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Kelly Clarkson: “I’m A Mama Bear”

Grammy Award-winning singer Kelly Clarkson covers the December/January issue of Redbook and opens up about family life with husband Brandon Blackstock and daughter River Rose, 3, and son Remington, 1, and her two stepchildren Savannah, 16, and Seth, 11. The American Idol alum admits, “having children has brought fear to my life,” and shares how’s she’s become and “mama bear.”

On the inspiration for her new R&B album, Meaning of Life: “When my mom heard it, she was like, ‘Now this is the music I thought you were going to make when you were a kid.’ These are the kind of soulful, bluesy songs I love. You have to have gone through some stuff in life in order to translate that emotion into them… Not to poo-poo on all my other records, because they’re all me too, but this is the sound of powerful women like Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, and Whitney Houston. They inspired me as a little girl who had nothing but thought maybe I could be something one day.”

On positive body image: “That’s already happened to me. They shame you for it. Same thing happened with Miranda Lambert—I had dinner with her and we were talking about that. She was like, “Should I gain? Should I lose?” But no one actually cares about your health. They just care about aesthetics. It’s when I’m fat that I’m happy. People think, Oh, there’s something wrong with her. She’s putting on weight. I’m like, “Oh, no! I’m sorry, but that represents happiness in my emotional world.” For me, when I’m skinny is usually when I’m not doing well. If you gauge your life on what other people think, you’re going to be in a constant state of panic trying to please everyone. People should just concentrate on their own lives and their own health and their own happiness, and whatever that looks like for you, be happy with it.”

On how being a mom changed her: “Literally, having children has brought fear to my life. That sounds horrible, I know, but before kids I was fearless. Now I go to bed and I have nightmares of someone just grabbing my little girl and running. It’s always about me not being able to protect my kids somehow. I’m a mama bear. Just recently our nanny told me that an older kid was mean to my daughter at the park and that she just crumbled. I’m glad I wasn’t there, because I wouldn’t have handled that well. I totally went off on that 6-year-old in my head!”

On keeping things spontaneous with her husband: “Any time we’re in a discussion about sex with a bunch of couples, Brandon and I stay pretty quiet. To keep it family appropriate, let’s say we’re just a lot more active than other couples. I’m a person who loves change. He loves spontaneity. Having a set time or place [to have sex] would be boring to us. When I met Brandon, I wasn’t looking for a friend. I have a lot of great friends! I was looking for a lover. I had never found someone I was truly passionate about, who I wanted to stay in bed with all day. The fact that I did, well…I was going to latch on and take advantage of that.”

On her upcoming gig as a judge on The Voice with Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and Alicia Keys: “I’ve already warned both Adam and Blake that winning is not my biggest concern. I want to find someone who has incredible talent and really work with that person. It would be amazing to look back in a decade and see this artist have a huge, successful career that I was a part of.”

For more from Kelly, go to Redbook

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Why Does “Breaking the Internet” Always Have to Do With Sexualizing Female Bodies?

Nicki Minaj is on the cover of Paper Magazine, a photo the magazine has decided will “break the Internet” like Kim Kardashian’s photo did. But why do we only “break the Internet” when we sexualize women?
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Giveaway: Ju-Ju-Be Be Supplied Breast Pump Bag ($125)

Ju-Ju-Be was started by the dynamic duo of diaper bags. Despite the great fashion (and even some great features) of the other brands, there were still some things lacking. No one had put to use the latest in technology. No one had successfully acted on the idea that fashion and function are not mutually exclusive. No one else had delved into the deep realm of microbes and anti-stick coatings. Everyone else said that diaper bags aren’t rocket science. Ju-Ju-Be thinks they can be. Along with being a lot of fun!

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Blake Shelton is People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” and the Internet Has Questions

Blake Shelton was chosen to be People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” but Twitter isn’t so sure about that decision.
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