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Idris Elba Would ‘Absolutely’ Play James Bond

09/21/2014 AT 03:10 PM EDT

Idris Elba participated in an “Ask Me Anything” Q&A on Reddit Saturday, and he explained a little about his role-selection process, upcoming projects and favorite Disney film.

Though Elba, 42, has long been a fan-favorite to play the Marvel Comics character Luke Cage, he revealed that the role has already been cast for the upcoming Netflix series of the same name – bad news for fans hoping to see Elba swap Luther‘s car coat for Luke Cage’s yellow shirt.

But Elba did address another long-gestating fan rumor. Certain corners of the Internet have been clamoring for Elba to step into James Bond’s bespoke shoes when Daniel Craig‘s tenure ends. And when one Reddit user asked, “If it were offered to you, would you be the next James Bond?” Elba answered, “Yes, if it was offered to me, absolutely.”

It was recently announced that Elba was cast as Shere Khan in Jon Favreau’s upcoming version of The Jungle Book. When asked in the Reddit thread what his favorite Disney movie is, Elba had an interesting response: “I loved Mary Poppins. Classic, man, just classic. The songs, the animation, amazing!”

So if the whole James Bond thing falls through, perhaps Elba can play Bert in a Mary Poppins reboot.

Idris Elba Would Absolutely Play James Bond
Source: Idris Elba Would ‘Absolutely’ Play James Bond

Why Madame Secretary Is Worth Watching

Why Madame Secretary Is Worth Watching

Téa Leoni in Madam Secretary

David M. Russell/CBS

09/21/2014 AT 02:00 PM EDT

For the new fall season, CBS has gone and found a plausible sister show to pair with Julianna Margulies’s The Good Wife.

Here, too, we have a sophisticated, 40-something actress (Téa Leoni) in a situation (the White House) that teems with smart, powerful adults who would humiliate you and reduce you to tears if you ever met them in real life.

The premiere episode of Madam Secretary, for the time being, suggests that the show is very much the little sister in this scenario – but then again, The Good Wife is the rare show that was letter-perfect even in its pilot.

But Madam Secretary, in which Téa Leoni plays the newly appointed secretary of state, deserves to hang around long enough to formulate and declare itself, much like a foreign policy. This would be called the Téa Leoni Doctrine, and it would acknowledge the following:

1. She is an actress who can establish her character in a matter of just a few lines of dialogue.

2. Her voice, so lightly smoky it’s almost aromatic, works equally well at hammering home a serious point or underscoring a serious point with ironic humor.

3. She is attractive, even when given nothing better to play with in a scene than a blue accent scarf.

4. Finally, in retrospect, it’s very odd that someone so versatile and interesting was at one time being packaged as if she were next Lucille Ball.

In Secretary, Leoni plays Elizabeth McCord, a CIA analyst turned academic, who’s summoned to join the cabinet as secretary of state by the president (Keith Carradine). She steps into the job, which opened up after the previous secretary died under murky circumstances, and immediately has to rescue two young Americans being held hostage in the Middle East.

This is an urgent and timely plot, as McCord uses her own private channels to secure a deal. Recent news stories about ISIS hostages suggest that this game is tough, punishing and unforgiving – and it wouldn’t hurt Madam Secretary to watch a few episodes of Homeland for some tips on how to handle it.

On the other hand, there would no profit in trying to glean political reality from Scandal, in which everyone seems at one time or another to be rotting away in a secret underground cell or obsessing about a love nest in Vermont.

Madam Secretary‘s supporting cast, at any rate, is absolutely top-notch: Not only Carradine as the president, but Tim Daly as husband Mr. McCord, Zeljko Ivanek as the president’s chief of staff and Bebe Neuwirth as hers.

That’s a West Wing that’s worth keeping – especially once McCord starts to suspect that the vacancy she so quickly filled was no accident. Now, who among that cast could hope to have plausible deniability?

Madame Secretary premieres Sunday at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS.

Why Madame Secretary Is Worth Watching
Source: Why Madame Secretary Is Worth Watching

Kerry Washington Feels ‘Very Blessed’ by Motherhood

09/21/2014 at 01:19 PM ET

Kerry Washington Feels Very Blessed by Motherhood
Todd Wawrychuk/ABC/Getty

It’s been five months since Kerry Washington welcomed daughter Isabelle Amarachi — and the actress is still in complete baby bliss.

“[Motherhood is] wonderful. We just continue to feel very blessed,” the Scandal star, 37, told PEOPLE on Saturday at ABC’s #TGIT premiere event for Shondaland’s shows.

But while Washington says her baby girl is hitting major milestones “all the time … it’s pretty amazing,” the new mom is reaching a few postpartum markers of her own.

Washington, who wore a printed mini dress by Mary Katrantzou, credits her love of Pilates with helping her bounce back after giving birth.

“It’s such a great way to get in shape in a loving way,” she explains. “I feel like I’m both challenging myself and healing my body at the same time.”

But although Washington balances her workouts with healthy habits — including sticking to local, organic foods and working with a nutritionist — she isn’t in a rush to regain her svelte shape.

“I still got some work to do since the baby,” she says.

– Anya Leon with reporting by Matthew Cole Weiss

Kerry Washington Feels Very Blessed by Motherhood
Source: Kerry Washington Feels ‘Very Blessed’ by Motherhood

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