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Pregnant Kate Hudson Dabbles In Light Witchcraft To Predict Baby’s Sex

A lot of things change once a woman gets pregnant: her body, her diet, her level of interest in the occult. If Kate Hudson’s pregnancy is any indication, these changes may or may not include some light to moderate witchcraft. While being interviewed by Entertainment Tonight about her new movie Something Borrowed, co-starring John Krasinski and produced by Hilary Swank, Kate Hudson predicted her baby’s sex using a pendulum made of her own hair and a gold ring. Apparently “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” includes expecting supernatural forces to tell you whether to stock up on pink or blue onesies.

“This is very witchy of me,” Hudson explained, as the pendulum spun in a circle above her belly. “A circle is a girl, and a boy, it goes back and forth.” Based on the movement of a piece of medal, Kate is predicting a girl for her and musician Matt Bellamy this summer. Hudson already has has a son, Ryder, from her marriage to rocker Chris Robinson. For the birthing ceremony, Hudson just needs some burning, the semen of a righteous man and an opening weekend box office of at lease $20 million. Though at least two out of three ain’t bad.

[Photo: Entertainment Tonight]

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Michael J. Fox, Wife Have Separate Tivos!

Michael J. Fox, Wife Have Separate Tivos!

Wednesday April 13, 2011

Michael J. FoxMICHAEL J. Fox and his wife have separate Tivos!

The actor is married to Tracy Pollan — whom he  met on the set of Family Ties in the 1980s — and admits the couple have differing tastes in television.

“I’ll watch bizarre shows like hoarding shows. Storage Wars, Swamp Men – all that trash,” he told America’s OK! magazine.

“We have very different interests in television,” said Tracy, who has four children with Michael. As for the kids, “They like Glee — not Sam, he would be horrified if I said that – but the girls like Glee.”

Fox says the household like to watch American Idol “as a family”.

“I did a couple episodes of Good Wife and Tracy did a movie for Lifetime this year,” Michael added, “and we’ve been busy with the foundation and busy with the kids and just enjoying life.”

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