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Busby Family of ‘Outdaughtered’ Shares Huge Updates, Teases Pregnancy

It is time for a new season of Outdaughtered on TLC. It has already been confirmed that it was coming back, but now the Busby family is going to their Facebook to share when it will back and updates on the family. Danielle also teases possibly pregnancy news at the end of the video, which shocks everyone. 

TLC Network on Twitter

Grab your big girl pants – the Busby ladies are now walking, talking, and BACK on TLC for #OutDaughtered season 3! Catch these cuties on a special two-hour season premiere Tuesday, July 10th at 8/7c!

The preview starts out showing how cute the girls are now as Adam Busby teases that people think they are angels, but he feels like they have devils on their hands. The girls end up making a huge mess in their sister’s room even getting into her makeup. These girls are a handful, but at least they are cute while doing it. 

Another big thing going on for the Busby family is that they are working on potty training. Danielle goes and buys a ton of big girl panties, but of course, this isn’t going to go easy with trying to do it with so many little girls at once. One daughter immediately tells Adam she went potty in the big girl panties. 

It also turns out that Riley and Parker are ready to move up into the next class in their preschool, but the other girls are not quite ready yet. This is going to be the first time they have been apart like this and it looks like this isn’t going to go easy for the quints. Mimi is having a lot of trouble getting her house fixed after the hurricane and she is tired of everyone having to help her out. It looks like this is a difficult time in her life. She has made it clear she likes being on her own. 

Now for the big teaser is when Adam Busby asks Danielle how her stomach is doing. She explains that she hasn’t had her period yet, which of course, makes everyone wonder if she could be pregnant. Adam questions how late she is and she explains she doesn’t keep track. Danielle was sure that her husband had a vasectomy and that she couldn’t get pregnant, but then she even starts to question if he did that or not. It would be pretty shocking if it turns out that Danielle has another baby on the way. At least, they are already used to having a lot of children.  

Make sure that you don’t miss the new season of Outdaughtered when it returns on TLC on Tuesday, July 10, 2018, at 8/7c. 

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Interview: Kyle Stefanski, Julie Barzman Talk Parenting, Her Blog and Rhonda’s Kiss

This week Celebrity Baby Scoop got the chance to talk to actor Kyle Stefanski and his girlfriend Julie Barzman all about parenting, her blog and his charity Rhonda’s Kiss. The first thing that Kyle said to me was that Julie was “the glue that holds their family together,” which set the mood for a great interview with an amazing couple.

Kyle’s new movie

Kyle actually just got finished with a movie called Gotti where he got the chance to film a few scenes with John Travolta. He said this movie was his “best film experience to date.” This mobster movie is already out on every platform, except Netflix so make sure you check it out. Julie and Kyle went to the world premiere in the South of France and it was their first time to take their son Oliver Kingsley Stefanski on a plane and they were also able to take him to visit the area that Julie is from, which was exciting.

Julie’s parenting blog

Julie is now focused on being a mom and has added a parenting blog to her daily life. She explained that her mother and also Kyle’s both passed away before she got pregnant with Oliver. This made her feel very lonely during pregnancy not having them to lean on and ask questions. Julie has blogged before, but when she had her son she decided to start a parenting blog called Jewels Barzman which is her nickname. This is a place that women can go for advice and not feel alone.

Julie and Kyle also did reveal that they plan to add to their family at some point, they are just not sure when. This is something everyone will be on the watch for news about and you know Julie will share it on her blog.

Rhonda’s Kiss

When talking to Kyle, he shared his passion for his charity, Rhonda’s Kiss. As I explained to Kyle, if you search for him on the Internet, you will see that this is a huge focus of his and what he is known for now. Kyle explained that his mom passed away back in November of 2014 from pancreatic cancer and he decided to “turn the negative into a positive.” They did everything they could to save his mother’s life, but until then he didn’t realize how difficult it could be to fight cancer.

While going through this with his mom, Kyle realized that there are a lot of hidden costs involved with a family member having cancer. He started the charity Rhonda’s Kiss originally to help people with these costs, but they have really expanded and are now even doing fundraisers for back to school and Mother’s Day. They brought in several moms and fixed them up, gave them wigs and let them surprise their family with their new looks. They have a lot of new things coming with this charity and Kyle is doing great things with it.

If you want to keep up with what Kyle Stefanski and Julie Barzman are up to they both update their Instagrams for the fans to see.

To learn more about how Rhonda’s Kiss helps cancer patients and their families, visit their official website. You can also follow Rhonda’s Kiss on Instagram @RhondasKiss.

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John Stamos Says Fatherhood is ‘a Dream’

There has been a lot to celebrate for John Stamos, 54, this year. The actor married his love Caitlin McHugh, 32, in February. The couple welcomed their first child in April, a boy named Billy named after Stamos’ late father.

Now the actor is returning to his gig as the host for the PBS‘ annual broadcast of A Capitol Fourth, the national 4th of July celebration that takes place in Washington, D.C.

But John wasn’t sure that he was going to be able to make it this year because of the timing of the arrival of his little dude Billy. When asked to return to host, John was deeply honored who made his debut as their host in 2017.

“Fortunately, I’ve been able to take off work now, but I said, ‘Well I don’t know if I could do the concert again, because I’m having a little baby,’ “And they said, ‘Well, what can we do to get you?’ ”

So John Stamos came up with a resolution and this year it’s going to be a family affair! “I said, ‘Well, I got to bring the kid, then.’ So we’re bringing Billy! And PBS just sent this really cute onesie that says ‘Future Host,’ and all this patriotic stuff.”

This will be the first cross-country journey for the new family of three. But, the Fuller House actor had a practice run with a short jaunt outside of Los Angles with his family over Mother’s Day weekend and Stamos said it didn’t go as smoothly as hoped.

“It was Mother’s Day and Caitlin’s birthday, so we went down to Laguna Beach, and it was the first time we didn’t have a nanny — that was rough! But so far, it’s been a dream, and when I look at him, I feel like I’ve been thinking about that face for a long time.”

Stamos also said that fatherhood has exceeded his wildest dreams and as a third generation Greek immigrant his connection to his country has only deepened so he can pass along his heritage, morals, and values that he was raised with to his son.

“I always knew it was going to be like this,” he explained. “It took me longer than it should’ve, but I knew that I would be a family and be contributing to this country and holding onto the morals and the values that my parents had, that I like to think of the world having. It’s a time to be kind and graceful to people. It just takes so much energy to block all the negativity. I’m really trying to get people together.”

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Former ‘Bachelorette’ Jillian Harris Reveals the Sex of Baby


More celebrity baby updates for 2018.  It is hard to keep up!

Jillian Harris has an announcement.

The new mom shared on Wednesday that she and her fiancé, Justin Pasutto, are expecting a bouncing baby girl. 

In the adorable all-pink Instagram reveal, Harris, Pasutto, and Leo are shown licking ice cream cones while their beloved pooch, Nacho Cilantro, looks on wearing a cotton-candy hued bandana.

Harris wrote under the post: “My heart could EXPLODE!!!! Up next . . . a baby GIRL!!!!”  @justinpasutto are you ready for this!!??”

The adorable couple welcomed their first child, Leo, in 2016. 

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