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Friends Remember the Two High School Juniors Who Committed Suicide Last Week

Friends Remember the Two High School Juniors Who Committed Suicide Last Week

Ciara Webb (left) and Cady Housh

Courtesy Jason Webb/Courtesy Sophie Jones

11/13/2014 AT 04:40 PM EST

Heartbroken friends of Cady Housh and Ciara Webb, who both committed suicide just days apart, can’t understand why these two 16-year-olds chose to end their lives last week.

“They were both amazing girls,” says one classmate at Northwest Olathe High in Olathe, Kansas.

“Ciara was an amazing soccer player and was always so happy. Cady wanted to live her life to the fullest but she always put everyone else first. If you were ever having a hard time, she would just get in her car, pick up your favorite food, and be at your house in 10 minutes.”

Other friends say that both seemed “excited about their futures.”

But on Friday afternoon Webb took her own life, at home. Then on Sunday night Housh, who had played soccer with Webb, killed herself by stepping into the path of an oncoming train.

“She was upset about Ciara but she was strong,” adds a second classmate, who says she was with Cady hours before her death. “When I left her on Sunday the last thing I thought was that she would take her own life.”

After a Tuesday night vigil, students were back in class this week and, says one friend, “everyone is trying to keep each other strong.”

For more information about how to prevent suicide, visit the Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Friends Remember the Two High School Juniors Who Committed Suicide Last Week
Source: Friends Remember the Two High School Juniors Who Committed Suicide Last Week

How To Get Away With Murder Star Katie Findlay Says the Show’s Sex Scenes “Really Feel Like…

How To Get Away With Murder Star Katie Findlay Says the Show’s Sex Scenes “Really Feel Like...

It’s nothing against you, Alfred Enoch. But as your TV love interest, How To Get Away With Murder‘s Katie Findlay says getting naked in front of America is “never not weird.” Despite some awkwardness, Findlay and the rest of the Murder cast are handling the show’s risqué scenes like champs, helping Shonda Rhimes create a groundbreaking freshman series.

The spunky, down-to-earth actress gave VH1 a peak at the day in the life of Murder‘s Rebecca, and what it’s like not only being a part of Shondaland, but working with such a HOT cast. We’re talking to you, Alfred, Jack Falahee, and Matt McGorry. We may have even asked her to play a little round of Smash, Marry, Kill…

VH1: Congratulations on the show being such a huge success! How are you feeling about it all?

Thank you! I’m great! We sort of just hide away in our little studio and do our jobs and have a nice time together. We sort of forget, I think, that the rest of the world is seeing it, too. Day to day, it’s awfully quiet and then every once a while, we step out and realize how noisy it is out here. It’s a little bit of a moment.

When I interviewed Jack, he said that you guys really don’t know that much of what’s going to be happening in advance.

Yea that’s true.

Is not knowing how everything will unravel for your character difficult?

Sometimes! It really challenges your urge as an actor to always know exactly what’s going on. But when you think about it, people going through their lives aren’t internally prepared for every emotional situation they’re going to be in. I’ve started to just embrace it and play what’s in front of me and try to understand this goal, rather than understand every single second what’s going on, because in real life, she wouldn’t.

Do you feel like you identify with Rebecca?

I do in some ways. Something that was hard for me about playing Rebecca is [that] I see her as someone who has grown up without a support system, and I’m not like that. I have a wonderful family, and I can come crying to my mother and she’ll set me straight no matter what. I look at Rebecca as somebody who’s been disapproved of [for] so much her entire life [that] it started to form the fabric of who she actually is. Everything she does is just to make sure that she survives; it’s not out of selfishness or malice for other people. She just never had a reason to stop looking out for herself, and let someone else do it. It actually took a lot of work and a lot of putting myself in that place to figure that out about her. But I am really sarcastic and I do wear a lot of black…

How do you feel about the show’s sex scenes? Are you comfortable shooting them?

I’m a very awkward person generally, so I will admit to being really uncomfortable and anxious and nervous, and not wanting to do anything wrong or make anything weird. Alfie is a wonderful person. He’s a great guy so… actually if this is going down verbatim, just say that he’s terrible, just terrible! But no, he’s great and we work really well together, and it’s really not horrible when you’re [part of] a cast who understand each other. We all talk and we’re all friends. I mean, it is weird pretending to be naked in front of 20 people, while people instruct you on the proper way to, you know, mack on someone who you [just] had lunch with.

It’s really not romantic at all.

It really feels like work, and it’s actually quite funny a lot of the time, because all it takes is one little thing to shake the moment up and then you start laughing because you realize what you’re doing. You know, someone going, “No, no, don’t touch her that way! Kiss here so that we see more of your face!” And it’s just too funny and truly uncomfortable in my experience. Things get weird. Getting naked in front of what you then later realize is 9.3 million people is never not weird for me, personally.

Are you surprised with how much hype this show is getting in terms of all the sex?

I mean, I’m not really surprised because I know Shondaland. I know [its] shows get a lot of hype and attention and it’s always very community-involved and people like to get into it. People are more remarking on the fact there is gay sex and straight sex on the show that’s given the same amount of time and the same amount of normalcy. It’s just treated like two people wanting each other rather than a big deal, and I think that when you don’t see something very much, it is shocking and noteworthy when it finally comes down the pipes.

Do you feel like it was necessary for this to happen? It must be a cool feeling being a part of this because it’s almost a movement in a way.

It is! I’m happy to be on the show where all different kinds of people are allowed to love all different kinds of people. People are allowed to just look the way that they look — everyone on the show comes from somewhere different, has a different body, wants different things. You know, Viola [Davis] taking off her wig, and her makeup and just being this beautiful woman on screen, unadorned, was really amazing to watch. I think that it’s good to remind people that everyone is here and we’re all here together. If you’re out in the world, you should be able to look at the television and see someone who reminds you of you — someone that you can relate to, a situation you can relate to — and I think the scope of that has gotten smaller. I think that Murder is making a new path.

Source: How To Get Away With Murder Star Katie Findlay Says the Show’s Sex Scenes “Really Feel Like…

Hilary Duff: “There’s Way Too Much Pressure On Women”

Hilary Duff: “There’s Way Too Much Pressure On Women”

Actress-singer Hilary Duff covers the latest issue of Health and opens up about the pressures to lose the baby weight, and her relationship with estrange husband Mike Comrie and their 2-year-old son Luca.

On her relationship with ex Mike Comrie: “We have a 2-year-old together. We love each other. Obviously it wasn’t a rash decision that we made. We really are just trying to figure out how we are the most happy – whether together or apart – and we’re doing it as lovingly as possible. We would hang out without Luca; we think it’s important to keep a strong relationship no matter if we’re married or not married. And we love our son. We both want to fight for happiness.”

On the image-obsessed entertainment industry: “The second I had Luca, I went to go get my hair blown out at the salon, and I hadn’t stepped outside in, like, 15 days. I was learning how to be a new mom, and I needed to go get my hair done. Then they’re like, “Hilary Debuts Her Post-Baby Body!” I was like, I’m not debuting sh-t right now. I’m just going on an errand run! There is way too much pressure on women these days. It took me a whole 10 months to build a baby.”

On losing the baby weight in a sensible time frame: “Oh my God, everyone was so hard on me because it took me a year and a half to get my body back! When I was 17, I weighed, like, 98 pounds. I was totally obsessed with everything I put in my mouth. I was way too skinny. Not cute. And my body wasn’t that healthy—my hands would cramp up a lot because I wasn’t getting the nutrition I needed. That constant pressure of wanting something different than I had? I regret that. I feel like there was way too much time spent thinking about that. This is the body that I have. I have a very athletic build, and I am so proud of what my body has done for me. I had the best, healthiest, strongest pregnancy. And I feel good about myself. But I feel like I’m always in a 5-pound battle, because being 5 feet 2, everything is going to show on me!”

On what she’s most grateful for right now: “Every day, Luca would top the list. I’m just so grateful for his health, and he has the best spirit. I could cry right now. (Her eyes well up with tears.) I just see so much of myself in him and so much of Mike in him. He’s a little combo baby. And I’m grateful for the drive that I have. I don’t think everyone knows what it is to actually get this off the ground. It’s a lot of work. And it’s a lot of me missing quality time with my little guy.”

For more from Hilary, visit Health

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Hilary Duff: “There’s Way Too Much Pressure On Women”
Source: Hilary Duff: “There’s Way Too Much Pressure On Women”

The Wet Hot American Summer Cast Is Dominating the Entertainment World


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Is it me or is the Wet Hot American Summer cast the illuminati of comedy? Ever since the film came (and quickly went) in 2001, nearly every then-unknown actor has gone on to varying degrees of stardom — with most of them completely running Hollywood.

For example, when the film hit theaters Amy Poehler hadn’t even been cast on Saturday Night Live yet. In fact, this was only her third film credit. Today, she’s the godmother of comedy! Another prime example: Bradley Cooper. Then, he was still a struggling actor with a brief appearance on Sex & The City on his resume; Wet Hot American Summer was his first film role. He would later join Alias before dominating the film world with his Oscar-nominated roles in Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle.

And because you are like me and love the movie so much that you literally have to stop yourself from watching it every night so you don’t spoil the fun of it all, you are desperate to see your favorite cast members back in theaters or on TV. You’re in luck! Ken Marino is starring on TV’s best new comedy, Marry Me, Elizabeth Banks is back in theaters as Effie in the latest installment of The Hunger Games (out Nov. 21), and A.D. Miles is writing the funniest jokes heard on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Damn, this cast is totes-magotes the MVP.

Check out where to find the rest of your WHAS favorites in the gallery, and hear more from Poehler herself, below.

[Photo: USA Films]

Source: The Wet Hot American Summer Cast Is Dominating the Entertainment World