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The 5 Most Adorkable Quotes From Rob Pattinson’s EW Interview

True story: When we pitched this post to theFABlife blog team over email today, we used the title “Robert Pattinson: The World’s Most F–kable Dork.” Because guys, SERIOUSLY. Is Rob’s sweet nerdiness combined with his ridiculous sex appeal not the best thing ever? (That was a rhetorical question. It is.) It’s obvious that we have some hardcore Rob fangirls around here (waves) who are getting all hot and bothered over the press he’s doing for Water For Elephants, and with good reason. His new interview with Entertainment Weekly is classic Rob: funny and self-deprecating with references to feeling “like a moron.” We die.

Here are our five favorite adorkable Rob quotes from the EW piece. What are yours?

5. “I’m terrified that she won’t. I’ll be so, so happy if she does.” [When asked if he thinks Tai, the elephant who plays Rosie in WFE, will remember him.]

4. “I’m just constantly so clouded in self-consciousness all the time because I didn’t grow up as a very dramatic kid. I did this movie called Bel Ami at the beginning of last year, and we did a lot of rehearsals, and we were doing all this body-language stuff, and I was so embarassed doing it in front of the other actors. I felt like the biggest moron ever.”

3. “I have an obscenely boring life.”

2. “Generally, what I think is cool, everybody else hates.”

1. “…literally one day after my shirt-off scene I started being all [mimics eating voraciously] nom, nom, nom.”

[Photo: RPLife]

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