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Jennifer Lawrence’s “Troll” Comment Joins Her Most Self-Deprecating Quotes

Oh, how we love this girl. When faced with the pressure of a Letterman interview last night, on top of the impending release of The Hunger Games and what has to be months and months of pent-up jitters, Jennifer Lawrence did exactly what we would have done in the same situation: girl lost her damn mind. “I’m a troll,” the Winter’s Bone actress declared nervously when Dave asked about watching herself on screen. She then launched into an amazing stream of word vomit: “I hate myself. Don’t go see the movie because I’m a troll. I think the movie is great but their biggest mistake was me.” Celebrities! They’re just like us: unable to contain their deep-seated self-loathing! This isn’t the first time Lawrence has gone beyond humble and plunged into cringe-worthy in a moment of panic. In fact, check out some of her most self-deprecating quotes from the ongoing Hunger Games onslaught…

  • “I think I’m as ready as I can be, which is not that ready,” Jennifer told the Montreal Gazette. “I’m kind of clueless about it all.”
  • “Are people disappointed that I’m not on fire?” Lawrence joked with MTV at the Hunger Games world premiere in L.A. “I never fully absorb anything.”
  • “I feel like I woke up and I was in two franchises,” Lawrence told DigitalSpy. “I was like, ‘Wow, I never expected to see that!’”
  • “One girl almost fainted. But it’s never over me,” Jennifer joked with ScreenRant about the Hunger Games mall tour. “And I’m like ‘It’s okay.’ I practiced my signature for so long and I didn’t get to use it.’”
  • “I am not a better actor than any of the girls who auditioned,” Lawrence explained, also from her Montreal Gazette interview. “It just happened for me.”
  • “I’m like a Chihuahua! I’m shaking and peeing!” she joked in her Letterman interview. Jennifer…welcome to our Top 10 Favorite Celebrities list. Top 10…of all time.

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Source: Jennifer Lawrence’s “Troll” Comment Joins Her Most Self-Deprecating Quotes

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