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Movie Sequels We Didn’t Ask For


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Did you ask for the Dumb and Dumber sequel, Dumb and Dumber To? Because we certainly didn’t. 20 years after the comedy classic was released, it seems unlikely that anyone was actually thinking, “You know what would be great? Another one!” let alone saying it out loud. Sometimes, it’s better just to let great things be. Dumb and Dumber To might make us cringe for many reasons — the name, the jokes — but let’s not forget the many terrible movie sequels that have come and gone, which we never asked for in the first place. All of them butcher the legacy of great movies with their subpar stories and tired catchphrases. Not every movie can be as wonderfully self-aware as 22 Jump Street, nor can every sequel be Terminator 2 — widely regarded as better than its predecessor. The movies we’re looking at are the ones we never wanted, and ones that failed to do the originals the justice they deserved. From the offensive Sex and the City 2 to the cringeworthy Son of the Mask, these are the sequels we always knew we never wanted.

It’s fair to say Anchorman 2 didn’t live up to the hype of the first film. Maybe it would have been better if the cast could weigh in on current news?

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Fifty Shades of Grey Gets a Second Trailer That’s Even Hotter, and Cooler

11/14/2014 AT 08:15 AM EST

More tension. More anticipation. And in particular, more Christian.

The official theatrical trailer has rolled out for Fifty Shades of Grey, following this summer’s teaser trailer, and it gives quite a bit more backstory on Mr. Grey (Jamie Dornan) – while certainly not skimping on the sexy-creepy courtship of Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson).

We see Christian jogging, and showing up at the hardware store where Ana works, and the beginning of the infamous elevator scene. And of course, we get another peek inside the Red Room of Pain.

The trailer premiered Thursday during Scandal on ABC and features Beyoncé‘s “Haunted” to set the mood. But you’ll have to wait until Feb. 13 for the movie to hit theaters.

Fifty Shades of Grey Gets a Second Trailer Thats Even Hotter, and Cooler
Source: Fifty Shades of Grey Gets a Second Trailer That’s Even Hotter, and Cooler

We Found It! A Jumpsuit that Flatters Every Body Type

11/13/2014 at 06:00 AM ET

We’ve been hunting for the perfect black jumpsuit for a long time. Like, a really long time. The length of time might have something to do with the fact that our standards are really high. The jumpsuit has to be perfect: crazy-flattering (on a variety of body types, not just tall thin ones), sexy, wearable with a bra we already own (no shopping for some wacky, uncomfortable bra or stick-on situation), comfortable and dance-friendly, not more than $100 and machine washable. Yes, machine washable. We told you: We’re demanding. Well, it took a while, but we finally found one. Behold, the perfect jumpsuit:

So, let’s recap: It’s flattering. We had a bunch of staffers try this on and they all loved how they looked in the design. The material is stretchy, but by no means skin-tight — it skims your curves in just the right way.

It’s sexy. Check out that neckline.

And yet: It doesn’t require some insane bra.

It’s comfortable (see: earlier note on stretchy material) and dance-friendly (take it from this editor, who broke out some of her best moves in the jumpsuit).

It costs 100 bucks — less if you use our exclusive discount code, STYLE15, which gets you 15% off, bringing the price down to $85.

And yes, it’s true: This jumpsuit is machine washable. Can we get a hallelujah?

Shop it by clicking on the product in the video or by going here.

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We Found It! A Jumpsuit that Flatters Every Body Type
Source: We Found It! A Jumpsuit that Flatters Every Body Type

The Hundred-Foot Journey Actor Manish Dayal Is PEOPLE’s Sexy Man of the Week

11/13/2014 AT 08:00 PM EST

He has big brown eyes, a seductive smile and knows how to keep things hot in the kitchen.

But Manish Dayal didn’t believe it when he was picked as PEOPLE’s Sexy Man of the Week.

“I thought there had to be a mistake,” the Hundred-Foot Journey star, 31, tells PEOPLE. “I was completely shocked.”

Dayal grew up spending all of his time at Blockbuster but never knew he was going to be an actor. Instead, he thought he would be a director and producer and studied business in college.

When the South Carolina native first tried acting, “I had no idea what I was doing, but it just clicked,” he says.

After a stint on TV’s 90210, he played the lead role as a chef in this summer’s culinary romance The Hundred-Foot Journey.

“I did feel quite sexy in the kitchen playing a chef,” he says. “And I still feel sexy cooking at home.”

He’s messy in the kitchen and admits “that can be kind of sexy too.”

That role, and his accent, even caught the attention of his costar Helen Mirren, who said, “You’re so sexy when you talk Southern” at a press conference for the movie in London.

The savvy actor has come a long way since being the awkward kid in high school.

“I still feel the same as I did when I was a kid,” he says, which is why, when asked what hashtag, best describes him, he joked, “#Impulsive.”

Look out for PEOPLE’s annual Sexiest Man Alive issue, coming to newsstands Nov. 21

The Hundred Foot Journey Actor Manish Dayal Is PEOPLEs Sexy Man of the Week
Source: The Hundred-Foot Journey Actor Manish Dayal Is PEOPLE’s Sexy Man of the Week