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Super! Watch Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers – (blog)

Published: Sunday, January 23, 2011, 4:40 PM     Updated: Sunday, January 23, 2011, 4:40 PM

live NFL AFC Conference Championships 2011 online stream Schedule , Live score, Kick off time

e score, Kick off time

NFL Conference Final; Watch online New York Jets vs Pittsburgh Steelers live streaming January 23rd – NFL. Enjoy the NFL Post Season 2011 free live internet TV streaming on January 23rd, 2011 at 06:30 pm (ET). New York Jets vs Pittsburgh Steelers NFL football match will be very competitive and enjoyable. NY Jets want to defeat Pittsburgh and go forward to remain this competition and advance to Pro Bowl this Feb. 6, 2011.


New York Jets vs Pittsburgh Steelers LiveMatch scheduled

NFL football-National Football League

Date: Sunday, 23th January 2011

Time: 6:30 PM Estern Time

Competition: NFL

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Green Bay Leaders-Passing: Rodgers – 312-475, 3922 yds, 28 tds ,Rushing: Jackson – 190 car, 703 yds, 3 tds , Receiving: Jennings – 76 rec, 1265 yds, 12 tds and Chicago Leaders-Passing: Cutler – 261-432, 3274 yds, 23 tds,Rushing: Forte – 237 car, 1069 yds, 6 tds,Receiving: Knox – 51 rec, 960 yds, 5 tds.

Chicago Bears against the Green Bay Packers in 2011 will be one of the greatest games ever played. This competition has been involved since 1941, which is the last time the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers squared. After dominating the performance of the previous games, this is easily the most anticipated game in NFL history.

Rodgers won the six-figure job starts against the Bears, completing 68.6 of its shots and hit Cardinal takes shape. His 89.7 scoring footer against them in the conclusion of the season is the poorest of the week his former quartet, but his return with TD humor was the number 12:42. Jay Cutlerthrew for 221 yards and a touchdown in the experiment, but was sacked six present and his staff have come back bugging activity bears.

Cutler responded to 35-24 weeks of separation of the victory over Seattle, threw for 274 yards and two touchdowns – including a 58-meters to Greg Olsen on the activity of pre-flip at the start of the playoffs.

2011 NFC Championship Game will kick off on January 23, at 4:00 pm, ET.

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First FIFA 12 details appear in OPM UK – Made2Game

EA Sports producer David Rutter has been speaking to OPM UK regarding the next version of FIFA, in which he promises an “enormous shopping list” of improvements which the developers are readying for the new title.

According to Rutter, the Canada based studio are planning to make the game a lot faster flowing, starting with the AI.

“I think we did a great job with the Personality Plus feature in FIFA 11, but the team’s [AI] doesn’t support that quite as much as it should,” said Rutter.

“As an example, a team doesn’t spot that if Peter Crouch in the area, they can lay a load of high balls onto his head.”

Rutter also revealed plans to shake up the set pieces, which may see the cut scenes make way for quick free kicks and set-pieces.

“Set-pieces are still a bit lame,” he said. “I get frustrated by not being able to do quick throw-ins, not being able to quickly select my free-kick takers, on the fly stuff. We’re somewhat last-gen in the way the game cuts.”

Finally Rutter also revealed that the team is planning to shake things up in other areas too, which by the sounds of things could involve giving the fans more personality.

“Those moments where you take one player to his old club and the boo boys come out, or his old team are more aggressive in the tackle towards him. So you think: ‘Wow! FIFA understands not just the game of football, but the sport and passion behind it’.”

FIFA 12 will be available later this year.

Thanks, CVG.

Source: First FIFA 12 details appear in OPM UK – Made2Game

NFC Championship Game: Packers at Bears

The team named after a meat packing plant battles the team originally named after a corn processing plant (Decatur Staleys) for the NFC Championship. Green Bay and Chicago. Lambeau and Halas. Lombardi and Ditka. And now, Rodgers and Cutler, Matthews and Urlacher, McCarthy and Lovie.

I already picked the Packers to reach the Super Bowl by beating the Bears in the championship game before the postseason, and I don’t see any reason to come off that now. The Packers have been in playoff contests for a month after losing at Detroit in the game that Rodgers suffered a concussion and Green Bay managed 3 points. Since then, Green Bay has lost a close game at New England without Rodgers, destroyed the Giants in a de facto playoff game, beat the Bears at home 10-3 to officially gain entry, won at Philadelphia, and dominated conference #1 seed Atlanta.

There is always a danger to overreacting to the last week’s results. I don’t think Green Bay will roll over the Bears like they did; the Bears defense is much better than Atlanta’s. However, it’s not like Green Bay has been a mediocre team all year. They led the NFC in point differential. They never trailed by more than one score all season.

The line opened with Green Bay favored, which was not a surprise to me, though it opened a little higher than I expected. Bears fans should be happy. It gives the home team added motivation of feeling disrespected, and we’ve seen that playoff teams who are underdogs at home have been good bets. However, in the championship game round, they haven’t been quite as successful, going 5-5 against the spread.  The last 7 conference championship game home underdogs are only 2-5. The successful underdogs were Arizona over Philadelphia two years ago, and the Giants destroying Minnesota in January of 2001. The Bears were slight home underdogs to another 10-6 team back in 1988, and lost 28-3 at home to San Francisco.

Even though the teams split while winning at home this year, this is a series with very little home field advantage. Both teams play outdoors, in the cold, and are very familiar with each other. Since 1960, the Packers actually have a winning record in Chicago, going 28-22. That’s only one game worse than their home record against Chicago (29-21). Since 1990, the Packers are 13-8 against the spread in Chicago, and 9-1 (7-3 ATS) in Soldier Field when favored.

The fact that Terry McAuley was the referee in the first Bears-Packers meeting this year, where Green Bay was called for 18 penalties, has raised some concern. If I were the Packers, I would be more concerned about executing. It’s not the full crew (playoff crews are mixed) and McAuley doesn’t have a reputation for overly calling penalties.

The tale of the tape shows that the Packers have the significant advantage at pass offense, while the Bears are better at stopping the opponent on the ground.

The one area that doesn’t show up there is special teams, and it is a decided advantage for Chicago. It is, in fact, the one facet where Chicago will need to win to have a good chance, while Green Bay will try to limit the damage. We saw Green Bay give up a kick return touchdown last week, and Devin Hester had a punt return touchdown in the first contest between these teams. Chicago scored only one offensive touchdown (a Cutler pass to Olsen) in the two games, so they will need short fields or scores out of the return games, something that Green Bay can accomodate.

The line: Green Bay by 3.5

My pick: Green Bay 23, Chicago 13

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Source: NFC Championship Game: Packers at Bears

Aaron vs. Jay, Packers vs. Bears in NFC title game


Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler are two young quarterbacks on the rise, blessed with slingshot arms and nimble feet. Both can handle postseason pressure, earning their first career playoff victories in recent weeks.

They’re friendly off the field, exchanging congratulatory text messages when their respective teams won last weekend to set up what might be the juiciest conference championship game ever.

And both men have a chance to cement a place among the NFL’s top quarterbacks when the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears revive their historic rivalry in Sunday’s NFC championship game at Soldier Field.

For fans, it’s a passionate fight for ultimate bragging rights. For players, the game will likely be decided by the two quarterbacks’ ability to make big plays and keep drives alive against two top defenses.

“Once you get to these games, it is a quarterback’s game,” Bears coach Lovie Smith said. “When they have open receivers, hitting them. Standing in the pocket, taking a couple hits if you have to, just being that leader that the team sees is out front making plays.”

But any similarity between Cutler and Rodgers ends when it comes to public perception.

Rodgers is the guy who gracefully scrambled out of Brett Favre’s shadow.

Cutler is Favre 2.0, minus much of the homespun country charm.

Rodgers remained poised and quietly confident after Favre was traded in 2008 _ even after Rodgers was booed by some of his own fans. Since then, Rodgers has won over just about everyone with his stellar play and likable personality.

If anybody in Wisconsin is still pining for Favre in green and gold, they’re doing so very quietly.

“He’s playing his best football of his career at this point, and that’s what you want, especially this time of year,” Packers coach Mike McCarthy said of Rodgers. “He’s definitely a big-time quarterback. He’s everything we hoped he’d be.”

Cutler remains a talented work in progress.

His throwing mechanics sometimes break down, and he relies on arm strength and a gambling mentality that sometimes leads to head-scratching interceptions.

“I think you’re always growing,” Cutler said. “You’re always trying to get better. You’re always learning new stuff. Obviously I had to learn a little bit quicker with the new offense and Mike (Martz). You’re always seeing different defenses and always critiquing yourself and if you’re not, you’re not going to get any better.”

But Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk says Cutler has a “huge” arm and seems to have his teammates behind him.

“I think they love having a guy like Jay Cutler, because he brings a lot of energy and big-play capability to the field,” Hawk said. “And I think he’s done a really good job all year of kind of capitalizing on the defense’s mistakes that are made against him and what he can do. He seems like he just has great command of the offense, great command of the game. That’s what you want out of a quarterback.”

Given Cutler’s risky tendencies, and his at-times aloof demeanor off the field, he hasn’t completely won over some Bears fans. That could change Sunday.

“I think everyone in the locker room knows the magnitude of this game, knows what we’re going up against,” Cutler said. “But at the same time we’re going to enjoy it, we’re going to be loose, we’re going to play our game and we can’t worry about what is going to happen afterward if we win, we lose. We just have to go out there and play.”

Rodgers said Sunday’s game “takes the rivalry to the next level,” creating the kind of atmosphere he’s dreamed about playing in since he was a kid.

“It’s great that there’s so much history, the longest-running rivalry in the National Football League,” Rodgers said. “To have one of us, the winner of this game, go to the Super Bowl is pretty special.”

Sure, the quarterbacks won’t determine Sunday’s game by themselves.

Sloppy field conditions at Soldier Field could disrupt the Packers’ wide receivers, hinder the quickness of Bears defensive end Julius Peppers _ or both. Clay Matthews and the Packers’ blitz schemes could prove to be too much for a still-shaky Bears offensive line, or Chicago’s resurgent running game with Matt Forte could keep Green Bay’s defense off balance.

The Bears could capitalize on what appears to be a significant edge on special teams, beginning with returner Devin Hester.

But quarterbacks come first, even in a historic rivalry built on toughness, and Packers cornerback Tramon Williams said the Packers will be in for a long afternoon if they don’t get pass rush pressure.

“Hopefully, we can get to Cutler and make him make some quick decisions back there,” Williams said. “When you watch film, if you let the guy sit back there he can be a nightmare. If you get pressure on pretty much anybody you’ll make them make quick decisions and you can make plays.”

Rodgers, meanwhile, was fairly productive in two games against Chicago this year _ the Bears won in Chicago in September, and the Packers beat the Bears in their regular-season finale to make the playoffs _ but the Bears generally do a pretty good job containing the Packers’ offense.

Rodgers said he’s looking forward to facing the Bears, especially linebacker Brian Urlacher.

“I don’t know how he feels about me. He said he voted for me for the Pro Bowl _ I don’t know if he’s lying or not,” Rodgers joked. “A lot of respect on this side for the way that he plays, the way he’s played this season. But (he’s) somebody I really enjoy playing against.”

Source: Aaron vs. Jay, Packers vs. Bears in NFC title game

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