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Six Quirky Things You Didn’t Know About Justin Theroux

07/09/2014 at 07:15 PM EDT

cbbejustin theroux 300 Six Quirky Things You Didnt Know About Justin Theroux

Justin Theroux

Robbie Fimmano for Interview Magazine

The way Justin Theroux sees things, mornings are for writing, not for running, and a bunny is the best animal to describe the perfect girl.

The Leftovers star sat down with longtime friend Amy Sedaris for the new issue of Interview magazine and discussed his early learning (or lack there of), his love for fiancée Jennifer Aniston, and his biggest pet peeves.

Check out his funniest revelations (and strangest quirks):

1. He went to an “experimental school” until he was in the fourth grade.
“I went to a Rudolf Steiner school – they’re awful. It was all knitting and beeswax-making – s––– like that. Then after my parents got divorced, I had to go right into public school in the fourth grade. The Steiner school had never really taught me how to read, so it was a rude awakening.”

2. He worked for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus in Japan.
“[A friend and I] had a great bear act,” he jokes. “No, it was just a managerial job, making and selling snow cones. I was just looking for a summer job to help pay for school in the fall. At the time, you could make a lot of money if you could get yourself to Japan. The yen was really strong.”

justin theroux 2 300 Six Quirky Things You Didnt Know About Justin Theroux

Justin Theroux

Robbie Fimmano for Interview Magazine

3. Flashdance inspired him to move to New York.
“I later found out [it] was actually set in Pittsburgh. I just saw big lofts and raw spaces and I was like, ‘F–––! That would be amazing to live there.’ “

4. He has a little help to look so tan.
“I kind of like the feeling of a light burn. But there’s this stuff called Retinolo that actually Jen turned me on to. It’s just like a body cream, but I think they’re going to stop making it. I hate when people make a really good product and then stop making it. I get annoyed. They get you hooked on it, and then they’re gone. But I guess it forces change, which is good.”

5. He hates sandals and sweatpants.
“Sandals really bum me out. I don’t want to see feet. A strapless shoe can look sexy on a girl, but anything that exposes a man’s feet is … Also sweatpants are disgusting. Slow walkers I [also] don’t like.”

6. He loves his “lady”
“[Happiness is a thing called] my dogs. And my lady, of course.”

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Stacey Dash Says Kanye West Needs To Learn About Rape, Zac Efron Grinds with Michelle Rodriguez +…

d4a3StaceyDashKanyeWest Stacey Dash Says Kanye West Needs To Learn About Rape, Zac Efron Grinds with Michelle Rodriguez +...

Stacey Dash has a mouthful for her old pal Kanye West while Zac Efron and his new love interest are taking “Hump Day” very seriously. Here’s all you need to know about what went down in pop culture today.

  • Stacey Dash says Kanye West needs to learn about rape. The star of Yeezy’s “All Falls Down” music video railed against the rapper on Fox News’ Outnumbered. [MTV News]
  • When Zac Efron wasn’t riding a horse oh-so beautifully on the beach, he and maybe-girlfriend Michelle Rodriguez got sexy on the dance floor. Yes, they’re still on vacation. [Buzzfeed/DailyMail]
  • Should we cry now or later? Fans react to a report that Eva Mendes is pregnant with Ryan Gosling‘s baby. [OK!]
  • Frozen meets Orange is the New Black in an animated mash-up you won’t want to miss. [The Daily Beast]
  • The second teaser for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 will definitely leave you terrified.
  • A old video of Angelina Jolie allegedly on heroin has resurfaced. [National Enquirer]
  • Robert Downey, Jr. and his wife are having a baby girl. [E!]
  • Sorry, Harry Potter fans. Daniel Radcliffe says he’s dunzo playing Harry in the franchise. [USA Today]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

Source: Stacey Dash Says Kanye West Needs To Learn About Rape, Zac Efron Grinds with Michelle Rodriguez +…

Baby Girl on the Way for Robert Downey Jr.

2946robert downey jr 240x320 Baby Girl on the Way for Robert Downey Jr.Stefanie Keenan/Getty

Third time’s the charm for Robert Downey Jr.

He and wife Susan are expecting a daughter this fall, he announced via Twitter on Wednesday.

“Yo. Susan. Me. Baby. Girl. November. Scorpio?” the actor, 49, wrote. PEOPLE confirms the happy news.

The Avengers star and his producer wife are already parents to son Exton Elias, 2½. Downey is also dad to 20-year-old son Indio (who was arrested for cocaine possession last week) from a previous relationship.

The Tweet is a departure from Downey’s last pregnancy announcement, when he accidentally blurted out Exton’s sex during an appearance on The Tonight Showlater joking, “I think actually it’s been tougher on me. Just the hormones and the moods and stuff and the nausea, and the whole thing.”

Though he plays Iron Man on screen, Downey told Esquire in 2012 that he doesn’t want to seem superhuman to his kids.

“Do I want to be a hero to my son? No. I would like to be a very real human being. That’s hard enough. … Hero to me is not applicable to the human experience.”

– Michele Corriston with reporting by Raha Lewis

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Fired Nanny Still in Family’s California Home

07/09/2014 at 04:05 PM EDT

First things first: the nanny is still in the picture.

Little has changed for Diane Stretton, the nanny who made headlines for not vacating the home of her employers, Ralph and Marcella Bracamonte.

“I am not moved out,” Stretton tells PEOPLE. “One of the conditions I placed on moving out was privacy. I want [the Bracamonte's attorney] to guarantee me that I am not walking into another ambush and that all of the media is gone. I want to be treated with dignity and respect. Moving my things out is not entertainment.”

Marcella Bracamonte confirms that Stretton’s personal effects are still in a bedroom of the family’s 3,000-square-foot home in Upland, California. “I want things to calm down so that she can do what she said and leave,” she tells PEOPLE, “but she’s not returning phone calls or emails.”

It seems like both parties want Stretton to move out. So why hasn’t that happened?

A Problematic Agreement

The problem started with the initial agreement, which is one reason why Stretton felt entitled to the room for the month of June.

The Bracamontes placed a Craigslist ad seeking domestic help in February. “I am looking for someone long-term, who preferably gets a retirement and just wants to be a part of a family,” reads the ad, which was listed under housing. “There is no pay; just room and board.” When Stretton replied to the ad, the family say they conducted a background check and let her move in.

eeb1nanny family 600 Fired Nanny Still in Familys California Home

Ralph and Marcella Bracamonte


Stretton alleges that the family placed unreasonable demands on her time.

“My job description was to be a 6th grandma to these kids, love the kids like my own, and be a second pair of eyes and ears,” she says. “Our agreement specified that my cooking was limited and my cleaning was limited to dishes. That gradually changed as Marcella began demanding that I clean bathrooms and floors. Eventually, she abdicated all her wifely and motherly duties to me except sex and shopping.”

The Bracamontes counter that they didn’t expect much at all.

“What we asked of her was very light,” says Ralph Bracamonte. “Like running the sweeper over the floor once a week. She didn’t want to help out.”

The Agreement Goes Bad

Stretton furnished PEOPLE with a mountain of paperwork, including a civil complaint that the Bracamontes filed against last month. The documents include a letter that the Bracamontes sent on June 4, complaining about Stretton’s performance.

“I have been very disappointed in your services,” Marcella Bracamonte wrote Stretton. “You act like you are a visitor in my home. You are not. You are hired help. If your behavior persists, I will have no choice but to ask you to leave.” According to the Bracamontes, they asked Stretton to leave on June 6.

But Stretton insists that she was never fired from the Bracamontes home. “I had quit on 6/4/2014, giving notice that I would be out no later than 7/6/2014,” she told PEOPLE in an email. Stretton also complains that the entire arrangement was unfair. “Not only did I not get paid, but I was expected to supply my own necessary materials without reimbursement. Things like gas and wear and tear on my car were not reimbursed.”

When Will She Leave?

Ultimately, Diane Stretton and Marcella Bracamonte both want the same thing: for Stretton to leave quietly so that everyone can move on. It’s unclear when that will happen.

In an email from Stretton to the Bracamontes’ attorney, Marc Cohen, the nanny outlined a plan – but it hasn’t come to fruition.

“I can take a little each day in the early morning before it gets hot,” Stretton wrote on June 28. “But that depends on the circus not continuing.”


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