Owen Wilson Dishes On Sons Ford & Finn

In this photo released by Warner Bros., a taping of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" is seen at the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, Calif. (Photo by Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.)

During a Thursday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Cars 3 star Owen Wilson opened up about his two sons — Ford, 6, and Finn, 3.

“Ford seems like he might even be a little stunt man in training,” the father-of-two, 48, said of his “fearless” elder son, sharing a video of his boy doing a belly flop into a pool.

He added: “He’s a big Jackie Chan fan.”

The Zoolander star reminisced about being raised in the ’70s.

“It was just a different time, with no sunscreens and bike helmets,” he said, sharing a story of when his younger brother Luke Wilson was a toddler.

“My parents still have the X-rays of this when he was maybe 2, when he ate some change and on the X-rays you see like, a dime, a nickel and a penny,” Wilson said.

As it turns out, the new Wilson brothers adore one another.

“Anything Ford says is just the funniest thing ever,” Wilson said of Finn’s opinion of Ford. “And I can make a joke and it’s, like, crickets. It’s like nothing from those guys… unless Ford laughs”

The funnyman took his boys to Sequoia National Park recently and Ford was a little skeptical about its standout landmark.

“I’m like, ‘Guys, this is the biggest tree in the world,’ and Ford’s like, ‘I’ve seen bigger,’ ” the Wedding Crashers star shared. “And I’m like, ‘Well no, Ford, actually, you haven’t seen bigger. This is the General Sherman tree. This is the biggest tree.’ And he’s like, ‘If you say so.’ ”

“And I’m like, ‘No, it’s not if I say so, there’s the plaque right here,’ and he’s like, ‘I can’t read,’ ” he added. “Fake news for him.”

The proud papa said his sons get some “street cred” from their classmates for voicing the character Lightning McQueen.

“I love doing it,” Wilson said of voicing the famous race car.

Cars 3 hits theaters June 16.

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