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Oprah Guests: Meredith Baxter domestic abuse survivor out in Hollywood? – Green Celebrity Network




Oprah Guests

Meredith Baxter out in Hollywood survived domestic abuse?

[Mar. 5]

Green celebrity American actress Meredith Baxter (formerly Meredith Baxter-Birney) came out at a rate quicker than most other celebs out in Hollywood.  As a television mother part of the hit series Family Ties, Baxter was leading a double-life.  In an interview with Oprah Winfrey on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” episode that aired March 2nd, 2011, Baxter discussed her biography Untied (released on March 3, 2011), which discusses her double-life, struggle with alcohol addiction, developing sexuality and an abusive marriage to actor David Birney.

Meredith Baxter stared alongside actors Michael J. Fox and Michael Gross in “Family Ties” for about 7 years in the 1980’s.  Baxter came out as a lesbian in 2009 on the “Today Show” after rumors that blogger Perez Hilton and tabloid papers were threatening to run a story about her and lesbian partner Nancy.


Oprah Winfrey and Meredith Baxter discussed many areas of Baxter’s life but primarily focused on her abusive past in her relationship with actor David Birney.  The longest marriage for her of three failed marriages, was the abusive one with Burney.  This marriage took place throughout her career as television mom, Elyse P. Keaton in “Growing Pains”.  To hear Michael Gross tell it, Baxter was very good at concealing her troubled marriage and struggles with alcohol until she finally broke down to him on the set behind the studio kitchen.


During the “Oprah Winfrey Show” episode, Gross recalled her repeating the phrase, “I’m afraid,” numerous times as Baxter recounted the story of her marriage.  It was not until the children were grown that she finally decided to leave the marriage.   One Thanksgiving holiday when in the kitchen after another failed attempt to please Birney with a pleasant dinner, something clicked in her mind, “There’s not going to be another time”.  This was Meredith’s statement to David Birney as he suggested ides for making the next Thanksgiving gathering a better one – their divorce was final in 1989.


Actress Meredith Baxter shared her thoughts with Oprah on her feelings from the marriage:

“I felt [like] a fraud in my own life,” she says. “But it wasn’t in terms about any public persona. I didn’t live in any public persona. I didn’t think about my fans or anything like that. It was just such a little dark little place I lived.”

“The truth is, you don’t have to be abused physically too many times. A couple times and you know that’s always on the back burner,” she says. “It’s the continuing corrosive effect of being belittled, denigrated in front of children, second-guessed, called down so that I have no voice. I had no voice for so long, which is probably, ultimately, why I felt I had to say something at some point.”


When Oprah asked Meredith about her increasingly uncontrollable drinking Baxter replied:

“[I was] unmindful of anybody else. I was so caught up in my own hurt,” she says. “I don’t know what I was saying to myself, but I was so angry.”


Michael Gross commented on what he perceived of the Baxter-Birney Hollywood marriage:

“She and David were the poster children of a marriage that was going well. All through the first years of Family Ties it was, ‘Here’s the Hollywood marriage that works,’” he says. “I didn’t know it was because you kept your mouth shut.”


Not only was Meredith Baxter hiding her history as a domestic abuse survivor, she was also keeping her sexuality a secret.  For many years, for fear of the media smearing her name, Baxter and lesbian partners as she realized she was a lesbian would hide from the public’s eye.  While some close friends, such as Michael Gross, and family knew about her sexuality, most in her life were oblivious.  Her live-in girlfriend Nancy shared her feelings with Oprah:

“I never knew when it was okay, when we were out in public, to hold her hand or to put my arm around her,” Nancy says. “We would be holding hands and perhaps someone would be walking up the street and she would need to drop my hand. It would hurt my feelings.”


Meredith Baxter’s current relationship with girlfriend Nancy appears to be a refreshing change from Baxter’s previous relationships.  As a mother, daughter, celebrity actress, domestic abuse survivor, lesbian and recovering alcohol addict, Baxter is in a healthy place in her life.


Green Celebrity Stats: Actress Meredith Baxter

Actress Meredith Baxter, diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999, has taken to speaking at breast cancer awareness gatherings and makes it a point to voice her thoughts on domestic violence survivorship and how to prevent domestic abuse.


Survivor and Actress Meredith Baxter has been through a lot in her 63 years of life.  With many roles, both on screen and off, she has re-created herself numerous times over the years.   What do you think of this newest chapter in her life?



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Charlie Sheen: "I’m Still Alive, Which Is Pretty Cool" – Us Magazine

Maybe Charlie Sheen can host next year’s Oscars?

The actor’s media blitz — and his war against CBS, Two a Half Men honcho Chuck Lorre, and other critics — continued Monday and Tuesday in a series of off-the-cuff, instantly quotable interviews on TV and radio.

PHOTOS: Charlie’s craziest controversies

“I’m entertaining as hell” but not “crazy,” Sheen, 45, insisted on the Today Show Tuesday morning. “[People] expect [me] to be normal, conventional, boring. No, man. We’re shaking the trees. We’re shaking all the trees!”

Continued the hard-partying actor, who is now living with two “goddesses” (a porn star and a model) who frequently babysit his twin sons Bob and Max, nearly 2: “I am grandiose. I live a grandiose life.”

PHOTOS: Biggest star meltdowns

During his Today Show chat (his second in two days), he urged fans not to worry about his health. “Don’t be worried. Celebrate this moment!”

The night before, Sheen popped up for a live interview on Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN. He blasted his costars on Two and a Half Men for remaining silent during his war with the show.

PHOTOS: Hollywood rehabs — find out where celebs go to dry out

“I don’t feel like there’s any real support there. No one has issued a statement. I made a phone call. I get a couple angry texts, whatever. Ignore that. I am out here trying to do this for all of us guys,” the star said. “I’m not trying to embarrass you or ruin your jobs or ruin the show. It would be nice if there was some measure of support though — from anybody. Anybody. That’s alright. Every great movement begins with one man and I guess that’s me.”

VIDEO: Check out Charlie’s shocking Monday chat

“I’m still alive, which is pretty cool,” added the star, who said that he remains off of drugs and alcohol.

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Amanda Seyfried Obsessed With Leonardo DiCaprio

Wednesday February 23, 2011

Amanda SeyfriedAMANDA Seyfried was “obsessed” with Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo and Juliet when she was growing up.

The 25-year-old actress has confessed she used to watch the 1996 movie — which was a modernized version of Shakespeare’s original play and starred Leonardo as tragic lover Romeo Montague — all the time because the big screen heartthrob was her “favorite” actor.

“I’ve always loved movies that have that kind of fantastical element to them,” Amanda said. “I was obsessed with Romeo and Juliet. I was, like, 11 when it came out. I watched it all the time. I couldn’t stop watching it. Leonardo DiCaprio was my absolute favorite.

“I was just so inspired by that movie, for whatever reason. It’s beautiful. It’s bright. It’s vivid and intense. And then the love story and the soundtrack … I probably shouldn’t have seen it as young I did, but I did and I loved it.”

The blonde beauty is preparing for the release of her own fantasy film Red Riding Hood — which is based on the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood and sees a medieval village tormented by a werewolf — and has scoffed at suggestions it is like the Twilight movies.

Although the project has been helmed by Catherine Hardwicke — who directed the first part of the vampire franchise – and contains a love triangle involving Amanda’s character Valerie, she claims that is where the similarities end.

“I think it is hard not to compare Red Riding Hood because Catherine directed the first Twilight,” Amanda said.

“But Red Riding Hood is a very different film. I mean, yeah, there’s a love triangle, and people can easily compare the relationship between Kristen Stewart and those two guys in Twilight to the Valerie, Henry, and Peter characters in this movie, but we have so many elements that make it completely different.

“Nobody knows who the wolf is in our movie. And we’ve modernised the story and added so many levels to it and created our own story around the iconic centre, which is the girl in the woods who talks to the wolf, and has a great relationship with her grandmother, and all those symbols.”

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