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Here Are All of the Celebs Donating to #MarchForOurLives

Celebrities are coming out in support of the March For Our Lives on March 24th, both pledging to attend and donating to the cause.
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Locked Up: 10 Celebrities Who Have Spent The Most Time In Prison

When we think of celebrities in jail, who do we think of? Lindsay LohanAmanda BynesParis Hilton and other celebrities being attempted for DUIs (driving underneath the influence)? For most celebrities, such a assign is easy to brush underneath the rug. Take Paris Hilton for example, who was condemned to 45 days in jail behind in 2007 for violating her probation. After 23 days, the heiress was expelled on “good behaviour”.  Macaulay Culkin  had been incarcerated for possession of marijuana and dual tranquil substances behind in 2004, nonetheless he bailed himself out of jail after a integrate of hours and for the excellent of $540. He also perceived 3 dangling one-year jail terms, which was also adequate for him to equivocate being taken in by the military again. Amanda Bynes has been ticketed and incarcerated in military control for DUI-related offences and got out of most of the charges by financial settlements, hearing and finally, psychiatric analysis and commitment.

Those arrests were especially for drug and alcohol-related offences. In the anticipation universe of Hollywood, being apologetic and carrying adequate income can be adequate to protection that you can, at least, go home that night, in annoy of the probability of a trial. A hearing for a famous luminary like Hilton, Culkin or Bynes means probation, dangling sentences or psychiatric commitment, which is flattering teenager in the grand intrigue of things.

Although even famous Hollywood celebrities have skeletons in their closet that they can’t just travel divided from after apologizing and profitable a fine. These crimes have landed them in jail for sentences that camber years, and even take divided the probability of bail or parole. Although what about the some-more critical crimes? Ones that engage drug trafficking or murder? What happens to celebrities then? Is money, celebrity and good poise adequate to help revoke their sentences?

Our concentration in this list is on the celebrities who have spent some-more than a month in prison, ranked from the least volume of time spent in jail to the most volume of time spent in jail.

10. Tim Allen: Served 2 years and 4 months in prison

Tim Allen

Before his success as Tim Taylor on Home Improvement, Jason Nesmith in Galaxy Quest and Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story trilogy, Tim Allen was a struggling comedian who resorted to reduction than creditable means to compensate the bills. By that, we meant that he was arrested in Kalamazoo, Michigan for drug trafficking (possession of 1.4lb of cocaine) in 1978. He was condemned for 3 to 7 years because he pled guilty and cooperated with the officials by giving adult names of other dealers, but was paroled early after 2 years and 4 months in a Minnesotan correctional facility. Since then, he’s only had a year’s hearing for a DUI in 1997. Otherwise, he’s famous to act as a indication citizen.

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Lebanon Beautiful Women Celebrities

Lebanon is home to some of the most beautiful women in the world. The thespian Enrique Iglesias was reportedly so soft with the country’s women that he constantly flirted with his assembly when he staged a unison there. When an Arab announcement conducted a consult of the 50 most beautiful womanlike Arab celebrities, some-more than half that came out on tip were Lebanese.
Here now is the tip 10 most beautiful women celebrities in Lebanon.

10. Rima Fakih


She was innate in Srifa in South Lebanon to a Shi’a Muslim family. Her family moved to New York to shun the polite war. She was the 2010 Miss USA winner. Fakih is also famous as a diva of the WWE where she is lerned to be a veteran wrestler.


9. Rola Saad


Her finish name is Rola Youssef Saad. She was innate in the city of Tannourine to a Maronite Christian family. Orphaned early in her childhood, Saad entered show business by appearing as a blurb indication for Habibi and Dailou’a perfumes. She also had teenager roles in several radio shows and was featured in the strain videos of Saber Rebai, particularly in the songs “Etzakkarak” and “Hayyarouni.” She then strike it big when she available a reconstitute of the strain entitled “Yana Yana,” which was serve increased by the coming of the strange singer, the mythological Sabah, in the strain video. It became one of the biggest hits of 2006 with the strain receiving complicated airtime all via the Arab world. She also landed a purpose in the film “Room 707” and a part in the Egyptian array “Bahr W Atshana.”


8. Lamitta Frangieh


Lamitta Frangieh hails from the city of Zgharta in the northern part of Lebanon. She initial detonate into the limelight when she placed initial curtain adult in the Miss Lebanon manifestation hold in 2004. The following year, she had the eminence of being the country’s deputy in the Miss World competition. Frangieh is now strutting her things as a fashion, runway and blurb model. She has also seemed in a series of movies.


7. Myriam Fares


Myriam Fares is a Sunni Muslim who initial seemed in the radio show “Al Mawaheb Al Saghira” that warranted her tip esteem for oriental dancing. She had taken adult exemplary ballet when she was just 5 years old, and she after complimented this talent by fasten the National Conservatory in Lebanon where she schooled the beliefs of oriental singing. She spent 4 years there before she won initial esteem in the Lebanese Festival of Songs as the contest’s most popular singer. She then assimilated the show “Studio El Fann” where she initial won the esteem of best thespian in South Lebanon, before winning the Dr. Walid Ghoulmiye’s esteem for best thespian in South Lebanon, Beirut and Mount Lebanon. She then strike it big with the best offered manuscript entitled “Bet’ ouh Eh.”


6. Nawal Al Zoghbi


Nawal Al Zoghbi is famous for her tender singing that evokes low and true emotions. She comes from the city of Byblos in Lebanon, but her recognition has extended all over the whole Arab world. Despite the fact that she sings mostly in Arabic, Al Zoghbi has gotten her fair share of following in Iran, Europe and North America. She has been in the strain business for some-more than 20 years but her recognition has not waned a bit.


5. Mona Abou Hamze


Mona Abou Hamze is a popular radio presenter. She is of Druze start and is famous for the speak show entitled “Talk of the Town” that is shown on Murr Television. She has been the target of the Murex d’ Or Award given annually to the best radio presenter. She has also ranked consistently as one of the tip 100 sexiest women in the Arab world.


4. Nancy Ajram


She started out as a child performer and was able to recover an manuscript when she was just 15 years old. Ajram then strike it big in 2004 with her third manuscript called “Ya Salam” that featured the strike strain “Akhasmak Ah.” She then got beheld internationally in 2004 with the songs “Ah w Noss,” “Lawn Ouyounak” and “Inta Eih.” Ajram is now deliberate a cocktail idol in the whole Middle East.


3. Elissa


Her full name is Elissar Zakaria Khoury, yet she is popularly famous as Elissa. She was innate to a Lebanese father and a Syrian mother. She won second place in a 1992 popular strain competition called Studio El Fan. She expelled her initial manuscript in 1999 called “Baddi Doub.” She now has 8 albums to her credit. Elissa is also famous for her low-pitched collaborations with other Arab and general artists, like Ragheb Alama, Cheb Mami, Chris de Burgh and Gerard Ferrer.


2. Cyrine Abdelnour


Cyrine Abdelnour initial became famous as an thespian in cinema and radio during the late 1990s.  She then expelled her entrance manuscript in 2004 entitled “Leila Min Layali.” She became hugely popular in 2006 with the recover of her second manuscript called “Aleik Ayouni” that contained the strain “Law Bas Fe Aini (If He Looks in My Eyes).” The strain went on to turn one of the most popular releases in the country. She is now married to Farid Rahme, a businessman formed in Lebanon.


1. Hayfa Wehbe


Hayfa Wehbe is a model, thespian and thespian with churned Lebanese and Egyptian ancestry. She initial got famous when she placed second in the Miss Lebanon pageant. She then expelled the strike manuscript entitled “Houwa El-Zaman.” Wehbe is famous for her voluptuous interest and image, as good as her provocative and revealing mannerisms. She also seemed in the 2008 film called “Sea of Stars.” She was once listed in People Magazine’s list of 50 most beautiful people.

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Oatmeal – The Most Powerful Food for Weight Loss

Oatmeal potent loses weight article by Indian Desi Bikini Girls
To lose weight, you should focus on the amount of calories you consume each day. By reduction of 3,500 calories per day your weight loss can be impacted by a quarter pounds.
The key to accelerate weight loss is to choose foods that make you feel full longer with fewer calories. Well, oatmeal can be food for you. Let’s refer to reviews of Livestrong!

Oatmeal - The Most Powerful Food for Weight Loss

Glycemic Index
The glycemic index, or GI, ranks carbohydrate-containing foods according to their effect on blood sugar levels. Low GI foods are digested more slowly, which makes you feel full longer after a meal. Oats have a low GI.

Rich in Fiber
Oatmeal is a great source of fiber that can make the stomach full longer. Drink plenty of water to support your daily diet.
Low in Calories
Oatmeal has a very low calorie than other foods. Add fresh fruit to make it more healthy.

Source: Oatmeal – The Most Powerful Food for Weight Loss

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