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Steven Tyler Tries to Leave a Note Under Miley Cyrus’s Hotel Room Door (VIDEO)

05/31/2014 at 06:00 PM EDT

9813steven tyler 600 Steven Tyler Tries to Leave a Note Under Miley Cyruss Hotel Room Door (VIDEO)

Steven Tyler and (inset) Miley Cyrus

Courtesy Steven Tyler

Okay, we have to admit it. This video is just so odd.

Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler shared a video on Twitter on Saturday that showed him trying to leave a note for Miley Cyrus under her hotel room door in Finland.

In the video, captioned “Room Service in Helsinki,” the 66-year-old creeps up towards the “Wrecking Ball” singer’s suite.

“Oooooh, I think Miley Cyrus is here,” he says in his best Elmer Fudd impersonation. “But Shhhhh – she’s very very sleepy.”

The former American Idol judge holds up the handwritten note he wants to leave for the singer, who’s in Finland on her Bangerz tour, and then tries to slip it under her door.

When that doesn’t work, he tries to slide it through the side of the door.

That fails too. “I can’t seem to get it in her door,” he surmises. “Maybe I oughta bang on it.”

But he doesn’t and instead folds up the note and sticks it into the keycard slot.

“That’s better,” he remarks and then turns and walks away.

Cyrus retweeted his video, but so far there’s been no sign on social media of whether the pair met up.

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Source: Steven Tyler Tries to Leave a Note Under Miley Cyrus’s Hotel Room Door (VIDEO)

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Steven Tyler Dumped by Simon Fuller?

Steven Tyler Dumped by Simon Fuller?

Posted by Adam

17ddIHA 013060 Steven Tyler Dumped by Simon Fuller?STEVEN Tyler has been dumped by his manager Simon Fuller.

The rocker was dumped by the music mogul over disagreements that included his failed American Idol second-season deal.

Idol creator Fuller — who signed a management deal through his company XIX Entertainment with Tyler after he joined the show’s judging panel — ditched Tyler after disputes with his lawyer Dina LaPolt over his business affairs.

Tyler has now been signed by Red Light Management’s Bruce Flohr, who handles the Dave Matthews Band, Switchfoot and Parachute, and has guided the careers of Foo Fighters and the Stone Roses.

“Simon dropped Steven because of all the drama,” a source told New York Post gossip column Page Six.

“His lawyer Dina LaPolt was very protective, even overbearing, and wouldn’t allow the manager to do his job. She put a wedge in between Steven and Simon. It was exhausting. She also pushed Steven towards doing the Aerosmith record and tour instead of focusing on another season of Idol.

“Simon Fuller and his team felt that it was impossible to guide Steven Tyler because all the drama around him was draining. The Aerosmith album and tour hasn’t done as well as expected. The band opened for Van Halen in Sydney recently, and Steven was furious.”

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p 89EKCgBk8MZdE Steven Tyler Dumped by Simon Fuller?
Source: Steven Tyler Dumped by Simon Fuller?


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