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First Dibs: Is Angelina Jolie Running For Office?

Angelina Jolie

James Franco manages to keep at least some of his clothes on, Hit The Floor‘s Dean Cain talks about his past role as Superman, and we get some insight into Ellen Page‘s friendship with Kate Mara.

  • Angelina Jolie is definitely used to being around officials, given her longtime work with the United Nations. But would she ever run for elected office? The actress said probably wouldn’t do so, saying she wouldn’t be “effective” in such a role. It really doesn’t matter because she’s so amazing that she always has our vote! [Perez Hilton]
  • Dean Cain will certainly be heating things up on the new season of Hit The Floor, but fans also remember his turn as Superman back in the `90s. Does Dean ever chill with other actors who’ve stepped into the Man Of Steel’s shoes?

  • James Franco has posted a shirtless selfie to Instagram, but with this pic, he at least kept his bottom bits fully covered. Gosh, James, there are healthier ways for you to get our attention! [E!]
  • Ellen Page and Kate Mara definitely sound like good buddies. And they obviously have tons of inside jokes, at least that’s we can judge from Ellen’s recent interview. MTV News]

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Lea Michele: ‘Cory Monteith Helped me With Book’

Friday, May 23, 2014

LEA Michele says Cory Monteith helped her with her book.

The Glee actress opened up about the process behind compiling her first book while speaking with her BFF Jonathan Groff for a book signing Q&A Wednesday, May 21, at Barnes & Noble Union Square in NYC.

“I did write a lot in the book about you coming out to me,” Michele, 27, said to Groff, “and what that was like.”

“I remember Cory telling me when he read the book, ‘You have to be… You’ve got to be careful because you’re talking about someone.’”

After listening to Cory’s advice, Lea “edited down that chapter a lot.”

“I think when you’re writing a book, it’s very important to think about the people [you’re] talking about,” she explained.

“I really wanted to talk about everyone a lot.

“I do wish I could have gotten a little bit deeper in the Glee chapter… there’s so much that I wanted to talk about it.

“There was so much. To put into words what the past 6 years has been like — on a show — was really hard. It’s been hard for me to explain what these experiences were like [and to put them] into words.

“Maybe years down the road, I’ll be able to really, really say what it meant to me. It is very hard to comment on the experience.

“I mean, I’m 27, so I think I’ve got some time for that.”


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Source: Lea Michele: ‘Cory Monteith Helped me With Book’

Marshall & Jamie Anne Allman Welcome Baby No. 3: June Joanne

Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin and Alexander Skarsgard at True Blood 4th Season Premiere

Marshall and Jamie Anne Allman welcomed their third child – a baby girl on Wednesday (May 21).

The Killing actress announced the news via Twitter.

“We are excited about our new addition to the family June Joanne Allman” she Tweeted.

The couple are already proud parents to 15-month-old twin sons, Asher James and Oliver Charles.

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You’ll Never Guess Where Thandie Newton Delivered Her Third Child

Thandie Newton
Dara Kushner/INF

Thandie Newton‘s son Booker Jombe is one lucky man: The 11-week-old has a trio of ladies doting on him day and night.

“I think he thinks he’s got three mommies,” the Rogue star joked on the TODAY show Thursday. “He’s got a 13-year-old, a 9-year-old and a … 27-year-old.”

Newton is actually 41, but she did get the ages of daughters Nico and Ripley right. The proud mama had all three children with a midwife at home, noting on TODAY that her boy was born “on the bathroom floor.”

“I’d never been in hospital as a child or as an adult really, and I just associated hospital with being ill,” she explained of her decision. “And I felt beautiful and healthy and wonderful when I was pregnant, and being at home was the place I felt most relaxed and comfortable.”

The actress is a huge proponent of home births, Tweeting “Keep independent midwifery alive!” when she announced baby Booker’s arrival.

“There was a time when everyone had their babies at home. It wasn’t such a big deal,” she said Thursday. “It’s more about as a woman what do you feel most comfortable doing, and you make the choice, and I chose to be at home.”

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Source: You’ll Never Guess Where Thandie Newton Delivered Her Third Child