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PHOTOS: See How Katy Perry’s Epic Tour Makeup Comes to Life

08/15/2014 at 04:55 PM ET

Katy Perry tour makeupCourtesy CoverGirl

While Katy Perry‘s concerts are jam-packed with costume changes, larger than life sets and addictive tunes — for us it’s her epic makeup that always steals the show. So we begged her makeup artist, Todd Delano, to spill what it’s like to create those iconic glittering, colorful looks. Here’s what we learned:

Looking like a diva starts in the shower
Delano taught the CoverGirl spokeswoman that the secret to looking “fresh and dewy” is gently exfoliating with a washcloth. “It’s best to do it in the shower while you’re under the steam,” he explains.

Thin layers are key to long-lasting makeup
With all that dancing under the hot lights, sweat-proof makeup is crucial. To keep her looking hot (and not a hot mess), Delano layers her makeup — but moderately. “We start with a light layer of moisturizer, than CoverGirl’s Ready Set Foundation because it’s oil-free and will stay matte, followed by a very thin dusting of powder to set it. After dusting on the powder, I’ll press it into her skin with a powder puff.”

Katy Perry tour makeupCourtesy CoverGirl

She spends at least an hour in the makeup chair — longer if her famous friends stop by!
“When we were in London, Adele was hanging out with us while I was getting Katy ready. And Adele is one of the funniest people you’ll ever meet,” Delano shares. “So the three of us kept laughing so hard that I couldn’t get Katy’s makeup done! I eventually had to kick [Adele] out because she was making us so late!”

Touch ups need to be lightning-fast
“We literally have about 20 seconds to dust on a bit of powder between songs,” Delano says. “One time, her false lash popped [off] and we had to work so quickly with the glue to get it back on. She was even pressing it in place as she walked back on stage.”

Katy Perry tour makeupCourtesy CoverGirl

Katy is super involved in creating her looks
We aren’t the only ones who get makeup ideas from Pinterest! “Katy and I always talk back and forth — she has amazing ideas,” according to Delano. “She pulls inspiration from Tumblr, the runway, and random photos she finds.”

What do you think of Delano’s tips? Are you a fan of Perry’s on-stage beauty looks? Share your thoughts below!

–Loni Venti

Source: PHOTOS: See How Katy Perry’s Epic Tour Makeup Comes to Life