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Details emerge on woman in Lee scandal – WIVB

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Details continue to surface about the Maryland woman who triggered Lee’s quick resignation.

While she initially didn’t reveal her identity, she has now identified herself as a 34 year old single mom from the DC area.

She is a faculty specialist for the University of Maryland who is supposedly shocked at how a casual online flirtation exploded into a national scandal.

Friday, politicians across the country continue to grapple with the fallout from the photo.

Her name is Yesha Callahan, the formerly anonymous single mother whose Craigslist ad inspired Congressman Chris Lee to tell her he was a divorced lobbyist, and send her a topless muscle photo of himself.

The revelation led to his resignation in record time.

Lee was ready to take on Washington back in 2008.

With his family by his side, the political newcomer was all smiles after his big win.

He campaigned for months against democrat Alice Kryzen.

During the race, he was forced to defend himself after it was learned he was fired from Ingram Micro for altering account information.

Former Congressman Chris Lee said, “I made a mistake 20 years ago, which I owned up at the time. I’ve gone on and have a very successful career and I want to take what I’ve learned over the last 20 years, and apply it to Washington.”

News 4 is now learning that accusations of inappropriate behavior involving women have trailed Lee since he first ran for Congress.

Sources close to the Kryzan campaign reportedly had first-hand knowledge of Lee cheating or attempting to cheat on his wife.

Those allegations were never brought up in the race.

We also learned that Lee was warned about his behavior by now House Speaker John Boehner.

Erie County GOP Chair Nick Langworthy was Lee’s campaign manager.

Langworthy said, “Chris Lee has committed no crimes. Chris is not Eliot Spitzer, or one of those foolish individuals. He’s made some foolish decisions.”

Langworthy said, “This is someone that’s had some failings in his marriage and personal life.”

No concrete evidence has surfaced that Lee has cheated on his wife.

But, in the wake of widespread news coverage of the Craigslist photo, sources reportedly say it fits into a pattern of accusations that stretch back a few years.

Immediately after the photo became public, Lee issued a brief statement of apology, and then his letter of resignation.

We haven’t heard from him since.

His congressional spokesman issued a statement, saying that under House procedures, Lee’s media staff can no longer discuss the situation.


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[Viewpoint] The politics of alternatives – JoongAng Daily

Shaka Zulu (1787-1828) was a legendary conqueror of southern Africa. There are two theories about his family life. The first is that he killed his wives when they became pregnant. The second is that he never had a wife and never had sex. The two theories lead to one explanation: Shaka Zulu pursued absolute power and was afraid that if he had children, they would threaten his pursuit.

Shaka Zulu is an extreme example of being faithful to the saying, You cannot share power even with your own child.

But politics is a process of sharing power whether you want to or not. A leader not only has to share power during his rule but also needs to prepare an alternative in the name of a successor. After all, you cannot live nor hold power forever.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who is on the verge of losing his power, is known for eliminating any threat to his rule. He never had a No. 2 to share his authority. His greed and intolerance made Egyptian citizens unhappy. If he had cared about the community as a whole, he would have appointed an alternate, whether he liked it or not.

A leader who reluctantly comes up with such a person may be insecure all the time. In 48 Laws of Power by American writer Robert Greene, the first law is Never outshine the master. If you want to seize power, you must prove that you are capable but should not make the incumbent insecure. If the leader feels fear and anxiety, you will be eliminated and your chance of taking power will be lost.

Whether it is international politics or domestic politics, every kind of politics is a process of finding alternates. Whether an alternate succeeds depends on whether you have one or not and how qualified that person is.

For countries within its sphere of influence, the United States has intervened when there was a viable alternative leader and stayed away if there wasnt. The United States is said to have considered supporting a coup against Korean President Syngman Rhee but decided against it because no alternative could be found.

The United States had previously been tolerant of the dictatorship and corruption of President Mubarak because Washington decided that there was no alternative or successor.

Lately, however, the United States has been supportive of the democratization protests in Egypt because Mohamed ElBaradei has emerged as a possible alternative.

The politics of alternatives is essentially politics of uncertainty. Under a monarchy or dictatorship, the person in power feels insecure if there is an alternative to his leadership. In a democratic society, the people are the ones who are insecure.

Voters are unsure as to whether the next president and ruling party will perform better than the incumbents. However, the merit of a democracy is that it is a political system to manage the politics of alternatives and minimize uncertainly.

Now, we are faced with the politics of alternatives on both the domestic and international fronts. The question is whether China can be an alternative to the hegemony of the United States. This is a question that has made the world insecure.

The main players, the United States and China, are anxious as well. Deng Xiaoping advocated that a country hide brightness, [and] nourish obscurity as a diplomatic policy so as not to make the United States uneasy. He asked his successors to keep that policy for 100 years, but the direction of the country has already changed. China has begun to speak up in the international community.

What will the world do when China seeks hegemony more aggressively? Countries may ask China to outshine the United States.

If China is able to assure the world over its grievances with the United States while also removing insecurities about Chinas rise, China will automatically secure its position as the new power.

Unlike Robert Greenes first law of power, political parties and presidential hopefuls in Korea need to demonstrate they can outperform the incumbent president and the ruling party. These days, there is growing anxiety within the political sphere because the focus of politics is shifting from growth to welfare.

The person or party who is able to assuage these insecurities will be the one to win voters. When we have a solid alternative, South Korea will be the only option for the unification of the Korean Peninsula.

*The writer is an editor of the JoongAng Sunday.

By Kim Hwan-young

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Ray Allen passes Reggie Miller for career 3-pointers

BOSTON — Ray Allen broke the NBA record for 3-pointers Thursday night, sinking two in the first quarter against the Los Angeles Lakers as the man he passed, former Indiana Pacers great Reggie Miller, sat courtside working the TV broadcast.

Allen hit his second 3 of the game with 1:48 left in the first quarter to reach 2,561 in his career — a number that flashed on the scoreboard in green and white while the TD Garden erupted in applause. Then the Celtics lost 92-86 to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Allen, 38, celebrated little as he got back on defense, but at the next whistle he went over to Miller for a hug and a handshake, then bumped fists with Lakers star Kobe Bryant.

“I’m just so happy for him because this is one of the best guys,” Miller said on the TNT broadcast. “Ray is so humble, he’s so giving, he’s a great family man and I’m excited. This is great. This is great for the game of basketball. You know why? We’re focusing and talking about shooting.”

The record-breaker came on a transition basket from the right side on a pass from Rajon Rondo. The sold-out crowd at the TD Garden cheered and his teammates rose out of their seats.

“Ray is just a machine,” Celtics coach Doc Rivers said.

After the quarter ended, Allen exchanged a few words and another hug with Miller, then went down the sideline to receive his family’s congratulations.

“It’s so serendipitous that it happened the way it happened. For us to be sitting here, Reggie’s in the building and he’s in the building able to work the game,” Allen said before the game.

Miller has been cheering Allen.

“All records are made to be broken,” Miller said. “I had a conversation with Ray earlier tonight and he was like, ‘When I was a rookie and I came to Market Square Arena and I saw you for three to 31/2 hours before (the game) shooting, that’s how I wanted to pattern my game.’ “

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