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Why Does Alfonso Ribeiro Want to Have Another Baby ‘Really Soon?’

Alfonso Ribeiro RelatiJeff Vespa/Getty

When Alfonso Ribeiro and his wife Angela had a baby boy last October, they got a crash course on the difference between sons and daughters.

Alfonso Lincoln is an awesome, fun little dude,” Ribeiro, who also has a 10-year-old daughter, Sienna, from a previous marriage, tells PEOPLE.

“But I’m really seeing the difference between ‘Daddy’s little girl’ and ‘Mama’s little boy.’ My son is really attached to his mama, and my daughter was really attached to me. I think that’s just the way things go.”

But there’s one thing that Ribeiro, 42, has going for him with his 5-month-old. “He knows my voice. If he hears my voice, even if it’s on TV, he starts looking around for me. He’s a lot of fun.”

Ribeiro tells PEOPLE that fatherhood inspired him to do more charity work. ”My children are fortunate not to grow up underprivileged, but millions of other kids don’t know what that’s like,” he says. “I want to help as many of them as I can.”

On Saturday night, Ribeiro served as emcee for the Back to School Blast of A Gift for Teaching, an organization that distributes school supplies to underprivileged children.

“Any time I can lend my name to a charity that benefits children, I try to do it,” he says. “It’s a good way to be an example to my own kids.”

And there may be more Ribeiros on the horizon.

“I’m not done having kids,” he says. “My wife and I have been talking about having one more. That needs to happen in the very near future. I don’t want to be 75 years old when my kid graduates from college, so I’m going to have to get on this really soon!”

He adds, “My wife wants to have a girl next, so we will go for the girl next — but you never know. We will be happy with whatever happens.”

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Angelina Jolie Having Ovaries Removed, Will Freeze Eggs to Have Another Baby

Angelina Jolie Having Ovaries Removed, Will Freeze Eggs to Have Another Baby

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86th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsANGELINA Jolie is having her ovaries removed — but she is planning to freeze her eggs so that she and partner Brad Pitt can conceive through a surrogate.

In February 2013, Angelina Jolie made a bold and brave move when she decided to have a double mastectomy. The decision came after Angelina was tested to see if she was carrying the same genetic disposition that took her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, for which her results were positive.

Jolie is taking her brave preventative actions one step further by opting to have her ovaries removed.

Once Angelina’s ovaries are removed, she will no longer be able to reproduce on her own.

“Angie knows Brad wants more children, so she’s decided to freeze her eggs before the procedure so that they can add to the family in time,” a source revealed to Star magazine.

“She’s amazing to muster the strength to face yet another major medical procedure and still plan for another baby.”

Jolie and Pitt raise six kids together.

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Lucy Liu Welcomes A Boy: Rockwell Lloyd

Lucy Liu welcomes a boy
Congratulations to Lucy Liu who is a new mom to baby boy! The actress announced the news via Twitter on Thursday (August 27).

Cradling the newborn she tweets: “Introducing the new little man in my life, my son Rockwell Lloyd Liu. In ♥.”

She also shared another black and white photo on Instagram.

Liu’s rep told E! News, “I can confirm that Lucy Liu is the proud mother of Rockwell Lloyd Liu, brought into the world via gestational carrier. Mom and baby are healthy and happy.”

The baby news is quite a surprise! Just hours before stating the birth, she shared that she recently directed an episode of Graceland.

Liu once said to USA Today, “I don’t have a settling-down time.  Someone threw out the battery. I never feel like it’s too early or too late for anything. I don’t ever think for me that this traditional way is the way to go for me because I haven’t had a traditional life.”

Introducing the new little man in my life, my son Rockwell Lloyd Liu. In ❤️!

A photo posted by Lucy Liu (@lucyliu) on

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Kelly Rutherford’s Kids Are Heading Back To France

Kelly Rutherford Ordered To Give Back Her Children To Ex In Monaco **FILE PHOTOS**

After a New York Supreme Court judge upheld the custody order Tuesday, Kelly Rutherford‘s children are heading back to Monaco with their paternal grandmother.

The Gossip Girl actress, 46, appeared in court Tuesday morning as she refused to send her children – son Hermés, 9, and daughter Helena, 6 – back to France on Friday.

“Basically nothing has changed. The court order in California that was then entered in Monaco remains consistent, the children primarily reside with Mr. Giersch in Monaco,” Ira Garr, an attorney for Rutherford’s ex-husband Daniel Giersch, said. “Rutherford is free to visit anytime she wants and she has certain specified times under the agreement, but she had indicated at one point that she would like to come at the end of the summer so they can take the children to school together. He has been perfectly accommodating to whatever request she has made. He just wanted to make sure the children were coming back as they were supposed to.”

Although she was required to appear in court with her children, she attended the court hearing without them. Rutherford’s lawyer told Judge Ellen Frances Gesmer that the children are “close by, maybe 10 minutes away,” to protect them from the “media circus.” Just before noon, the children were brought in through a side entrance.

Gesmer did not “look kindly upon” Rutherford’s refusal to comply with the order requiring the children’s presence. When Rutherford tried to address the judge directly, she was quickly shut down.

As it turns out, the children were forced to say goodbye to their mother in the courthouse and left with their grandmother en route to Monaco.

“I hope that this decision will end this painful litigation, and that my children will be allowed to live in peace in their own country,” Rutherford said in a statement.

A lawyer involved in the case made a statement as well.

“Kelly’s failure to deliver the children on Thursday likely bought them a one-way ticket to Monaco,” Michael Stutman, head of the family group at Mishcon de Reya New York, tells PEOPLE. “Given Kelly’s initial failure to send the children back, showing up without them was probably the nail in her coffin.”

When saying goodbye to their mother, accompanied by Giersch’s mother, the kids appeared “happy.”

“The kids didn’t seem to look like they missed a beat. They were happy, they kissed their mother goodbye, they were happy to see their grandmother, they had smiles on their face. And by the way, they’re two beautiful little kids,” Giersch’s attorney Ira Garr said. “The only complaint they had is they really wanted to get back to playing; it was boring in the courtroom.”

Another lawyer on Giersch’s team said the kids seemed happy to go to France.

“They just hugged and said goodbye, and she said she’d see them soon, and they were very, very easily transitioned to their grandmother, who they know very well,” said lawyer Robert Michaels.

Garr added: “It was done very civilly. Ms. Rutherford said, ‘Oh, you’re going to see Papa, and you’re going to go with Oma.’ And the kids seemed fine.”

Though Rutherford did not speak to the press after the hearing, a TMZ video shows her choking back tears.

“I have no words at this moment,” Rutherford said. “No words.”

Source: Kelly Rutherford’s Kids Are Heading Back To France