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#HuskyNation or #OnWisconsin: Which Celebs Are Rooting for Which Final Four Teams?

04/04/2014 at 12:15 PM EDT

Which Celebrity Fans Are Rooting for Which Final Four Teams?

Ashley Judd (left) and Kentucky’s Julius Randle

Joe Robbins/Getty; Timothy D. Easley/AP

With March Madness whittling down to its Final Four (Connecticut, Florida, Kentucky and Wisconsin, for those just tuning in now), sports fans have moved from cheering on the success of their own brackets to rooting for their favorites of the quartet of teams remaining. Celebrities are no different. Though Louisville’s own Jennifer Lawrence may be left without a team to root for, other members of the A-list have fared far luckier.

From former athletes to proud graduates to bandwagoners, let’s run down the stars cheering for each Final Four team during the 2014 tournament.


Florida is an athletic powerhouse in both basketball and football, which means there are dozens of proud Gator alums currently starring in the pros, and also Tim Tebow. Of course, supporting her school comes naturally to Erin Andrews, a former Gators Dazzlers dancer. (And watch the NSF language, Joakim!)


Despite graduating a plethora of stars – Moby! Judy Collins! Meg Ryan! – the University of Connecticut hasn’t enjoyed the same groundswell of celebrity support as its rivals. Have UConn fans been spoiled by the team’s years of March Madness success? Greta Van Susteren couldn’t even marshal up any punctuation.


The list of Wisconsin alums making waves in the entertainment industry is fairly small, but the Badgers have been lucky to earn the support of one local celebrity, who’s eagerly thrown off his Berkeley associations to wrap himself in red and white.


But if Florida, Connecticut and Wisconsin each have their own individual constellations of stars supporting them, Kentucky has an entire galaxy. You wouldn’t think Lexington, Ky., had all that much in common with Hollywood, but coach John Calipari’s take-no-prisoners approach has proved appealing even to celebrities who grew up in other countries. (We’re looking at you, Drake.) And then there are the alumni, led by one very passionate Wildcats fan whose Twitter account makes no secret of her affection for her alma mater.

Both Final Four games will take place Saturday, April 5.

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Source: #HuskyNation or #OnWisconsin: Which Celebs Are Rooting for Which Final Four Teams?

American Idol Announces Final Four

American Idol Announces Final Four

American Idol‘s Top Five

Michael Becker/FOX

American Idol has its final four!

After Skylar Laine, Joshua Ledet, Hollie Cavanagh, Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez each performed a song from the ’60s and another one from the British pop songbook, the top five faced another elimination on Thursday.

And all eyes were on Hollie Cavanagh, who’s been a regular in the bottom, but had two impressive performances with Tina Turner’s “River Deep-Mountain High” and Leona Lewis’s “Bleeding Love.”

So did she survive another week? Keep reading to find out …

Hollie was in the bottom two again but she was declared safe. The other contestant in the bottom two, Skylar Laine, was sent home in what can only be called a shocking night of results.

Skylar, 18, from Brandon, Miss., was the top 13’s only country singer and built momentum week after week with high-energy performances that nearly always pleased the judges. Jennifer Lopez, in particular, always admired her “attack.”

But Lopez also said that with such a talented top five, it’s a “toss-up” at this point in the competition.

And that will likely be the case next week, when the final four – Joshua, Jessica, Phillip and Hollie – take the stage again.

Source: American Idol Announces Final Four

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