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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Missing England

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Missing England

Wednesday September 28, 2011

ROSIE Huntington-Whiteley “misses” England.

The 24-year-old model — who was born in Plymouth, South West England, and grew up on a farm in the county of Devon — currently lives in Los Angeles with boyfriend Jason Statham, but finds it hard because there is no “community” in the Californian city.

“I miss England, especially the culture and camaraderie. In Los Angeles there’s no community,” she said.

“But Hollywood is really geared up for fitness. The gym is something I always prioritize.”

The Transformers: Dark of the Moon actress recently purchased a cottage back in the UK so she could escape her celebrity lifestyle.

“Rosie’s just bought a cottage on the edge of Dartmoor. With its eerie, foggy moor it’s the perfect place for her to hide away,” a source said.

“Now she’s globally famous, Rosie is fed up with the attention. Things have been going crazy since she started dating Jason Statham. She can now switch off, close her cottage doors and hide.”

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Celebrity Parents Sound Off On Twitter This 4th Of July!

Celebrity Parents Sound Off On Twitter This 4th Of July!

@TheBillHorn How is @ScoutMasterson spending his birthday? In a kiddie pool w/ our precious little Nugget.

@DENISE_RICHARDS Happy 4th of july!!!!!!! have fun and please be safe….xo

@iamkelis Happy 4th of july! My baby boy pooed in his swim diaper! Lol

@ActuallyNPH Happy 4th of July, everyone! Hope the fireworks were/are awesome tonight. Both literally and metaphorically.

@iamdiddy no matter how you celebrate your 4th… celebrate RESPONSIBLY!!!

@JennaElfman My 3 yr old son just farted on my hand. #HappyFourthOfJulyFromAThreeYearOld

@KendraWilkinson happy 4th of july everyone..god bless america…and nude thongs hahaha. Beer, bbq, and bloated is the way to celebrate!!

@1capplegate Happy 4th everyone. Please don’t drink and drive, text and drive…but you may drink and tweet…always makes me laugh.

@Pink Willow and I are on point today as far as mixing fashion and patriotism. it’s on.

@KourtneyKardash Who’s into dressing festive 4 holidays? Is it cheesy or cool? I was very patriotic today in a red dress and some red lips with a denim belt!

@KimberlilyVDB Packing, eating, playing with O, watching fireworks from our patio. Perfect 4th!

@JennyMcCarthy Happy 4th to all my followers who put up with me and my dumb tweets. Love ya. Have a great 4th whoop whoop!

Happy 4th of July from @celeb_babyscoop!

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