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Shanna Moakler & Her American Girl

Shanna Moakler & Her American Girl

Former Miss USA Shanna Moakler and her 7-year-old daughter Alabama were spotted at The Grove in West Hollywood, Calif. on Thursday (June 6). The mother-daughter duo did a bit of retail therapy at the American Girl store.

When caught recently by TMZ’s cameras, the mother-of-three, 38, shared her thoughts on breastfeeding. “I just look at my breasts as like sexual, and I think it’s like incestual. It’s gross. I don’t like it.”

She added: “I was selfish…I couldn’t do it.”

Later via Twitter, Shanna wrote, “You know what I love about America. we are all free to have different opinions and what’s good for you may not be for another.”

She went on to say, “If You choose to breast feed I think that’s wonderful and I celebrate the women who can do it and choose too. It was NOT for me.”

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Shanna Moakler & Her American Girl
Source: Shanna Moakler & Her American Girl

Harley Pasternak Blogs New Studies and Your Health Goals

I’m constantly scouring scientific journals so I can stay on the cutting edge of all things nutrition, fitness and health, and that way keep my clients informed.

As a result, I often come across several interesting studies that I think readers of this blog will find helpful and relevant to their own health goals. So this week, I’m going to give you the highlights of a few new studies that I find newsworthy.

Walking Lowers the Risk of Heart-Related Conditions as Much as Running

If you follow my blog, you know how much I believe in the power of walking and its impact on our health. It’s a simple, easy fat-burning activity that doesn’t require any skill or equipment. A recent new study in the Journal of the American Heart Association, “Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology,” found that walking briskly can actually lower your risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes as much as (or maybe even more than!) running.

Researchers studied the heart health of 33,060 runners and 15,045 walkers over a period of six years and found that both groups resulted in similar, significant reductions in risk for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. What’s more, the walking group actually had slightly better results than the running group!

• Running significantly reduced the risk for first-time hypertension by 4.2 percent and walking reduced risk by 7.2 percent.
• Running reduced first-time high cholesterol 4.3 percent and walking 7 percent.
• Running reduced first-time diabetes 12.1 percent compared to 12.3 percent for walking.
• Running reduced coronary heart disease 4.5 percent compared to 9.3 percent for walking.

This is a hugely signifcant finding, because it shows that you do not have to participate in an intense, vigorous exercise (like running) to get fit and healthy. Walking’s benefits are comparable, if not actually greater than running, but without the stress on your joints!

Mobile Phone Apps Are Helpful in Weight-Loss Programs

Whether it’s calorie counting, menu decoding or step-tracking, there’s certainly no shortage of smartphone apps that claim to help keep us motivated to lose weight. I’m certainly not immune – I check my FitBit app on my phone several times a day to see how active I’ve been and how I’ve progressed toward my goal of 10,000 steps.

Since weight-loss support in the form of an app is a relatively new phenomenon, I often wonder: Is there any proof they’re helping us stay the course?

According to a new study published in the Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare, the answer is yes.

Researchers developed and tested two mobile phone apps on a group of individuals participating in a weight-loss program. One app was strictly informational, and one provided support and encouragement, as well. At the end of the eight-week trial, the results showed that the group that received the support app were more engaged, had a better overall mood and were more motivated than those with the control app.

I’ve long had my phone loaded with every imaginable fitness and nutrition app. So whether your motivation comes from a friend, your family, an app or elsewhere, let’s embrace positive encouragement where and when we can.

Exercising or Healthy Eating: Study Shows It’s Either/Or for American Adults

You don’t need a formal study to tell you that there are only 24 hours in a day. How we use that time, however, is another story.

Using data collected from the American Time Use Survey, a U.S. Census Bureau assessment of how Americans spend their time, researchers analyzed a sample of 112,037 adults who had provided responses between 2003 and 2010, particularly focusing on time devoted to exercise and all activities related to food preparation.

Researchers found that time spent exercising and time spent preparing food tend to substitute for one another, rather than complementing one another. In other words, when there was an increase in the time taken to prepare a meal, there was a decrease in time spent on exercise and vice versa.

“There’s only so much time in a day. As people try to meet their health goals, there’s a possibility that spending time on one healthy behavior is going to come at the expense of the other,” said Rachel Tumin, lead author of the study and a doctoral student in epidemiology in the Ohio State University’s College of Public Health. “I think this highlights the need to always consider the trade-off between ideal and feasible time use for positive health behaviors.”

So if this is the case, how can we carve out time to prepare a healthy meal and fit in physical activity? I obviously have my own biases when it comes to food preparation, which is to cook easy, simple meals in under five minutes. If you don’t have five minutes, I suggest taking 60 seconds to blend at least one of your meals each day! Check out my new book The Body Reset Diet for tips and tricks on making a nutritious, wholesome meal in five minutes – from preparation to clean up!

More Evidence Berries Are Good For Our Health, Especially Our Brains

While it’s not exactly breaking news that berries are good for our health, there is new, compelling evidence out that indicates that they’re even better for us than previously thought, particularly for our brains.

Researchers from the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University and University of Maryland Baltimore County found that diets supplemented with blueberries and strawberries may improve behavior and cognitive functions in stressed young rats.

In the study, the rat subjects were fed a berry diet for two months and exposed to controlled irradiation, a model for accelerated aging. The rats were then divided into two groups, one evaluated after 36 hours of radiation and the other after 30 days.

“After 30 days on the same berry diet, the rats experienced significant protection against radiation compared to control,” said researcher Shibu Poulose, PhD. “We saw significant benefits to diets with both of the berries, and speculate it is due to the phytonutrients present. … Most diseases of the brain such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s have shown an increased amount of toxic protein. Berries seem to promote autophagy, the brain’s natural housekeeping mechanism, thereby reducing the toxic accumulation,” said Poulose.

While this research was conducted with rats instead of humans, the findings are very promising to the medical community and its fight against aging’s effects on human bodies as well.

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Harley Pasternak Blogs New Studies and Your Health Goals
Source: Harley Pasternak Blogs New Studies and Your Health Goals

Gena Lee Nolin’s Blog: Creating Harmony In Our Family

Gena Lee Nolin’s Blog: Creating Harmony In Our Family

Mom-of-four Gena Lee Nolin is inviting Celebrity Baby Scoop readers along as she shares her life experiences – and asks for advice – as she juggles her busy life with husband Cale Hulse and their four children: Spencer, 16, Caia, 11, Hudson, 6, and Stella, 4.

In her first guest blog, Gena talks about creating a sense of harmony in your family. From cultivating good listening skills, to honoring everyone’s feelings and opinions, to setting boundaries, the former Baywatch star shares some great tips. Continue reading her words of wisdom, and share your thoughts, questions and advice in the comments.

“Keeping “harmony” in our family isn’t something that just magically happened, it takes work by everyone in our family everyday. First, it’s important that each one knows they are loved and appreciated by the others. One way we can show this is to respect them, their ideas, and their property. For example, if someone is feeling sad or lonely don’t just disregard this. Ask why and listen to what may really be going on.

We can show respect simply by being polite to one another. This isn’t always easy when you have children ranging from 4 to 16 years old! However, a simple please and thank you goes a long way in our household and they’ve been taught that.

The one thing this mama bear has learned is to show respect for all ideas, this does not mean I agree with them. Sometimes children come up with some wonderfully outrageous ideas that need to be penned in their baby books. But through the hindsight of our wonderful parental wisdom we can clearly see their outrageous idea isn’t viable. Remembering children see the world through rose colored glasses, (wasn’t that the best??) I think holding on to the kid in ourselves, helps us understand our children and by doing so, makes us better parents.

Here are some key things that have helped us keep harmony in our home:

Listening to my children. Knowing that we really hear what they’re saying, means so much to them. Having respect for them from day one, allows that very same respect to reflect back on us. They follow our lead and do what we do… I have some goofy sayings, I guess it’s the Minnesota in me… But my 6 year old just said in the car, good gravy mom, we’re going to be late! “Good Gravy!” Yes, it could’ve been much worse! But still…. [Laughing]

Remember each family member has different needs. Taking my little ones to the zoo does nothing for my 16 year old who wants to go see “Argo” for the third time to then discuss the film over dinner. One doesn’t always go along with the other. So, that’s where time management comes into play. I’ve had to make special mom time for each of them. Not always easy, but it can be done.

Did I forget that I had a husband? No… Of course not! Mommy and Daddy time is absolutely necessary! We always take a night to have special alone time. Whether it’s as simple as a walk or dinner, even a night out with another couple. Just being romantic in some small way is the glue to keeping harmony in our family. I call it the pyramid effect. When Mommy and Daddy are happy, everyones happy! [Wink] [Wink]

Having boundaries in all aspects of our lives is also so important, especially when it applies to our families. When you’ve promised your kids something, stick with it. Mean what you say, say what you mean. If someone from work say’s, we need you for this or that on Thursday night and I’ve already planned a night out with my family… Sorry, I can’t make it happen! Family always comes first. No if’s ands or but’s about it. Keeping your word creates accountability and in return makes my kids feel safe.

At the end of the day, NOTHING is perfect! We have our days where nothing works. Really, nothing! Kids are screaming, one is emotional with pimples being a lippy teen. I have pimples and cramps and I want to LOSE it! I guess looking back, there’s harmony in all of it. Except for the pimples and cramps!”

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Gena Lee Nolin’s Blog: Creating Harmony In Our Family
Source: Gena Lee Nolin’s Blog: Creating Harmony In Our Family

Spring Breakers Got Us Thinking About The 20 Worst Vacation Destinations In Movie History

Spring Breakers Got Us Thinking About The 20 Worst Vacation Destinations In Movie History

Tourism is a multi-billion dollar industry, but if you were just to judge by movies, you’d want a vacation from vacations! Spring Breakers opened wide over the weekend, and although millions travel to Florida to party down each March, the whole flick kind of stressed us out.

Guns, drugs, drive-bys, jail? Jeez! We just wanted a buffet and to read by the pool. Yes, disastrous vacation movies have struck a chord with audiences for many years, probably because we’ve all been there at one time or another. And they make us feel better about our own crappy family vacations. Waiting in long lines at a theme park? Be glad it’s at least open, unlike Vacation’s Wally World. Or that there aren’t dinosaurs stomping around like in Jurassic Park! Got sunburned at the beach? Could be worse: Jaws could have bit your leg off.

Movies have shown us so many ways in which our trips could have gone to hell in a handbasket. In honor of Spring Breakers, we’ve decided to round up the 20 worst movie vacation destinations in film history. Head up to the gallery above to check ‘em out! Don’t forget your toothbrush…

Source: Spring Breakers Got Us Thinking About The 20 Worst Vacation Destinations In Movie History