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Bears safety Chris Harris vowed all week that he would play in Sunday’s NFC Championship Game despite a hip injury. That appears to be true since he’s active against the Packers after being limited in practice Friday and listed as questionable.

Harris, who’s tied for the team lead with five interceptions, hurt his hip during last week’s divisional playoff victory over the Seahawks.

The Bears also activated TE Desmond Clark, possibly to help protect QB Jay Cutler, and deactivated WR Devin Aromashodu. Clark tweeted Saturday that he would play, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, and it will be just his third game since Oct. 3.

Aromashodu played in the previous 13 games but had just five receptions.

Full inactives list:

Graham Harrell (No. 3 QB)
DB Pat Lee
RB Dimitri Nance
DB Josh Gordy
LB Frank Zombo
C Evan Dietrich-Smith
G Nick McDonald
DE Jarius Wynn

Caleb Hanie (No. 3 QB)
WR Devin Aromashodu
DB Joshua Moore
DB Craig Steltz
RB Khalil Bell
OT Herman Johnson
G Edwin Williams
DT Marcus Harrison

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Jets Steelers Game Time: At Stake, A Trip To Arlington Texas – World News Insight

steelers jets helmets Jets Steelers Game Time: At Stake, A Trip To Arlington Texas   World News Insight

Jets Steelers Game Time: At Stake, A Trip To Arlington Texas

Jets Steelers Game Time is near with kickoff set a 6:30 pm from Heinz field in Pittsburgh. Jim Nantz and Phil Simms will be making the calls for CBS in this AFC Championship game. One all the dusts (or ice) settles tonight in Pittsburgh, America will know who there two Super Bowl Teams will be in Arlington Texas on February 6, 2011

When the Jets-Steelers game time comes, New York will get their second straight chance to break their four decade Super Bowl drought. Last season, they also reached the AFC championship as a sixth seed, and went up early against a former champion. But Peyton Manning and the Colts ruined their dream in the second half, although New York got their revenge two weeks ago.

After beating the Patriots, winning today would seem to be easier. Yet Pittsburgh had never lost to New York at home until last month, which includes an escape in the 2005 divisional round. The Steelers face a team that wins big on the road in January, but they already beat a squad like that in the Ravens last week.

Pittsburgh started the week favored by a token home bump, but is now favored by four. Game time weather will be a glorious 11 degrees with a 40 percent chance of precipitation, and aren’t we all so glad these games aren’t being played indoors in Georgia? No.

The Jets have become road warriors in the last two year’s worth of playoffs, and have already beaten the Steelers in Pittsburgh. Again, expect to hear lots of criticisms of the Jets having fun and praises of the Steelers trying to assassinate people.

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Bears Packers Time, Details

Bears Packers Time – The NFL Final Four has a strong link with the big game; the first champion (Packers) to the winner of the game may be the most significant (Jets). And maybe the best team in the Super Bowl (1985 Bears) to the franchise’s most dominant at the time (Steelers).

bears packers time Bears Packers Time, DetailsAny match in Dallas next month will include a lot of history. So much so that Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy said to want to put up a picture of the Packers on the wall next to the other championship teams – including the winners of the first two Super Bowls (1966 and 67 seasons) and the 1996 team.

“We never lost sight because he is always behind me every day when I talk to the team,” said McCarthy’s Packers, who face 90 years, rival Chicago at Soldier Field on Sunday for the NFC title. “I stressed that we are again … half way. We talked about 16 / 4 as a football team. We have completed eight of them. And we need to capture these four Chicago, and it puts us closer to the picture on the wall.

“It’s a goal that is still before us and it was a goal when we started and it is still a goal today.”

The Packers (12-6) face the Bears (12-5) for the 182nd timed with a place in the Super Bowl on the line adds another chapter of history, the longest string in pro football. If the Bears win, they earn their third trip to the big game, one fewer than Green Bay, which is 3-1 in Super Bowls. Chicago is 1-1, having lost the 2006 Colts.

Nobody is comparing these bears to the ’85 version that mixed his way through almost everyone and then bludgeoned the Patriots 46-10 for the crown. This team is considered by many as the best of all 44 winners of the Super Bowl.

If Chicago even approaches the level that Sunday, he will probably be packing for Big D.

“I think everybody in the locker room knows the magnitude of this game, knows what we’re going against,” quarterback Jay Cutler said, “but at the same time, we’ll enjoy it, we’ll be loose We’ll play our game and we can not worry about what will happen next, if we win, we lose, we just go there and play.

“It’s a huge game for Chicago and Green Bay. Just how many times we’ve played each other, the degree of familiarity of both cities and both teams are to each other, it’s almost like a little mini-Super Bowl. But I know Chicago will be very disappointed if we do not win this game. ”

The Steelers have only a 7-7 record in AFC title games. But they are 6-1 in Super Bowls, one more than the championships in San Francisco and Dallas own. The curtain of steel carried them to four crowns in the 1970 NFL and the Steelers in 2005 and 2008, he won all.

This is a tremendous recovery from Pittsburgh (13-4) is in the conference championship game in New York (13-5).

“There is a story you want to live here at a high level of success,” said linebacker James Farrior.

The highest level, a place that the Jets have reached only once. Of course, their victory over the Colts in 1969 confirmed the AFL’s Joe Namath made a superstar, and almost made the Super Bowl as something good, great.

New York was the closure of four times since then: his teams 1982, 1998 and 2009 lost in the final of the AFC championship. Now another chance.

“It’s great. We expected to be here, “talkative, ultraconfident coach Rex Ryan said. “I do not know if we expected to travel the road that we did. It was quite difficult, but we’re only men for the job. We have a strong men’s locker room and we knew what the objective was to us. Never lost sight of the goal. We have always focused on the goal, and it is here. ”

Like the Packers, the Jets are a No. 6 seed. Contrary to Green Bay, which is favored in the NFC title game, the Jets are losers.

“The great thing is, there was a ton of skepticism, you will know along the way we are going to be skeptical,” said Ryan. “I always come back to this quote Ray Robinson when everyone doubts you, you must believe in yourself. That’s what this team a. that’s what this team does. We have always believed in ourselves. We always believed we would get to this point and beyond. We’ll find out Sunday. ”

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Jets-Steelers is the game to see

Jets-Steelers is the game to see

By Joe cowley

Jan 23, 2011 10:47AM

 Jets Steelers is the game to see

9-15-10 Sports Joe Cowley. Staff Mug. photo by Jean Lachat/Sun-Times

It’s only fitting the ‘‘Cold War’’ between the Green Bay Packers and the Bears is the first game today. Every heavyweight fight needs a good undercard.

Just about the time the George Halas Trophy is being handed out and flights to Dallas are being booked, the big-boy game — between the team that starred in ‘‘Hard Knocks’’ and a team that has delivered hard knocks all season long — will be kicking off at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh.

The New York Jets against the Pittsburgh Steelers .  .  . ‘‘Can’t wait!’’

That’s what the hype was supposed to be, at least, once the Jets upset the New England Patriots and the Steelers outlasted the Baltimore Ravens last weekend. But somewhere between Sunday night and Monday morning, a lovefest broke out.

The two biggest bullies in the AFC — and maybe in all of football — spent the week sounding as though they rather would have a hugging contest than play a football game to determine the other half of the Super Bowl bracket.

Gamesmanship galore

It started with, of all people, never-shy Jets coach Rex Ryan. After spitting venom throughout the week leading up to the game against the Patriots, Ryan did a 180 when asked about facing off against Steelers coach Mike Tomlin.

Ryan made it seem as though his adoration for Tomlin was just behind his love of Jets football and his wife’s feet.

As for Tomlin, he rolled with it, returning the favor.

‘‘I love Rex,’’ Tomlin said in his weekly news conference. ‘‘Rex has a lot of fun with you guys [the media]. But when you pass all of those things, man, Rex is a great football coach. He has a pulse of his football team, does a great job of motivating them, and he’s very sound schematically. His glass is always half-full, and I appreciate that.’’

Cue the acoustic-guitar solo and start singing ‘‘Kumbaya’’?

Not even close. Jets-Steelers week has been the ultimate display of gamesmanship on both sides. Make no mistake about it, the teams can’t stand each other. They want to hit each other. They want to hurt each other. They just know what the other one eats.

The Jets are built on bravado and playing the disrespect card. The Steelers have offered up almost no ammunition to fuel that engine. The Steelers, meanwhile, are used to rivals such as the Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals talking a good game before learning it’s about walking it on the field, not talking off of it.

For the Jets’ part, they have issued nothing but love since Bart Scott’s ‘‘Can’t wait!’’ declaration when asked about facing the Steelers minutes after the upset of the Patriots.

‘Talk is cheap’

‘‘For us, it’s a matter of respect,’’ Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie told the (New York) Daily News. ‘‘We knew what we were getting into last week [against the Patriots]. Obviously, we didn’t like them and they don’t like us.’’

Steelers receiver Hines Ward took it a step further when talking this week with Pittsburgh reporters.

‘‘Talk is cheap,’’ Ward said. ‘‘You can talk all week, but if you go out there and don’t back it up, why even talk? That’s why you don’t hear much out of our camp about trash talk. It’s not who we are. It’s not the type of team we are.’’

Once the game starts, however, you had better believe that all bets are off. That’s about the time the acoustic guitar gets smashed and ‘‘Kumbaya’’ turns to ‘‘Hells Bells.’’

The last game between the teams resulted in a 22-17 Jets victory in Week 15, but that comes with an asterisk. The Steelers were without all-world safety Troy Polamalu and tight end Heath Miller and yielded a kickoff return for a touchdown to start the game.

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger threw for 264 yards and a touchdown, and the Steelers had 377 total yards and 25 first downs to the Jets’ 276 yards and 17 first downs.

But the game came down to two incompletions by Roethlisberger from the Jets’ 10 to end the game. Both passes were intended for backup tight end Matt Spaeth.

Then again, the Jets have to be confident after rolling through the Indianapolis Colts and the Patriots to reach the AFC Championship Game.

The game won’t be pretty. As a matter of fact, it might get downright ugly.

A good heavyweight fight usually does.

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