Katie Lowes’ On-Set Baby Bump


Scandal star Katie Lowes posted an updated baby bump photo via Instagram Monday.

“Something feels different about Quinn this season #Scandal #FirstDayBack #Season7 ,” the mom-to-be, 35, captioned the on-set selfie.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Lowes’ pregnancy will be worked into the final season of Scandal.

In May, the actress announced her first pregnancy with husband Adam Shapiro.

Which of her Scandal cast members found out first?

“I told her five minutes from being pregnant, she already knew, she’s a genius,” Lowes revealed about Shonda Rhimes.

“She knows the minute I got pregnant,” the actress said, adding that she could’ve guessed it was either a “really good weekend eating pizza and beer or I was pregnant.”

‪Something feels different about Quinn this season ? #Scandal #FirstDayBack #Season7 ‬

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Source: Katie Lowes’ On-Set Baby Bump

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