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Jake Gyllenhaal Is The Matthew McConaughey Of 2014


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Remember the days Jake Gyllenhaal and former girlfriend Kirsten Dunst would walk their dog Atticus together in Los Angeles? Yes, and it was perfect. The Manic Pixie Dream Couple of the early ’00s may be long gone, but Gyllenhaal’s career only intensified after that relationship. As did his gossip potential and attempts at leading man status, giving us maple latte dates with Taylor Swift and the forgettable Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

Jake Gyllenhaal Is The Matthew McConaughey Of 2014

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While he broke out as a talented actor from a famous family oozing with indie credibility, Gyllenhaal quickly became one of Hollywood’s most coveted young actors. With the monstrous success of disaster flick The Day After Tomorrow, he began pairing his box office potential with high-profile romances that left tabloids salivating: Kirsten, Reese Witherspoon, Taylor. After an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor in Ang Lee‘s Brokeback Mountain, as well as films from Sam Mendes and David Fincher, the only thing left for him to do was take his shirt off in a big-budget video game adaptation, make googly eyes at Anne Hathaway in a rom com about Viagra and go on public man dates with Lance Armstrong. As Gyllenhaal’s star power surged, we, and most of Hollywood, lost sight of his talent and only thought about his… face. And just as the infamous cyclist fell from grace following a doping scandal, moviegoers forgot about Gyllenhaal’s true chops following a few less than stellar films and a new crop of Next Big Things arriving from across the pond.

But Hollywood loves a comeback story. Like Matthew McConaughey’s incredible career makeover, Gyllenhaal has put together a successful string of strong performances in well-received projects over the last two years. While you were busy claiming your allegiance to Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael B. Jordan, Gyllenhaal was proving to directors, casting agents and fans that he’s far from finished. (He is only 33, after all.) There was the surprising turn in End of Watch, which director David Ayer praised Jake’s dedication to the film and even suggested his future potential behind the cameraHis performance in 2013′s Prisoners earned Gyllenhaal a Supporting Actor statue at the Hollywood Film Awards for his portrayal of a detective whose devotion to his case borders on obsession. He then teamed up with director Denis Villeneuve again for Enemy — in which he plays the dual role of guarded history professor and his actor doppelganger — a truly unique and confounding thriller.

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Busy Phillips Wants Jake Gyllenhaal to Date Michelle Williams

Busy Phillips Wants Jake Gyllenhaal to Date Michelle Williams

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Busy Phillips Wants Jake Gyllenhaal to Date Michelle WilliamsBUSY Phillips is playing matchmaker.

The actress wants her close friend Michelle Williams to date hunky actor Jake Gyllenhaal, and she’s doing her best to make it happen.

Gyllenhaal broke up with Sports Illustrated model Alyssa Miller earlier this year after dating just six months.

Meanwhile, Williams has never married after having daughter Matilda, now 8, with Heath Ledger, who died of an accidental drug overdose in 2008.

“Busy’s been trying to match-make them for a good year now and got her hopes up when she saw how Jake really became a shoulder to cry on for Michelle at their friend Philip Seymour Hoffman‘s funeral,” a source told RadarOnline.

“But despite her efforts, she still hasn’t gotten them to go out on a date yet.”

Williams and Gyllenhaal have known each other for years, since starring together — along with Ledger — in the landmark 2005 drama, Brokeback Mountain.

“Busy is not really taking into account that Jake would have an issue with dating the ex of his late close friend Heath,” the source said.

Phillips is the one who set up Williams with How I Met Your Mother star Jason Segel, ”who really broke Michelle’s heart” before he turned to Alcoholics Anonymous.

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Busy Phillips Wants Jake Gyllenhaal to Date Michelle Williams
Source: Busy Phillips Wants Jake Gyllenhaal to Date Michelle Williams

First Dibs: Are Jennifer Lawrence’s Boobs Stuck In The 1970s?

First Dibs: Are Jennifer Lawrence’s Boobs Stuck In The 1970s?

Is Jennifer Lopez switching from movies to television? Is Jake Gyllenhaal hooking up with an ex-girlfriend? Did Kate Mara learn she got the part of Sue Storm in Fantastic Four on twitter?

  • Jennifer Lawrence is embracing ’70s cleavage once more. The starlet can be seen wearing a very low-cut disco-era dress in new stills from X-Men: Days Of Future Past. [Daily Mail]
  • Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Seacrest are producing a 13-episode FBI drama called Shades Of Blue for NBC. Lopez will star as Harlee McCord, a single mom and detective who is asked to work undercover for the FBI. [Deadline]
  • Jake Gyllenhaal isn’t a single man anymore. The star has reunited with his ex-girlfriend, Alyssa Miller. [US Magazine]
  • As of Thursday, House of Cards actress Kate Mara still hadn’t been told officially whether or not she was playing Sue Storm in Fantastic Four. The actress only learned she had won the part from scrolling through twitter! [MTV News]

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Source: First Dibs: Are Jennifer Lawrence’s Boobs Stuck In The 1970s?