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Throwback Pictures of Bar Refaeli and Her Baby Bump

In case you were wondering what Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli has been up to for the past couple of months, she just dropped a series of moonlit beach pictures to remind everyone that she was expecting a baby. While the series of snaps show a pregnant Refaeli looking pensively into the distance while she stands knee-deep in the ocean, they represent an earlier phase of her pregnancy.

On Oct. 20, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model and her husband, billionaire Adi Ezra, welcomed a second girl, into their family. Newborn baby Elle joins her 15-month-old sister Liv as the newest addition to the family. According to all reports, everyone is doing fine. Rafaeli’s rep confirmed the birth to People magazine.

The most interesting thing about the way in which Refaeli, 32, shares throwback photos of her baby bump is that they show a very private moment of one of the most widely-recognized people in the world. Despite being a supermodel and quite obviously pregnant, the actual focal point of the pictures is found not in her body or her growing maternal bump but in the way in which she gazes out into the ocean.


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In that regard, the pictures become an illustration of “what is she thinking about” as opposed to the typical Refaeli photoshoot, which is more about the glamorous life than about an inner journey. Especially in the ones where she is resting her arms across the life growing inside her, it makes one wonder if she is thinking about her baby and what sort of world she is about to enter into.

It is also somewhat unusual for someone to post such mementos after giving birth. Are these pictures merely a way of recapitulating and sharing the experience of her pregnancy with her many fans worldwide? Will there be any additional sets from other moments in the pregnancy that are offered for public viewing as these were?

Equally mysterious is the symbolism of moon phases that serve as explicatory commentary on each of the posts. No doubt many pundits are working to compose some sort of learned observations on the enigmatic imagery that accompanies the actual photos themselves. Indeed, it is very interesting to contemplate the many ways in which these offerings contain lots of non-visual or suggestive messaging that has yet to be fully explained.


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There is certainly more than just a bit of Mona Lisa-style mystery attached to these Instagram posts, and one can only hope that further enlightenment will be offered in the coming days. As it stands, they show a remarkable moment in time when a two lives intersect in the most natural and personal way there is and offer a glimpse into how those interlocking pieces are about to become even more joined together.


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It also makes one wonder if there will ever be a professional Refaeli photoshoot in the same location at some time in the future. What will she be thinking then as she revisits the scene of this moonlight excursion into the waves?

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How Chrissy Teigen Styled Her Fashion Outfits to Conceal Baby Bump

Celebrities often find their personal and professional lives are in conflict with one another. That becomes particularly true when the time comes for a well-known star to have a baby. The need to maintain the chic look for which she has become known over the years has challenged Chrissy Teigen to exert her utmost fashionista superpowers to keep her growing baby bump from becoming a distraction in the eye of the camera.

Of course, this is not a permanent effort to disguise the facts of life, but merely to extend the time in which she can carry out her assigned on-camera duties before taking the well-deserved maternal leave of absence. In her particular case, how Chrissy Teigen styled her growing bump is through a combination of color and drapery that does more than just distract from her midsection– it actually calls attention to it in some particularly well-chosen parts of her ensemble.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images for Forevermark

The key element is that she is clearly not looking to deny or conceal her condition but rather to showcase how her natural beauty does not depend on any single part of her body. Instead, her choices reflect a quiet confidence that exudes a sense of inner peace and normality rather than any urge to distract the eyes of her many admirers.

One way in which Chrissy does this is through her elegant embrace of the all-black outfit. Black fashions are of course renowned for their ability to make any figure look svelte and stunning from all angles, but her outfit is pure style with its plunging neckline and daring thigh-high slit up the side of her gown. In short, it gives no hint that it is trying to conceal a baby bump, it just looks like, well, a beautiful woman who decided to wear black on this particular evening.

Another supremely effective look which she sports is her asymmetrical ruffled tunic dress in wow-me pink. This Balenciaga creation can hardly be pigeonholed as classic maternity fashion and is something that she will clearly wear long after her delivery date arrives. It is the art of fashion at its finest since it makes an effortless and confident statement of power and grace without exhibiting any sign of being overtly contrived for a purpose.

Photo Credit: Monica Rose Instagram

While Chrissy clearly loves the all-black look for the early stages of her pregnancy, it may well be that she is just a true devotee of the monochromatic or near-monochromatic outfit. Even when she is not all in one color, her design choices are selected in highly complementary and closely related shades and fabrics that display her as a complete woman and not as a selection of stunning yet disparate pieces that boldly call for notice.

Photo Credit: starzfly/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Instead, she slips elegantly and effortlessly through the lens of the paparazzi as a confident whole in both personality and stylistic preference. Proud mom-to-be Chrissy Teigen gives everyone a fabulous lesson in how understatement can be as much of a fashion triumph as even the most daring of recent haute couture.

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Jessica Simpson’s Son Brings Dad’s Football Helmet to Show and Tell

Jessica Simpson‘s son modeling his dad’s football helmet for show-and-tell made social headlines recently. In fact, her 4-year old son, Ace Knute is a true “Daddy’s boy”; At a recent show-and-tell at school, young Ace donned his dad’s old football helmet for his teachers and classmates. Simpson, 37, posted an Instagram video of the class presentation.

His Dad, of course, is Eric Johnson, who was a former NFL tight end with the San Francisco 49ers. Johnson also played for the New Orleans Saints before retiring from gridiron in 2008.

Daddy Johnson gave his son the helmet for his presentation at school. Suffice to say, all of Ace’s classmates and teachers were in awe of this awesome helmet, and who knows if Ace may follow in his Dad’s footsteps and become a great NFL player someday.

Show & Tell ❤️🏈 #DaddysBoy #ACEKNUTE

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Before plopping the helmet on his head, Ace told his class that he too loves and plays football. Mother Jessica was brought to tears as she saw her son pay homage to his Dad. While the helmet, of course, was a bit big for Ace, it was one of the cutest spectacles of the day! Many cameras were on hand to capture young Ace try the helmet on, and he also allowed his friend to try on the helmet as well.

With football as one of America’s main pastimes, there is nothing cuter than having your son wear your old sports helmet. Not only can he learn more about football, he can also be proud of your achievements and accolades in life. Such is the case with Ace who now wants to become a professional football player when he gets older.

While Jessica Simpson is known for her stunning looks and singing talents, she is also a die-hard football fan. Her husband, Eric also loves football even though he is retired from the game. According to both parents, Ace shares their passion for football and loves most sports in general. Show and tell – at countless schools across the nation – is a time for kids to interact with other classmates and share something that means something to them. These presentations also help build character, which stays with them well into their teen and adult years. Young Ace could’ve easily showcased his action figures or the latest video games. Instead, he wanted to show his friends the wonderful gift his Dad gave him, one that will surely be cherished for years and decades to come.

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Eva Amurri Martino Thanksgiving Festivities

Mom-of-two Eva Amurri Martino and husband, NBC Sports broadcaster Kyle Martino, are gearing up for a fun and festive Thanksgiving. The Mothers and Daughters star, 32, shared a family photo with their two kids – daughter Marlowe, 3, and 1-year-old son Major –– via Instagram

“Say Turkey!” A BIG blog post is up today on featuring a look at my #Thanksgiving table, our family Turkey Day style, and our plans for the day- as well as my tips for YOUR best Thanksgiving table! Let me know what you think,” she captioned the family photo.

The Californication actress shared further details on her blog, Happily Eva After

As it turns out, the Undateable star and her family will celebrate Thanksgiving with her famous mother, Stepmom actress Susan Sarandon.

While Eva is hosting Thanksgiving at their Connecticut home, Susan will bring her favorite pies from New York City.

This Thanksgiving is our first one hosting at our new Connecticut home,” writes Eva. We have some fun things planned.  Our friends and fam are showing up around 2 pm and we have a fun cocktail hour where we shake up some yummy drinks (I’m partial to a pre-Thanksgiving dinner dirty martini!) and enjoy some appetizers.  We always have a legit cheese selection– and a couple of hot apps as well! Our family friend makes the MOST delicious breaded shrimp appetizer with four dipping sauces.  I’m going to make my signature (and super easy) bacon-wrapped dates as well! Then we normally sit down to eat around 4 pm.  We are doing two turkeys this year– one in the oven, and one on the grill! Then we have a few different stuffings, green beans, roasted veggies, and mashed potatoes.  And Cranberry sauce, which is my personal fave– I put it on everything! Then, we enjoy a bunch of pies for dessert that my Mom brings from NYC.  We almost always forget to buy vanilla ice cream until the eleventh hour and somebody has to run out and get it.  LOL.  Would it really be Thanksgiving without a last minute grocery store emergency?! Ha!

As for their family traditions, everyone is sure to count their blessings while digging into their delicious meal.

During dinner, we go around the table and talk about what we’re thankful for this year,” Eva writes

This year is especially moving for me since Major’s accident and skull fracture happened the day after Thanksgiving last year.  Getting closer to the “anniversary” of what we all went through is really emotional for me, and leaves me feeling really grateful and resilient.  It’s so incredible that I can sit at my own table this year with my healthy, thriving son and finally shut the door to that entire chapter of our lives.  I am very thankful for that.”

 And it sounds like the fun continues after the fabulous feast.
 “After dinner, we bring the wine into the living room and play games,” shares Eva. “I have a few old-school board games (think: Clue, Monopoly, Dictionary) that are so fun to play with bigger groups.  We’ll probably put some great music on and hang out for a while once the kids are down for the night.  Although hosting in your own home can be stressful, I actually prefer it– you don’t have to go anywhere at the end of the night! Ha!”

For more details of Eva’s Thanksgiving table inspiration and festive ideas, go to Happily Eva After.

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