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Natalie Portman Asked Cate Blanchett For Parenting Advice


Academy Award-winning actress Natalie Portman covers the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar and opens up about family life with husband Benjamin Millepied and their 4-year-old son Aleph.

On asking fellow actress and mom Cate Blanchett for parenting advice: “Very early on, I asked [Cate] about being a parent. I said, ‘How do you do it? You’re a mom. You’re the best at what you do.’ She said, ‘You just do. Stressing about it doesn’t help.’ ”

On working dads: “Most men I know are dealing with the same issues. They say they feel like if they work too hard they won’t have enough time with their families. Maybe those questions need to be asked of men, too. Maybe the men need better questions.”

On life in Paris: “It’s magical. But the cultures are different in ways you don’t even realize. And there’s stuff you don’t know you’ll miss until you’re away — like indoor gyms where kids can just run around and jump. They don’t have those there. [In Paris], if you’re running around on the playground chasing your kid and playing a game, people think you’re nuts.”

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Source: Natalie Portman Asked Cate Blanchett For Parenting Advice

Nicki Minaj On Motherhood, Best Advice To All Women


Pop superstar Nicki Minaj, 32, covers the July issue of Cosmopolitan and opens up about her hopes for kids one day, and her best advice to all the women out there.

On where she sees herself in ten years: “Ten years from now, I will have two children, unless my husband wants three. I will be into my fitness a lot more, I will stop yo-yo dieting, and I’ll be a housewife with careers that I can run from home. I want to be able to cook for my children, bake cookies for them, and watch them grow up. I just want to be Mommy. Take them to school, go to the parent-teacher conference, help them with their homework, and put their work on the refrigerator.”

On being open about discussing money: “Women are uncomfortable talking about money. I know it’s taboo to discuss it at work. Technically, you shouldn’t, but you need to know what people around you are making. Otherwise, you’re not going to know what you’re worth. You have to ask questions. ‘What is this person getting?’ Do your research. I’ve always been pretty competitive in terms of my pay.”

On her advice to all the women out there: “I demand that I climax. I think women should demand that. I have a friend who’s never had an orgasm in her life. In her life! That hurts my heart. It’s cuckoo to me. We always have orgasm interventions where we, like, show her how to do stuff. We’ll straddle each other, saying, ‘You gotta get on him like that and do it like this.’ She says she’s a pleaser. I’m a pleaser, but it’s 50/50.”

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Source: Nicki Minaj On Motherhood, Best Advice To All Women

#DearGeorgette Is the Only Web Series You Need to Be Watching Right Now

Find out more about #DearGeorgette, a new web series that puts a fresh spin on everything from relationships to pop culture news to style.
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Savannah Guthrie: “Try To Be Gentle On Yourself”


Today co-anchor Savannah Guthrie covers the May issue of New York Family and opens up about family life with husband, public relations and communications consultant Michael Feldman, and their 8-month-old daughter Vale.

On motherhood: “In my mind, of course, I always thought and hoped and wanted to have kids, but I never knew what it would be like to actually be a mom. I came home yesterday and she put her hands up and was jumping up and down in her highchair, just so excited to see me—I was like, ‘I feel like a celebrity because Vale recognizes me and knows me!’”

On being pregnant on TV: “Of course, it’s not easy, necessarily, as your body is changing, and you’re getting bigger and bigger, and you’re in the eighth month of pregnancy, and you’re like: ‘What am I going to wear today?’ And you’re doing that on national TV—so there were some days that were better than others, but mostly it added a real something special to the whole experience.”

On her best advice to new moms: “Just try to be gentle on yourself. Especially in New York, we have a lot of working moms and moms who have been successful in careers. We’re used to understanding a problem and executing a strategy at work. And then you’re at home with this little baby, and it’s just a whole new area and you know nothing about it, and you feel so helpless and you wish you could reason your way out of this situation—and you can’t! You just have to trust that you know as much about this, and about your baby, as anybody else. Don’t worry so much—that would be my best advice. I’d like to take it, too!”

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Source: Savannah Guthrie: “Try To Be Gentle On Yourself”