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Zoë Saldana Celebrates Twins Third Birthday

Recently, Zoë Saldana celebrated twins Cy & Bowie’s third birthday. Saldana has promised to raise her young boys to be “exceptional men” by which she means they’ll no doubt respect themselves and others. Cy and Bowie are now three years old, and their 39-year-old proud mom sent out a large number of messages to them this week through various social media channels. She included a few choice photos from private family parties, with the boys front and center, smiling from ear to ear.

Happy Birthday Bowie and Cy! Today, November 27th will always be the happiest and scariest day of our lives. On a day like today, three years ago our lives changed forever. We went from being two to four in just 2 minutes. Even though your arrival was early and with a couple of scary hiccups you have been the light of our lives ever since we learned of your presence within us. Your strength, determination, curiosity and kindness humble us every day. Thank You for choosing us to guide you through the first stages of your purposeful path in life. You are both meant for greatness and by the grace of God your father and I will make sure you grow up to be exceptional men that will bring healing , wisdom, happiness, and change into this world. We have a big task ahead us, and that is to raise healthy, empathetic and selfless men. We hope to never let you down. And please continue to teach us how you need to be loved, seen, spoken to, taught, encouraged, protected- all the things you need to thrive and make your life meaningful. Los amo hijos míos, hijos de Marco, hijos del mundo. ~~ Feliz cumpleaños Bowie y Cy! Hoy, el 27 de noviembre siempre será el día más feliz y aterrador de nuestras vidas. En un día como hoy, hace tres años nuestras vidas cambiaron para siempre. Pasamos de dos a cuatro en solo 2 minutos. Aunque llegaron temprano y con un par de miedos aterradores, han sido la luz de nuestras vidas desde que supimos de la presencia de ustedes dentro de nosotros. Su fuerza, determinación, curiosidad y amabilidad nos mantienen humildes y enfocados todos los días. Gracias por elegirnos para guiarlos a través de las primeras etapas de vuestras vidas. Ambos están destinados a la grandeza y por la gracia de DIOS, tu padre y yo nos aseguraremos de que crezcan para ser hombres excepcionales que traerán curación, sabiduría, felicidad y cambio a este mundo. Tenemos una gran tarea por delante, y es criar hombres sanos, empáticos y desinteresados. Esperamos nunca decepcionarlos. Y, por favor, continúen enseñándonos cómo deben ser amado, visto, hablado, enseñado, motivado, protegido, todo lo que necesitan para prosperar y hacer que su vida sea significativa.

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The Colombiana star and her husband, Marco Perego spent quality time with the young duo on their big day. Saldana was still clad in her special effects costume on a movie set while she snapped a few pics with the twins and her husband. The youngest brother to the twins, son Zen, was also on hand to complete the “family of five” photo session and share in the laughter and fun.


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Saldana calls November 27, the day the twins were born, the “happiest and scariest day of our lives.” She refers to the children as “the light of our lives,” and knows in her heart that the boys will grow up to be a positive force in the world for “healing, wisdom, happiness and change”

According to Saldana, the twins get along famously and are close friends but do have their “competitive” moments. She admits that they have petty fights about little things, as all boys will do.

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We Think Hilaria Thomas Baldwin Might Have Superhero Powers…

Hilaria Thomas Baldwin is no doubt one busy mama. Mother to three kids under the age of five and a fourth baby on the way. The mama is also a busy career woman and leads a fitness regimen we could all take some notes from. Let’s also not forget she is married to Alec Baldwin.

Stay tuned for our costumes later…I’m SO EXCITED to show you 👻🎃

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The couple has received some criticism of having so many children and Hilaria back in November squashed any negative comments thrown their way on the topic. Hilaria wrote on social media, “their kids bring the two so much joy and are such sweet souls”.

So how does she do it all? The celebrity mom has been open about how she stays centered raising her kids and still taking care of herself emotionally and physically.

She has said a big part of her success is she is not afraid to ask for help every once in awhile. Hilaria is always there for her children and is a dedicated mother but admits that it’s a constant balancing act and needing help at times is ok.

💖💜 #plumandcarmen @violetgaynor

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Hilaria, 33, also has learned to let go a little bit, which entails taking a bit more relaxed approach to parenting and allowing herself to laugh a bit. She explains unless her children are showing very poor behavior towards another person she does not allow herself to get too distraught.

Early on in motherhood, she quickly learned to not wear her nicer clothes while on mom duty. She opts for comfortable, fabric kid-friendly clothing that if it gets stained it’s easy to wash and get out.

The same thought process has been applied to their house. Hilaria uses indoor/outdoor fabric on the rooms that the children mostly traffic, that way if something is spilled she doesn’t get too worked up.

The famed yogi feels strongly if you’re not taking care of yourself you won’t be present for your children. Even if you can only put aside 20 minutes a day for a workout it’s better than nothing.

Last, she and Alec make it a point to have “we time” every night after putting the kids to bed. They enjoy spending as much time together as possible and is as important as raising their kids.

Hilaria, you really are a Supermama

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Heidi and Spencer Pratt Took Baby Gunner to See Santa and It’ll Melt Your Cold, Cold Heart

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt took their son, Gunner Pratt, to see Santa for the first time.
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Kate Hudson’s Son Cuts His Own Hair

Deepwater Horizon star Kate Hudson, daughter of legendary actress Goldie Hawn, has a thing about hair. Not only has the Hollywood actress shaved her own head, but she has recently allowed her young son to give himself a rather unusual haircut that appears to be a 1960s throwback.

Kate Hudson’s son Bingham gives himself a classic Rod Stewart haircut in a new video clip that the movie star has posted on her social media sites. In the brief loop, the 38-year-old Hudson’s son is seen in slow-motion meticulously chopping off his long locks. The result is an uncanny hairdo that recalls the early days of vocal legend and rock icon Rod Stewart.

My little man decided to give himself a haircut and I must say… I’m digging it 🤩 #LittleRodStewart #BingMan 💪

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Hudson noted that she loved the 6-year-old’s new look, and there’s a good reason for that. Hudson recently had to buzz her own head for a movie role, so is obviously happy to see anyone with a stylish head of hair.

For her new film, Sister, Hudson sports the buzz cut to play the central character from the short-story Chandelier penned by Australian singer Sia. The micro-script was later developed into a full-blown movie script that is expected to showcase the incredible acting talents of Hudson.

Having very short hair, especially for a woman who is known for her fulsome locks, has not been all bad for Hudson. She recently opined in a long-form interview that a buzz cut is actually quite convenient for anyone who works out regularly. Hudson, co-founder of Fabletics, is a physical fitness enthusiast and happily declared that short hair is the perfect style post-workout, primarily because it’s so much easier to wash up. Hudson was surprised at how much time she saved not having to attend to long, styled hair. With the minimalist haircut, she’s able to workout and shower in a jiffy, no need for blow-dryers and hairy hassles.

Even though Hudson certainly enjoys her new convenient cut, she nevertheless tends to don a wig or hat when she leaves home, hoping to keep the ultra-short haircut under wraps. It’s one thing to prepare for a movie role, and quite another to sport a buzz cut just for the fun of it.

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