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Ciara Confirms: Yes, I’m Pregnant!

Ciara Pregnant Confirmed Future EngagedScott Gries/Invision/AP

It’s true — Ciara is pregnant!

After months of rumors, the singer and actress confirmed Tuesday on The View that yes, she is expecting a baby with her fiancé, rapper-producer Future.

This will be the first child for Ciara, 28, while Future, 30, has three children from previous relationships — a son, 11, a daughter, 4, and a second son, 13 months.

The couple were engaged in October after Future surprised his love with an eye-popping 15-carat custom ring on her birthday weekend.

“I think I’ll be part bridezilla, I’m not going to lie,” Ciara told PEOPLE recently of wedding planning.

“But I want to be a happy one! I still want it to be a fun process, but I want the dress to be perfect, I want the cake to be perfect, I want the food to be perfect. We’re both looking forward to it.”

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Kristen Bell: I’m Going To Let My Daughter Watch Sexy Material

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Kristen Bell says she and husband Dax Shepard plan to let Lincoln watch whatever she wants. The House of Lies actress appeared on E!’s Chelsea Lately last Monday when she talked about her now 9-month-old daughter.

She said, “She can watch whatever she wants. People ask, ‘Oh, well you’ve done some sexy material. Do you not want her to see that?’ And I’m like, ‘My guess is if she’s anything like the other 5 billion people on the planet, she’s gonna grow up and enjoy sex, so I’m not gonna be shocked by that.’”

She added, “I just think you’re setting yourself up for disaster if you try to keep them little. She’s gonna grow up. She has—newsflash!—a vagina, and she’s gonna figure it out one day, and more power to her.”

Bell also admits motherhood has made her a little bit of a worrier after sharing a story about being scared on a skiing trip.

When Handler asked, “Did you feel that way before you had a baby?” she replied, “No, I didn’t. Maybe that’s part of it. Now I’m in too deep! What am I supposed to do?”

Bell recently had a fun interview with co-star Don Cheadle for Vanity Fair.

At one point she says of her pregnancy, “I had a lot of good hormones.”

Cheadle then replies, “You did. You were really in good spirits. You never even broke down and had a ridiculous cry for no reason.”

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Drew Barrymore: “I’m Bigger” This Pregnancy


During a Monday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, expectant mama Drew Barrymore opened up about daughter Olive, 15 months, and her second pregnancy.

“I just eat everything I want, which isn’t healthy,” said the actress, 38, who’s expecting her second daughter with husband Will Kopelman this spring. “I’m bigger this time than my first time. My doctor the other day was like, ‘Yeah, so I think maybe pull back. A little bit.’ “

She added: “I was like, really? I thought I was doing great. I still fit into those jeans — they hurt when I wear them — but I still fit into them. I don’t ever pose, ‘I’m just so fabulous and I lose it like that.’ I want to enjoy the pasta right now! What’s 10 lbs.?”

When Ellen says pregnant women should feel free to eat anything they like, Drew agrees: “When I’m twirling those vegetable pan fried noodles from Chinese takeout later, I’m going to say, ‘Ellen said that it was way okay to do that!’”

Ellen then jokes, “You’re going to be fatter than this, but …” to which Drew quips, “It’s true! I’m not done. I’m seeing my doctor tomorrow and I’m going to tell her you said that.”

As for the ‘fat joke‘ at the People’s Choice Awards, Ellen explained, “I told this joke, but I don’t know if it translated because we were laughing our butts off backstage,” she said. “But now we’re laughing again so it all comes full circle! I haven’t seen you in a while and instead of saying, ‘Oh, you’re pregnant,’ I just thought it would be funny to say, ‘God, you’re fat.’”

The Blended actress — who is currently enjoying her second trimester — brought along her daughter Olive, whom we saw backstage.

“She can do every animal noise — we’re up to 26 animals. It’s amazing!” Drew gushed of her baby girl. “Camel is her favorite and crocodile and snake. She does it all — I’m telling you, she’s bright!”

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