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Bradley Cooper Blindsided by Jennifer Esposito Book Diss

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bradley Cooper Blindsided by  Jennifer Esposito Book Diss

BRADLEY Cooper was left “blindsided” when ex-wife Jennifer Esposito discussed their short-lived marriage in her new book.

Without naming names, the former Blue Bloods actress apparently blasts Cooper as a “master manipulator” with a “mean, cold side” in her new memoir.

The pair wed December 2006, and Jennifer, 41, slapped the American Hustle star, 39, with divorce papers just four months later.

“Jennifer hasn’t said word one about her marriage to Bradley all these years. She’s wanted to take the high road,” said a friend.

“But publishers told her there was no way she could write a book about her life and not give readers something about her marriage to one of the biggest actors in Hollywood. She did it – reluctantly.”

Jennifer describes Cooper as “funny, smart, cocky, arrogant and a master manipulator,” and writes that she fell under his spell despite “an entire marching band squad of red flags.

“Bradley certainly isn’t proud of that period of his life. But he feels like he’s grown as a person since then – and he and Jennifer agreed long ago to never talk about their marriage and divorce.

“He feels blindsided. What Jennifer wrote about him certainly doesn’t do him any PR favors in Hollywood.”


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Bradley Cooper Blindsided by  Jennifer Esposito Book Diss
Source: Bradley Cooper Blindsided by Jennifer Esposito Book Diss

Happy 4th Birthday Aviana Le Gallo

Happy 4th Birthday Aviana Le Gallo

Name: Aviana Olea Le Gallo

Date of Birth: May 15, 2010

Parents: Amy Adams & Darren Le Gallo

Siblings: none


♥ Aviana was born in Los Angeles, Calif.

♥ She weighed 7lbs at birth

♥ Her mother is an actress and her father is an actor and an artist. The two met in acting class


“I’d like to focus on more time with my daughter. My idea was to work a lot when she was young, and when she started to be more aware of what was going on, I’d do less. She’s a little less impressed with me working all the time now. Her lips are starting to turn down when I leave.” Amy on her daughter.

“It’s really sweet because my daughter doesn’t really understand the haul that she could get at Christmas. And so she really asks for one or two things. I’m hoping I can keep it that way. I’m, not sure that’s realistic. But this year she wants a big Ariel doll and a scooter.” – Amy on her then 3-year-old daughter’s wish list.

“I can’t say, ‘I don’t care.’ I can’t be tough. There’s no truth to it. I love her. I need her in my life. I can’t pretend otherwise.” mama Amy on how motherhood has changed her.

“I actually love my work more now, ’cause I feel if I’m going to be away from her, I’d better enjoy it. I’m trying to be more present in each moment of my life. She’s taught me that.” – Amy on the life lessons she’s learned from her daughter.

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Happy 4th Birthday Aviana Le Gallo
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Selma Blair & Arthur: Mother’s Day Fun

Selma Blair & Arthur: Mother’s Day Fun

Selma Blair celebrated Mother’s Day with her 2-year-old son Arthur and a family friend at the Farmers Market on Sunday (May 11) in Studio City, Calif.

The 41-year-old actress and her little guy enjoyed some popcorn while riding the Tchu Tchu Train and went down the slide before heading home.

On Monday (May 12) she tweeted a photo of Arthur on a trampoline, writing: “Happy jumper.”

Her next film is Sex, Death and Bowling – due out in 2015.

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Selma Blair & Arthur: Mother’s Day Fun
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Why Charlize Theron Says She’ll Remember Seth MacFarlane on Her ‘Deathbed’

05/14/2014 at 06:15 PM EDT

Despite her recent guest-hosting gig on Saturday Night Live, Oscar winner Charlize Theron is not known for her way with a punchline.

But her good friend, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, was eager to showcase the actress’s comic side.

The pair team up in the comedy A Million Ways to Die in the West, out May 30.

“The most flattering thing you could say to me is that I could be a match to him,” Theron, 38, tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “I am a huge fan and have been for many, many years.”

“He’s definitely the kind of person that from afar fascinates me. Then you have this opportunity to know someone, and when they don’t let you down, that’s such a gift. The thing you remember when you’re 80 and lying on your deathbed is that. I’ll remember the friendship and working with Seth on this movie.”

MacFarlane, 40, says of their bond, “We had said ‘Hi’ here and there. But it was so quickly into the process, I felt like she was someone I’d been working with my entire life. I really felt like I made a lifelong friend.”

Reporting by JULIE JORDAN

For more from the stars of summer’s biggest blockbusters, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE magazine

Charlize Theron’s Changing Looks

Why Charlize Theron Says Shell Remember Seth MacFarlane on Her Deathbed
Source: Why Charlize Theron Says She’ll Remember Seth MacFarlane on Her ‘Deathbed’