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See Lauren Conrad’s DIY Mermaid Costume – and the Sexiest Halloween Sirens Ever

10/30/2014 at 01:05 PM ET

You can always count on a homemade, Instagram-worthy Halloween costume from Lauren Conrad. There was the tulle-clad Tooth Fairy of 2013. The pretty ghost (which also required a lot of tulle) of 2012 and the Britney Spears throwback moment of 2011. This year the crafty star is giving the direct-to-Pinterest signature LC spin to an old classic: the glittery mermaid.

See Lauren Conrads DIY Mermaid Costume   and the Sexiest Halloween Sirens EverCourtesy Lauren Conrad; Getty

Conrad shared a detailed step-by-step process for making the costume — from the shell bustier to the sequin skirt — on her blog (you better get going if you want to have this ready for tomorrow). Will she wear a wig now that she cut off her mermaid hair? TBD. So while we wait for her complete look, let’s reminisce about some of the best sexy star sirens from Halloween’s past (and get you a little under-the-sea inspiration if you’re still .

See Lauren Conrads DIY Mermaid Costume   and the Sexiest Halloween Sirens EverGetty (4)

• Kim Kardashian, 2012: Yes, the 34-year-old star’s costume looks very similar to the one Conrad created. (We wonder if Kim was pinned up on Team LC’s vision board.) Another fun fact about Kim’s look? That blonde wig cost $2,000.

Christian Siriano, 2009: Almost unrecognizable, the designer went for more of an Ariel effect at the the Heroes vs. Villains party in N.Y.C.

• Heidi Montag, 2007: Conrad’s Hills alum ditched the wig and seashells, opting instead for a more mermaid-by-way-of-Halloween-superstore vibe.

Mariah Carey, 2003: The hair. The abs. The push-up bra. No one beats vintage Mariah. No one.

Are you a fan of Conrad’s mermaid costume? Are mermaids a bit out-played? Share your thoughts below.

–Brittany Talarico

See Lauren Conrads DIY Mermaid Costume   and the Sexiest Halloween Sirens Ever
Source: See Lauren Conrad’s DIY Mermaid Costume – and the Sexiest Halloween Sirens Ever

No More Bedtime Battles

No More Bedtime Battles

Bedtime and toddlers mix as well as oil and vinegar most nights.  Bedtime can be a time of frustration for many parents as toddlers escape their bed and sneak out of their rooms multiple times. Below you’ll find some helpful tips from our friends at Difrax (stylish baby products) to get your child to sleep in their own bed without waging World War III:

Create a Routine: Kids feel safe with routines.  Having a schedule they are familiar with lets them know what they can expect on a daily basis.  Don’t rush the bedtime process as it is important to help them wind down and relax.  After dinner have active play time to burn off excess energy.  Consider using an egg timer to ring when it is time to head to the bath.  Use bath time to transition them to a calmer state and prepare them for bed.  Allow each child to select a book to read and gather together on a bed to snuggle and read.  Include their favorite stuffed toy or blanket to be part of the bedtime ritual. After story time give kisses and hugs before tucking them in and turning out the light.

Be Strong: Toddlers  will find a myriad of excuses to get out of bed. It’s important to be strong and not give in to their wishes.  Each time they wander into the hallway, escort them back to bed and firmly say goodnight and tuck them in.  It is important to continue the process with a firm calm voice until they stay in bed for the night.

Confront their fears: Children will sometimes get out of bed due to being afraid. Fear of the dark usually starts when kids are old enough to conjure up their own imagination.  Normally, this fear will hit kids between the ages of 2 or 3. At this age, they can imagine things but they don’t yet have the cognitive ability to distinguish between fantasy and reality.  So it’s easy for a shadow of tree branches blowing in the wind to turn into a scary monster.  Once lights go out, it’s easy for a child’s imagination to run wild.  To help alleviate their fear of the dark, talk through what they are feeling and help them process what they actually see.  Redirect their focus with a happy song or story.

Reduce Stimulation: Too much television can be over stimulating for small children, especially before bedtime. Limit the amount of time kids spend watching television as well as the types of programs they tune into. Shut off the TV early and focus on family time.  Leave them with happy thoughts to ponder as they relax and fall asleep.

Review Sleep Schedules: If you’re having a continuous problem with getting your child to sleep at bedtime, review their sleep schedule.  Your child might not be tired enough to sleep. Try setting a regular time to rise each day between 6:00 and 7:00 AM; schedule naps from 10:00 – 11:00 and again from 3:00 – 4:00. Set bedtime at 8:00 PM; and see if consistency makes a difference.  If your child has a high energy level, you may need to plan for more activity throughout the day to wear them out.

Bedtime shouldn’t be just one more check on your daily “To-Do” list.  Make this time special by creating your own bedtime rituals that help your kids feel safe and secure and ready to fall asleep.  Dress them in comfy pajamas, let them sleep with their favorite toy or blanket and reduce stimulation before bedtime.  Sleep training with a toddler is a like a marathon, be ready to endure multiple false starts before they finally make it to the finish line!

About Difrax:
Difrax, is a Dutch baby products company that pioneered a unique pacifier system that accommodates each stage of baby’s development as well as the smart s-bottle designed to reduce colic when feeding. Difrax offers innovative, stylish, and trendy products that make the lives of babies and their parents as convenient and as pleasant as possible.

See the complete Difrax pacifier system at You can also follow them on Twitter and “like” them on Facebook.

No More Bedtime Battles
Source: No More Bedtime Battles

Angelina Jolie Goes Blonde While Filming By the Sea with Brad Pitt

10/30/2014 AT 04:55 PM EDT

Is there any look Angelina Jolie can’t rock? If this picture of her as a blonde bombshell is any indication, the answer is no.

Photos surfaced Thursday of Jolie and husband Brad Pitt in Malta on the set of their latest movie By the Sea The 39-year-old actress is sporting a flowy white dress, yellow chiffon scarf and has honey-blonde hair.

This film marks the first time the couple have appeared on the big screen since 2005’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith, where they met and fell in love.

By the Sea, directed by Jolie and produced by Pitt, is set in 1970s France. The mother-of-six plays a former dancer who faces challenges with her husband, an American writer, as they travel together.

The couple took a break from filming this highly anticipated love story to get married in France on Aug. 23.

Pitt, 50, joked to USA Today that they had a “dysfunctional honeymoon,” after spending their first days as a married couple on the set. “It’s been challenging but really fun,” he added.

The couple had been hoping to work together again, with Pitt admitting in 2011, “We’re not ones to repeat ourselves, but we’d like to, because right now, we’re hopscotching with films so one can be with the kids and one’s free to work. And why aren’t we doing them together? Why aren’t we doing everything together?”

By the Sea hits theaters Christmas Day 2015.

Angelina Jolie Goes Blonde While Filming By the Sea with Brad Pitt
Source: Angelina Jolie Goes Blonde While Filming By the Sea with Brad Pitt

Police Criminalist Investigated for ’84 Murder Commits Suicide

Police Criminalist Investigated for 84 Murder Commits Suicide

Kevin Charles Brown

San Diego Police Department

10/30/2014 AT 04:45 PM EDT

It’s a case that sounds like it was ripped from a CSI script – a veteran crime lab worker for the San Diego Police Department, who police believe brutally murdered a 14-year-old girl three decades ago, hangs himself before the authorities can arrest him.

“He knew he was under investigation,” San Diego Police Department Lt. Paul Rorrison tells PEOPLE of retired criminalist Kevin Charles Brown, 62. “Unfortunately, he committed suicide before we could take him into custody.”

Brown first came under suspicion in the unsolved, gruesome 1984 murder of Claire Hough, who had been beaten, strangled and stabbed – and had one of her breasts cut off – then left under a bridge. Investigators eventually got a break in the cold case in 2012 after getting a “DNA hit” on a piece of evidence that linked Brown and Ronald Clyde Tatro, 67, an ex-con with a string of sexual assault convictions who was killed in a boating accident in 2011.

Detectives, armed with a search warrant, descended on Brown’s house last January and carted off computers and other evidence. Police insist that the DNA sample allegedly connecting Brown to the murder couldn’t have come from an oversight in the department’s crime lab, where he spent 20 years working before his retirement in 2002.

“He didn’t work with any of the evidence in this case and we have absolute confidence that there is no basis for any cross-contamination or anything of that sort,” says Rorrison.

One person not convinced that Brown is responsible for Hough’s murder is his wife Rebecca, a high school teacher.

“He was just a nice, gentle, quiet man and they pushed him over the edge,” she tells PEOPLE, insisting that the stress of being viewed as a murderer “took its toll” on her husband, leading to his suicide on Oct. 21.

Her husband, she says, was convinced that his DNA somehow got onto evidence in the Hough case by mistake while he was working in the crime lab.

Police can’t explain how Brown might have known Tatro, who had spent years in prison on various sexual assault charges.

“That’s one of our mysteries,” says Rorrison. “What links them together is their DNA at the crime scene.”

The murder Brown is suspected of committing is eerily similar to the 1978 killing of Barbara Nantais, who was 15 years old at the time her body was discovered 600 ft. from where Hough’s was found six years later.

Nantais had also been beaten, strangled and her breast mutilated.

“At this point,” adds Rorrison, “we have nothing linking that other case – the Nantais murder – with this one.”

Police Criminalist Investigated for 84 Murder Commits Suicide
Source: Police Criminalist Investigated for ’84 Murder Commits Suicide