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Jessica Simpson: I’ll Raise Maxwell The Way I Was Raised

Posted: September 18, 2012 by Carolyn Robertson

Jessica And Eric Have Lunch

Some celebrity parents encourage their kids to follow in their famous footsteps while others would do just about anything to avoid it. New mom Jessica Simpson says she’ll just follow baby Maxwell‘s lead.

“I’m going to let Maxwell do what she wants to do. I mean, I’m definitely going to parent her the way my parents parented me . . . [but] when I was young, I was like, ‘This is what I want to do,’ and they supported me, and I was doing it by the time I was fourteen years old,” says the singer, designer and actress. “I think it’s important to encourage from a young age that whatever you’re passionate about – go for it!”

As for Jessica, she’s got career goals of her own in mind, having seemingly set her eyes on prime time TV.

“I think doing a sitcom is something I really want to do,” says Jessica, who is engaged to Maxwell’s dad Eric Johnson. “[I would] be able to be with my daughter every day on set.”

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Gwyneth Paltrow: “A Part Of Me Would Love To Have Another”

gwyneth-paltrow-instyle-october-2012- (2)

Sporting a Diane von Furstenberg jumpsuit with Fred Leighton earrings and Vhernier bracelets, Gwyneth Paltrow looks lovely on October’s cover of InStyle. In the interview, the Academy Award-winning actress opens up about turning 40 later this month, her marriage to Chris Martin, and their two kids Apple, 8, and Moses, 6.

On her kids: “When Apple was born, she had the hugest blue eyes. I looked into them, and she was looking at me, and I felt like, You are here to teach me everything. After [Moses] was born I had postpartum depression. It was a difficult time, and because of that I believe I have an extra empathy for him, and he for me.”

On having another child: “My brain says, ‘Oh, I think I’m done, the kids are so big now, and I don’t want to go back to changing diapers.’ But a part of me would love to have another. Of course, I’m old now!”

On the differences between her and Chris: “Probably our artistic temperaments. Artists are sensitive; there are ups and downs mood-wise. Musicians need a certain gravitas and focus in order to write. The temperanemt that goes with someone who is creative can be challenging. I focus more on understanding than being understood.”

On only allowing her kids to watch TV in foreign languages: “I only let them watch TV in French or Spanish. When I’m in France, I go to [Boulevard] Beaumarchais and buy all their cartoons.”

On her diet: “I was very strict for a while. I was macrobiotic for a couple of years, then I got pregnant and just ate ice cream. What I’ve learned is I want to enjoy my life, and food is a big part of it. I love to cook and feed people. I cook every day. I [indulge] but I don’t like sweets. My indulging is a fresh baguette with cheese and a glass of red wine or French fries and fried zucchini. Or a turkey burger.”

For more from Gwyneth, go to InStyle

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Robin Roberts: ‘I’m so Weak’

Robin Roberts: ‘I’m so Weak’

Posted by Adam

Tuesday September 18, 2012

ROBIN Roberts is maintaining a positive outlook.

The 51-year-old host of Good Morning America host has just one more day of chemotherapy until a day of rest leading up to Thursday morning’s bone-marrow transplant, and is doing her best to stay strong.

“The start of last week went well, but the daily chemo/treatment caught up to me by the weekend,” she wrote in her Robin’s Journey blog on Tuesday. “My body is so weak, but not my mind. YOU give me the courage to keep going.”

Roberts, who is treating her myelodysplastic syndrome, will receive the transplant from her sister, Sally-Ann.

Roberts, who took extended medical leave starting Aug. 30, lost her ailing, 88-year-old mother, Lucimarian Tolliver Roberts, shortly after her departure.

“Last Sunday, to lift my spirits, I threw a little party at my apartment for my ‘GMA’ family,” Roberts also wrote in her blog. “The next morning, I walked through the hospital doors, with my guardian angels – mom & dad – back together and blazing a trail ahead of me.”

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Jools Oliver & Petal: Shoppin’ In London

Posted: September 18, 2012 by Lisa Estall

Jools Oliver, wife of chef Jamie Oliver, steps out in the Primrose Hill neighborhood of London with her daughter, Petal Blossom Rainbow Oliver

Jools Oliver and Petal Blossom, 3, were seen heading home in Primrose Hill, London on Monday (September 17). The wife of Jamie Oliver carried her shopping while holding the 3-year-old’s hand. Poppy Honey, 10, Daisy Boo, 9, Buddy Bear, 2, weren’t with them.

Last month Jools launched a new line with Mothercare called Little Bird. It’s described as an ‘eclectic’ collection of classic clothes, toys and bedding suitable for babies and children up to five years old.

She said, “I have such a passion for the design of children’s clothes, so to have this opportunity to work with Mothercare is just amazing. My mother dressed us in Mothercare clothes and I have done the same with my children, so Mothercare has always been part of my life.

“My designs combine both quirky and classic style inspired by my childhood memories. The collection features nostalgic, classic pieces, sprinkled with unique touches and playful attention to detail.The entire collection has been lovingly put together and accessibly priced for parents. I cannot wait to see the reaction to it.”

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