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Bachelorette Andi and Josh Might Be Engaged, But Twitter Can’t STOP Talking About Sweat and Grumpy…


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By Sarah M. Smith

The Bachelorette‘s season 10 finale was just “too good to be true” for star Andi Dorfman, as hunk Josh Murray got down on one knee (in that rather tight suit) to propose. It was the fairytale ending to a season full of scarves, pregnancy rumors, and one too many farmer jokes. But let’s recap the moments leading up to that final proposal that weren’t so pretty.

From Nick Viall‘s awkwardly horrible toast to Josh’s excessive perspiration, the family meetings didn’t start off so great for either contender. Andi reassured them both — one with some kisses, and the other with “it will be all right, it will be all right.” Turns out “all right” is just a way of delaying the inevitable. Sorry, Nick, but she doesn’t love you. Back to Milwaukee you must go! But as we’ve seen this season — between sneaky hotel visits and anonymous flower arrangements — Nick is persistent, and prepared to stalk his way back into Andi’s heart. After two attempts to woo her post-finale, Nick was finally given the chance to see Andi at the After The Final Rose special to ask all of his burning questions about their lost love. It didn’t take long for viewers to realize that this was a conversation best had in private, because Nick left nothing up for interpretation. “If you weren’t in love with me, I’m just not sure why you made love with me?” Nick, you just officially earned a spot on top of Andi’s s–t list. But his antics didn’t ruin things entirely for the lovebirds, as Andi and Josh told Chris Harrison all about wedding arrangements and upcoming baby-making. Oh, and that Grumpy Cat appearance? Spot on, ABC, spot on. Are we looking at the next Bachelor?

If you just couldn’t get enough of the #grumpycatforbachelor and #TeamJosh hashtags, click on the gallery above to see our favorite snarky, uncensored, below-the-belt comments of the evening. Because, let’s be real, even though it’s over, no one is ready to STOP talking about it just yet.

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Source: Bachelorette Andi and Josh Might Be Engaged, But Twitter Can’t STOP Talking About Sweat and Grumpy…

Andi Dorfman’s Bachelorette Blog: Being Sneaky vs. Being a Gentleman

Andi Dorfman is the Bachelorette!

After a dramatic exit from Juan Pablo’s season of

The Bachelor, the assistant district attorney, who lives in Atlanta, is searching for love once again on ABC’s hit franchise. Andi, 27, will be blogging for every week about the men, the dates and the difficult decisions she’ll make on her road to romance.

So check back each week. You can also follow Andi on Twitter.

What a stunning country. I have never been to Belgium and I didn’t know what to expect, and let me just say, it ended up being my favorite country of the entire journey. Belgium is such a beautiful place with so much history and charm.

The pressure was on that week because it was the week before hometowns. Even though there were no roses handed out during the one-on-one dates, there was still a lot of pressure because I needed to decide which relationships I wanted to take that next step with.

Marcus Is a “Total Gentleman”

I chose Marcus for the first one-on-one date of the week because I always have such a great time with him and I wanted to show him a date that didn’t involve rappelling down 30 stories! Also, Marcus spent some time growing up in Europe, and I thought he would be the perfect person to show me around the beautiful city of Brussels. I always liked that Marcus was so well traveled and I wanted to see what a date with him abroad would feel like. I also wanted to get some clarity about him thinking about leaving at one point in the journey.

We took in all of the sites, including the world famous Mannequin de Pis and he was a total gentleman. I love a man with an appetite, and Marcus definitely did not disappoint. We had the most delicious mussels, waffles, chocolates, French fries and, of course, beer. You could say we basically ate our way through the city of Brussels! My favorite moment you didn’t get to see was when Marcus went and bought postcards. We spent some time writing to our families, which I thought was the sweetest idea!

Later that night, we dined at an ultra-fancy palace. I really loved my conversation with Marcus. I have always been impressed and enamored with Marcus’s ability to be vulnerable and wear his emotions on his sleeve, and that night was no different. It took a lot of courage to open up about his past, and I remember thinking about how strong Marcus was. I didn’t want him to think that I would ever judge him because he didn’t have a picture perfect family. Marcus has been through and has overcome so much in his life, and it has made him into this amazing man. After that date, I felt so much closer to him and I knew I really wanted to go to Dallas to meet his family.

Nick Sneaks Over

I have to admit, I had been waiting for a guy to sneak over this season, and it hadn’t happened yet, so I figured it wasn’t going to :(. But when I least expected it, there was a knock on the door and it was Nick! It was so cute to see how nervous Nick was when he knocked on the door! I was completely taken by surprise, but I loved it! What I liked most about it was that all Nick really wanted to do was go for a walk. He didn’t feel the need to sneak off into an ocean or go to a hot tub.

Walking the streets of Belgium with Nick was so romantic. It was such a rush to know that we were just out on the town. Nick really made me feel special that night and he definitely brought the passion. Although we had a great time, I will say that I felt a little guilty knowing I had just come off a great date with Marcus and had another date the next day, but nonetheless I loved Nick’s effort!

Gaggle of Geese in Ghent

I was excited for my second date with Josh. He and I did not have the best time in Italy, so it was crucial before potentially meeting his family to really see where we stood. I knew that Josh loved to eat, so I made sure to let him enjoy some of the staples of Ghent. (We actually do eat on dates, I promise!)

My favorite part of the date was definitely the goose parade. Once a year, a gaggle of geese come from Holland and march their way through the town and we were lucky enough to be there when they did. The entire town gathered to watch the geese march in a line to music. It was absolutely hilarious and Josh and I laughed so hard the entire parade! What you didn’t get to see was this totally quirky gin bar in the city of Ghent. They have hundreds of flavors of gin – ranging from watermelon to banana to even cactus. What’s better is that the owner is always in a bad mood and has a chart in the bar that indicates just how bad of a mood he’s in that day. Thankfully that day he was happier than normal! We had so much fun in the town of Ghent!

We enjoyed dinner in a castle that evening! I know what you’re thinking: “Palaces and castles, how romantic,” right? Honestly the town of Ghent at night was the most stunning place I have ever seen in my life! The best part of the date was definitely when Josh told me he was falling in love. I was completely shocked!

I wanted Josh to just open up and tell me how he felt, but I knew he is much more reserved with his feelings than most of the other guys. It was a pleasant surprise to say the least. I remembered that Josh promised that the next person he says he’s falling love with will be his wife. So for Josh to put himself out there like that, and to say he’s falling in love, it was so huge. It really meant a lot to me, and I felt like Josh and I took a huge step forward that week and I was excited to meet his family. Between the conversation, the enchanting performance by American Young, and that kiss against the castle wall … it was all very fairy-tale-esque!

Nick Is Ready for Marriage

I met Dylan, Nick, Chris and Brian at these old ruins in the countryside. Again, another beautiful spot in Belgium! I’m telling you, this country was as picturesque as it gets! We rode bike carts through the country (well I rode, they peddled, haha) and we arrived at a monastery. What a sacred place! We had to abide by some strict rules, which included no kissing or affection within the walls. Certainly not the easiest rules to follow when you’re this far into the journey!

I took Chris to the pottery room where the monks make vases, cups, bowls and much more. Chris and I were terrible at making the pottery, but we had so much fun doing our very own Ghost reenactment. I really loved seeing him all playful, and thankfully, that room was outside of the walls, so we shared a sweet kiss!

I had great conversations with all of the guys, and ultimately, gave the group date rose to Nick. Nick had been so open with me, both on the night he snuck over and that day at the monastery. Here he was, this skeptic, who was now telling me he was ready for marriage.

I felt so good about our relationship and I remembered how special I felt getting that hometown rose last season and I knew I wanted Nick to feel that same way. It was so sad to watch the other guys leave the date, but dinner with Nick was so great and we ended the night with fireworks, which for me capped off a great week of dates!

“I Just Didn’t See Futures with Dylan and Brian”

This rose ceremony was by far the most important one yet. I have such a strong sense of family, and I really valued the idea of meeting someone else’s family. It was important for me to give roses to the guys that I could really see a future with. I know how it feels to expose your family to all of this, so for me, if I didn’t see a future, I didn’t feel right meeting a family.

The time with each guy went well – until Nick swooped in on Brian’s time. I have to say, I was a little disappointed in this “move,” but I also understand that at this point, time is crucial, and a rose, while important, isn’t nearly as important as building the relationship. I have to give major props to Chris for pulling me outside at the end of the night and going in for a kiss! I loved when a man takes charge and Chris continued to do that!

I said goodbye to Dylan and Brian that night because I just didn’t see futures with them. It really is an embarrassment of riches because both Dylan and Brian are stand-up guys who showed me nothing but the utmost respect and willingness to be open throughout all of this. It’s something that I will always appreciate from both of them.

Next week is the week I personally have been waiting for this entire season, HOMETOWNS! I can’t wait for you to see what kinds of dates the guys plan for me, but more importantly, I can’t wait for you to meet some truly amazing families!

Thanks as always for reading and tune in next week!



Andi Dorfmans Bachelorette Blog: Being Sneaky vs. Being a Gentleman
Source: Andi Dorfman’s Bachelorette Blog: Being Sneaky vs. Being a Gentleman

Andi Dorfman’s Bachelorette Blog: ‘It Felt like Nick & I Were Boyfriend and Girlfriend’

Andi Dorfman is the Bachelorette!

After a dramatic exit from Juan Pablo’s season of

The Bachelor, the assistant district attorney, who lives in Atlanta, is searching for love once again on ABC’s hit franchise. Andi, 27, will be blogging for every week about the men, the dates and the difficult decisions she’ll make on her road to romance.

So check back each week. You can also follow Andi on Twitter.

Ciao! We were in Italy this week, and I couldn’t have been more excited to return to one of my favorite countries in the world. I have visited Italy with my family before, but obviously this time was different – a bit more romantic to say the least!

I had a tough decision to make for the first one-on-one date. I knew Cody was the only guy who hadn’t had a one-on-one date yet, but after last week’s confusing group date, I knew I had some things I needed to talk to Nick about. Plus, I knew I had a perfect date that fit Cody’s personality coming up later that week. So, I made what was probably an unpopular decision – to bring Nick on that first date. I just held onto hope that Cody would have faith and understand.

My date with Nick started off with a walk around Venice and a beautiful gondola ride. We were swarmed by pigeons in Piazza San Marco and had the best gelato I’ve ever tasted. I remember thinking how natural it felt between Nick and I that day. It really just felt like we were boyfriend and girlfriend in this amazingly beautiful city. Seeing the city by gondola made the whole day so much more romantic. Nick brought the passion and made me feel so special. My favorite kiss of the day was when we were floating underneath the famous Bridge of Sighs. According to local legend, if you kiss under the Bridge of Sighs, you’re supposed to have eternal love. I had always felt a mental and physical connection with Nick and today was no different. This was the Nick that I have loved getting to know.

Later that night, Nick and I got all dressed up for a special dinner in a stunning masquerade hall. I’ll never forget riding up on a gondola and seeing Nick standing there in his Italian tuxedo – He looked so handsome! He joked that night that he felt like he was James Bond!

Nick Owns Up

I had my concerns with Nick from the previous week because he seemed to not be getting along with some of the guys, which was a major turnoff. Nick actually owned up to his part of the drama. He explained that he’s confident, not arrogant, in the relationship that we had been building and that’s probably what had rubbed the other guys the wrong way. I liked that Nick was honest about the situation and I decided to trust him knowing that there was bound to be drama, but it was definitely something I knew I had to keep my eye on.

As if the night couldn’t have gone any better, Nick got all nervous and started mumbling his words and I knew something big was coming. When he finally found his courage, he told me that he was falling in love. I was so happy that Nick was allowing himself to have those feelings for me – especially considering how skeptical he had been in the beginning of this journey. At the end of the night, I felt that although taking Nick for the first date was unconventional, I felt so much better about where he and I stood with each other and was so happy to kick off the week with such an unbelievable date!

Fashion Emergency

What you didn’t see on the date however was that my zipper broke in the middle of dinner. I’m not talking about a small break – it broke all the way down the back of my dress! SOS! We ended up finding black electric tape and taping the entire back of the dress. Haha!

Now it was time for a group date! I brought the guys to a quaint town in the Veneto region called Monselice. When the guys arrived, we explored the town and found a festival going on. We shopped and enjoyed some local foods and entertainment. I brought the guys to a castle and thought it would be fun to do a lie detector test with them. A lot of the questions were really funny, and c’mon lie detector tests aren’t even admissible in court, so I certainly wasn’t putting much weight into it, I just figured it would be funny. Plus, I secretly wanted to see what it was like to take one myself. Then the results came!

I had every intention of reading the results prior to the date, but then the guys, and especially Brian, had no hesitation and read mine almost immediately. Hearing them read my results definitely made me change my mind about reading theirs. I wanted the guys to know I trusted them and that this activity was really meant to be fun. So I ripped up the results! (Ahhhh, I know women across America probably screamed). Trust me there was a part of me that wanted to tape the papers back together and read the results!

Josh Is Not Happy About Lie Detector Test

Throughout the night, all of the guys were joking about the lie detector test and Brian even made up his own lie detector test for me. The nighttime portion of the date was really going great, until I talked to Josh. Uh oh! He clearly was not happy about the test.

There’s a big part of me that understood why he didn’t like the lie detector test but it wasn’t as if I had even read his results. I wanted it to be fun, but it clearly frustrated Josh, which in turn frustrated me because I had just come off a great date with him in Marseilles. I really wanted to pick up where we left off, but clearly we were both frustrated that night. I will say that there were still some good parts of the conversation that you didn’t get to see, but I still walked away from my conversation with Josh feeling defeated and confused.

Secret Admirer Revealed

Luckily, Chris was there to lighten the mood. He kept telling me he had a secret to tell me, and I knew that he was the secret admirer! He was so cute when he finally told me! I was so excited that it was Chris because it allowed me to, again, see how romantic, thoughtful and most of all, how attentive he was. It brought back all of those feelings from my first date with Chris. He was definitely deserving of the group-date rose!

I took Cody to Verona for our first one-on-one date. Verona is the fictional birthplace of Romeo and Juliet, and if you go there, you can understand why Shakespeare chose Verona – it was very cute and romantic. Cody and I have always had a great friendship, but obviously there has to be more. I figured Verona was the perfect place to see if Cody and I could spark a connection. We toured the city and then got to visit a special place that responds to love letters seeking advice called The Juliet Club. We were amazed that the letters came from all over the world, in all different languages and all addressed simply to “Juliet, Verona, Italy.”

Saying Goodbye to Cody

Cody was one of the most genuine and grateful guys I have ever met, and I thought he would love to read and respond to some of the letters with me. As we wrote back to people, I could tell how much the date meant to Cody. I knew it must have been tough for him to wait until the end of the week for his first date, but he really loved the Juliet Club and he was the perfect person to do that with.

Despite our time in Verona unfortunately, it became clear that my romantic connection with Cody wasn’t where it should have been. Later at dinner, I could tell that we were not on the same page, and I realized I had to do something that I truly didn’t want to do. Ultimately I had to let Cody go that night and it was so tough.

I hate hurting anyone’s feelings and that night I knew I was hurting Cody and it was breaking my heart. I can’t say enough kind things about Cody. He was truly the sweetest, most grateful guy in the house. He always made me appreciate my surroundings. However, at that point in the journey, I really had to go with my instincts. For Cody and I, that romantic connection just wasn’t happening, but I wish him nothing but the best moving forward.

The cocktail party for that rose ceremony was at the oldest winery in Verona and was so gorgeous. You didn’t get to see Dylan give me these beautiful bracelets, which was such a sweet gesture, especially since he had been so sick that week.

Nick stealing me first was a bold move to make. I really loved seeing him take the initiative and I wished all the guys could step up like that. That night with Josh, we both had a lot to talk about after the group date. Hearing Josh talk about how he didn’t feel great about our last conversation made me feel like we were both on the same page again. I remember feeling better after talking with him.

Chris ‘Got Me Thinking’

Before coming to the difficult decision of who to send home, I had a deliberation with Chris about the week in Italy. It was a great time for me to use Chris as a sounding board – he was always great with asking me questions that got me thinking about these relationships. I decided to send JJ home, because just like Cody, I just wasn’t feeling the romantic connection. JJ was such a vibrant, caring and intriguing guy so it was hard to say goodbye to that but I simply could not see a future with him.

Next week we are off to Brussels, which was my absolute favorite place we visited on this journey! With hometown dates just around the corner, the stakes are definitely higher. After one of my dates next week, I get my biggest shock of the season when someone sneaks over to my hotel room!

Thanks for reading my blog and being such a great supporter! See you next week in Belgium!


Andi Dorfmans Bachelorette Blog: It Felt like Nick & I Were Boyfriend and Girlfriend
Source: Andi Dorfman’s Bachelorette Blog: ‘It Felt like Nick & I Were Boyfriend and Girlfriend’

North West’s 1st Birthday Party, Lauren Conrad’s Bachelorette Bash & More Weekend News

What You Missed Over The Weekend

06/22/2014 at 11:00 PM EDT

North Wests 1st Birthday Party, Lauren Conrads Bachelorette Bash & More Weekend News

From left: Lauren Conrad, Jill and Derick Dillard & North West

Michael Kovac/WireImage; David Welker; Courtesy Kim Kardashian

Now that it’s officially summer, we assume you were too busy chilling and grilling to keep up with the Kardashians. Actually, it was a pretty major weekend for baby North West, so here’s what you missed:

5. By the Way, Jessica Simpson Would Like You to Stare at Her Hot Legs

In the latest addition to Simpson’s extensive selfie collection, the bride-to-be showed off her enviable gams while riding in the car with her fiancé Eric Johnson. “Hiding from the paparazzi, so why not pose for Eric?” she wrote on Instagram. Check out her sexy snap.

4. Jill Duggar Is a Married Woman

The small town of Springdale, Arkansas, grew by more than 1,000 people this weekend, to include a large accumulation of Duggars celebrating the nuptials of the second daughter in a family of 19 kids. Jill married Derick Dillard, sealing their wedding vows with their very first kiss. How many root-beer floats did guests enjoy?

3. And Lauren Conrad Is One Step Closer to Being a Married Woman

Meanwhile, Conrad celebrated her bachelorette weekend with her greatest gal pals – paging Lo Bosworth – in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. On their agenda: playful tats, #NoFilter-needed photos and plenty of on-trend wardrobe changes. All about the bride-to-be’s festivities!

2. The Hottest Party of the Weekend

Coachella, meet Kidchella. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, no strangers to over-the-top celebrations, gave daughter baby North West an epic first birthday bash in a nod to the popular desert music festival. Yes, there was an on-site Ferris wheel, like you’re surprised. What did guests munch on?

1. Katie Couric Makes Summer Wedding Official

This just in: Couric is a married woman. She wed John Molner in an intimate East Hampton, New York, ceremony on Saturday. “This is not my first rodeo, so I didn’t want to go too crazy and neither did John,” she told PEOPLE before the wedding. All about their big day!

North Wests 1st Birthday Party, Lauren Conrads Bachelorette Bash & More Weekend News
Source: North West’s 1st Birthday Party, Lauren Conrad’s Bachelorette Bash & More Weekend News