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Jessica Alba Doesn’t Agree With Family Nannies!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

JESSICA Alba reportedly finds it “unseemly” and “undignified” that people hire strangers to look after their kids.

Sources say the actress hires her family members to help her care for daughters Honor, 5, and Haven, 2 1/2.

“Jessica is really against the idea of people hiring strangers as nannies. She finds it unseemly and undignified,” a source said.

“Instead, Jessica says parents should find a younger member of their extended family to take care of their kids part-time because they are sure to be more loving and connected to them.

“Plus, Jess says an added benefit is that you don’t have to pay family members nearly as much as people you get through employment services!

“Jessica wishes people would find a suitable relative to step in and help out instead, and says such a structure promotes family closeness. Her two cousins work for her as an assistant and a nanny and the situation is working out great for the busy mom.

“She has complete security in knowing that her cousins will love and protect her children as much as she does.”


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Source: Jessica Alba Doesn’t Agree With Family Nannies!

Eva Longoria Wants to Settle Down With Jose Antonio Baston?

Friday, May 23, 2014

EVA Longoria is desperate to start a family with boyfriend Jose Antonio Baston.

The actress, 39, is keen to get the 46-year-old millionaire to pop the question.

“Eva is playing every card she’s got in order to win Jose’s heart,” revealed a close source.

“He’s Mexican and loves Mexican food, so she’s wowing him with a lot of great homemade meals. As a talented chef who owns a chain of restaurants, Eva is an amazing cook and knows the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

“Eva began dating Jose in October and they’ve fallen in love,” revealed the source.

“She loves a man with a sense of humor who is also intelligent.

“She’s definitely ready to settle down and have the children she’s always dreamed of.”


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Source: Eva Longoria Wants to Settle Down With Jose Antonio Baston?

First Dibs: Is Angelina Jolie Running For Office?

Angelina Jolie

James Franco manages to keep at least some of his clothes on, Hit The Floor‘s Dean Cain talks about his past role as Superman, and we get some insight into Ellen Page‘s friendship with Kate Mara.

  • Angelina Jolie is definitely used to being around officials, given her longtime work with the United Nations. But would she ever run for elected office? The actress said probably wouldn’t do so, saying she wouldn’t be “effective” in such a role. It really doesn’t matter because she’s so amazing that she always has our vote! [Perez Hilton]
  • Dean Cain will certainly be heating things up on the new season of Hit The Floor, but fans also remember his turn as Superman back in the `90s. Does Dean ever chill with other actors who’ve stepped into the Man Of Steel’s shoes?

  • James Franco has posted a shirtless selfie to Instagram, but with this pic, he at least kept his bottom bits fully covered. Gosh, James, there are healthier ways for you to get our attention! [E!]
  • Ellen Page and Kate Mara definitely sound like good buddies. And they obviously have tons of inside jokes, at least that’s we can judge from Ellen’s recent interview. MTV News]

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Source: First Dibs: Is Angelina Jolie Running For Office?