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Taylor Swift: I Like ‘Smart, Exciting’ Friends

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

All it takes is a quick glance at her Instagram to see that Taylor Swift is everyone’s A-List BFF.From glamming up for the Met Gala with supermodel Karlie Kloss and baking in the Hamptons with the Barefoot Contessa to making Independence Day the ultimate girls’ night, Swift clearly has an impressive contact list.

So what does the singer look for in a pal?

“I think that it doesn’t matter what career my friends have. It’s just based on the fact that I can really relate to people who are driven and intelligent,” she told Amy Robach on Good Morning America on Tuesday, adding that she likes the people in her circle to challenge her.

“You want to be around, like, smart, exciting people,” she said. “I think that’s what brings you up.”

On Monday, Swift announced her new album 1989 (out Oct. 27) and released her new single, “Shake It Off.”

So what can we expect on the country-turned-pop star’s fifth LP? Judging by the ’80s artists Swift told Robach she’s been rocking out to lately, most likely some vintage-inspired jams. “I’ve been listening to a lot of Peter Gabriel and, like, Fine Young Cannibals. And anything that was in a John Hughes movie. And – oh, Boy George,” she said.

As for the lead single’s message, it’s a kiss-off of another kind. “You have to not only live your life in spite of people who don’t understand you, you have to have more fun than they do,” Swift said.

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Source: Taylor Swift: I Like ‘Smart, Exciting’ Friends

Razzle Dazzle ‘Em: What Are The Best Movie Musicals Since 2000?


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Didn’t realize Dirty Harry had a thing for four-part harmonies? Jersey Boys hits theaters today, becoming the latest stage to screen adaptation. Musicals filled movie theaters in the ’50s and ’60s, and a recent onslaught of movie musicals in the 21st century proved that modern audiences enjoy sporadic bursts of song just as much as Broadway fans.

2007′s Hairspray saw John Travolta in drag, dancing and bringing the peculiar Baltimore accent to the big screen, while Zac Efron filled out a suit and found new things to do with that mesmerizing head of hair. Dreamgirls proved that American Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson wasn’t going anywhere, and that Beyoncé doesn’t always have to be the star. The 2012 Les Miserables adaptation narrowly avoided casting Taylor Swift as Cosette yet still garnered a lot of buzz thanks to Anne Hathway‘s performance (and later on, her Oscar nipples). But can we forgive Russell Crowe for his underwhelming singing voice or Tom Hooper for the incessant close-ups? And we can’t forget Chicago, the 2002 film that began the recent movie musical revival and made breaking into song in public socially acceptable once again.

Will Eastwood’s adaptation hit the right note with audiences? Hopefully! To help celebrate the film’s release and gauge its place in the movie musical canon, here’s how 10 major movie musicals since 2000 stack up.

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Source: Razzle Dazzle ‘Em: What Are The Best Movie Musicals Since 2000?

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Sharon Osbourne ‘Hating on Patricia Heaton’

June 9, 2014 by Adam

SHARON Osbourne is at war with Patricia Heaton.

The Talk host is furious with the Everybody Loves Raymond actress for slamming reality shows during her May 21 appearance on the CBS chat fest.

“I’m not a big fan (of) reality shows where you’re just filming your life,” Pa­tricia said. “(When) you take your life and you sort of ‘gee’ it up a little, and you do fake things that are supposed to be how you live, it’s just bizarre…”

Sharon and her fam­ily pioneered the format with their groundbreaking The Osbournes. The matriarch smiled throughout the awkward segment with Heaton, but a source says she was ready to explode. That’s when Sharon’s co-host, Julie Chen, jumped in and tried to smooth things over.

“We just want to clarify, you were talking about the Kardashians?” Julie asked Patricia. “You were not talking about the Osbournes, because this lady, she blazed the trail!”

Realizing her mistake, Patricia made a display of trying to stick her foot in her mouth and apologized profusely.

“But the damage was done,” said the source. “Sharon kept it professional while the cameras rolled, but she blew a gasket back­stage.

“Sharon fumed, ‘Who put that woman on her high horse? How dare she insinuate she’s better than me and my family!’

“Patricia attempted to approach Sharon backstage after filming, but  Sharon didn’t want to hear it.

“Sharon never wants to be in the same room with Patricia again. She doesn’t suffer fools lightly, and Sharon is outraged that Patricia had the audacity to ap­pear as a guest on her show, and then bash her family.

“Patricia picked the wrong woman to tangle with. Sharon is fierce – especially when it comes to her work and her loved ones.”


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Source: Sharon Osbourne ‘Hating on Patricia Heaton’