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Gabriel Garcia Marquez Has Died

04/17/2014 at 04:30 PM EDT

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the Nobel laureate whose novels and short stories exposed tens of millions of readers to Latin America’s passion, superstition, violence and inequality, died at home in Mexico City around midday, according to people close to his family. He was 87.

Widely considered the most popular Spanish-language writer since Miguel de Cervantes in the 17th century, Garcia Marquez achieved literary celebrity that spawned comparisons to Mark Twain and Charles Dickens.

His flamboyant and melancholy fictional works – among them Chronicle of a Death Foretold, Love in the Time of Cholera, and Autumn of the Patriarch – outsold everything published in Spanish except the Bible. The epic 1967 novel One Hundred Years of Solitude sold more than 50 million copies in more than 25 languages.

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One Hundred Years of Solitude

His stories made him literature’s best-known practitioner of magical realism, the fictional blending of the everyday with fantastical elements such as a boy born with a pig’s tail and a man trailed by a swarm of yellow butterflies.

His death was confirmed by two people close to the family who spoke on condition of anonymity out of respect for the family’s privacy.

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Source: Gabriel Garcia Marquez Has Died

Paul Walker’s Mom Abandons Bid for Guardianship of His Daughter Meadow

Thursday, April 17, 2014

7bf5SPX 061825 Paul Walker’s Mom Abandons Bid for Guardianship of His Daughter Meadow

PAUL Walker‘s mother is backing down.

Cheryl Ann Walker, 60, has requested a dismissal of her petition for guardianship of the late actor’s 15-year-old daughter, Meadow Rain.

Cheryl had sought to be named guardian over her son’s estate and his daughter but has abandoned that bid, according to dismissal papers obtained by People magazine.

Chery’s attorney, Bela Lugosi, previously told reporters that the family, including Meadow’s biological mother, Rebecca Soteros, wanted to resolve the matter out of court.

A hearing had been scheduled for April 30, but a judge had already dismissed Cheryl Ann’s petition for temporary guardianship over Meadow following her son’s tragic death in a car crash last November.

Papers  seeking guardianship, which were filed in March, claimed that “parental custody would be detrimental to the minor” because of an alleged drinking problem.

Soteros agreed to go to rehab in order to regain custody of her daughter.

Back in March, it was claimed Paul told his mom he was too busy to properly care for his teenage daughter — and asked her to become the girl’s legal guardian.

Paul approached Cheryl, sources said, on November 30th (the day he died) and asked her to retire from her nursing job to take care of Meadow full-time, according to TMZ.

Paul had been overwhelmed with his work schedule and couldn’t juggle that with his parental responsibilities. In August — 3 months before he died — Meadow moved in with Cheryl, who was working full time.

Paul hired a series of nannies to care for Meadow when Cheryl was on the job, but none of them worked out.

On the morning of his death, Paul called Cheryl and said he had given up on the nanny search and wanted her to be a full-time, stay-at-home grandma. Cheryl agreed, and the movie then called other family members to inform them of his decision.

Meadow’s biological mom has a serious drinking problem and Paul never considered her an option.

Meadow had been living with her mom until 2011, when she moved in with Paul.

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7b52p 89EKCgBk8MZdE Paul Walker’s Mom Abandons Bid for Guardianship of His Daughter Meadow
Source: Paul Walker’s Mom Abandons Bid for Guardianship of His Daughter Meadow

Elizabeth Edwards’ ‘Deathbed Wish Granted’

Thursday, April 17, 2014

80a9JTM 025392 Elizabeth Edwards’ ‘Deathbed Wish Granted’

ELIZABETH Edwards‘ deathbed wish has been granted.

A magnificent marble tombstone featuring doves taking flight now stands at her gravesite next to the final resting place of her son Wade, according to American tabloid the National Enquirer.

Before she died of cancer at age 61 in December 2010, Eliza­beth summoned the same sculptor who created Wade’s monument, Robert Mihaly, to her bedside, and described the monument she wanted.

“Elizabeth was very weak, but it was very important that she talked to Robert so she could de­scribe exactly what she envisioned for her tombstone,” a family friend revealed.

“Elizabeth said she wanted her memorial to honor a woman’s spirit. So she asked Robert to create a sculpture of doves taking flight. It also echoes her desire to catch up to her son and be connected to him for eternity.”

Wade Edwards – the oldest child of Elizabeth and disgraced politi­cian John Edwards – was tragically killed in a car crash at age 16 in April 1996. He’d lost control of his Jeep while driving from the fam­ily home in Raleigh, N.C., to their beach house near Wilmington.

He was laid to rest at the historic Oakwood Cemetery in Raleigh. His grave is marked with a soaring 10- foot marble monument of an angel cradling him.

“After Wade passed, Elizabeth came to his grave on a daily basis for many years,” said the family source.

“She brought flowers and read chapters from the Bible. Elizabeth also had a plaque that reads ‘When flowers bloom, the angels sing’ placed nearby.”

Besides John, Elizabeth is sur­vived by their daughters Cate, 32, and Emma Claire, 15, and son Jack, 13.

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Demi Lovato Supported by Beau Wilmer Valderrama

  • He showed up to the set of American Idol
  • Singer fears sex tape leak
  • Actor described as Demi’s “rock”

Thursday, April 17, 2014

f865DLL 175066 Demi Lovato Supported by Beau Wilmer Valderrama

DEMI Lovato‘s boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama has been supporting her following her naked picture scandal.

Since the pictures leaked online on April, Wilmer has done nothing but comfort Demi, and he showed it by appearing next to her on American Idol on April 16.

Wilmer has been called Demi’s “rock” a source revealed to HollywoodLife.

“He is talking her through this unfortunate experience and making her feel more comfortable with how things should be handled,” the source said.

“He is calming her and making it not get to her as much as it should. That is why she loves him, he gets her.”

After the original alleged pictures were release, Demi was afraid more would come out — maybe even a sex tape.

“Demi has definitely come to the realization that more pics and even video might be released in the future.

“She thinks that it will be released around a time that she has something to sell like a song, book or something that goes with h

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7b52p 89EKCgBk8MZdE Demi Lovato Supported by Beau Wilmer Valderrama
Source: Demi Lovato Supported by Beau Wilmer Valderrama