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You’ll Never Guess Who Is Setting Adam Rippon Up With Her Son…

An unexpected movie star reaches out to Adam Rippon in an attempt to set him up with her son. Will he take the bait?
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Blue Goes Off on Queen Bey In Public… Again

This weekend at the 67th NBA All-Stars Game, Blue Ivy showed up in all her sassy glory and check her mother in public.
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Why The Most Supermodels Come From Brazil?

Why Are theMost Supermodels Come From Brazil?

It is right said that the world of fashion as if dominated by Brazilian women. Those with supermodel status and the most expensive paid are names like Adriana Lima, Izabel Goulart, Alessandra Ambrosio, Lais Ribeiro, Isabeli Fontana, and Ana Beatriz Barros.

The most prominent Brazilian model is, of course, Gisele Bundchen, the record holder as the supermodel with the highest pay for 15 years. While countless Brazilian models are still ‘fresh’ as Barbara Fialho, Luma Grothe, Lais Oliveira, and Daniela Braga start to achieve a success that cannot be said trivial. And this row of facts leads to one question, why are most supermodels come from Brazil?

Why Are Most Supermodels Come From Brazil?

Slightly Gisele’s success is affecting this trend. Not a few model agencies who consider that white skin, bright hair, and the German look like the birth model of Rio Grande do Sul is a formula of success. So they searched for another Gisele-Gisele in his native land.

Gisele comes from the southern region of Brazil which is home to mixed children of Italian and German. According to Allison Chornak, a modeling agent to The New York Times, the ideal model candidate usually has German, Italian, Russian, or Slavic blood. The blend produces tall girls with bright skin, straight hair, and bright-colored eyes.

The same is also confirmed by Clovis Pessoa, another model agent. “If a top model has the features of a German face and a Russian nose, I will do some scientific research and look for cities once colonized by Germany and Russia in southern Brazil to look for similar faces,” he said.

Why Are Most Supermodels Come From Brazil?

Dilson Stein who discovered Gisele and Alessandra called Rio Grande do Sul a treasure chest to find a talented girl into a model.

In addition, the ‘fishing’ beautiful girl who is willing to be a model in a country like Brazil and especially Rio Grande do Sul classified as easier than the United States or England. Even in the United States, most models are found in small towns. Potential girls in big cities usually have joined the agency or are not interested in modeling.

“Agents will go to places they consider economically undeveloped,” says Ashley Mears, a sociologist who studies modeling industry in an interview with The Atlantic.

However, figures such as Gisele, Barbara, and Isabeli are not representative of Brazil’s mostly non-white population. The Brazilians themselves think darker women are sexier.

There are currently starting many black models who successfully achieve success in the international arena. But their numbers certainly still cannot be compared with the faces like Behati Prinsloo and Candice Swanepoel.

“I’m surprised Brazil cannot export that like Naomi Campbell, and it certainly is not due to the lack of a black woman who cantk,” said Erika Palomino, fashion consultant in Sao Paulo. “Very embarrassing.”

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Chris Brown Buys Monkey for Royalty (VIDEO)

Chris Brown, 28, is under fire for buying his 3-year-old daughter, Royalty, a pet monkey. The singer posted a video on social media of his daughter holding the monkey like a baby wrapped in a blanket. Royalty beamed with happiness while holding her new pet monkey.

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Chris who has joint custody with baby mama Nia Guzman, 34, asked his daughter in the video “Is that your baby? He’s going to be bigger than you! Look, you have the same sized head!” Chris couldn’t stop laughing he seemed to get a kick out it.

Chris Brown Buys Monkey…But Why?

Most people would find buying a child a pet monkey a radical decision, what happened to just getting your kid a puppy? The majority of his fans were outraged at what they felt as completely irresponsible of the artist. One fan left a comment: “It is so cruel to have a monkey as a pet…..miserable.” While another fan seemed to almost plead with Chris and wrote “This poor baby monkey belongs with its family in a natural habitat. It is not a domesticated animal such as a dog or cat and in no way should be a pet or promoted as a pet.”

Some fans raised the question that while wealth can give you the ability to shower your child with grandiose gestures you can also indulge someone in the wrong way. 

A fan posed the question to Chris “Has it become too normal for her to “just” have a dog or a cat??”

If the kind of monkey you see in the video seems familiar, you may remember TV sitcom Friend’s character Ross Gellar had one as a pet. The monkey is a marmoset, known to fit just in the palm of your hand they are used to living in the treetops of the South American rainforests.

Brown recently won a custody battle with Nia Guzman. The baby mama was denied full custody, the requested whopping $20k a month for child support among other demands she took the singer to court for. Maybe this is his way of celebrating the victory with his daughter?

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