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Best Style Moments from Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’ Video

There’s zero simple about Taylor Swift‘s breakups. The thespian proves just that in her new song video for “Blank Space.” Instead of sitting around eating a pint of cookie mix ice cream in a span of worn-in sweatpants, Swift gets even with her song video beloved “Sean” in a fibre of gorgeous outfits and torpedo accessories.

Here are 5 of our favorite conform moments from the epic video, and the lessons only Taylor can learn us about violation adult in style.

Taylor Swift Blank Space song video style


• You always need an Oscar de la Renta dress at your disposal.
You know, for those times when you’re walking by the halls of your palace reflecting on how great things used to be. Taylor’s sequin bow-embroidered pattern (from the designer’s Fall 2014 collection) is the ideal one to have on hand.

Taylor Swift Blank Space song video style

• When dropping your intrigue ex’s dungeon phone into a fountain, wear a relating stand tip set.
Seriously, give him one final demeanour at your Ballet Beautiful physique in something like this Naeem Khan number. You wish him to skip those abs.

Taylor Swift Blank Space song video style

• Don’t blink the energy of a extreme leopard dress and sky-high heels.
Especially when you’re rolling around the building crying.

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Taylor Swift Blank Space song video style

• Know when to whip out the dissection boa.
Nothing says, “Seriously, I’m over you,” like a dissection boa.

Taylor Swift Blank Space song video style

• Mascara-stained tears are chic.
We wish Halloween wasn’t over, because dissection Taylor is the best. costume. ever. And when we find out what mascara she’s wearing, we’ll get behind to you.

Taylor Swift Did What to Her Eyebrows?

It’s branch into Taylor Swift week at the PEOPLE office. (Okay, when is it not Taylor Swift week.) We’ve watched her “Blank Space” video over and over, talked about the garments and now we’re on to a new Swift subject: her eyebrows.

Taylor Swift eyebrowsJason Merritt/Getty; Courtesy Wonderland Magazine

The thespian looks totally opposite on the cover of Wonderland magazine’s new issue, sporting dark arches, a sheer contrariety to her common fair brows. She also has a really indian mettle (that must have been an heated mist tan) and her hair appears to be a bit darker (which might have to do with the soppy swept-back style). Overall, it’s a thespian demeanour for the star, who customarily has a sleek, true blowout, a flattering red mouth and perfectly practical cat ship (and this is when she’s withdrawal the gym).

Swift’s eyebrows, in particular, are giving us some vital Cara Delevingne vibes. And we have to say we’re blissful the the star went the darker track on the cover, instead of the Kardashian/Jenner-favored frosty style.

What do you think of Swift’s look? Are you a fan? Should she color her eyebrows for real? Share your thoughts below.

–Brittany Talarico

Kim Kardashian’s Bare Butt Photo Taylor Swift’s 1989 as Rice Krispies Treats

Kim K
Courtesy Misterkrisp/Instagram

We’ve seen some fantastic food memes of Kim Kardashian barbarous unclothed boundary photo, but this one takes the cake — er, Rice Krispies treat.

New York food artist Jessica Siskin created cereal treat sculptures of Kardashian’s Paper repository cover and of Taylor Swift’s hit manuscript 1989 and posted both to her cereal start-up’s Instagram account. The Kardashian print was captioned, “#misterkrisp loves the Internet so greatfully don’t break it.”

The similarity to the existence star’s NSFW repository cover is on point, finish with the black hair in a tip knot, neck full of pearls, black gloves, a whittled waist and — of march — a large, curvacious backside.

Taylor Swift‘s mural — which is definitely protected for work — is a spot-on reproduction of the Polaroid manuscript cover, with T. Swift’s red lipstick, blonde bob, seagull-decorated sweatshirt and scrawled “T.S.” and “1989” all accounted for.

Taylor Swift
Courtesy Misterkrisp/Instagram

Siskin is famous for her elaborate puffed rice sculptures: Her business Mister Krisp creates tradition cereal designs for New Yorkers longing some snap, burst and pop.

What pop-culture moment should Siskin create next?

—Morgan Gibson

Taylor Swift: I Like ‘Smart, Exciting’ Friends

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

All it takes is a quick glance at her Instagram to see that Taylor Swift is everyone’s A-List BFF.From glamming up for the Met Gala with supermodel Karlie Kloss and baking in the Hamptons with the Barefoot Contessa to making Independence Day the ultimate girls’ night, Swift clearly has an impressive contact list.

So what does the singer look for in a pal?

“I think that it doesn’t matter what career my friends have. It’s just based on the fact that I can really relate to people who are driven and intelligent,” she told Amy Robach on Good Morning America on Tuesday, adding that she likes the people in her circle to challenge her.

“You want to be around, like, smart, exciting people,” she said. “I think that’s what brings you up.”

On Monday, Swift announced her new album 1989 (out Oct. 27) and released her new single, “Shake It Off.”

So what can we expect on the country-turned-pop star’s fifth LP? Judging by the ’80s artists Swift told Robach she’s been rocking out to lately, most likely some vintage-inspired jams. “I’ve been listening to a lot of Peter Gabriel and, like, Fine Young Cannibals. And anything that was in a John Hughes movie. And – oh, Boy George,” she said.

As for the lead single’s message, it’s a kiss-off of another kind. “You have to not only live your life in spite of people who don’t understand you, you have to have more fun than they do,” Swift said.

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Source: Taylor Swift: I Like ‘Smart, Exciting’ Friends