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Galen Gering: Fatherhood Made Me Less Selfish

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Days of our Lives star Galen Gering is keeping things steamy in Salem as the character Rafe Hernandez. The soap star, 42, is teaming up with some of his cast mates in the new book, Days of our Lives Better Living: Cast Secrets for a Healthier Balanced Life. The book that Doctor Oz calls, “… not only helpful, but entertaining…” is filled with cast secrets on how they achieve balance while inspiring readers to do the same.

Galen opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about his two sons – Dillon, 7, and Jensen, 5 – and their special holiday traditions. He also talks about his own childhood, saying, “We did not have a lot of rules and boundaries.” Galen goes on to share his Thanksgiving plans and the secret to his 20-year relationship with wife Jenna.

CBS: You’re a part of the new Days of Our Lives book called Better Living. It’s said to be full of “secrets” on how the show’s stars achieve life balance. How do you maintain balance with a busy acting career and a family?

GG: “Acting is truly a great job because I get to do what I love and still get a good amount of time off. I get to spend a lot of time with my family, definitely more so than other jobs. During my time off, we like to go on trips together.”

CBS: We have to ask about your “hippie” upbringing by French/Spanish artist parents in L.A. What was it like growing up this way? How did it influence your life today?

GG: “We did not have a lot of rules and boundaries. My sister and I got to do what we wanted at a young age, but that also made us very independent early on. My parents were both very loving and easy going.

As far as influencing my life today, I am still independent and have a non-judgmental, open minded view on life. I see the way I was raised as a gift and recognize a lot of positives that came from my upbringing.”

CBS: Your resume is quite impressive! You’ve been a model, film maker, writer, Pro Am volleyball player and actor. Which has been your favorite?

GG: “My life has been nothing short of an incredible journey and wild ride. I feel so fortunate to do all that I have done, and I’ve also worked extremely hard to get to where I am today. I can’t say I have a favorite, but if I could make a good living playing volleyball, I’d probably be leaning towards that path.”

CBS: You’ve been with your wife Jenna for years. How long have you been together? What are your secrets to a successful marriage?

GG: “Jenna and I have been together for 20 years. One of my secrets to a successful marriage is to find someone that that you love spending time with. Jenna and I complement each other very well and we also respect one another. Every relationship encounters problems, you just need to learn to deal with them properly and together.”

CBS: Tell us about your kids. What are their names and ages?

GG: “I have two sons: Dillon, 7-years-old and Jensen, 5-years-old.”

CBS: If we asked them to describe you as a father, what would they tell us?

GG: “They’d say that I’m the best father they’ve ever had! We have such a good time together and they know that I listen to them, support, love, and respect them.”

CBS: How has fatherhood changed you?

GG: “Fatherhood has made me think about everything in life differently. I inherently became less selfish. I want so much for my kids — I want them to have the things in their childhood that I did not.”

CBS: Do you have plans yet for the holidays? Do you have any special family traditions?

GG: “We’re travelling to Florida for Thanksgiving to see some family over there.

As far as traditions go, my boys and I always build a train around our Christmas tree and through a Christmas village that we set up every year. We also do Elf on the Shelf, who visits every year starting 12 days before Christmas. Elf gets into a lot of mischief, but he only comes out at night. The kids wake up to find what sort of trouble Elf has gotten into.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

GG: “Getting started on my early Christmas shopping!”

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James Franco And Seth Rogen Make Out, Drake Gets Ripped And More Of What You Missed On Instagram

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Is it Monday already? While you were out seeing The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Instagram helped solve the mystery of Miley Cyrus and the Disappearing Eyebrows, as well as provided a safe haven for James Franco and Seth Rogen to declare their undying love for one another.

We knew these two dudes had something special back during the days of Freaks and Geeks, but it took some stock images of the American Southwest to really drive that connection home. The two sons of Apatow wasted no time posting a spot-on parody of Kanye West’s “Bound2″ video on Monday, with Rogen being lucky enough to portray a topless Kim Kardashian. Worlds away, Emma Roberts was busy chasing down her favorite musicians at the American Music Awards, and Scott Eastwood reminded us of his relevance in the entertainment world (and that six-pack).

In addition to keeping us up to date on Miley’s ever-changing face, there was plenty of eye candy to drool over. To see what you may have missed on the ‘gram this week, check out our gallery above.

[Photo Credit: @jamesfrancotv, @champagnepapi]

Source: James Franco And Seth Rogen Make Out, Drake Gets Ripped And More Of What You Missed On Instagram

Lady Gaga Admits Having an Addiction to Marijuana

11/11/2013 at 03:35 PM EST

Lady Gaga has come clean about her addiction to marijuana.

The singer, 27, said that she smoked marijuana to deal with the mental and physical challenges of her career, including a recent hip injury that forced her to cancel a large portion of her Born This Way tour.

“I have been addicted to it and it’s ultimately related to anxiety coping and it’s a form of self-medication and I was smoking up to 15-20 marijuana cigarettes a day with no tobacco,” she said on The Z100 Morning Show.

“I was living on a totally other psychedelic plane, numbing myself completely, and looking back I do see now that some of it had to do with my hip pain. I didn’t know where the pain was coming from so I was just in a lot of pain and very depressed all the time and not really sure why,” she said.

The pop star said that over the years, she has experimented with various drugs to avoid difficult emotions – particularly challenges that arise from being in the public eye.

“I’ve been addicted to various things since I was young. Most heavily over the past seven years. A friend gave me this term, ‘I lily pad from substance to substance,’ because I get to a point where I can’t go any further with one substance so I move to another.”

“But, the truth is that it is very hard to be famous,” she added. “It’s wonderful to be famous because I have amazing fans. But it is very, very hard to go out into the world when you are not feeling happy and act like you are because I am a human being too and I break, and I think there is an assumption . . . that I cannot break because I am an alien woman and I am unstoppable.”

“The truth is that I can break, and I did. I was not very good at breaking. I lost everything that I love. I was in a wheelchair for six months. I did a lot of drugs and took a lot of pills,” she admitted.

But Gaga said she plans to “fight” her addiction, and challenge herself to create music without the aid of mood-altering substances.

“I do put that pressure on myself; I have to be high to be creative. I need that, that’s an error in my life that happened for over 10 years. Can I be brilliant without it? I know that I can be and I have to be because I want to live, and I want my fans to want to live.”

Source: Lady Gaga Admits Having an Addiction to Marijuana