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Men Prefer Women with Long Hair?

Women with Long Hair 595x891 Men Prefer Women with Long Hair?

There are many reasons behind why a man really likes a woman with long hair. One is; men feel women with long hair look more sexually attractive. That’s why men prefer women with long hair.

A type of ideal partner is different from one another. Some men even prefer tomboyish woman with a short haircut. However, let us see what is the reason men like women with long hair, especially when it comes to sex.

1. Sexy

Women who have long hair have a special attraction for him. In fact, not a few who claim that the long-haired women look more sexy and seductive.

2. Signifies Fertility

According to many studies, thick long hair signifies a woman’s fertility. Long hair look healthy also indicates that she is healthy and active both physically and mentally.

3. Naughty Fantasies

Everyone certainly has sexual fantasies, especially the men. Many of them said he was happy to imagine a woman with long hair wet with droplets of water that flows from the neck to the chest. Especially if the woman is just bathing and shampooing.

4. Toy

When kissing, he loves to play with the hair of a woman. However, many women also feel happy when men play with their hair. In fact, not infrequently, men like to submerge their face in strands of her long hair. It makes them feel more erotic and exciting.

When speaking in terms of eroticism, most men feel more excited when they saw women with long flowing hair during sex.

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How Did Jess And Nick’s First Kiss On New Girl Stack Up To These 10 Monumental TV First Kisses?

4905NewGirl Ep215 cooler Sc39 06751 How Did Jess And Nick’s First Kiss On New Girl Stack Up To These 10 Monumental TV First Kisses?
We’ve been on our death bed all day, trying to recover from Nick and Jess’s first kiss on New Girl last night. Could that kiss have been any better? On one hand, dear God, no. The heavy breathing? The two small kisses at the end? We aren’t made of stone here, people! On the other hand, there is nothing more gratifying than a long-awaited TV kiss, and there have been a number of shows who absolutely killed it. How do Nick and Jess compare to, say, a Sam and Diane? A Damon and Elena? A Pam and Jim? Using our totally objective…personal opinions, let’s see how their first smooch stacked up to the epic TV first kisses that came before:

10) Damon and Elena, Vampire Diaries

Want to turn up the intensity of a first kiss? Make it a death bed kiss, like Damon and Elena’s! When a man says “I deserve to die,” how can you say no to that? (Note: yes, we know Damon kisses Elena on her forehead earlier in the series, but come on. Come on.)

How do Nick and Jess measure up? Apples and oranges. You simply cannot compare a sweaty, devastating kiss and an adorable, thrilling friend kiss.

9) Logan and Veronica, Veronica Mars

It is a testament to the writers of Veronica Mars that we first meet Logan Echolls as a rich sociopath smashing in Veronica’s headlights and still got us to swoon by the time they kissed 17 episode later. How is that even possible?

How do Nick and Jess measure up? Actually, VM pulled off something incredible with that first kiss. Of course, Logan and Veronica’s relationship was much more heartbreaking and complicated as a result…it’s a trade-off, really. If New Girl can give us a satisfying relationship after such a great first kiss, they’re still superior.

8) Maddie & David, Moonlighting

There’s something about being framed for murder and having to go on the run that makes a first kiss something to remember! The fact David and Maddie are played by young, hot Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepard sharing almost two full seasons of sexy banter didn’t hurt either.

How do Nick and Jess measure up? Bruce and Cybil are ridic hot, but Nick and Jess are just as hot without anyone having to “go underground” to hide from the police. Cybil’s “You smell awful” would fit perfectly in a New Girl episode though.

7) Sam and Diane, Cheers

The genius of Cheers is that Sam and Diane kiss during “Showdown, Part One,” the finale episode of Season One…and the writers could still pull off their spot-on “Will they or won’t they?” chemistry for years afterward.

How do Jess and Nick measure up? Guys? Sam and Diane don’t end up together. Diane moves to L.A. while Sam stays in Boston. We are not ready for such devastation on New Girl. We need a happier ending than that!

6) Luke & Lorelei, Gilmore Girls

Four seasons! Four seasons of friendship before Luke takes himself out of the friend zone and kisses Lorelei! If you watched Gilmore Girls, you were basically on the floor when these two finally kissed.

How do Nick and Jess measure up? Luke and Lorelei’s first kiss is a very similar mix of hilarious and romantic. We can totally see Nick demanding “Will you just stand still?” in the moment. The two are definitely on par with one another.

5) Joey & Pacey, Dawson’s Creek

The sun in the trees! The soundtrack! Their friendship! The fact Joey dated Pacey’s best friend! All of which leads up to a perfect teen first kiss.

How do Nick and Jess measure up? Just like the New Girl kiss, Pacey kisses Joey seconds before the episode ends. Oh, those TV writers know how to get us.

4) Pam & Jim, The Office

Pam and Jim first kiss How Did Jess And Nick’s First Kiss On New Girl Stack Up To These 10 Monumental TV First Kisses?

After two seasons, Jim finally confesses his love to an engaged Pam in a moment of total emotional vulnerability. Good thing he also comes back and kisses her before we completely lost consciousness.

How do Nick and Jess compare? Of all the smooches on our list, Pam and Jim’s first kiss bares the biggest similarity to Nick and Jess. Hilarious buddies whose relationship changes with one kiss is kind of the best sitcom trope ever.

3) Kurt & Blaine, Glee

Speaking of moments! “There’s a moment when you say to yourself, ‘Oh, there you are. I’ve been looking for you forever;” Blaine admits to Kurt before their first kiss, after which we died of too much cuteness. The fact there is a bird casket on the table just makes this Glee first kiss even sweeter.

How do Nick and Jess measure up? Klaine beats Jick (Ness?) in terms of sheet romance, losses out in the heavy-breathing passion department. We get it. These kids are only in high school after all.

2) Ross & Rachel, Friends

Maybe we’re just so used to David Schwimmer‘s Ross and Jennifer Aniston‘s Rachel that we’ve started to consider them relatives, but we were shocked to remember how hot their first kiss was in “The One Where Ross Finds Out.” That’s the kind of sexual chemistry that fuels a friends-or-more-than-friends? dynamic for seasons.

How do Nick and Jess measure up? This is the sitcom first kiss to beat! They’ve already been friends for almost two seasons. Like Ross and Rachel, they’ve got the slow burn down pat. Now it all depends on what comes after…

1) Kevin and Winnie, The Wonder Years

Okay, so Kevin and Winnie were babies when they had their first kiss, but still! Their kiss was perfect for their age, the tone of the show and their friendship. When Kevin gives her his jacket, a million squees were heard across America.

How do Nick and Jess measure up? No TV kiss can every be this adorable again, not without two amazing child actors and a beautiful, heartbreaking voiceover. It just cannot be done. Sorry. It would be unfair to expect it again.

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Source: How Did Jess And Nick’s First Kiss On New Girl Stack Up To These 10 Monumental TV First Kisses?