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Angelina Jolie Having Ovaries Removed, Will Freeze Eggs to Have Another Baby

Angelina Jolie Having Ovaries Removed, Will Freeze Eggs to Have Another Baby

Posted by Adam

86th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsANGELINA Jolie is having her ovaries removed — but she is planning to freeze her eggs so that she and partner Brad Pitt can conceive through a surrogate.

In February 2013, Angelina Jolie made a bold and brave move when she decided to have a double mastectomy. The decision came after Angelina was tested to see if she was carrying the same genetic disposition that took her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, for which her results were positive.

Jolie is taking her brave preventative actions one step further by opting to have her ovaries removed.

Once Angelina’s ovaries are removed, she will no longer be able to reproduce on her own.

“Angie knows Brad wants more children, so she’s decided to freeze her eggs before the procedure so that they can add to the family in time,” a source revealed to Star magazine.

“She’s amazing to muster the strength to face yet another major medical procedure and still plan for another baby.”

Jolie and Pitt raise six kids together.

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Source: Angelina Jolie Having Ovaries Removed, Will Freeze Eggs to Have Another Baby

Alexa PenaVega: “I’d Like To Have A Natural Birth”


Spy Kids actress Alexa PenaVega covers the December/January issue of Fit Pregnancy and Baby and opens up about her first pregnancy with husband, Big Time Rush star Carlos PenaVega.

On her road to pregnancy: “We tried to get pregnant for a good six months without luck. When it’s not working, you think, ‘Is there something wrong with me?’ I struggled with an eating disorder when I was younger. It was a big part of my life, and I was worried that I wasn’t getting pregnant because of some long-term damage from what I’d put my body through. Even though my doctor said I was healthy, I felt so guilty about it. It’s such an emotional ride, and you blame yourself for everything. What brought me peace was my faith in knowing that it would happen when it was supposed to happen.”

On their sex life: “I started using an ovulation kit that gives you a happy face when it’s a good time to try. Carlos was rehearsing for Grease: Live at the time, and I’d text him, ‘Baby, you need to get home now.’ I found there’s such a difference between having sex when you’re trying for a kid and when you aren’t. For us, sex became so much more intimate, beautiful, and passionate when we were trying. Suddenly the realization hits you: ‘Oh my God, we could be starting another life!’ That brought us so much closer. Of course, once I got pregnant, I felt so bad for him, because between the puking and exhaustion, I was just done. Carlos kept saying, ‘I can’t wait for that horny state to kick in.’ He hasn’t read any of the books, but he knew about the horny state! Now, in my third trimester, I’m finally getting riled up again.”

On when she discovered her pregnancy: “After a vacation I took a pregnancy test and then tried not to look at it, because I’d seen so many negative ones already. But this time it said ‘Pregnant.’ I just stared at myself in the mirror, and then I started pacing back and forth. Even though we wanted it for so long, I thought, ‘Oh my God, are we ready?’ Carlos was getting bags out of our car, and I ran outside and called him—not like ‘Babe!’ but more [guttural] like ‘Carlooooos!’ He looked up, and I blurted out, ‘I’m pregnant!’ There was nothing sweet or romantic about it. And he did not believe me. He literally started looking around for cameras.”

On bonding with her growing baby: “Women told me how connected they felt to their baby. I wanted to feel that way too, but I didn’t at first, and it was really getting me down. We’d get the ultrasound pictures, and they just didn’t feel real. I even thought, ‘Could I have prenatal depression?’ But now, at 29 weeks, I finally get it. It wasn’t until I could really feel my son move that I understood what everyone else was talking about.”

On finding out the baby’s gender: “We were so convinced that we were having a girl that we picked out a name and called the baby that. Big mistake. I’d focused on what I thought was a little girl in my tummy, and when the doctor told us it was a boy, I felt a little crushed, like she just disappeared. Of course, now I’m so in love with my son that I’d feel robbed if it were a girl. But I wish I would’ve held off on allowing myself to get attached in the first place.”

On her birth plan: “I’d like to have a natural birth, but I don’t know how I’m going to feel on the actual day. I might get an epidural after five minutes. That’s why I don’t want to have any birth plan set in stone. You never know how your body will react to labor….Carlos will be with me during the delivery. And while we love our families, we’ve already told them that we don’t want any visitors at the hospital. This is our new family and a special moment for my husband and me to share.”

For more from Alexa, go to Fit Pregnancy and Baby

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Source: Alexa PenaVega: “I’d Like To Have A Natural Birth”

Jillian Michaels: “Expectation Is The Root Of Misery”


Celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels covers the November issue of Health and opens up about her newest book, Yeah Baby!: The Modern Mama’s Guide to Mastering Pregnancy, Having a Healthy Baby, and Bouncing Back Better Than Ever, and family life with fiancée Heidi Rhoades and their two children: daughter Lukensia, 6, and son Phoenix, 4.

On her best advice for bouncing back after pregnancy—or another hiatus, like an injury or the holidays: “The key is not to take a hiatus. But a hiatus also needs to be redefined. A lot of people look at it as letting it all go. No. It’s asking, “What is it that you can control?” We can always control what we consume, so that’s a massive piece of the pie. And the other key is to be proactive. My rotator cuff is blown out? OK, I’m gonna be doing step-ups and squats. It’s a mentality we have—especially in America—of all or nothing, black or white. We’re like, “If I can’t do something 100 percent, I’m out.”

On conquering self doubts: “Small steps. Any long-term goal breaks down monthly, then weekly, then daily, then immediately. So educate yourself about the first small step, take the step and then see where you’re at. Gradually, you’ll define yourself by how you’ve achieved it. Conversely, I’ve taken some of the worst hits, where I feel like I’m in the ring with Muhammad Ali. And I’ve taken a lot of punches, but I’m still standing. Even if you face a setback, you’ll see that if you can tolerate this, you can tolerate more of it. It’s like what I was talking to my daughter about when she was afraid of her first day of school.”

On her advice to her daughter: “I was like, “Let’s look back on your life.” She’s Haitian, so I said, “You lived through one of the most intense natural disasters on the planet. And on top of that, you had to wait two years for Mommy and I to find you. You are the strongest kid. You’ve been through all this, and you think you can’t handle your first day of school in Malibu?” I also told her, “I get it—you’re scared. It’s gonna be uncomfortable, honey, but I promise you: There will be good in with the bad, and that’s what you’re gonna focus on. There’s probably gonna be one kid you don’t like or who won’t like you, but a lot of people are awesome, and I bet you’ll make a bunch of friends.” She went to school and came home happy, happy, happy, and it was awesome.”

On managing her expectations: “Expectation is the root of misery! So I walk into everything expecting the worst and prepare to be surprised. Some people are like, “Can’t you be positive?” But I’ve learned to go in cautiously and carefully, and if it turns out great? Wonderful! The goal is to go in open with zero expectations. It is about trying to wipe the slate and be present.”

For more from Jillian, go to Health

Source: Jillian Michaels: “Expectation Is The Root Of Misery”

Emma Heming Willis: “Mabel Is Ready For Back To School”


Emma Heming Willis shared a cute photo of daughter Mabel at the hair salon on Wednesday (August. 31).

The wife of Bruce Willis writes: “A trim, a bit of meditation and Mabel is ready for back to school! 💇🏽☸ #preschooler #lovebug.”

In another snapshot taken the day before, she shows off Evelyn, 2, looking through a fence. The caption reads: “And though she be but little, she is fierce. –Shakespeare.”

Emma has said the family mostly stays at home.

“I have a blog so I work from home. There’s other stuff that I’m doing, but I try and base everything from our house. My husband’s the same. When he’s not working, we’re home.”

She adds, “We’re basically a stay-at-home family with the exception that we have to go into the city sometimes and do meetings and this, that and the other. So it’s a juggling act for the most part, but you just do it. You just make it work.”

A trim, a bit of meditation and Mabel is ready for back to school! 💇🏽☸ #preschooler #lovebug

A photo posted by Emma Heming Willis (@emmahemingwillis) on

And though she be but little, she is fierce. –Shakespeare

A photo posted by Emma Heming Willis (@emmahemingwillis) on

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Source: Emma Heming Willis: “Mabel Is Ready For Back To School”