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Ciara’s Throwback Photo: “Me & My Angel Baby”


Pop star Ciara shared a precious throwback photo with son Future via Instagram Thursday.

“Me And My Angel Baby. His First Photo Shoot….I Thank God For You My Little One. Life Has Never Been The Same Since You Arrived. #IGotYou #TBT,” the single mom, 29, captioned the image with her newborn son.

Now 9 months, Future is crawling and smiling everyday. Seeming every bit the proud new mom, the Goodies singer has recently shared some updated pics and videos of her growing baby boy.

Don’t miss this adorable video of their “late night scream contest.”

On May 19 the singer gave birth to her firstborn child, and on August 13, it was reported that Ciara and rapper Future had called off their engagement following claims that he was cheating on her while on tour.

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Source: Ciara’s Throwback Photo: “Me & My Angel Baby”

5 ‘Parks and Recreation’ Series Finale Moments That Made You Cry Hysterically


Parks and Recreation ended its seven-season run last night, and the series finale was as emotional as fans expected it to be.

Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) and the Pawnee parks department all move on to fulfill their destinies: Donna (Retta) becomes a real estate mogul based in Seattle; Craig (Billy Eichner) becomes a singer at Tom’s bistro and marries Typhoon; Jerry (Jim O’Heir) serves 10 terms as mayor of Pawnee and dies on his 100th birthday; Andy and April (Chris Pratt and Aubrey Plaza) settle down in D.C. with two babies; Jean Ralphio fakes his own death for the insurance money; Tom (Aziz Ansari) marries Lucy and becomes a successful self-help author after losing all his money; Ron (Nick Offerman) runs Pawnee National Park; finally, Leslie and Congressman Ben (Adam Scott) are BFFs with the Biden family, and one of them may or may not be the President of the United States.

And it’s time for you to move on, too. Say a final goodbye to the best cast on TV by reminiscing on the five series finale moments that left you crying hysterically. Face it, you need to let it all out at least one more time.

Ron and Leslie’s Bonding Moment

[Photo Credit: NBC]

[Photo Credit: NBC]

It was a rocky season for Ron and Leslie’s friendship, but their pseudo-protective big brother/annoying little sister relationship prevails. In 2022, Ron takes Leslie’s word—”Don’t be a stranger”—when he seeks her guidance through a mid-life crisis. Knowing him better than anyone, she puts him in charge of Pawnee National Park. Now he can spend the rest of his days canoeing, and surrounded by the nature he loves so much.

Ben Reunites the Pawnee Gang for Leslie

[Photo Credit: NBC]

[Photo Credit: NBC]

In 2025, in an effort to gain perspective on the Indiana governor race Ben and Leslie are both thinking of running, the pair return to Pawnee. Remembering Leslie’s wish that she could once more see “the gang in the same room at the same time,” Ben arranges a reunion. In front of all their friends, perfect husband Ben makes the announcement that Leslie would be the one running for Governor.

Ann’s Return

[Photo Credit: NBC]

[Photo Credit: NBC]

It literally wouldn’t be a proper series finale without an appearance from Leslie’s beautiful tropical fish BFF, Ann (Rashida Jones), and her sperm donor husband Chris (Rob Lowe), who announce they’re moving back to Pawnee. Sweeter than their reunion? The fact that they named their daughter Leslie.

 April and Andy Finally Have a Kid

[Photo Credit: NBC]

[Photo Credit: NBC]

One year after April and Andy spend a sad Halloween at Ben and Leslie’s house in D.C., upset over the children clearly missing their lives, April is seen in a hospital, giving birth to their first kid, Jack. (Side note: Jack’s also the name of Chris Pratt’s biological son). While the sight of Leslie with her godson is enough to burst your heart, it’s her first words to him that do you in: “Welcome to the team, little guy.”

Leslie’s Final Pep Talk

[Photo Credit: NBC]

[Photo Credit: NBC]

During the gang’s 2025 reunion, and as Governor Leslie accepts her honorary doctorate from Indiana University in 2035, she gives this final speech. It simply needs to be read, felt, and remembered:

When we worked here together, we fought, scratched, and clawed to make people’s lives a tiny bit better. That’s what public service is all about: small, incremental change every day. Teddy Roosevelt once said ‘Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is a chance to work hard at work worth doing.’ And I would add that what makes work worth doing is getting to do it with people that you love. I started my career more than thirty years ago in the Parks and Recreation department right here in Pawnee, Indiana. I had a lot of different jobs, including two terms as your governor. And soon, a new, unknown challenge awaits me which to me, even now, is thrilling because I love the work. Not to say that public service isn’t sexy because it definitely is, but that’s not why we do it. We do it because we get the chance to work hard at work worth doing, alongside a team of people who we love. So I thank those people who walked with me and I thank you for this honor. Now, go find your team and get to work.

Bonus: This end-credits dedication to Parks and Recreation‘s beloved late writer Harris Wittels.

[Photo Credit: NBC]

[Photo Credit: NBC]

[Photo Credit: NBC]

Source: 5 ‘Parks and Recreation’ Series Finale Moments That Made You Cry Hysterically

Kim Kardashian & Family “Safe” After Car Accident


A shaken Kim Kardashian is thankful to be “safe” after a minor car accident in Montana on Saturday  (February 21). Joined by sisters Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and her 20-month-old daughter North West, they skidded off the road after hitting black ice.

According to TMZ, Khloe was driving the group down a road when a semi-truck drove by their car, leading to snow hitting their front windows. The snow blocked Khloé’s vision, which resulted in her car spinning and landing in a ditch.

Local police arrived on the scene, and reported, “This was not a crash. It’s called a slide-off. It happened because the roads were pretty slick and there were poor driving conditions,” Capt Mark Wilfore told E! News. “There was no damage to their vehicle or any other property. There were no injuries and no citations issued.”

“Thank you God for watching over us and keeping us safe,” Kim captioned a scenic shot via Instagram after the incident.

One day earlier, the sisters were having a blast on the slopes. Kim shared some selfies with Khloe and pals Jonathan Cheban and Malika.

As it turns out, the group were celebrating Jonathan’s 41st birthday.

“Happy Birthday to my BFF @jonathancheban Love you!!!!,” Kim captioned a shot with her bestie and a birthday cake.

The accident comes exactly two weeks after Bruce Jenner was involved in a fatal car crash in Malibu, Calif. The former Olympian may be at fault for the crash, which killed Kardashian family neighbor Kim Howe.

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Source: Kim Kardashian & Family “Safe” After Car Accident

Black Cult Films Streaming on Netflix

Juice Black Cult ClassicsJasmine Grant

These nostalgic black cult classics may not have won Oscars, but they’ve delivered tons of iconic quotes, life lessons, and may have even inspired a few stand out celebrity Halloween costumes (Keri Hilson and Serge Ibaka as Lisa McDowell and Prince akeem — genius). This time of year, there’s nothing better than snuggling up and having a Netflix night complete with the flicks that made you laugh, cry, and discover your first Hollywood crush (looking at you, Morris Chesnut).

Since we know Netflix likes to change their movie line-ups like underwear, we’ve saved you the trouble of a search and listed 10 Black Cult Classics streaming on Netflix right now.

Coming to America (1988)
This romantic comedy is such a classic that “black cult classic” is simply too confining of a description to categorize it with. Legendary comedian Eddie Murphy plays a determined yet sheltered African prince who has touched down in New York City in a last-ditch effort to find true love before being forced into an arranged marriage. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone that isn’t familiar with this film and the many characters that Murphy brought to life in the way only a comedic genius can.

Poetic Justice (1993)
I liken the character of Justice to a solar eclipse — every once in a while, they come around and catch all of our attention. From the legendary box braids to the snippy one-liners, there wasn’t one girl I knew who didn’t want to look like or possess the allure of Janet Jackson as the female lead. This is one of those classics that we’re lucky to have streaming on Netflix, because it’s literally impossible to get sick of.

Juice (1992)
In this drama, four mischievous around-the-way kids find themselves on a power-hungry rampage in their Harlem neighborhood. Late rapper and actor Tupac gives the performance of life in the role of Bishop, the headstrong and irrational leader of the pack who becomes obsessed with maintaining the crew’s influence in their hood, or having “the juice.” The backdrop of this flick is perfectly embedded in an homage to hip-hop in its glory days of the early ’90′s. Aside from that, you might be able to pick up a few style pointers, since the street style of the ’90s has made a bold re-entrance in fashion today.

Eve’s Bayou (1997)
This dark, psychological thriller uncoils the secrets of a well-to-do but deeply flawed family living in rural Louisiana during the ’60s. It’s told through the eyes of 10-year Eve Baptiste (Jurnee Smollett — real life sister of Empire‘s Jamal Lyon), who discovers the transgressions of her cheating father, while dealing with a mother, who, despite being loving and regal, is in denial. As if the lurid details of her family’s secrets aren’t enough to process, she’s also realizing her psychic gifts and is taken under the wing of her Aunt Mozell, who also has future-seeing premonitions. Child actress Smollett carried this movie with acting chops that would put her older peers to shame.

Barbershop (2002)
Movies like Barbershop manage to leave such an imprint on pop culture because of how incredibly relateable they are. The plot is simple, set inside a southside Chicago barbershop and anchored by good old trash-talking, controversial debates (like the one about O.J. Simpson, which we’ve all had behind closed doors), and the frictions between its characters. Ice Cube and Eve also provide a decent execution of rapper-turned-actor with their portrayals as Calvin (barbershop owner) and Terri (the only female barber).

Baby Boy (2001)
“Jodyy my Jody.” Let’s face it, ladies, aside from the glorious moments of seeing Tyrese‘s perfect bone structure and stunning smile flash across your screen, there is something to be said about what his character, Jody, represents. Every woman at some point has dealt with a baby boy — a guy that has all the potential to get it right but can’t seem to grow the fuck up. Jody is straddling the fence between being an honest, working family man, and satisfying his own selfish desires. The conflicts between his mother, whom he lives with, the mothers of his two children, and the street life he’s desperate to leave behind all tug away at him. But trust, there are some moments of humor that lift your spirits along the way.

Two Can Play That Game (2001)
If all is fair in love and war, then it’s safe to say Shante (Vivica Fox) unleashed World War III in this romantic comedy. When boyfriend Keith (Chestnut) takes interest in Shante’s arch enemy Connie (Gabrielle Union), Shante puts her “ten-day plan” into motion to toy with Keith’s head and make him come crawling back. It doesn’t exactly check the boxes of cinematic excellence, but if you’re in the movie for a good old fashioned cheesy rom-com, press play.

Hav Plenty (1997)
Dig deep into the archives of black film and you’ll discover this gem. Lee Plenty is a broke would-be writer with a terrible dating streak. He finds luck in Havilland Savage — his rich and beautiful old-time friend. When she invites him to her home for New Year’s Eve, they start to build up a romance and things get pretty interesting. This one’s a guilty-pleasure flick for sure.

The cast of Blank Ink Crew gives a lesson in Black history.

Source: Black Cult Films Streaming on Netflix