only that, they design us to manually mislay their death-plops just so they have the compulsory space to go forward and deposition another turn of wretched widespread a small yards from where we sleep. Cats are out to destroy the world; if this doesn’t remonstrate you, then zero will.

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Prince George’s Nanny Makes First Appearance

04/07/2014 at 09:30 AM EDT

Prince George's Nanny Makes First Appearance

Nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo

Michael Dunlea/Barcroft Media/Landov

As Prince George made his bow on the first day of the visit to New Zealand, the new person in his life was quietly watching from the sidelines.

With her hair being blown in the chilly wind of the harbor-side airport, nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, 43, took in the scene along with about 100 members of the world’s media.

Borrallo had left the royal family’s jet slightly ahead of the smiling and waving Prince William, slightly ahead of the smiling and waving Kate and George, and was positioned, with Kate’s right-hand woman Rebecca Deacon, towards the tail of the plane to see the welcome.

She then followed the couple and their entourage into the terminal building a short walk away. Her first job on foreign soil for the couple would come only half an hour later when she looked after the little prince while his parents were given a Maori welcome at Government House.

Prince George's Nanny Makes First Appearance| Lupo, Kate Middleton, Prince George, Prince William

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George

James Whatling / Splash News Online

Borrallo lives with the family at Apartment 1a, Kensington Palace, and, although she is from Spain, has lived in the U.K. for about 20 years.

Said to be “totally dedicated to the family” she’s working with, she is from a well-to-do family in Spain, and trained at the famous Norland College.

Since joining the family in March she has been spotted pushing the family’s Silver Cross pram in neighboring Kensington Gardens.

The couple were said by a palace spokesman to “delighted she has chosen to join them.”

Source: Prince George’s Nanny Makes First Appearance