Orlando Bloom’s Family Selfie: “3 Generations”


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales actor Orlando Bloom shared a snapshot with his father and 6-year-old son Flynn via Instagram.

“3 generations and a mighty right there,” The Lord of the Rings actor, 40, captioned the family selfie with their pooch.

In May, the actor opened up about his son seeing Pirates of the Caribbean for the first time.

“I was very reluctant, because obviously you want to keep that normalcy and that dynamic, and I didn’t want him to know what dad did for a while,” the actor shared.

He added: “But then he started school and I was like, ‘Well, older brothers and sisters…’ The movie was coming out and they’ll talk about it, and I wanted to have that moment of showing him me in Pirates of the Caribbean. So, last summer I was in France. It was on a little TV; it wasn’t a big grand screen or anything at all. But I just flicked it on and he was watching it.”

It was a sweet moment when Flynn realized that his daddy is an actor.

“I had a video camera on him as he was watching. He was like, ‘Wait, that’s you! What? That’s you?’” recalled the father-of-one. “He was a little disgruntled, which I was freaked out about, because I was like, ‘Wait! I should have spoken to a child therapist before I even thought about doing this. What was I thinking? This was a bad idea!’ And then he loved it. He was like, ‘So, wait a second: How long can you hold your breath under water for? Did you really do that?’ Like, ‘Yeah, bro! Forever! I could walk from one side of the ocean to the other.’ Because he still believes that!”

Admittedly, he sacrificed career opportunities in recent years for the sake of his son.

“I’m grafting,” The Lord of the Rings star said. “You know, I took a window of time over the last few years to be present for my son and for my ex-partner [Miranda Kerr], who … we have a great relationship raising our son.”

He added: “In recent times, she’s settled and happy in a relationship and I’ve felt more readily available to really feel like I could leave to go to work.”

3 generations and a mighty right there??????

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