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Celebrity Parents Chat Emmys 2014 & Parenting At GBK Gift Lounge

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The 2014 Emmy Awards take place tonight and the stars were out celebrating at the annual GBK Luxury Gift Lounge on Saturday. Held at the L’Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills, it was a posh affair filled with luxe gifts, tasty eats, and everything Hollywood.

At the gift lounge, celebrity parents like Orange Is The New Black star Selenis Leyva, Longmire’s Bailey Chase, and Twilight actor Jackson Rathbone learned about important causes and indulged in gifts like stylish sunglasses from Foster Grant.

Celebrity Baby Scoop also attended the fancy celebation and caught up with the stars. Amidst checking out LIQRpop‘s frozen alcoholic confections, Selenis Leyva chatted about playing Gloria Mendoza on Orange Is The New Black, which was nominated for twelve Emmy Awards this year.

“It’s pretty amazing and awesome,” the actress shared. “I have to say that working with all these women and men on the show has been like a dream come true. It’s absolutely amazing and we have so much fun every day on set. It’s kind of sickening.” [laughs]

And what can fans expect for the third season?

“Let’s just say that you will not be disappointed. I think we are in a really good place and we’re shooting right now. This last episode we just shot left me a little drained in a really good way.”

The talented actress also chatted about her experience in being a mom.

“I have an eleven-year-old daughter who is the most amazing human being ever,” Selenis gushed. “I think my proudest moment is watching her every day. She is here with me in LA and is out at the beach today, but she told me to pick up some really good stuff for her…she has her priorities straight!” [laughs]

She also revealed whether or not she lets her daughter watch her on Orange Is The New Black.

“I was able to pick out a couple of little moments of the showwhere I wasn’t too crazy and she loved it,” Selenis revealed. “She really does. She knows all the words to the song too. [laughs] Isn’t it catchy?! We hope to hear it a lot on Emmy night.”

While browsing extraordinary jewelry and offerings from The Artisan Group, Celebrity Baby Scoop also caught up with actor Bailey Chase. The new father, to a 12-week-old baby girl, chatted about what it is like to play deputy Branch Connelly on A&E’s Longmire.

“It is a different experience,” Bailey said. “We shoot out in New Mexico and it’s different out there, but it’s great. I love being on location almost every day.”

He also chatted about his “surreal” experience in being a new father.

“I am a new parent, as my daughter turned twelve weeks old today. Becoming a father was surreal. It was one of those experiences where I waited, waited, and waited, and now it is the best thing ever.”

Does he have any advice for new dads?

“Patience is a good one and marrying the right lady,” he shared.

And how does he balance his new daddy duties with his busy acting career?

“You just do it and don’t really think about it.” Bailey revealed. “Every day keeps getting better and it’s nice.”

Twilight actor Jackson Rathbone also caught up with Celebrity Baby Scoop while learning about the Go Campaign, which improves the lives of orphans and vulnerable children worldwide. He shared what it is like being a dad to his two-year-old son, Monroe Jackson Rathbone VI, with wife Sheila.

“I have a two-year-old boy,” he said. “Being a father is the greatest thing…it’s like being a part of a club that you always knew existed, but you never really knew what the membership was about. It’s the most rewarding and most wonderful thing I’ve ever done–the best piece of art I’ve ever made.”

He also shared one of his funniest fatherhood experiences.

“So they make baby-changing tables where the baby is in front of you, sideways. Just make sure that when you change your infant at first, you don’t point the butt at you. [laughs] You see, it seems like that is the easier access point, as you want to make sure the baby is clean, but that’s also the access point where it could  fire and projectile towards your body. It has happened to me at 4 a.m. in the morning…I am just in my boxers and it’s 4 a.m. in the morning and it got on the wall, on me, on the carpet, and on him. I just took a moment and was like, what do I even clean first?! Where do I start at this point? [laughs] So I called to my wife and said, ‘Sheila, please, you have to help me!’ She came in and just started laughing.”

And what is his greatest tip for new dads?

“They say ‘happy wife, happy life,” Jackson said. “I am just going to go with that. Honestly, if you are about to be a new father, it’s a lot easier. It comes so naturally. That’s one thing they don’t tell you–you can read every single book there is, but none of the books tell you how seamless the transition to being a father is. You see your kid and the whole world changes for the better.”

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Do You Remember When Kim Kardashian Was Just Paris Hilton’s Sidekick?


View Photo Gallery

Long before the sex tape, reality show, and global empire, Kim Kardashian was simply known as Paris Hilton‘s BFF. And employee, depending on who you’re talking to.

This weekend, the two socialites took us back in time by posting a photo while partying in Ibiza and remembering the good ol’ days. “Reminiscing about the 1st time we went to Ibiza in 2006! @parishilton it was so good to see you & catch up!! Loves it lol,” Kim wrote on Instagram, which was appropriately reposted by Paris on her own account. Yes, a lot can change over the course of almost 10 years, but looking back at a time when we first heard Kim K’s name will really make you think about exactly how much is different now (besides her face). When Kim first hit the Hollywood scene, she worked for Paris (we repeat: Kim worked for Paris) as a personal assistant/closet organizer, dated Nick Cannon, and was more of a party girl than you ever would have expected. It’s hard to believe that in those days, Paris had a go-to gal on her hip other than Nicole Richie. She may not have gotten a gig on The Simple Life, but Kim sure did (temporarily) fill the job of sidekick.

Hop into the gallery above to remember the time before Kim Kardashian was actually Kim Kardashian.

Now that Kim’s come into her own, can she count on Paris to tune in weekly for new episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians? Eh, not quite.

[Photo Credit: @kimkardashian]

Source: Do You Remember When Kim Kardashian Was Just Paris Hilton’s Sidekick?

World Cup Winner Mario Gotze Is Very Happy To See You, Lisa Rinna Joins Real Housewives + More In…

d129mario ll World Cup Winner Mario Gotze Is Very Happy To See You, Lisa Rinna Joins Real Housewives + More In...

Team Germany’s Mario Götze makes us all soccer fans, a new leading lady is headed to Bravo, Lena Dunham continues to rule the world, and more you should know on this Tuesday evening.

  • In these up, close, and very personal photos, you’ll see World Cup winner Mario Götze is packing a lot more than soccer balls in his shorts. [Popsugar]
  • Melrose Place star Lisa Rinna will join the new season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. [E!]
  • It looks like there may not be any more potty humor in Kristen Wiig movies, as the actress wants to pursue more serious roles. [Elle]
  • As if Lena Dunham couldn’t be any more kick-ass, she announced her national book tour for upcoming release Not That Kind Of Girl. [Splitsider]
  • Speaking of the GIRLS creator, when Lena, Emma Stone, and Taylor Swift bake a pie together, it’s as adorable as you’d expect. [People]
  • Vanessa Lachey is pregnant with baby number two. And it’s a… [NY Daily News]
nick twitter World Cup Winner Mario Gotze Is Very Happy To See You, Lisa Rinna Joins Real Housewives + More In...
  • The Office star Angela Kinsey moves from Scranton to South Florida with her new Hulu series The Hotwives of Orlando. Catch her hanging with our very own Jarvis tomorrow at noon to learn more.
  • The first photograph of Tracy Morgan since his fatal car crash has been released. [Perez Hilton]
  • American Psycho the musical? The novel-turned film is now being adapted into an Off-Broadway production. [Rolling Stone]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

Source: World Cup Winner Mario Gotze Is Very Happy To See You, Lisa Rinna Joins Real Housewives + More In…

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