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Morgan Beck Miller Speaks Out After the Tragic Loss of Her Daughter

Bode Miller’s Wife Speaks Out After the Tragic Loss of Her Daughter: “I Pray No Other Parent Feels This Pain”

Morgan Beck Miller is speaking out on water safety after she and her alpine ski racer husband tragically lost their 19-month-old daughter who drowned in a friends backyard pool. Through Morgan’s grief, she is determined to spread awareness so no other parent should have to feel the pain and loss that she and Bodi have had to endure.

The 31-year-old mother shared a picture of her late daughter Emeline Grier on her Instagram Tuesday of the toddler in the snow. The mother of two wrote a heartfelt message pleading with parents to speak more about preventing drowning accidents than organic foods and over usage of screen time with their kids.

“It’s been 37 days since I’ve held my baby girl. I pray to God no other parent feels this pain. My heart is with you @nicolehughes8 as we walk this journey together,” she wrote in the caption, naming another mother whose child drowned. “And thank you @scarymommy for helping us spread awareness.”

“PLEASE READ! Link in bio! Drowning is the NUMBER ONE cause of death in children ages 1-4. We talk about vaccinations, car seats, organic foods, screen time, etc at length…but not the number one risk your children’s’ lives face…a silent killer,” she added. “It takes SECONDS. Please share and help us spread awareness. It’s the first step to preventing these types of tragedies. #drowning#drowningprevention#truthaboutdrowning.”

The Miller’s tragic loss occurred in early June when Emeline drowned in a pool at a home in Coto de Caza, California. Paramedics were called to the house where they performed CPR on the toddler. Unable to resuscitate Emeline she was taken to a nearby hospital where she shortly after was pronounced dead.

Morgan Beck Miller and Bodi, 40, also share their 3-year-old son Nash Skan. Prior to Emeline’s passing the couple announced they were expecting their third child together. Bodi is also a father to son Samuel, 5, and daughter Neesyn, 10, from previous relationships.

Beck Miller urged her followers to read a story written by another parent who recently lost their son when he drowned while on their family vacation. Nicole Hughe’s wrote a piece about her tragic loss for the blog Scary Mommy. She recalls that tragic day, June 10, when her life changed forever.

I love that I get to celebrate life with you @millerbode #happy5years #happy40th

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“It happened so quickly. I don’t know how Levi got away from us as we were cleaning up from dinner, or what lured him to go outside alone,” Hughes wrote.

“I was the one who found him, face down, in the deep end. Just moments before this horrific discovery, I split a brownie with him. I still had the other half of the brownie in my mouth when I jumped into the pool to grab my son. Mere moments, seconds.”

“Lying in bed and sobbing will not bring him back (oh, but if it would). I don’t want this role of water-safety advocate. I want 30 seconds back on June 10. But I am determined to share these facts I so desperately wish I had known.”

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Hilaria Baldwin’s Maternity Shoot

Hilaria Baldwin’s Maternity Shoot and Her Three Children Join

Hilaria Baldwin is nearing the end of her fourth pregnancy. The fitness guru gave an exclusive interview to People Magazine while on the set of her maternity shoot. And she let her three kiddos come along for the ride.

Baldwin’s namaste attitude to parenting has been a learning curve and she has come to the realization you just have to go with the flow, “We make it fun. We don’t have an agenda,” she revealed. “The moment when I try to make my kids line up, which I will try sometimes, it never works out. Just playing, capturing them in their element. It’s more about creating a relaxed environment.”

Hilaria is expecting her fourth child with actor Alec Baldwin, 60. The couple already shares three children together, Carmen, 4, Rafael, 2, and Leonardo, 19 months. And the 34-year-old soon to be a fourth-time mom hasn’t taken this pregnancy for granted.

Hilaria explains, “It’s such a magical time of waiting. It can be difficult in some ways, it can be uncomfortable in some ways, but it’s this magical time, and capturing that each time around has been incredible because it goes so quickly. The baby comes out and all of a sudden that belly starts to shrink, so it’s been quite special.”

And it has been insightful to watch her children process the concept of their mama growing another baby inside of her. Baldwin opens up on how her children are grasping the process at their different ages. “It’s been interesting over the process of my pregnancy to watch Rafael start to understand there’s a baby in my tummy. I don’t know if he quite understands it-the reality that’s going to come. I don’t think he remembers when Leo was born but he’ll lift up my shirt and say, ‘There’s a baby in your belly. Baby come out.’”

She goes on to reveal that her eldest Carmen understands the process the best and shows her nurturing side to her soon- to- be-brother, “Carmen understands it a little bit more. I love when she’s nuzzled towards my belly. I feel like that’s very her and she’s very nurturing.”

Hilaria Baldwin is in nesting mode but there hasn’t been much-needed preparation for her impending third boy, “It’s my third boy in less than three years so there wasn’t a lot to do. Hand-me-downs from my other children. I’m recycling the crib from before so it was a very easy thing.”

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Jessica Alba Is “Super Stoked” About Having A Boy

During a Wednesday appearance on The Tonight Show, expectant mama Jessica Alba opened up about family life with husband Cash Warren, their daughters Honor, 9, and Haven, 6, and expecting a boy this time around.

The soon-to-be parents-of-three are trying to come up with another “H” name.

“He was like, ‘We should name it Dick with a silent H,’” she said of her husband’s suggestion, adding “It’s just awful.”

As for having a boy this time around, it sounds like the whole family is beyond excited.

“We’re super stoked,” said The Honest Company co-founder. “It’s gonna be a whole situation.”

Earlier that day, the actress-entrepreneur revealed her baby’s gender.

“@cash_warren and I couldn’t be more thrilled to announce… #officiallyoutnumbered #babyboy#cantwaittospoilhim #hugsandkissesforlife#soontobemamaofthree,” the Sin City actress captioned a Boomerang clip of herself and daughters opening a box that contained blue balloons and streamers inside.

Earlier this month, the actress-entrepreneur posted a photo of her mother cradling her baby bump.

“#happybirthday to my beautiful mom @cathyalba,” the Honey star captioned the image of her mother cradling her growing belly.

Warren recently Instagrammed an image of their elder daughter playing tennis.

“I knew my girls could kick ass but getting your shadow to play an entirely different sport is some new level ish. Can your kid do that??!! Didn’t think so. Happy Sunday,” he wrote.

Last month, the Little Fockers actress rocked a black maxi maternity dress at the Rachel Zoe SS18 Presentation in West Hollywood, Calif.

Also in September, Alba posted a back to school photo of her daughters.

“First day back at school! Being preggers and so hot all summer -couldn’t be mores stoked about Fall. Such a trip I have a 1st and 4th grader!!!! Time seriously flies! And kids in school all day means early bedtime. #momlife,” Alba captioned the image.

Warren also shared a snapshot of the girls heading off to class.

“First Day of School! This is how our convo rt before this photo “so girls, if your teachers ask…Haven we practiced your reading for 20 mins a day over the summer and Honor we practiced your multiplications. K?” “We can’t lie Dad!!” “Oh, you certainly can if you like your iPads. Have a great first day! Love you so much” #parenting101,” he wrote.

The Fantastic Four actress recently opened up about expecting her third child.

“I have amnesia about having a baby, which is why I think I allowed this to happen,” the actress-entrepreneur joked. “I don’t remember any of it!”

It sounds like Honor and Haven are excited to have a baby sibling.

“[They’re] stoked,” said the Planet of the Apps star.

And they’re trying to come up with another “H” name.

“So my husband’s name is Cash, that’s his actual real name, so our kids had to have unusual names,” she explained, adding, “That were also H, double syllable, has to be a word, can’t be too weird,” she said. “It has to be a H!”

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Khloé Kardashian Expecting A Boy

Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are having a boy.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, 33, and the NBA star, 26, will welcome a son together early next year, PEOPLE reports.

The baby boy with join big brother Prince Oliver, 10 months, whom Thompson welcomed with ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig.

Last month, the couple’s pregnancy news broke.

“Yes, Khloé and Tristan are expecting and they are absolutely thrilled,” a source said at the time. “This isn’t something they were in a rush to announce to the whole world, and it’s only been in just the past week or so that they’ve felt comfortable telling most of their inner circle.”

The insider added: “This is something Khloé has wanted for years and years and yet it’s more than that: She didn’t want it unless she was in the right relationship for it. She never let it happen with Lamar, intentionally, and she never considered it with James or French or anyone else she has seen…But this is such a wonderful moment for her: not only is she going to be a mother, she is going to be raising a child with a man she truly loves. Everyone is over the moon for them both.”

It’s a Kardashian-Jenner baby boom!

Also last month, news broke of her sister Kylie Jenner‘s first pregnancy. Jenner, 20, and her beau, rapper Travis Scott, 25, expect a daughter in February.

Khloé’s older sister, Kim Kardashian, is also expecting her third child — this time via gestational carrier. Kim and husband, rapper Kanye West, are already parents to daughter North, 4, and son Saint, 22 months.

According to an insider, Kylie and Khloé are due around the same time.

“They are looking at it like a unifying experience for them as sisters,” the insider said. “Getting pregnant at the same time was totally unplanned but they are really happy about it.”

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