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Who’s Your Celeb Style Twin? Find Out, Then Shop Her Closet

08/15/2014 at 03:05 PM ET

Choosing a celebrity doppelgänger for your Facebook profile pic is so four years ago. In 2014, we’re all about tracking down our celeb style twin (and raiding her “closet” once we’ve found her!).

In our September issue (on sale today!), you’ll meet the 10 “Celeb Style Council” stars who’ll be giving us tips, ideas and behind-the-scenes peeks into their fashionable lives in every issue. They’ve all got inspirational style, but which one is your celebrity fashion soul mate?

To find out, take our quiz, wherein you’ll pick your favorite handbag style, mani color, brunch outfit and more. Based on your answers, we’ll reveal the celeb whose style mirrors your own. Are you a girlie Bella Thorne? A bold Zendaya Coleman? A sexy Kristin Cavallari? Whatever your go-to style, we’ll find your match. (Editorial assistant Christina Decker, above, found out she’s a trendy Jamie Chung when she recently — and inadvertently — wore the same outfit as the star!)

Want to find out your celeb style twin? Take the quiz now!

Once you’ve found your celeb style soulmate, you can check out some of her best looks and pick up tips on how to imitate her style — then shop them for yourself. We’ve got more than 600 amazing fashion and beauty products (and all the accessories you can’t live without) to help you get the celeb-inspired style you crave.

Get your match now, and don’t forget to share your results so all your friends know you’ve got true star style!

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You Won’t Believe Who These Celebs Own Businesses With!

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The art of the celeb side hustle is nothing new. Since the dawn of man, financially-savvy entertainers have been exploring business options outside of movies, albums and TV shows — to varying degrees of success, of course (anyone remember Fashion Cafe? Or Nyla?). Not only is it always a smart idea to diversify their portfolio, the businesses give them something to fall back on when the box office and record sales start to plummet. Of course, the usual A-list side endeavors include starting restaurants, backing clothing lines or, in Ashton Kutcher’s case, putting star muscle behind smartly conceived tech startups. Recently, Jay Z., in all his big-baller glory, has set the bar by buying sports teams and launching a sports agenting company.

But the new thing? Totally random celebrities joining together to achieve side hustle greatness. We’re talking the world’s blingiest rapper/mogul and one of Hollywood’s most powerful producer/actors. An Oscar-nominated actor/director and the husband of the world’s most famous supermodel. The greatest movie star of our generation, the greatest football star of our generation, and a certain Brazilian bombshell — who they’ve both been madly in love with (tricky, that).

Here, check out our roundup of the ten most random celeb business co-owners!

Source: You Won’t Believe Who These Celebs Own Businesses With!

Get the Celeb Treatment With Our PEOPLE VIP Box!

03/27/2014 at 12:25 PM EDT

It’s not enough that stars are beautiful, wealthy and can jet set all over the world at a moment’s notice – they also have access to the coolest, most exclusive items well before the rest of the world.

Well, we’re changing all that with our PEOPLE VIP Beauty Boxes.

Now, you get early, exclusive access to the hand-picked products that’ll make you feel like a star without all the celeb side effects (like those pesky paparazzi).

Our editors have been working overtime to choose their favorite products from this season to put in the newest PEOPLE VIP Beauty Boxes and we can’t wait for you to see what’s in store. Nab one of these boxes and you’ll be enjoying some of our top A-list items, from cosmetics to accessories and more, that will make you feel like you’ve slipped past the velvet rope.

Click on the purple key below to find out what’s inside this month’s box, and to learn how to start having the celeb treatment arrive at your doorstep!

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What We’d Think of Kate Upton If She Was Flat-Chested

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Kate Upton’s boobs are uber-fetishized. We get it; they’re massive, and lush, and flawlessly shaped, and perky. They deserved to be studied at the Smithsonian Institute. In fact, her voluptuous figure (and perfect face, let’s be honest) has afforded her one of the most impressive runs one can get in modeling.

The 21-year-old has been the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model for three years in a row, and last week, Express announced that Kate is their new brand ambassador. Her sexy image is so over-the-top, that it’s even gotten her into a little legal trouble—Sports Illustrated is currently suing joke site, Celeb Jihad, for posting a “nude” outtake from her 2014 Swimsuit Issue 2014 shoot, which is actually a badly Photoshopped fake.

It seems that Kate’s breasts are so larger than life, they can sometimes dwarf the women they’re attached to!

No fair. Kate Upton’s one of our hugest celeb crushes, and her rack has nothing to do with it. She’s charitable, she’s sporty, she dances her ass off, and we love every second. Check out the top 10 reasons we’d love Kate Upton, even if she wore an A-cup!

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