Jessica Alba Blasts Lawsuit: ‘My Children Are Safer’ Thanks To Honest Company


Not so honest?

Mom-of-two Jessica Alba is speaking out after being hit with a lawsuit which claims her all-natural product line, The Honest Company, deceives consumers by containing “synthetic ingredients.”

“We strongly stand behind our products and the responsibility we have to our consumers. We are steadfast in our commitment to transparency and openness,” Alba says a statement to PEOPLE.

The actress, 34, calls the lawsuit, filed by a consumer Jonathan D. Rubin, “baseless and without merit.”

Along with saying that the Honest Sunscreen is “ineffective,” Rubin claims that products such as Honest Hand Soap, Honest Diapers, and Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner, are misleading and include “unnatural” ingredients.

But the Sin City actress – who is mom to daughters Honor, 7, and Haven, 4, with husband Cash Warren – stands behind her products.

“I know my children, Honor and Haven, are growing up in a safer home because of our products,” she states.

“Seven years ago, when I was pregnant with my first daughter, I was frustrated by the lack of healthy and safe product options for me and my new family,” Alba says. “In fact, prior to launching The Honest Company, I began lobbying Congress to require that ingredients used in everyday products are tested for safety prior to entry into the marketplace.”

The mom-of-two goes on to defend her company and its products.

“I started The Honest Company to develop safe and effective products not just for my children, but for families everywhere,” she shares. “I am very proud that we have built this company into an industry leader focused on using natural ingredients and developing products that people love.”

“We believe that consumers deserve to know what’s in their products — whether it’s diapers for their children, cleaning products for their families or beauty products for themselves,” Alba adds. “Our formulations are made with integrity and strict standards of safety, and we label each ingredient that goes into every product – not because we have to, but because it’s the right thing to do.”

Reportedly, Rubin is seeking up to $5 million in damages for customers.

Source: Jessica Alba Blasts Lawsuit: ‘My Children Are Safer’ Thanks To Honest Company

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