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Jon Jones & Wife Welcome Baby No. 1: Hudson Lennon


Jon Jones is a father!

The Eli Young Band bass player and his wife Sarah welcomed son Hudson Lennon Jones on Monday (December 31) at 1:30 p.m. outside of Fort Worth, Texas, PEOPLE confirms. The new bundle weighed in at 7 lbs., 8 oz. and 21 inches long.

“We are ecstatic about this beautiful baby boy that came into our world,” the proud parents say. “Words cannot describe our excitement and joy.”

“Sarah and I feel very fortunate that we were able to stick to our birth plan and have Hudson naturally,” Jon explains about his son’s arrival – which was one week late. “The birth was extremely smooth. We left our house at 10 a.m. for the birthing center when contractions were four minutes apart and he was born just a few short hours later. We had a great birth team who helped us through everything.”

Congrats again to the happy couple!

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Photo credit: Courtesy of People Magazine

Source: Jon Jones & Wife Welcome Baby No. 1: Hudson Lennon

UFC 126 Live Results: Jon Jones vs Ryan Bader – CMR


February 5, 2011 · Print This Article

The third fight on the UFC 126 main fight card is Jon Jones vs Ryan Bader and we have live results for you as we are watching the UFC 126 live stream on the new UFC.TV. Bader has a good double leg takedown and looks to be in great shape, he is currently undefeated in his career. He is confident he can win, although not many fans seem to agree with him! Jon Jones has one loss under his belt and does seem to be nervous…he has a lot of hype and pressure on him. He keeps taking big breaths and letting them out. Jones has a 10.5 reach advantage…that should count for something! Hopefully his nerves turn into a command performance, because….here we go!

Round 1

The crowd is chanting, “Bader, Bader” and they close it up right away and then separate. Jones starts a flying knee checks it, then takes Bader down. Jones in side control, then changes to north-south. His left arm is under Bader’s neck, and he’s going for a north-south choke. Bader is stuck, just trying to survive but makes a little space. Jones jumps to side control and Bader gets to the cage with his feet up on it. Then back up to their feet, good job Bader! Now the circle in the middle, and Jones throws a high leg kick. They sprawl and Jones goes to side control and does some ground and pound. Bader’s left leg gets free and Bader jumps up but goes right back down and Jones had a kamora but lost it. Jones lands some of his lethal elbows. Bader has a good grip on Jones’ left hand and the round ends. Jones definitely won that round!

Round 2

Bader’s corner tells him to put his “f**king hands on him!” Not nicely either. They circle in the center and Jones unleashes a nasty left hook then changes positions to southpaw. Jones throws a high leg kick, the follows with an inside kick. Bader lands a hard right but Jones pushed forward anyway and it didn’t faze him. They continue circling, Jones definitely throwing some good punches. They clinch but no takedown. Jones lands an outside leg kick, then a right punch. Jones kicks and Bader grabs it and goes down but he’s not on top. Jones is in half mount with his arm around Bader’s neck, looking for a guillotine choke. He gets it! It’s all over…Jon Jones chokes out Ryan Bader! 4:20 in round 2, Jones is the winner by tap out via a guillotine choke!

Joe announces that Jones will now get a title shot at Mauricio Rua! Wow!

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Mr Bones Vs Lord Bader: Breaking Down Jon Jones Vs Ryan Bader – Bleacher Report


This Saturday at UFC 126 one of these fighters will be handed their first real MMA defeat.

With one of the most stacked cards in recent memory, UFC 126 is almost here.  Middleweight champion Anderson Silva will finally fight Vitor Belfort.  Former middleweight champion Rich Franklin goes to war with former light heavyweight champ, Forrest Griffin.  We get to see the greatest bantamweight in MMA history—Miguel Torres—in action against Antonio Banuelos.  

But for me, the biggest fight Saturday night is the light heavyweight battle between an undefeated Ryan “Darth” Bader and virtually undefeated Jon “Bones” Jones.  

So let’s take a look at how these two warriors stack up:

Ryan “Darth” Bader

  • MMA Record: 12 wins (5 KO’s, 3 Sub, 4 Decision), 0 Losses.
  • Height: 6’2″
  • Weight: 205 lbs 
  • Reach: 74″ 
  • Fighting Style: Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing 
  • Team: Power MMA and Fitness 
  • UFC Fights for Ryan Bader
  • December 13, 2008 – Vinny Magalhães – Won via TKO round 1 
  • April 1, 2009 – Carmelo Marrero – Won via Unanimous Decision 
  • October 24, 2009 – Eric Schafer – Won via Unanimous Decision 
  • February 21, 2010 – Keith Jardine – Won via KO round 3 
  • September 25, 2010 – Antônio Rogério Nogueira – Won via Unanimous Decision  

Jonny “Bones” Jones

  • MMA Recored: 11 wins (7 KO’s, 2 Subs, 2 Decision), 1 Loss (Disqualification) 
  • Height: 6’4″ 
  • Weight: 205 lbs 
  • Reach: 84.5″ 
  • Fighting Style: Greco-Roman Wrestling, Freestyle Wrestling, Muay Thai 
  • Team: Jackson’s Submission Fighting 
  • UFC Fights for Jon Jones
  • August 9, 2008 – André Gusmão – Won via Unanimous Decision 
  • January 31, 2009 – Stephan Bonnar – Won via Unanimous Decision 
  • July 11, 2009 – Jake O’Brien – Won via Guillotine Choke round 2 
  • December 5, 2009 – Matt Hamill – Lost via Disqualification 
  • March 21, 2010 – Brandon Vera – Won via TKO round 1 
  • August 1, 2010 – Vladimir Matyushenko – Won via TKO round 1 


Fight Resume: So how do Jones and Bader stack up with their respective fight histories? Their records are nearly perfect copies of each other.  

Bader tends to go all three rounds in his fights, while Jones has been beating guys faster and more impressively with each new fight.   

Ryan Bader’s biggest win was his unanimous decision win over Antônio Rogério Nogueira, otherwise known as Lil’ Nog.

Jones has some very impressive wins, but his most memorable “victory” might very well be his loss to Matt Hamill. As you will remember, Jones was handing Hamill a one-sided beat down, but was penalized for throwing illegal 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock elbow strikes.  Because Matt Hamill was unable to continue, Hamill was declared the winner by disqualification.

Setting the controversy aside, the most important thing that we should take away from that fight is this: Nobody has ever dominated Matt Hamill like that. No, not ever. That puts a huge exclamation point on “the victory that was a defeat.”

Bader has beaten bigger names, while Jones has been winning in a more dominant fashion.  But in the end, the win over Lil’ Nog is just too big to ignore.

Advantage: Ryan Bader.


Wrestling: Both men were high school state champions.  Bader was a division 1A All-American, while Jones was a Junior College national champion.  Jones also competed in Greco-Roman wrestling.  Their pre-MMA wrestling resumes don’t definitively set either man apart from the other as the better wrestler. 

Neither man has ever been taken down in their UFC careers.  Ryan Bader is has landed 19 takedowns out of 32 attempts, giving him a 59% success rate. Jon Jones has landed 19 out of 21 takedowns for a success rate of 90%.  Jones has been taking down very high level wrestlers like Matyushenko, Matt Hamill and Brandon Vera while making it look ridiculously easy. On the other hand, Bader has been less successful against opponents with less formidable wrestling credentials.

Advantage: Jon Jones.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/Submissions Grappling: At the UFC level of competition, Ryan Bader has attempted a submission only two times and was unsuccessful in both cases. Jon Jones has tried to submit an opponent only one time, successfully tapping out “Irish” Jake O’Brien with a modified guillotine choke. From his pre-UFC days, we know that Bader must have some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu submissions skills, but we haven yet to see them in the UFC.

Out of the many areas of comparison, this one probably rates dead last in importance for the fight. Both men are world class wrestlers and world class wrestlers are notoriously difficult to submit. But if submissions become a factor, Jones has the slight edge.

Advantage: Jon Jones.


Stand Up/Striking: Ryan Bader’s boxing and overall striking skills are undisputed.  His best weapons standing up are his hands.  Bader throws every punch with full power and a lot of bad intentions. He has a tendency to swing a bit wildly, but when Ryan’s punches do land, they land with authority.  He’s fairly predictable but Bader is probably the better pure puncher. Jon Jones is better at pretty much everything else. Jones throws kicks, knees and elbows from unexpected angles, making them harder to avoid.  Jones has deadly elbows strikes, which stopped three of his opponents in sudden and devastating fashion.

One huge X-factor in the striking game: Jon Jones has the longest reach in the UFC—an astounding 84.5 inches. This means Jon comes into this fight with a ten and a half inch reach advantage over Ryan Bader.

You can game plan around a significant reach disadvantage, but unlike most other fighters blessed with such a long reach, Jon Jones is a wrestler first and a striker second. This means closing the distance and trading blows in the clinch or on the ground—normally a very sound strategy for overcoming a reach disadvantage—is probably a terrible idea.

Both men have demonstrated that they have some of the most dangerous knockout power in the Light Heavyweight Division today. I believe Jones stands a better chance of landing with that power while avoiding damage due to his immense reach advantage, elusiveness and unpredictability.

Advantage: Jon Jones.


Ground and Pound/Ground Striking: Ryan Bader is pretty good at beating up and finishing opponents once the fight goes to ground, but Jon Jones is absolutely incredible at it (Just ask Brandon Vera about his shattered face if you have any doubts).  Bader has excellent top control, but we’ve seen Jon Jones demonstrate some of the best top control ever seen in the UFC. In terms of devastating stoppages via ground and pound, Jon Jones has simply done it better.

Advantage: Jon Jones.  


Endurance and Cardio: This may end up being the single biggest factor in the fight. Both Jones and Bader are extremely durable fighters, so it wouldn’t surprise anyone if the fight went the full three rounds.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any idea how good Jon Jones’ cardio is right now. We know that Ryan Bader has had a tendency to tire late in the fight in the past, but his cardio has looked a lot better lately. On the other hand, Jones tends to finish his fights too fast for us to tell what how good his stamina is.  

We simply cannot know for certain who has the better cardio, but based on the information we have, you have to assume that Bader has the edge in this department.

Advantage: Ryan Bader.


Game Planning and Training Camp: Ever since moving over to Greg Jackson’s training camp, Jon Jones has taken his fight game to a whole new level.  That’s really saying something since Jones was already an absolutely amazing fighter.

Jackson’s camp needs no introduction.  It is legendary in this sport, with a long list of legendary champions and fighters.  Jackson is well known for pushing fighters in cardio, wrestling, game-planning, striking, closing up holes in their game and seamlessly fitting it all together in the octagon.  It is almost unheard of for any fighter to train under Greg Jackson without substantially improving their overall MMA fight game.

Until recently, Ryan Bader was a long-time member of Arizona Combat Sports.  On March 23, 2010, Ryan Bader, along with Jesse Forbes, C.B. Dollaway, Eric Larkin and Aaron Simpson, left Arizona Combat Sports to train at The Lion’s Den in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Since then, Bader and company have all left The Lions Den and have opened their own gym in Gilbert Arizona.  It’s called Power MMA and Fitness.  We all hope that works out well for Bader and the rest of the guys, but it hardly holds a candle up to training in one of the top two MMA camps in the entire world.

Advantage: Jon Jones

In an MMA fight, anything can happen. Both Jones and Bader come into this fight with elite wresting, a lot of striking prowess and very complete MMA fight game. I’m most certainly not going to tell you that Ryan Bader can’t win. He’s undefeated and he’s a legit top 10 fighter. Both Bader and Jones have the overwhelming  strength and power to change the outcome of this fight in an instant.  

Having said that, most of Ryan Bader’s best weapons can be nullified by Jon Jones, and I don’t see how Ryan can’t return the favor.  Stylistically, this is a bad match up for Bader.  Jon Jones simply has more ways to win.

My prediction: Jonny “Bones” Jones by ground and pound in the third round.

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EXCLUSIVE: Ashley Jones’ Son & Stepson “Adore Each Other”

General Hospital star Ashley Jones and her husband Joel Henricks welcomed their first child together — son Hayden — on May 24, 2016. And the True Blood star is also stepmom to 5-year-old Huck.

The Bold and the Beautiful alum, 41, opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about the bond of brotherhood, her breastfeeding journey, and styling Huck’s bedroom with Evolur furniture.

Continue reading our exclusive interview with Ashley Jones

On welcoming her second child: “I know we’ve all read this a thousand times, but the love I feel for this little being is intensely perfect! It comes with joy and laughter and pride, with a side of extreme worry and sleepless nights.”

On what Hayden is into: “Right now, Hayden is truly becoming his own person. He knows how to manipulate me — the little head tilt and grin.”

On Huck embracing big brotherhood: “Huck was ecstatic when he learned he was going to have a little brother. We were careful to make the transition from only child to big brother as seamless we possible. And he adjusted quickly — I’m proud of this child. He loves his little brother very much. He loves being the older one that gets to teach Hayden the ropes. ”

On brotherhood: “Huck is pushing his boundaries as he is learning what five feels like; they are very different beings. But, one of the great joys in my life is seeing them interact. They adore each other. And Huck really tries to look after his little brother. Hayden is slightly obsessed with him… Now, if I could only throw a girl in the mix [laughs].”

On her breastfeeding journey: “I breastfed Hayden until he was six months. I haven’t spoken out a lot about this. It wasn’t the easiest journey for me (I wrote about some of the highs and lows on my site , but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

On designing Huck’s room: “When looking for furniture, my husband and I wanted a timeless, unique feel for Huck that could also transition into Hayden’s room or a guest room someday. We found a brand called Evolur, which grows with the child and features convertible pieces, so this was exactly what we wanted.”

Huck’s bedroom features the following pieces from Evolur:

For more information about Ashley, follow her on Instagram and her blog

Source: EXCLUSIVE: Ashley Jones’ Son & Stepson “Adore Each Other”