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Michelle Monaghan & Daughter Willow Hangin’ Out In West Hollywood

Michelle Monaghan and Willow White

Michelle Monaghan, 38, was spotted with her oldest daughter Willow, 6, in West Hollywood, Calif.

Apparently, the two girls were out running some errands. Michelle is finished with her filming on hit TV series, “True Detective,” and is now back to focusing on her movies. This summer, you’ll be able to check out Michelle in the upcoming sci-fi comedy, “Pixels,” which you can expect to see this summer.

Michelle recently appears in the Nicholas Sparks film, “The Best of Me,” with James Marsden, which was based off of the hit book.

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Lifetime’s Whitney Houston Movie Isn’t Terrible, But Is It Too Soon?

Lifetime Whitney Houston Bobby Brown

After a string of atrocious biopics — Aaliyah  or Brittany Murphy, anyone? — there’s a lot riding on Whitney, Lifetime’s latest project. Given Whitney Houston‘s status as one of music’s most legendary figures, and the fact that she passed away less than three years ago, the frothy network isn’t exactly treading over light waters. However, it looks like hell officially froze over: Whitney isn’t terrible! But that doesn’t mean it’s great, either.

It’s melodramatic at times, but — hey!— it’s Lifetime. Also, it’s very early to be telling Houston’s story. (The singer died in 2012.) However, rest assured this film is handled much better than both Aaliyah and Murphy (if that says anything at all). The key is the precise and respectful direction of American Horror Story star Angela Bassett (this is her first gig behind the camera). Not once does Bassett forget the gravity of Houston’s legacy, and she succeeds in painting a portrait of a well-loved superstar — played capably by Yaya DaCosta — who fell victim to a whirlwind romance with Bobby Brown (Arlen Escarpeta) and a serious drug addiction.

Let’s break down why Whitney doesn’t totally suck:

Casting as a whole isn’t as offensive as Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B.

Whitney Houston

The Aaliyah film came under serious fire for casting lighter-skinned actors to play Missy Elliott and Timbaland. Critics also drew attention to the fact that actress Chattrisse Dolabaille was too thin to play the then-full-figured Elliott. Whitney airs on the side of caution and chooses actors who physically resemble their real-life counterparts. In some scenes, DaCosta and Houston look almost identical. Escarpeta captures Brown’s magnetism and singular ’90s fashion sense. Suzzanne Douglas is also a suitable fit for Houston’s strong-willed mother, Cissy.

We hear some hit songs.
Another drawback to the Aaliyah movie? Its sheer lack of the singer’s classic tunes. Thankfully, Whitney delivers the goods. “I’m Your Baby Tonight,” “I’m Every Woman” (a highlight), and “I Will Always Love You” all get the Lifetime treatment. Is it Houston-level? Obviously not, but we appreciate Lifetime for being brave enough to take a crack at Houston’s catalog. It makes the film feel more complete.

DaCosta (actually, Deborah Cox is the one singing) does Houston justice vocally. 

People who scream, “She’s no Whitney Houston!” need to sit down and shut up. Of course she isn’t! No one is. Houston is arguably the greatest pop vocalist who ever lived, and anyone who attempts to mimic her sound will fail to reach her greatness. However, Cox does a pretty damn good job trying. Her voice is lower than Houston’s, so the vocals don’t ever quite hit that angelic whistle sound we know and love. Even still, Cox sounds robust, confident, and full in her delivery of some of Houston’s most iconic hits.

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Rachel Zoe & Family At Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie’s Party

Rachel Zoe and her family are seen leaving a party from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's house in Los Angeles

An A-list playdate!

Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe and husband Rodger Berman were seen leaving a party from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s Los Angeles home on Saturday (January 17). The stylish couple brought along their two handsome boys: Skyler, 3 1/2, and Kai, 1.

The Rachel Zoe Project star, 43, recently Instagrammed a sweet snap of her sons in matching stripes.

“Clearly having a very deep conversation between brothers #liveforu #skylermorrison #kaiusjagger #brothersforever #mommymoments xoRZ,” she captioned the precious photo.

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Pink & Willow Are Bike Buddies

Pink takes daughter Willow for a bike ride in LA

Rockstar mama Pink went for a bike ride with her daughter Willow, 3, in Los Angeles, Calif. on Friday (January 16).

The Grammy Award-winning singer, 35, grabbed some food to go while the pretty preschooler rode on the front of mom’s bike.

Late last year, we spotted the Moore-Hart family-of-three — including motocross racer Carey Hart — enjoying a bike ride in their local L.A. neighborhood.

In a series of photos, the proud papa, 39, shared some sweet family moments via Instagram.

“Willz has her station all set up!!!” he posted a pic of their daughter playing with a tool play set.

For more precious photos of the Moore-Harts, take a look through our gallery!

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News/instagram

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