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Katherine Jackson Reinstated as Guardian of Michael Jackson’s Children

Katherine Jackson Reinstated as Guardian of Michael Jackson's Children

Paris Jackson (left) and Katherine Jackson

Mark Davis/Getty; Jun Sato/WireImage

The Jackson family turmoil appears to be settling down as matriarch Katherine Jackson was reinstated as a guardian of her grandchildren and Jermaine Jackson backed off on a challenge of his brother Michael’s will.

At a hearing Thursday, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff found that Katherine was doing a “wonderful job” with the late singer’s kids, Prince, 15, Paris, 14, and Blanket, 10.

“It’s clear to me that the children are well cared for by Mrs. Jackson,” the judge said, according to the Los Angeles Times. It is clear to me they love her very much.”

The judge also said that the children’s cousin T.J. Jackson – installed at an earlier emergency hearing as temporary guardian – would remain in that position and later share full guardian duties with Katherine.

The ruling came after Michael’s brother Jermaine said he had withdrawn his signature from a letter calling Michael’s will “fake, flawed and fraudulent” and accusing the executors of the estate of mismanagement and other misdeeds.

“After much soul-searching, it is clearly time for us to live by Michael’s words about love not war,” he wrote in a statement posted on Twitter, where much of the infighting has played out. “In this spirit, I offer this statement by way of extending an olive branch.”

He added: “Mistakes have been made and irrational things have been said on both sides in a highly-charged emotional environment. It is time for us all to draw a line in the sand and move towards peace, co-operation, love and healing.”

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Marisa Miller: I’m Having A Baby Boy!


Former Victoria’s Secret model and actress Marisa Miller has recently discovered some really great news – she and her music producing and talent managing hubby Griffin Guess, 33, are expecting a baby boy early December!

The expecting mama recently opened up to PEOPLE about her first trimester, what beauty products he has stopped using and the moment she found out she was having a blue bundle of joy.

“My first trimester I was so exhausted,” Marisa comments. “I could sleep 10 hours, then wake up, look in the mirror and still have eyes like a hound dog! I felt like the life was sucked out of me, no matter how much sleep I got. It was obvious that my body was really busy doing something else and “beauty sleep” didn’t exist anymore!”

“I was also really dizzy and of course, nauseous,” she continues. “Then my skin started to break out like a teenager — really badly! The funny thing was, even as I was going through all this, I was still so happy. There was so much freedom in letting go of my appearance because the reason for all these symptoms was this miracle growing inside me. I really could care less about what I looked like.”

However, certain beauty and household products had to go once Marisa learned she was expecting.

“After finding out I was pregnant, I threw out a lot of my beauty products and household cleaners,” the Sports Illustrated model admits. “I am already pretty conscious about using mostly natural products, but I wasn’t sure exactly which ones were okay, so until I could really research it, I stopped using anything questionable. Now I really had to embrace my broken-out skin — no zit cream!”

“I got the lowdown on nutrition and vitamins,” she adds. “Did you know you are supposed to get 80-100 grams of protein a day? That is hard when you’re nauseous! Some days, I was lucky just to find something to eat that didn’t make me sick. I’ve always been pretty good about eating healthy but being pregnant gave me a whole new motivation.”

During her 12-week ultrasound, Marisa and her hubby happily discovered the “pretty obvious” fact that they were having a little boy, although the ultrasound technician couldn’t be 100% positive.

“My husband and I had another appointment this week and we got some really exciting news,” she exclaims. “We just found out that we are having a … BOY!!! We would be excited either way, but it was amazing to know for sure.”

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Diem Brown: Her Final Egg Retrieval, Last Chance at Fertility

Diem Brown: Her Final Egg Retrieval, Last Chance at Fertility | Diem Brown

Diem Brown at Super Saturday

Neilson Barnard/Getty

In her last blog, Diem Brown, the Real World/Road Rules Challenge contestant recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer for the second time, chronicled her mood swings while taking fertility drugs. Now, she opens up about her anxiety over her final egg retrieval procedure – and her upcoming cancer treatment.

Calm. Breathe in slowly. You have done this before. It’s easy. Just turn on your autopilot and let the doctors work their miracles.

I’m here at the NYU fertility clinic awaiting my second egg retrieval. I’m the first retrieval appointment of the day, so the waiting room is empty. It’s just me and the nurse behind the check-in counter

I get excited thinking of what’s about to happen. I’m hoping I can get all eight eggs from the eight egg follicles that Dr. Grifo spotted the previous day.

I’m nervous because I know this is my last shot. No more tries and no more stalling before chemo. Today is the last day of being a “normal healthy girl who’s just getting some eggs out.” Tomorrow, my mind will focus on phase two – the realization that I’m once again a cancer patient.

My stomach is in knots as I sit in the waiting room. I try to find some peace, but I can’t relax or calm down. I can’t explain why this moment has me so tense because I’ve done this before and I know it’s painless. So why in the world am I freaking out? Errr! I know! That stupid cancer bell is ringing in my ear … the cancer bell that I have shut out and avoided listening to is ringing louder.

As I sit and wait, I fidget with the tattered ends of my long brown dress, and then I’m overcome with relief as I hear the office music. Wait, is that? Oh my word it is. LOL. It’s “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. I smile and my mind escapes the stress as I think of the Harvard Baseball team lip-syncing her song on YouTube! I can’t help but smile and mentally lip-sync along!

I always feel that my mom, who has passed, is with me through songs I listen to on the radio or shuffle through on my iPod. Without fail, whenever I’m at a low point or in a confused moment, the perfect song comes on and directs my mood. I know it sounds silly, but I think I have some sort of psychic connection with the radio. It’s like my Magic 8 Ball.

As the song ends, I’m now focused on the white sheet of paper on my lap that gives the anesthesiologist the permission to put me under. I’m always fascinated by what we can medically accomplish these days. I mean, a clear liquid going into your veins can put you to sleep so deeply that you don’t feel a thing! That’s pretty remarkable if you ask me.

Every time the door to the surgery room opens, my heart drops. “Ahhh! Okay, stop it Diem! Chill out!” I’m so confused by my anxiety. The procedure doesn’t hurt at all. Why am I feeling like this? I think it’s because the process feels so foreign.

Once they call my name I know the routine. I change into scrubs, put on a hairnet and footsies, and leave everything in a locker. Then, it’s on to the scale to get weighed, followed by the blood pressure test. I know all of this, so why am I all knotted up inside?

I know what it is … it’s the part where I lie down on the table and relinquish my arm to the IV and slowly fall asleep, only to awake shortly afterwards to find out how many eggs they got. That part holds so much weight. That part holds the key to my fertility in the future. And this time I have no more options for another round of retrieval.

After this egg retrieval today comes “THE SURGERY” to remove my last remaining ovary. It’s a scary thought because this begins the journey down the bumpy and curvy cancer treatment road. The fertility road was so much nicer and I’m not ready to turn off just yet.

Ahhh, the door just opened and my named is called!!

Waking up from surgery, I’m groggy and I scan the recovery room for a nurse. As she approaches, I try to analyze the expression on her face hoping for an early hint about the news she’s going deliver.

“We got seven eggs and we were able to freeze six of those eggs,” she says with a smile.

I’m elated! My heart beats with joy and I’m over-the-moon with the news of six eggs. Six eggs, combined with the four from my first egg retrieval, and I have 10 eggs total!!

The news confirms for me that I did the right thing by deciding to follow through with this second round of fertility. Six extra eggs elevates my chances for having my own biological babies in the future. Nothing can keep me from smiling at this moment!

I’m going to hold onto these feelings of elation throughout my next two phases (surgery and chemo). I now have a happy spot to run to when I feel the world go dark. I always try to find a happy spot because I think it’s the best way to escape from the tight grip depression can have.

Happy Day and a New Friend!

Diem Brown: Her Final Egg Retrieval, Last Chance at Fertility| Celebrity Blog, Diem Brown, Kelly Ripa

Diem Brown and Kelly Ripa

Courtesy Diem Brown

Another happy spot for me was going to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund’s Super Saturday! Holy word!! I have never seen so many amazing clothes in one place, and by the end of the day, I got four dresses that retailed at over $600 dollars each for only $25 bucks each!! $25 dollars! Are you kidding me??? Hello summer dresses for hot and sticky N.Y.C.!

The event was amazing because every dollar spent goes directly to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF) so you have NO buyer’s remorse. You feel a part of something amazing! You feel like you’re contributing towards the hope for a cure!!

Another plus was meeting the insanely sweet and incredibly too cute for words, Kelly Ripa! Her captivating smile and comforting words made me warm up inside and I got a kick out of seeing that we rocked the same hair style. Holla!

Super Saturday is forever on my calendar now. Not only did I get cool clothes, but I saw all my favorite stars of Real Housewives of New York bargain shopping, and I met the wonderful Mrs. Ripa! And more dear to my heart, I also felt included in a community that wants to bring awareness to the silent killer that is ovarian cancer and made a connection to the OCRF for its desire to find a cure for this nasty disease!

Check back for updates every Thursday: Diem will be chronicling her journey through fertility treatments, chemotherapy, and her quest to educate others about ovarian health exclusively for

Source: Diem Brown: Her Final Egg Retrieval, Last Chance at Fertility

Taylor Swift Dating Conor Kennedy – Has Massachusetts Found Its New Queen Of Camelot?

To the rest of the world, the news that Taylor Swift, 22, is dating Conor Kennedy, the 18-year-old son of Robert Kennedy Jr, is just another juicy gossip story. But to us Massachusetts natives, this is THE love story of the year. Liking the Kennedys is just what we do. It’s an unexplained and unquestioned rule of growing up in the Bay State, like calling milkshakes frappes and liquor stores packies. They are are our royals, holding court at the top alongside James Taylor, Tom Brady, and Mr. Dunkin Donuts.

And yes — we know about the scandals, and the personal failings, and the other scandals. But we love them anyway, regardless, because our parents and grandparents did, and because those awful, troubling missteps make them slightly human, slightly a little bit like us. And if there’s one thing us stoic, hearty Puritans/great-grand kids of Irish immigrants are good at, it’s silently stewing and slowly looking the other way as a bunch of horrible things happen and then quickly forgetting about them once something slightly positive occurs. We call it “looking on the bright side,” or rooting for the Red Sox.

Most of us from Massachusetts don’t summer on the Cape or sail between the islands sipping G&Ts; rather you can find us hitting up the DQ on the way home from a productive shopping trip buying tea light candles at the Christmas Tree Shop. And even though they are dated and tainted and standing in the shadows of the limelight, the Kennedys — minus the deaths and drama and Lifetime movie storyline — are still what we aspire to be: carefree, slightly tanned and windswept, with an innate understanding of what a jib is. All we want is for someone to come along and reinstate the Kennedy glory days with a bit of All-American spunk and glamour and….HELLO TAYLOR SWIFT! Could she be the savoir we Kennedy worshippers have been searching for?

(If you’re new to Kennedy worship, this gallery of JFK Jr and his wife Carolyn is lovely, as are the Vanity Fair articles(1, 2) that accompany it.)


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