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Netflix To Stream All 10 Seasons of Friends Starting on New Year’s Day

Friends fanatics will be extremely pleased to hear that Netflix just announced they will stream all 10 seasons of Friends starting January 1, 2015. Buy some champagne and make sure your Internet is working now, because there will be nothing better than ringing in the New Year with your trusted companions Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey. Let the binge-watching begin!

Ever wonder which of the six stars have had the most success after the final season of the best network sitcom of all-time? Find out who’s still on top today, and let us know which of your favorite episodes you’re looking forward to re-watching in the comments below.


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Tammin Sursok: “Take Time To Lose The Baby Weight”

Tammin Sursok: “Take Time To Lose The Baby Weight”

Pretty Little Liars star Tammin Sursok has been loving the first year of motherhood with daughter Phoenix. So much so, that she teamed up with JOHNSON’S® for their Moms with Strollers new online series that speaks “frankly about tips, experiences, fears and accomplishments” of new motherhood.

The actress, 31, opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her “giggly baby” who is the “light” of her life. She goes on to talk about the rewards of motherhood, not feeling pressure to lose the baby weight quickly, and the upcoming fifth season of Pretty Little Liars.

CBS: Tell us about partnering with Johnson’s Baby for the Moms with Strollers video series that pairs celebrity moms and everyday moms.

TS: “It’s a wonderful opportunity for moms to connect. Getting readily available parenting tips and insights from other experienced moms is something all first-time moms value, which is why I was thrilled to partner with JOHNSON’S® for their Moms with Strollers video series.

I realized through the experience how important a ‘community of mothers’ really is. I decided to get involved because I loved that they wanted to provide a realistic environment to speak frankly about tips, experiences, fears and accomplishments.

Moms with Strollers features pairings of everyday moms and celebrity moms as we share stories, experiences, and questions that often arise from being a first-time mom. Topics range from how to swaddle your baby (my husband and I practiced a few times once we got home from the hospital before we got the hang of it), and the best ways to get your baby to sleep.”

CBS: Happy Birthday to Phoenix who turned 1 on October 8! How is she doing? What is she into these days? What does she do to make you laugh?

TS: “Phoenix is wonderful. She is literally the light of our life. For us – and I assume for most parents – every development and milestone we experience is like a miracle. Even the simplest thing! I can still remember the first time she sipped through a straw – and we thought, ‘How the heck did she learn that?!’

She is also a very smiley and giggly baby and her laugh is infectious. When she laughs, we laugh, then she laughs more and we laugh more. If someone heard us, they would think we are a house full of crazy people [laughs]. She’s almost walking now so we are constantly finding more places to baby proof.”

CBS: Tell us about her first birthday party. Did you go over-the-top for her milestone birthday?

TS: “I have found that there are a few things we are doing which are a bit over-the-top. In particular, I got her a really big cake with elephants and rabbits on it. So cute! We have friends and family coming, including my parents all the way from Australia, so it will be a very special affair. I bought her a pink toy plane to ride in. I know it’s so silly but I can’t wait to see the look on her face.”

CBS: Tell us how motherhood has changed you. What are some of the biggest surprises of motherhood? Great rewards? Biggest challenges?

TS: “I have found that I have to be more patient and relaxed and that things will just happen. As much as you try to stay organized and plan, more times than not, the baby will have her own idea of how something’s going to go down.

I now don’t sweat the small stuff. Parenting is extremely rewarding. The amount of love that is reciprocated from her is overwhelming.”

CBS: You look terrific! What are some of your best health and beauty tips for new moms? Did you feel the pressure to lose the baby weight ASAP?

TS: “My best tip is to give yourself permission to take time to lose the baby weight. It took me about a year and I still have some to go but I am ok with it because my body is a warrior and a miracle for creating this beautiful life, so I am going to be kind to it.

I used the food delivery service Paleta which is a farm to table, calorie controlled taste sensation. The meals are already made so it gave me time to focus on my child and I knew I would have something nutritious for me to eat. I would have been lost without it.

I don’t really feel the pressure to lose the baby weight because in our household we’ve always been very health conscious and love fitness and working out as a family. I knew that if I just went back to my old habits my body would respond, so I didn’t obsess on it.”

CBS: Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars premiers in December. What can fans expect this season? What do you love about the show? Can you give us any semi-spoilers?

TS: “You know, I can’t tell you much! But what I can tell you is that there’s always a shock around the corner and the person you always thought did it, is never the one that did. I am constantly in awe of how the writers can continue to keep the audience – and even the actors – in suspense; it’s such a fun show to work on.”

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Tammin Sursok: “Take Time To Lose The Baby Weight”
Source: Tammin Sursok: “Take Time To Lose The Baby Weight”

Downton Abbey Costume Designer Creates a Dress Made of Chocolate (PHOTOS)

10/14/2014 at 05:07 PM ET

Downton Abbey Costume Designer Creates a Dress Made of Chocolate (PHOTOS)
Courtesy Lindt

When life gives you a chocolate dress, do you eat it or wear it?

In the case of this chocolate gown designed by Downton Abbey costume designer Caroline McCall, you most definitely wear it. Made for U.K.’s Chocolate Week, the handmade Lindt chocolate dress will debut at a London chocolate fashion show on Thursday.

It took BAFTA-winning McCall, Lindt master chocolatier Stefan Bruderer and food artist Paul Warne Gregory three months to construct Deco Diamond — that’s the dress’s official name — using about 132 pounds of chocolate.

The fitted, dark chocolate bodice and layered dark, milk and white chocolate skirt is finished with a halter neckline of alternating chocolate squares. (For the record, the shoes are not made of chocolate because … yuck.)

McCall, who designed Lady Mary’s season three wedding dress, says she modeled this chocolate frock after Downton Abbey‘s iconic 1920s British style.

This isn’t the first haute chocolate gown made for Chocolate Week. Last year, Lindt showcased a knee-length cocoa dress embellished with chili and orange segments, which weighed 110 pounds and took two weeks to make.

We hope this year’s fashion show is held in an adequately chilled venue — for the chocolate’s sake.

—Morgan Gibson

Downton Abbey Costume Designer Creates a Dress Made of Chocolate (PHOTOS)
Source: Downton Abbey Costume Designer Creates a Dress Made of Chocolate (PHOTOS)

The Daily Treat: Get Acquainted with the World’s Tallest Cow

The Daily Treat: Get Acquainted with the Worlds Tallest Cow

Patty Hanson with 13-year-old Blosom

Jane Lethlean/The Journal-Standard/AP

10/15/2014 AT 01:00 PM EDT

A 6-foot-4-inch cow owned by an Illinois woman was recently dubbed the world’s tallest.

Patty Hanson and Blosom the cow smiled for their official Guinness World Records photo shoot on Monday.

Hanson received an email in mid-August saying Blosom had been named the world’s tallest cow. She sought the record after veterinarians and the cow’s foot trimmer constantly noted the 2,000-lb. animal’s large size, Hanson said.

At the end of May, family and friends began documenting Blosom’s mass through photos and videos. Her official measurements were taken by a vet from Orangeville Animal Health Services.

“When I put Blosom’s halter on, she knows it’s time to go to work greeting people, and one of the best things I love about this big cow is she makes people smile. But now when I get to tell them they are looking at the world’s tallest cow, I can’t wait to see their reaction,” Hanson said.

Hanson got Blosom when she was a calf and eventually decided to keep her as a pet. She turned 13 in July.

“My dad used to chuckle at Blosom, but soon softened up to her, which is why she stayed home on the farm as an addition to the many pets – she adds character,” Hanson said.

Hanson said she wants to turn Blosom’s story into a children’s book someday.

“Blosom is a bit like an overgrown dog,” Hanson said. “To people who have cows, they will get what I am saying, but I want other people to know she is special. I told my dad years ago that Blosom was destined for stardom, and with this record she has achieved that.”

Blosom will be included in the 2016 edition of the Guinness World Records book.

The Daily Treat: Get Acquainted with the Worlds Tallest Cow
Source: The Daily Treat: Get Acquainted with the World’s Tallest Cow