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Miami hangs on against Ga. Tech – News & Observer

Top 25 Men

No. 1 Ohio State 62, Michigan 53: Jared Sullinger hammered away inside for 19 points and 15 rebounds, and Ohio State (23-0, 10-0 Big Ten) came back from a sluggish first half to beat Michigan (13-9, 3-6).

No. 9 Notre Dame 83, DePaul 58: Ben Hansbrough scored 24 points, and visiting Notre Dame (18-4, 7-3 Big East) used runs at the end of the first half and beginning of the second to rout DePaul (6-15, 0-8) for its fourth straight win.

Top 10 Women

No. 4 Stanford 72, Arizona State 54: Jeanette Pohlen had 19 points, Nnemkadi Ogwumike added 17, and Kayla Pedersen had 15 points, 10 rebounds and six assists as visiting Stanford (19-2, 10-0) pulled away in the second half from Arizona State (13-7, 5-5)for its 47th straight Pac-10 win, one shy of the all-time record.

ACC, Area Women

No. 12 Maryland 56, No. 24 Georgia Tech 53: Kim Rogers hit a 3-pointer at the buzzer to give visiting Maryland (19-3, 5-2 ACC) a win over Georgia Tech (18-7, 6-3) in a game interrupted for 20 minutes by a power outage with just over 2 minutes to play.

Virginia 73, Wake Forest 46: Telia McCall and Ataira Franklin each scored 12 points as host Virginia (13-11, 2-6 ACC) routed Wake Forest (11-13, 2-6).

Boston College 76, Virginia Tech 71: Carolyn Swords scored 28 points on 11-of-11 shooting and grabbed 11 rebounds to lead host Boston College (16-7, 3-5 ACC) past Virginia Tech (9-13, 0-8).

East Carolina 61, Marshall 43: Allison Spivey scored a game-high 18 points, including 4-of-7 on 3-pointers, to lead visiting East Carolina (10-11, 4-4 C-USA) over Marshall (5-16, 1-7).

From College News Releases

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Miami Valley’s Morning News – Feb. 1 2011, 8:00am-8:20am – WHIO Radio

” Tax code it’s even treaty. All. Get — 42 razor and Levy previous. To nine — Now to your ex and score a gift — worth up to 25 dollar –“

” Learn Laurie — dot com slash entertaining — may need him.”

” You are — great news. Well not now not — Already know our little news little Miami. Are taken you.”

” Good morning at 8 o’clock and welcome to Miami Dallas morning news I’m Larry Hansgen here stealing what does that quite a — this morning. — Tuesday morning. Freezing rain overnight. And still freezing so.”

” current situation. I storm’s center is active in the winter storm warning and thanks for our entire lives in areas more nights. Freezing rain is turned many I neighborhoods around Miami Valley into getting re examine reports Jack Black brings numerous harsh light also — Mirroring our roads throughout the area getting reports power outage along the announcement. Jim Barrett Chris Collins you are life — are along the river police — Murray I don’t buy an audience — Montgomery County we are — ordinance are better or worse than they rolls — Against or seventy. Or one of the storm will be ending in a few hours icy — get a break delivers an Asian related afternoon more freezing rain moving — so far no. — heavier deny them out we go to a tree or all rain.”

” It’s always corridors and we were no moral — keenly and Sorin we’ve been line and all morning about numerous off the have been able to sure crews are nice — your — early this morning rose like this morning was our mark Barron WHI.”

” little bit of a gun near the are an act that we had even in the last hour. No we Ellis a car crash south high near and I are — off. About. The yen but no damn them all out of the things we’ve got a — now one thing. I do want to emphasize isn’t — Friday at a reasonable for the — I’m one — a report out there writing route for. Interstate somebody down about forty miles an hour to be a pretty.”

” Morning and are closed every county and local goals are. All closed. Local schools closed. Universe and local close the regular county school. Local close the local schools — local more local and local gold all close. Schools are closed today. Local schools close in her university. –“

” They also include Clinton — ninety minute delay. To our — community colleagues are delay — schools are close now we are on a local schools — Butler close. — Close. — local close. I really. Cool clothes. Counting the every closed — midwestern.”

” rules are. Locals schools closed. Universally Wright Patterson air force closed. Universe be our goal airborne pool also airing.”

” Angry you local in Jamestown is closed this morning how are colleges and are delighted we logical and — closed this hour — The — in a delay until the morning. Air force base for being a personal. In your community schools are closed yellows in schools are closed growing — He also — Montgomery County there — any time now it.”

” I — and Larry as he was here on Miami Dallas morning news story is our weather the storm indirect. — through tomorrow night. Freezing rain and leave a big problem. Until — it was gas and others are massive storm systems ending. — thousand miles in getting ready Dumbledore. Is on Chicago. –“

” Well let let the mayor got — following that story throughout the course of the Dana. Street listens to our allies and conservative dog is their evenings and on what’s happening in the Middle East. — army has refused to fire on broad street there. I ended for as good evening again outlook is coming out that he — Right down — today and — from WHIO. Me.”

” And Larry is we have proven any bad news is whenever he’s freezing rain. In the all day long narrow — in evening. We urge a more freezing rain at — during the days of the worst of — we meet. Early evening and overnight from our north the warm above freezing and — over rain and stay until sunrise shortly after that tomorrow. Temperatures drop — I backed out of Indiana couple now once that’s.”

” windy. And — M 1290 you know 90. — news radio W we are Arab — doppler radar is still showing the freezing rain in the area we have here is north. Of Dayton now we have 23 ranked builds. 930. Station for severe weather and all and now 99 point seven FM newstalk radio WH. Here are Mark Brown our morning.”

” I don’t. Out of Italy near the oil and few minutes later we. Got. Out he got out the Dryden road we are and all. Down a vehicle. Nor Ralph nearly all came down right. And across the right in north around four were — in their. Whole kernel and.”

” The idea that we got nearly. An. Hour and twelve and now he tried that and I track.”

” Has — more coming up at this morning as an inning Miami Dallas morning news until. New Orleans is — a few minutes WHIO time is you know.”

” on my news. Her parents and they develop these — Top of the line is an African Americans and Hispanics and the yeah. Not my yeah yeah. — and not risk. Concerns and I need some answers.”

” Jeffrey Goldberg and not all of this — right Kate and Gerry Adams. The American health systems. Working her breakthrough treatment and — well.”

” Yeah. Yeah dot — we won’t answer your questions at a truck. Its symptoms and risk factors and treatment options. I don’t live where you work for someone with the disease and call 1800 no more open to more constraints — to. Start work for free or outright as these are all our lives. 10437. Troops or did you bring.”

” You do once you — only eleven lessons may lead. And just consortium more than 3000 meters. — and thirty million yeah. Yeah. This could shootings look at the meets baseball all star game it’s currents. And one — forty million. Doesn’t ask only when news and World Series three times and one point three million. Doesn’t this — having a child diagnosed with ought to.”

” Born in 100 and I’m going. Signs of autism — Autism — or ox is getting closer to home from one in 5000 only twenty years ago today one in 100 children are diagnosed early and I can make a lifetime of difference. — Iraq’s violence is speaks in the town or may be trademarks — and.”

” Great deal. Of race I don’t — for every team that’s. And I am now. The newstalk radio. — Good morning is any CN on Larry Hansgen on Miami Dallas morning news extended until 9 this morning has really dealing with — Lee — storm center in — And warning and its — today and tomorrow only until tomorrow. Right now. He’s got plus thirty degrees in Dayton when he brings brings you her listeners who announcements continue.”

” He cooler clothes are trees but no. Schools. Schools closed this morning. And the rally jamiat — one adult programs are closed now here in Montgomery county and our disclosed her school also closed. Schools closed school — her real cool clothes. Jewelry high school — campus a and all. Those morning. Early. Closed a cool clothes. Never closed and public schools closed after her or to work you will close. Closed. The rules are closed. Also look at holy angels and close — science academy and downtown. Elementary and high school all closed.”

” Fourteen minutes after Larry Hansgen with Miami — learning — Great night of storms and Timmy and his lead when storm warning through tomorrow night for — recent.”

” Seven forecast the good news will get all during the day even the bad news — will be freezing rain. I think an increase in an evening then more — and slowly change over rain from south — north. Through the night.”

” Live doppler seven radar showing freezing rain the bulk of it is north and east Dayton moving and you are 1000000 on central line we’ve got 43 — don’t. Foreign debt was thirty official station for severe weather. All bloody and — 95 and a new talk radio WHI. –“

” Drinks — morning were mad act and he — on. The battle back and again.”

” Half hour of I’m. We — down a bit of free lance bit down on route. Out of the down the and that wound up a lane of traffic on the ground or down to one plane went down as a result of a crash on highway north behind the — Body is now blocked out of Dryden road. Finally had a — and about an hour and half ago — I don’t crash. Reported always found 35 at Woodman drive the car and does not want her. How do what he meant only ninth 49. Point radio and route forty. Hour work hour. Now five and up and I.”

” Again it was in the last ten minutes we — at Rice University is now. We. We continue our list — this announcement and human as WHIO news. Seen sixteen.”

” in dollars are already a teller and industry. Are now in early morning — Oh and figure. In the morning money early morning. AM twelve. Now and until we examine everything you already know.”

” Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.”

” Politics. And it is so. Yeah. Department to prevent and in foreclosure. Or — it. Let me and you know her current problem and anyone can be — of loan modifications. But you don’t have to be. — Visit www. Alert dot org for government approved health reporter call 188. I 95 hope that an 8995. Or. Three. Going out on this or we’re live here just of the year.”

” It’s your daily news or donate the value of your paper to local — and newspapers in education or in any in nineteen months later. Bringing online newspaper an area — the — your unused — makes a big difference. Next time you go to halting delivery and donate the value of your newspaper class room. In education in 1972. Sides of the — or.”

” Continuous weather and they don’t need. — Know. Well — need — now — night. And there is real. ABC and I’m Larry and thanks for joining us — Miami Dallas morning news. WHIO storm inner city weather warnings some. Freezing rain. Certainly having more than anyone else on the ground and activists nineteenth. Gary is here he’s activism. — Some schools an analyst says Hillary and her university right ceasing Claire.”

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Source: Miami Valley’s Morning News – Feb. 1 2011, 8:00am-8:20am – WHIO Radio

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