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Some People are Praying for Prince George to be Gay

Is Prince George gay?  Are people hoping and praying that divine intervention will turn Prince George Gay?

It has been published in numerous articles over the past couple of days that we should all pray for Prince George, who is four years old, to be gay. The question is why?

Rev. Kelvin Holdsworth writes, “It would help the advancement of the LGBTQ rights in the Church of England.” Also, the idea is that it would influence the Church to support same-sex marriage.

Presently, a same-sex couple is not permitted to marry in the Church of England but is allowed to marry in most of Britain. The Scottish Episcopal Church, for example, leaves the decision up to their priests.

Holdsworth states, “it really should be up to the Archbishop of Canterbury to come to the decision what stance the Church of England takes on same-sex marriage.” Some of the more traditional church members are infuriated by Holdsworth’s words. They believe it is “unchristian” and “unkind” to pray for such a thing.

Why is Prince George’s Sexual Orientation a Thing Already?

Prince George is only a four years old child. Born into the Royal Family, he already lives a life under the microscope and scrutiny of the public. Gaven Ashenden, a Christian Episcopal Church missionary bishop, says “this does not have Prince George’s best interest at heart.”

People went onto Twitter speaking their own thoughts about such a controversial topic. One person tweeted, “putting pressure on the Prince to be gay will only do more harm than good.”

This hot topic comes at a very engaging time. Earlier in the week, Prince George’s uncle announced the much, anticipated engagement to his American girlfriend Meghan Markle.

Ms. Markle has been married once before. The couple notified the public that they are set to marry May in 2018. The wedding will take place at St. George’s Chapel. The church preaches marriage is for life. Only since the early 2000’s did the church allow divorced members to marry in the church and just in special circumstances.

It seems, in some aspect, the Church of England and the Royal Family is modernizing with the times.

Nobody can predict the future. It certainly looks like same-sex marriage could possibly be welcomed in the Church of England when Prince George is old enough to marry.


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Ryan Seacrest’s Co-Host Sisanie Expecting Twins

On Air with Ryan co-host, Sisanie, recently announced that she is expecting twins. Getting loud cheers from the studio audience on the show, Sisanie made the announcement this week and ended a lot of speculation. Some had wondered whether she was keeping a “family” secret from the crew when she began showing what appeared to be a baby bump recently. But many assumed she would have broken the big news.

Villaclara TWINS Due Spring 2018! 🍼🍼 . . . #blessed #twinpregnancy #pregnancyannouncement #twins 📸: @laffit

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Sisanie and her husband were reluctant to celebrate when they first learned that she was expecting. An earlier miscarriage had been a tough ordeal for the couple, and they were afraid that if they celebrated too early it might jinx this pregnancy. But after Sisanie made it through the first trimester without incident, the couple figured it would be a great time to make the big announcement. And that meant doing so on the air, for all the world to hear.

Ryan Seacrest, the anchor of the eponymously-named show, was so stunned that he immediately congratulated his co-host and her husband on air, and announced that he would be calling Kelly Ripa to give her the news at once.

The co-host said she and her husband were quite surprised when they found out the pregnancy news but were doubly elated when the ultrasound revealed they’d be welcoming two babies into the family. Sisanie explained to everyone that they could have guessed she would soon be bringing twins into the world, based on the size and early appearance of such a large “bump.” To show like that, according to Sisanie, so early in a pregnancy is a sure sign of multiple babies on the way.

Sisanie’s family has a long history of twin births, so the news was actually not such a huge surprise after all. The co-anchor feels that she’s being blessed with two babies as a sort of karmic repayment for having lost one already. There might be some truth to that idea, based on her history and the couple’s strong wish for another baby.

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Justin Timberlake’s After Thanksgiving Work Out Routine with Son

One of the world’s most famous pop singer and actor really had his work cut out for him over the first of the big seasonal holidays. You know there is a good story when you read about how Justin Timberlake works off his Thanksgiving leftovers with the help of his son Silas.

Like most American families, the three members of the Timberlake clan chowed down on a huge Thanksgiving feast but worried about how to work off some of those celebratory calories the day after. Timberlake decided to post a funny pic to his Instagram account that showed off an unusual exercise routine. Little 2-year-old Silas was balanced on dad’s back as the elder Timberlake shook off some of that meal weight.

Shaking off those leftovers like… Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! 🎥 @jessicabiel

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Timberlake’s wife, actress Jessica Biel, 35, is not looking forward to the day when her little one reaches adulthood, noting that she thinks it might be sort of sad to be in an empty house as an older adult. But turning her attitude on a dime, Biel noted how Timberlake and Silas spend so much time together they have almost become “… the same person.” Biel refers to the tyke as “mini-Justin,” and with good cause. Whenever the “attached at the hip” duo are not watching golf together, they are either working out, chilling, playing a game or doing dad-and-son walks anywhere and everywhere.

The 7th Heaven star says she loves the fact that the family’s life is sort of hectic and go-go most of the time, but she and Timberlake indeed struggle when they try to coordinate their super-busy professional schedules. For her part, Biel still keeps her hand in acting, modeling and film production. She started out as a singer but quickly found her place within the film industry on both sides of the camera.

When she’s not working, Biel devotes her time to a wide array of charitable causes like international sex education for young girls, clean water projects, and many others. The beaming couple began dating in 2007 and got engaged after four years, in 2011. In 2012, they tied the knot and have been together ever since. Little Silas came along in 2015. The boy is their first child.

The Grammy-award winning Timberlake, 36, discourages Sila from watching any TV except The Golf Channel. That’s because of dad’s total obsession with the sport, and the fact that golf is his main way of de-stressing after a movie or music gig.

Timberlake has been in the spotlight since age 11 when he co-starred on the Mickey Mouse Club with pal Brittney Spears. Since then, Timberlake has been singing, writing songs, acting and producing. Nowadays, Timberlake also works with various charitable organizations and regularly plays in pro-am golf tournaments to raise money for good causes.

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Eva Amurri Martino Thanksgiving Festivities

Mom-of-two Eva Amurri Martino and husband, NBC Sports broadcaster Kyle Martino, are gearing up for a fun and festive Thanksgiving. The Mothers and Daughters star, 32, shared a family photo with their two kids – daughter Marlowe, 3, and 1-year-old son Major –– via Instagram

“Say Turkey!” A BIG blog post is up today on featuring a look at my #Thanksgiving table, our family Turkey Day style, and our plans for the day- as well as my tips for YOUR best Thanksgiving table! Let me know what you think,” she captioned the family photo.

The Californication actress shared further details on her blog, Happily Eva After

As it turns out, the Undateable star and her family will celebrate Thanksgiving with her famous mother, Stepmom actress Susan Sarandon.

While Eva is hosting Thanksgiving at their Connecticut home, Susan will bring her favorite pies from New York City.

This Thanksgiving is our first one hosting at our new Connecticut home,” writes Eva. We have some fun things planned.  Our friends and fam are showing up around 2 pm and we have a fun cocktail hour where we shake up some yummy drinks (I’m partial to a pre-Thanksgiving dinner dirty martini!) and enjoy some appetizers.  We always have a legit cheese selection– and a couple of hot apps as well! Our family friend makes the MOST delicious breaded shrimp appetizer with four dipping sauces.  I’m going to make my signature (and super easy) bacon-wrapped dates as well! Then we normally sit down to eat around 4 pm.  We are doing two turkeys this year– one in the oven, and one on the grill! Then we have a few different stuffings, green beans, roasted veggies, and mashed potatoes.  And Cranberry sauce, which is my personal fave– I put it on everything! Then, we enjoy a bunch of pies for dessert that my Mom brings from NYC.  We almost always forget to buy vanilla ice cream until the eleventh hour and somebody has to run out and get it.  LOL.  Would it really be Thanksgiving without a last minute grocery store emergency?! Ha!

As for their family traditions, everyone is sure to count their blessings while digging into their delicious meal.

During dinner, we go around the table and talk about what we’re thankful for this year,” Eva writes

This year is especially moving for me since Major’s accident and skull fracture happened the day after Thanksgiving last year.  Getting closer to the “anniversary” of what we all went through is really emotional for me, and leaves me feeling really grateful and resilient.  It’s so incredible that I can sit at my own table this year with my healthy, thriving son and finally shut the door to that entire chapter of our lives.  I am very thankful for that.”

 And it sounds like the fun continues after the fabulous feast.
 “After dinner, we bring the wine into the living room and play games,” shares Eva. “I have a few old-school board games (think: Clue, Monopoly, Dictionary) that are so fun to play with bigger groups.  We’ll probably put some great music on and hang out for a while once the kids are down for the night.  Although hosting in your own home can be stressful, I actually prefer it– you don’t have to go anywhere at the end of the night! Ha!”

For more details of Eva’s Thanksgiving table inspiration and festive ideas, go to Happily Eva After.

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