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Star Dads Celebrate Father’s Day, Share Cherished Family Moments

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In honor of Father’s Day this Sunday, we’re taking a look at some of Hollywood’s leading men from father-of-two Freddie Prinze, Jr., to new dads Nick Lachey and Bill Rancic, to dad-of-one Richie Sambora, and father-of-five Chris O’Donnell.

We’re highlighting 18 proud papas who share their upcoming Father’s Day plans, the joys of fatherhood, and their cherished family memories.

Rockstar papa Richie Sambora, 53, and his ex-wife, actress Heather Locklear, are parents to 15-year-old daughter Ava.

The Bon Jovi rocker opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about the joys of fatherhood and his plans on Father’s Day.

“I’m very lucky because to me, every day that I spend with my daughter is Father’s Day,” the proud papa gushed. “She is my diamond. No matter what happens there is a joyful energy around us. My favorite thing in the world is her.”

He went on to talk about his late father, whom he continues to cherish.

“I celebrate by thinking about my dad and all the gifts he’s given to me,” he shared. “He was non-judgmental, good natured and had good humor and morality. I also celebrate by going out on a daddy-daughter date.”

What has fatherhood taught the award-winning guitarist?

“A lot of things to mention here but, I guess truly, how to love unconditionally,” Richie said. “I’ve learned to take responsibility, be flexible, and have respect for my parents for what they’ve given me.”

  • Tamera Mowry-Housley & husband Adam Housley:

Tia & Tamera star Tamera Mowry-Hardrict and husband Adam Housley are parents to 7-month-old son Aden.

The Sister, Sister alum, 34, opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her hands on hubby.

“My hubby has a lot of patience, and I knew that because he has a lot of patience with me,” she laughed. “He has so much patience with Aden and will do anything for him and his family. He definitely puts us first, I feel it and I know it.”

  • Tia Mowry-Hardrict & husband Cory Hardrict:

Tamera’s twin sister, Tia Mowry-Hardrict, and her husband Cory Hardrict are parents to nearly 2-year-old son Cree.

What makes her hubby such a great dad? “Aww, that’s such a great question!” Tia gushed to Celebrity Baby Scoop. “No one has ever asked me that.”

“What makes my husband a good dad is that he’s very aware,” she added. “Let’s say I’m exhausted from working all day. He’ll see that and say, ‘You know what, Tia? I’ll go ahead and take care of Cree and give him a bottle when he wakes up in the middle of the night. Why don’t you go to the other room and get a few extra hours of sleep?’ He’ll also say, ‘Alright Tia, go take a nap. I’m going to take Cree to the park.’”

She added: “I think ‘considerate’ is the best word to describe my hubby. That’s what makes him a good dad. He’s aware and he also takes the time to play with Cree. He’s very proactive, which I think is awesome.”

Star couple Sarah Michelle Gellar, 36, and Freddie Prinze, Jr., 37, are parents to daughter Charlotte, 3, and 9-month-old son Rocky.

SMG opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about their thoughts on celebrating Father’s Day.

“We always say that every day is Father’s Day and every day is Mother’s Day so we don’t make a big deal out of that specific day,” the Buffy alum shared. “And we always spend the weekends together as a family anyway.”

General Hospital alum Antonio Sabàto, Jr. is dad to three kids: Jack, 18, Mina, 11, and Antonio, 2.

The actor-model, 41, recently opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about the joys of fatherhood.

“Everything!” Antonio gushed on what he loves about being a dad. “It’s a constant responsibility—everything that I do, every move that I make, is for the well-being of my family. All of my decisions are made with them in mind, and they are the most important part of my life.”

Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood stars Bill Horn and Scout Masterson (a.k.a. The Guncles) are parents to 3-year-old daughter Simone.

The proud TV dads opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about their upcoming Father’s Day plans.

“In past years, Simone and her Nana took us out to brunch,” Scout said. “Since Simone is 3-years-old now, we’d like to do something a little more fun – like mini golfing!”

He added: “We feel so blessed to be dads, that everyday truly feels special to us.”

In honor of Father’s Day, The Good Mother actress Helen Slater opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her devoted husband, Robert Watzke.

When asked what makes her hubby such a great day, she gushed, “His devotion to the family, sense of humor, and kind nature,” she shared. “It helps that he’s from Iowa City [laughs].”

The Client List’s Elisabeth Röhm - who raises 5-year-old Easton with fiancé Ron Anthony – recently opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her partner in life.

“Easton is Ron’s top priority, and that is obvious,” she shared. “He shows her plentiful love and affection, and it’s clear that everything he does is for her and our family. She knows it as well, and I think that’s important.”

NCIS: Los Angeles actor Chris O’Donnell is dad to five children: Lily, 14, Chip, 13, Charles, 10, Finley, 7, and Maeve, 6.

The Scent of a Woman star, 42, opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about what Father’s Day means to him.

“It means spending time with my family,” he said. “I also plan to play golf without a trace of guilt. Some of my most memorable gifts from my kids have been homemade cards – my kids putting their feelings into words.”

  • Melissa Rycroft & Tye Strickland:

Reality star Melissa Rycroft and husband Tye Strickland are parents to 2-year-old daughter Ava.

The Bachelor alum, 30, opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her “hands on” hubby.

“Oh my gosh, I lucked out on the daddy department,” she gushed. “I have to say, the fact that he’s hands on, that he wants to be involved, that he enjoys daddy daughter time, is just such a blessing. I know that I’m very, very lucky. Just seeing him with her and seeing how she responds to him, it definitely makes you fall in love a little bit more.”

Grammy Award-winning singer Amy Grant and husband, country legend Vince Gill, are parents to five children: Jenny, 31, Matt, 25, Millie, 23, Sarah, 20, Corinna, 12.

The singer-songwriter, 52, opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about what makes her famous hubby, 56, a great dad.

“He is good at lightening the mood. He enjoys teasing, and I think that’s a good thing,” she shared.

“I’ll tell you what makes him a good stepfather,” Amy continued. “He has three stepchildren and he gave them all their space and didn’t pretend like he was their choice. He was their mommy’s choice, and slowly over the years they grew to love him.”

Party of Five alum Scott Wolf is dad to sons Jackson, 4, and 6-month-old Miller.

The Everwood star, 45, opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about fatherhood, the favorite role of his life.

“[Father's Day] means celebrating my favorite (tied with husband!) role in this life,” he gushed. “Hopefully it means breakfast in bed and a relaxing day with the family. Every day with these too beautiful boys feels like Fathers’ Day to me.

Nick Lachey, 39, and wife Vanessa Lachey, 32, welcomed their first child, son Camden, on September 12.

“It has changed me for sure. It literally affects everything you do, every decision you make,” Nick recently opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop. “Your priorities completely shift and your kids instantly become the most important thing in the world. I think it’s made me a more patient person as well.

“My greatest joy is waking him up every day,” he added. “Seeing that little boy look up and smile at me every morning is the perfect way to start my day. The biggest challenge is having enough time in the day to do everything I need to do.”

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton became a dad earlier this year when he welcomed his son Mario Armando Lavandeira, III, or Perez Hilton Jr., on February 16.

The first-time dad gushed the Celebrity Baby Scoop about the joys of fatherhood.

“Being a father is awesome and everything I could have hoped for and more,” he shared.

  • Giuliana Rancic & Bill Rancic:

Bill Rancic and wife Giuliana Rancic welcomed their first child, son Duke, on August 29.

Giuliana opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about celebrating Bill’s first Father’s Day.

“I want to plan a very special Father’s Day since this will be Bill’s first,” Giuliana said.

She added: “Since we’re spending Mother’s Day in LA, I’d love to plan an exciting weekend in Chicago – Bill’s hometown – with both of my boys. Depending on the weather, I’d love to start off with a run with Bill and Duke in the jogger along the lakefront. It would be really nice to walk to the zoo, some museums, and then top the night off with dinner at RPM Italian.”

Singer-songwriter Jewel and husband, rodeo cowboy Ty Murray, are parents to nearly 2-year-old son Kase.

The Grammy Award-winning singer opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her “dedicated” and “hands on” husband.

“My husband’s a very dedicated dad,” she gushed. “He doesn’t want to work or do anything but stay at home and help with the baby. He’s a very hands on dad, which is a great thing about him.”

Celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern is proud dad to 8-year-old son Noah.

The television personality, 51, opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about how fatherhood has changed him.

“It has increased my patience by a factor of about fifteen, and it has also made me increasingly aware of the problems I have with my own selfishness,” Andrew shared. “When I am just thinking about me, I am not being very useful to my son or my wife. Having a child is a supreme motivator in that regard.”

Happy Father’s Day to all the fabulous dads out there!

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Source: Star Dads Celebrate Father’s Day, Share Cherished Family Moments

Vanessa Williams Shares Mother’s Day Plans and Her Advice for Duchess Kate

05/06/2013 at 02:15 PM EDT

Vanessa Williams already knows what she’s getting for Mother’s Day this year: a round of applause and, most likely, a standing ovation.

The mom-of-four (Melanie, 25, Jillian, 23, Devin, 20, and Sasha, 13) is marking the holiday from her spot on stage in Broadway’s The Trip to Bountiful. “I have a 3 o’clock matinee. No rest for the weary,” Williams, 50, tells PEOPLE, adding, “Maybe my kids will surprise me with a dinner afterward.”

Beyond the theater, she’s also taking time to honor her late grandmothers, who both died after struggling with heart disease. (Her maternal grandmother died at 64 after having a massive heart attack, and her paternal grandmother died at 28.) And that’s why she’s partnered with Bayer Aspirin on its Handbags & Hearts campaign in the hopes of helping women understand the signs and symptoms of a heart attack.

“I’m very, very aware of heart health,” she says. “I’m very mindful of my diet and exercise, and I think being a woman, you have to be.”

She adds: “I’m a mother of four, I just turned 50 this year, and I want to be around for a long time.”

For those who aren’t mothers quite yet – we’re looking at you Duchess of Cambridge – Williams has a few words of wisdom straight from her own heart.

“Motherhood is one of the greatest gifts and surprises in life,” she says. “You always have to be prepared for the unexpected. You have to be able to surrender to whatever situation it is and do the best you can at any moment.”

Of mom-to-be Kate, she adds: “I’m sure she’ll be a terrific mom.”

p 89EKCgBk8MZdE Vanessa Williams Shares Mothers Day Plans and Her Advice for Duchess Kate
Source: Vanessa Williams Shares Mother’s Day Plans and Her Advice for Duchess Kate

Your First Mother’s Day Gift Guide

ade2367f468c3adb556bc2be5c927014639e Your First Mother’s Day Gift Guide

From our friends at Fitpregnancy; 10 ways to celebrate motherhood and your new baby!  From matching mommy & me tunics and custom family portraits, to name and date tag jewelry, you’ll love these memorable gifts that commemorate your very first Mother’s Day.

Filed under: Partners

Photo credit: Fitpregnancy

p 89EKCgBk8MZdE Your First Mother’s Day Gift Guide
Source: Your First Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Star Moms Share Mother’s Day Plans

bed8Mothers day 2013 500x442 Star Moms Share Mother’s Day Plans

In honor of Mother’s Day on May 12, we asked some of our favorite celebrity moms how they’re planning to spend the special day.

From new moms Holly Madison and Giuliana Rancic, to mom-of-four Tori Spelling, to single mom Kelly Bensimon, let’s look at how the stars celebrate all things mom.

Reality stars Giuliana Rancic and Bill Rancic welcomed their first child, son Duke, in August 2012. The new mom opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her big plans to celebrate her first Mother’s Day.

“Bill and I are having our moms come to LA for Mother’s Day – to make it special for all of us,” she shared. “We’re planning a fancy bunch with the whole family at a nice hotel in Newport Coast and then a walk on the beach. Reall, I just want to relax and enjoy the day together as a whole family.”

She added: “This Mother’s Day is especially meaningful because it’s my first time to celebrate as a mother, of course! After struggling for years to have a baby, it’s a real gift to be able to spend the special day with Bill, Duke and our family.”

Before welcoming her first child, daughter Rainbow, on March 5, Playboy model Holly Madison opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her hopes for her first Mother’s Day.

“I hope my boyfriend and I can find something fun to do that someone only a few months old will enjoy,” Holly shared. “Maybe we will take her to the Springs Preserve (a park here in Vegas) and see if she reacts to any of the animals and the nature.”

White Collar star Tiffani Thiessen is mom to 2-year-old daughter Harper. The Saved by the Bell alum opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about celebrating Mother’s Day in New York City with her mom and her daughter.

“Being a mom now myself, it is even more special,” she shared. “What’s great is we will be in New York again this year as I shoot Season 5 of White Collar. I’ll get to celebrate the day with my Mom and my daughter, all of us together.

Supermodel Niki Taylor is proud mom to four children – 18-year-old twin sons Jake and Hunter, 4-year-old daughter Ciel, and son Rex, 17 months. The blonde beauty opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about what Mother’s Day means to her.

“I don’t know what my family has planned for me,” she admitted. ”I just want to be with my babies and I hope I am with my mom and my sister. My mom is still an amazing mom and she’s a wonderful grandmother as well. I thank her and always pray for her. I still always call her for advice. To me, Mother’s Day is about my mom and I want to be with her on that day. It is a day for the family to be together.”

She added: “My favorite Mother’s Day gifts are anything with chocolate or sugar in it [laughs]. Also, I think quality time is always the best gift.”

Former WNBA player Lisa Leslie is mom to daughter Lauren, 5, and son Michael, 3. The basketball player opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her thoughts on Mother’s Day.

“Since having kids, I never really care about any holidays any more,” she shared. “I see life from such a different perspective. I am thankful for my life and wonderful husband and beautiful children every day. I pray a prayer of protection around them and every day we go to bed…it’s truly Mother’s Day! I am so thankful for our health and opportunity to be together.”

Actress Brooke Burns is mom to 13-year-old daughter Madison. The former Baywatch star opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about enjoying Mother’s Day with her daughter and mother.

“I’m very sentimental about Mother’s Day,” she shared. “First of all, my mother was/is the most wonderful, loving, understanding mom. A true example in word and deed. I love that there is a day that reminds me to verbally honor her.”

“Also, when I was young, I was told I might never be able to have kids,” she continued. “So, I usually make Maddy look me in the eyes and I give her some speech that starts, and ends, in ‘happy tears.’ She’s used to it.”

Brooke added: “I also make it a point to tell all my mommy friends how incredible they are, because no one really knows how hard, demanding, beautiful, exhausting, and painfully rich motherhood is, except another mom.”

Mario Lopez and wife Courtney Lopez are proud parents to 2-year-old daughter Gia. The newlyweds are now expecting their second child, and Courtney is gearing up for Mother’s Day.

“I’m not sure what Mario has in store for me this Mother’s Day, but I feel extra lucky already with baby No. 2 on the way,” she shared. “Being a mother has been the most important and rewarding experience of my life, and having a day to celebrate motherhood for myself and for my own mother is such a treat. I feel very blessed in life, and wish all the mothers in the world a very happy Mother’s Day!”

Reba star Melissa Peterman is mom to 7-year-old son Riley. The Baby Daddy actress opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about hoping to spend Mother’s Day relaxing with her family.

“I will hopefully spend Mother’s Day in sweatpants, on the couch, and with my two boys making me breakfast and letting me control the remote control,” joked the actress. “I think that would be fantastic, and I’m lucky that my husband and son also enjoy those days where we don’t have to do too much.”

She added: “I think it’s too much pressure. As someone who used to wait tables, the idea of brunch on Mother’s Day is too much pressure. I would rather have breakfast at home in sweatpants and hang out all day. To me, Mother’s Day is a day where you can wear sweatpants and not feel bad about it.”

Singer-songwriter Jewel is mom to 1 1/2-year-old son Kase. The proud mom opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about how she’s learned to embrace Mother’s Day now that she’s a mom.

“Gosh, I have no plans yet. I just realized it’s coming up so soon,” she shared. “In regard to what Mother’s Day means to me, my mom left me when I was 8-years-0ld so I never really celebrated it. As a kid, I remember giving my dad a card on Mother’s Day because he was pulling double duty.”

“Now that I’m a mom, Mother’s Day has taken on a new meaning,” she added. “It’s really sweet and I look forward to celebrating more Mother’s Days as my son gets older. I haven’t really gotten any Mother’s Day gifts yet, but when the baby was really little my husband gave me my first Mother’s Day card that was really special.”

Olympic soccer star Mia Hamm is mom to three kids: 6-year-old twin daughters Grace and Ava and 1-year-old son Garrett. She opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her low-key Mother’s Day plans.

“This year will probably be a quiet day followed by a nice dinner,” she shared. “The girls really like to make cards so I’m looking forward to that. Garret will probably just slobber on me.”

Reality star Phaedra Parks is mom 2-year-old son Ayden. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star told Celebrity Baby Scoop that she is due to give birth to her second child right around Mother’s Day.

“I need my day off for myself,” she shared. “[My husband] better have his plans ready, because that’s one day he’ll be on the hot seat [laughs].”

“I think every day should be Mother’s Day, because moms do so much,” she added. “For moms, I think Mother’s Day is the one day you should be able to do whatever you like. It is such an honor to have a living mother, and you should have that day to celebrate her. My mom and I are very close and she’s pretty much already told me what she wants for Mother’s Day. I will hopefully celebrate with her during that weekend. It will be right around the time my son is due, so I’m sure I wont be doing too much because I will be ready to pop [laughs].”

Baywatch alum Gena Lee Nolin is mom to four children: Spencer, 16, Caia, 11, Hudson, 6, and Stella, 4. The actress opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about leaving Mother’s Day plans up to her hubby and kids.

“I kind of leave Mother’s Day up to my husband and the kids,” Gena Lee shared. “They’re always like, “Okay, we are going to do brunch and do this and do that, flowers and gifts.” However, you know what? I just want to be with my family.”

“Last year we went (and I’m sure a lot of people will get a kick out of this) to the local IHOP,” she continued. “It was one of the best Mother’s Days I’ve ever had. My daughter picked it and I was like, “This is awesome!” Everyone had the fancy pancakes with the whipped cream and strawberries and I am gluten free so I had eggs, but it was the best. I think as a mother, Mother’s Day is just about being with your family, just being with your kids. I could care less what we do as long as we’re together.”

She added: “I have so much respect for my mother and my grandmother, and Mother’s Day is just a day of really reflecting on the mothers in our lives. Mother’s Day is everything; Mother Earth, being a mother to your children, our mothers, our grandmothers. It is a very important day to really appreciate these women in our lives. I am lucky to have my children do the same for me.”

One thing for sure, she’s hoping for some hand-made gifts from her sweet kids.

“In regard to awesome Mother’s Day gifts I’ve received, the homemade ones are the best,” she continued. “However, there was a necklace that my husband gave me that contained all of my children’s initials. That was probably the most sentimental gift I ever got. I love getting my kids’ homemade cards that they make. My husband is really good about saying, “Instead of buying mommy a card, let’s see what we can make her.” Even my oldest will make me a card. Keepers!”

Reality star Kelly Bensimon is a single mom to daughters Sea, 14, and Thadeus, 12. The Real Housewives of New York alum opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her Mother’s Day plans.

“I just love Mother’s Day because I love to be with my kids,” Kelly said. “Last year I had brunch with my kids and my best friend who is also my hairdresser. I love Mother’s Day because it is an opportunity for me to be with my kids and not have to parent them. I’m like, “It’s Mother’s Day, so I don’t have to parent you and it’s all about fun!” It’s actually a day where I get to celebrate being their mother. That’s really exciting for me.”

She added: “For me, I have two kids and I’m a single parent. Therefore, Mother’s Day is an opportunity for me to tell my kids, “It’s a day for us to celebrate being together.” Instead of celebrating me, I want to celebrate them. They are the greatest luxury that I could ever even imagine having. I can’t believe that I am the mother of two gorgeous girls. It’s something that I respect a lot and I want to celebrate it with them. It’s not about me; it is about us.”

Reality star Tori Spelling is mom to four kids: Liam, 6, Stella, 4, Hattie, 1, and Finn, 8 months. The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about being grateful this Mother’s Day.

“For me, Mother’s Day means four amazing miracles,” Tori shared. “I have a lot to celebrate this Mother’s Day…an amazing, complete family. So, I am really, really blessed. I don’t know what we’re planning.”

Tori’s husband Dean McDermott went on to share an example of their typical Mother’s Day celebrations.

“We usually plan brunch,” Dean said. “But, with four rug rats, maybe I’ll whip up brunch for us. Mother’s Day is all about honoring moms. I’m blessed that the mom we have gave me four, beautiful little babies. And, it’s her day, so try and spoil her.”

The Balancing Act host Julie Moran is mom to daughters Miaya, 13, and Makayla, 8. The Entertainment Tonight alum opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about getting breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day.

“Mother’s Day is a really fun day for me,” she shared. “They always bring me breakfast in bed, which I laugh about. They’ve gotten better about cleaning up the kitchen. They used to do this amazing breakfast in bed, then I would go down and look at the kitchen and be like, “Oh my gosh, I wish they hadn’t brought me breakfast in bed! The kitchen is a disaster!” Now that they are thirteen and eight, they actually clean up the kitchen afterwards, which is so cool.”

She added: “My eight-year-old is taking this card-making class and she is creating these amazing cards. We now make our cards instead of buy them. The cards my girls make for me are some of my most cherished possessions. Some of them are Christmas cards or Mother’s Day cards, and I put them in this special box that is getting very full. I save the poems that they write or the cards that they make. Mother’s Day usually consists of cards and breakfast. Sometimes my sweet husband will bring flowers home from the farmer’s market. We do celebrate Mother’s Day, but we don’t go over the top.”

She went on to say that Mother’s Day brings up her favorite memories.

“The three best days of my life were the two days that my daughters were born and the day I got married,” she said. “Those are the three happiest days of my life; nothing can top those three days ever. Mother’s Day always reminds me and brings me back to those moments in my life. When I was the happiest. Certainly I live a happy life, but nothing tops those three moments.”

She added: “In regard to my favorite Mother’s Day gifts, I have one amazing poem that my daughter wrote me called “Dear Mommy.” It was so beautiful that I had to frame it. It was amazing. My girls get allowance, and one time my daughter bought me this little china flower with her allowance money. There was also this one time that one of them bought me this little Minnie Mouse from Disneyland. They spent the money they get from making their beds and taking out the trash or clearing the table. That really meant something to me…they took their own money and spent it on me. I’m was like, “Don’t do that! You should save that for yourself.” It gets me teary when they take their own and give it away. That means a lot.”

Country crooner Lisa Matassa is mom to daughter Alexa, 17, and son Frank, 15. The singer opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her annual Mother’s Day plans with all the moms in her life.

“Every Mother’s Day we make plans to see both my Mom and my husband’s Mom at the same time,” Lisa shared. “We’ll all do brunch together and exchange little plants or flowers. Later in the day, just the four of us have dinner as a family. Being a Mom is an incredible feeling and some of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts are the ones my kids made for me when they were younger. I still have the gold plaque of my daughter’s handprint and the picture frame my son made for me in second grade.”

Funnylady Stefanie Wilder-Taylor is mom to three daughters: Elby, 8, and 5-year-old twins Matilda and Sadie. The TV host opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about not expecting much on Mother’s Day.

“Mother’s Day plans? Hardly,” Stefanie said. “Moms don’t get a break! Hopefully my kids will get me some sort of smelly lotion from Bath and Body and maybe let me have some of their Girl Scout cookies. That’s all I need. It’s just another day.”

24 star Annie Wersching is mom to 3-year-old son Freddie, and is expecting her second child this summer. The actress opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about cherished family moments on Mother’s Day.

“Just being together as a family,” she said of her ideal Mother’s Day. “Doing something fun and silly…flying a kite, going to an aquarium, just being together.”

FOX Business anchor Nicole Petallides is mom to two sons. She opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about being “spoiled” on Mother’s Day.

“I’m always spoiled with breakfast in bed and flowers and cards, sometimes homemade,” Nicole shared. “Along with my husband they shower me with love. We usually head out to Westchester to a beautiful luncheon party at my step sister’s home to be with my mother and our huge extended family for a big Wiffle ball game or flag football. We chill on the hammock and just good old family outdoor fun. The weather somehow is always beautiful on Mother’s Day.”

  • Salli Richardson-Whitfield:

Eureka star Salli Richardson-Whitfield is mom to to daughter Parker, 8, and 4-year-old son Dre. The actress opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her annual Mother’s Day plans.

“We always go to church on that day and brunch.” Salli said. “My daughter really likes me to be with her on that day so any spa trips have to happen on another day. The best gifts are the ones that kids make a school and getting to sleep in the morning.”

Melissa & Joey star Melissa Joan Hart is mom to three sons: Mason, 7, Brady, 4, and Tucker, 8 months. The Sabrina alum opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her Mother’s Day plans that are “nothing too fancy.”

“We usually enjoy a relaxing day at home with a nice brunch or lunch at a quiet restaurant,” MJH shared. “Nothing too fancy, I like to have a calm day filled with love and snuggles.”

Wendell & Vinnie star Nicole Sullivan is mom to sons Dash, 5, and Beckett, 3. The actress opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about how she celebrates Mother’s Day every year.

“We do the same thing every Mother’s Day,” Nicole said. “As a family, we all stay at a nice hotel in the area for one night. I get a nice four-hour block to do something relaxing like lay out or go to the spa. Last year I was asked if I wanted to make a spa appointment and I was like, “No, I’ll just lay out by the pool,” and all I did was lay in bed in the dark and listened to music. It was so relaxing and I was so happy [laughs].”

She added: “Growing up, Mother’s Day was always the one day where we were not allowed to snipe at our mother [laughs]. We had to be polite to her. Obviously, yes, it’s a hallmark holiday, but it’s fun to remind everyone that moms do a lot in the family. Whether you’re working or you’re staying at home, the mom is in charge of a majority of the stuff that goes on in the house. For one day, everyone can stop whatever they are doing and go, “Wow, that’s pretty amazing that moms can pull this off!””

Celebrity stylish Liz Lange is mom to son Gus, 14, and daughter Alice, 12. The maternity fashion pioneer opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her Mother’s Day plans.

“I am fortunate that since I grew up in Manhattan and still live here, most of my family does too,” Liz said. “I typically spend Mother’s Day with my children, my sister and her children, and my mother. We usually go out for brunch or dinner. I enjoy any reason to spend time with family but I must admit “Mother’s Day” as a holiday doesn’t mean all that much to me.”

Happy Mother’s Day to all you hard working mamas out there!

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Source: Star Moms Share Mother’s Day Plans