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It’s a Girl for Grant Show and Katherine La Nasa

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Practice makes perfect: Grant Show is a dad!

The Devious Maids star and his wife, Campaign actress Katherine LaNasa, welcomed a baby girl on Tuesday, March 25, his rep confirms to PEOPLE.

Daughter Eloise McCue Show was born at 5:21 p.m., weighing 6 lbs., 3 oz.

In August, the former Melrose Place star, 52, told PEOPLE they had babies on the brain.

“We are working on it – practice, practice, practice,” Show said. “We’re both older, so it’s a little difficult, but we’re working on it.”

While Eloise is their first child together, LaNasa, 47, is also mom to Henry Hopper, 23, her son from a previous relationship.

After proposing to LaNasa in July 2012, the couple were married the following month in Topanga, Calif.

E! News was the first to report the birth.

– Anya Leon with reporting by Aili Nahas

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Cue The Side Eye: What Are Gwyneth Paltrow’s Most Obnoxious Statements?


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While we were very saddened to hear that Gwyneth Paltrow was splitting from her husband, musician Chris Martin, we couldn’t help but think that through this trying time, Gywnnie might become more grounded. Even as details about their separation become clearer, we can’t get past the slightly pretentious announcement of their “conscious uncoupling,” and we’d really love to give sympathy to the actress instead of hating on her when she puts on airs. But as we know from the past, Gwyneth has never made it easy for us to relate.

In various interviews, through her GOOP newsletter, and with her books, Gwyneth may have tried to come across as authentic — but only managed to seem arrogant. She’s made us roll our eyes way too many times, and when we mined the web for some of her most highfalutin quotes, we could do little more than sigh. We love our girl, but she’s got to make some changes!

Browse through our gallery of Gwyneth Paltrow’s unbelievably obnoxious statements, and let’s all hope that she uses this reflective period to come down to Earth!

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Source: Cue The Side Eye: What Are Gwyneth Paltrow’s Most Obnoxious Statements?

The 5 Most Millennial Moments Of Comedy Central’s Broad City

If you haven’t seen Comedy Central’s sleeper hit Broad City then stop what you’re doing and watch it right now. With the season finale airing tonight, you only have a few hours left to catch up on what is being dubbed as a millennial hit. In the clip above, Amy Poehler explains why the show resonates with people in their 20s. Of course, it goes beyond the love of the Parks and Recreation star who is one of the show’s producers. In fact, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson have done a brilliant job of capturing the voice of their generation in 10 half-hour episodes.

1. The Missy Elliott and Nicki Minaj Makeovers

In a brilliant cold open, the show’s two main gals (Ilana and Abbi) roll up into a bank to deposit an $8,000 check. Dressed like Missy Elliott and Nicki Minaj, the girls stage a “make it rain” celebration set to Drake’s “Started from the Bottom.”

2. The Most ’90s Edition Never Have I Ever Ever

When Hurricane Wanda hits New York City, Ilana and Abbi are forced to get closer with their friends during a game of Never Have I Ever. It leads to numerous confessions about remote controls (I swear my roommate has mine in his room), issues with divorced parents (we’ve all been there) and a glowstick rave party (such a ’90s circuit gay).

3. The Evolution of G-Chat

In the modern world of internet and texting, Ilana and Abbi demonstrate how comfortable we’ve become with when and where we communicate. Everything about the conversation is spot on but the best moment comes when you realize just what your friends may (or may not) be doing out of frame.

4. Those Not-Girls Girlie Moments 

One of the most interesting Broad City comparisons has been to HBO’s Girls, which some view as a quintessential millennial experience. In Broad City, Ilana and Abbi take those moments and skewer them in a way that delights Hannah haters while also hitting nearly the same point of view on the head.

5. The Amy Poehler Factor

Of all actresses to guest star on the show, none is more perfect than Poehler herself. The actress represents what millennials love and grew up on when it comes to pop culture.

Broad City’s season finale airs tonight on Comedy Central.

[Photo: Comedy Central]

Source: The 5 Most Millennial Moments Of Comedy Central’s Broad City

Gwyneth Paltrow Explains ‘Conscious Uncoupling’

03/26/2014 at 01:15 PM EDT

When Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced they had decided to “consciously uncouple,” the public reacted with a collective head-scratch followed by viral snickering.

As Twitter users joked they wanted to #consciouslyuncouple from everything from high-calorie muffins to the New York Knicks, the suddenly single actress leaped in to explain what she meant, posting a report on her Goop site from her lifestyle gurus.

It may be hard to find – her site crashed after announcing the separation from Chris Martin – but here’s what came from Dr. Habib Sadeghi and Dr. Sherry Sami:

“By choosing to handle your uncoupling in a conscious way, regardless of what’s happening with your spouse, you’ll see that although it looks like everything is coming apart; it’s actually all coming back together.”

The pair – he’s a physician, she’s a dentist – are a married (and presumably consciously coupled) team who spell it out in more detail in a 2,000-word article broken into six sections with headings like “End of Honeymoon,” “Intimacy & Insects” and “Wholeness in Separation”

Suggesting that divorces should be examined in light of people’s “skyrocketing life expectancy,” they suggest basic biology means “the idea of being married to one person for life is too much pressure for anyone.”

“Divorce is a traumatic and difficult decision for all parties involved—and there’s arguably no salve besides time to take that pain away,” the spouses say. “However, when the whole concept of marriage and divorce is reexamined, there’s actually something far more powerful – and positive – at play.”

Gwyneth Paltrow’s 5 Surprising Mom Tips

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